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Revisiting: Abortion Interview

While I’m busy in my own process I thought it a great time revisit an amazing interview between Jesus and Barb (you can view Part 1 below).

This discussion covers the topic of abortion, and its effects on the soul of the aborted child and both of its parents.

However, in case you skipped this one thinking it wasn’t relevant to you, here are some of the other themes discussed by Barb and Jesus during the interview:

  • The Gift and use of Free Will
  • Our role as parents
  • The unloving investments we may have in the role of parenthood and how these damage our kids
  • Miscarriage
  • Adoption
  • Judgement
  • Repentance

As always there are some great points made and this was a particularly natural, relaxed and respectful conversation about a customarily contentious topic.

Wishing you productive processing time friends.

Your sister,

Kenya Update

I know that many of you were stirred by our new project in Kenya so I thought I would give you a little update.

Last week we sent a donation to Brother Javan to assist him to visit the five different parishes he cares for in Kenya as well as one in Tanzania. This assisted him to hire a car and a translator for the trip (there are 69 native languages in Kenya – holy big vocab required Batman!)

Below is a picture of one of his recent meetings snapped on a mobile phone (yes, there isn’t much electricity, food or water, but there are mobile phones – another of the upside-down, crazy features of the world we live in). At this meeting they discussed the Prayer For Divine Love.

Jarvan has informed us that there are 208 orphans cared for over the 5 parishes, many of them are living without daily food. Today I transferred another donation to provide food for these children for the next few months until the crops are harvested. At harvest time farmers often donate a percentage of their yield to orphanages.

Meanwhile we are discussing with Brother Javan ways that we can support these children and adults to learn about Permaculture techniques, or to support them with resources to begin their own gardens if they already have some skills.

We are also still working on ideas for creating the solar systems to run low powered TVs on which play the Divine Truth material. We have already provided funds to have the E-books, that Barb and her team have been working on for so long, to be translated into the five languages mainly used throughout the parishes. Translations are already in progress.

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank all of those who have donated money to us recently as your donations have enabled us today to give a gift that brought me so much joy.

Some of you have also donated funds directly for Kenya and I wanted to share with you how our plans for this money are progressing. We really appreciate your generosity and Brother Javan has expressed again and again his gratitude and excitement for all that is happening.

Javan also wrote to ask us for our ideas on celebrating Christmas. This is what I told him:

Regarding Christmas, there are many things that we would like say about this (and there is not time at the moment in this short email) but the main thing we feel is that it is best for people to honour and love each other every day, not just at Christmas. Often here and in many ‘western’ countries there is a large focus on being loving and giving to others at this time of year, and this message of caring is forgotten for the rest of the year. We believe that a truly loving person is conscious of giving and respect of others at all times.

There is no special significance for the birth of Jesus since he is a man, just like you or anyone else. His only gift has been to show others what they are capable of achieving if they develop a relationship with God for themselves, just as he (Jesus) has done. So if there is any celebration for Christmas it would be to celebrate that God has offered the gift of His Divine Love to the Earth since the time of Jesus. We believe that that is the best possible thing that anyone could ever celebrate!

The School of Pythagoras

By Geoffrey Whitehead

Long ago in a far off land a school had been established. This school was known far and wide as “The School of Pythagoras”. It was situated right in the middle of a fairly large village called “Pythagoras Hill”. The school was a little bit different from most because majority of the boys and girls who attended the school were over 40 years of age. The students could not leave the school because no high school would accept students with such a poor understanding of maths.
Now this was really quite strange because all of the students of Pythagoras Hill State School thought that maths was their best subject. They thought they had maths all sown up. In fact they believed that now that they had enrolled at The School of Pythagoras, maths would no longer be a matter of concern. You see, this school followed the text called “The Great Mathematician Pythagoras”. The school believed that as far as maths goes this text could not be beaten. The book was held in so high regard that no other text was allowed to be used and any students caught reading other texts would be expelled immediately.
The book was primarily about Pythagoras and his theories of mathematics. It was not written by Pythagoras himself but by some of his followers. Unfortunately as well as containing mathematical laws which are still held as being fundamental mathematical principles today, it also contained some misinterpretations of theories, some theories which were incorrect, and some theories made up by the writers themselves which were right off the track completely. They apparently thought that they knew Pythagoras well enough to include their own theories alongside of those of Pythagoras.
The writers of the text were so astounded by the mathematical discoveries of Pythagoras and his supernatural ability to calculate the seemingly incalculable that only they believed him to be “God’s Only Real Mathematician” and no one else could possibly attain the same standard of mathematical ability, therefore it would be useless to try.
Many men, before and after Pythagoras have tried to reach such mathematical excellence but all have failed. Therefore, according to the writers of the text it is only natural to assume that Pythagoras must have been a special man sent to Earth specifically for the purpose of giving his entire life to maths so that man no longer should have to worry about working out difficult maths problems.
And so it was, Pythagoras had become a sort of maths “Saviour” to all of his followers.
They students of Pythagoras Hill State School from time to time would be asked to recite certain passages from their maths text book like –
“No one gets into high school except by Pythagoras and whosoever believeth in him should no longer have to persist with maths to be accepted into high school.”
“There is no other name given in Heaven or on Earth whereby man shall be saved from having to do high level maths.”
The students believed these quotes to be of ultimate truth but none of the students had ever left year seven – so no one ever really knew for sure. The education system simply made the students at Pythagoras Hill State School repeat year seven all the time and hoped that one day they would realise the truth and leave the school with the aim of furthering their knowledge of maths. Their maths was so bad they didn’t even realise they were repeating year seven all the time.
From time to time teachers of maths from higher spheres of learning would be saddened by the unusual set of circumstances and would enrol at the school as staff to try and somehow encourage the brighter students to go on and study more maths. They were often very much appreciated because their learning was sometimes obviously in advance. Sooner or later they would be discovered speaking of that which was contrary to the school text and naturally they would be asked to leave the school. The school would then pray for the teacher to accept Pythagoras as Creator of all Maths and come to know that with Him no more maths is necessary.
They say that somewhere in another mathematical sphere the great Pythagoras is still doing maths and teaching others, but every time he hears of the growing numbers of the school of Pythagoras he cries a silent tear and wonders how the maths he taught so long ago got so mixed up.
He wonders if the students of Pythagoras Hill State School will ever realise that it is their divine purpose to one day all be mathematicians like Pythagoras…
Circa 1985


As a sort of bizarre P.S. and to close this post with something even more contentious…

I bow out at around 3.10 mins in terms of supporting the meaning but I thought it was worth posting to see how you all feel about this passionate person with a passionate message.

Oh, and just to be super, duper clear I do not hate religion. Our vision would be to simply to bring more Love (and therefore Truth) to every organisation and religion on the planet. Hating will never be as strong as loving, and love never excludes anyone from its gifts or promise.

With love for your weekend,