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Kenya Update {The Project So Far!}

Back in December and January I shared a little about our project to assist a community in Kenya with some of their immediate physical needs and to provide them with teachings of Divine Truth.

Since then Jesus has spent many hours tirelessly researching various means of technology that may be suitable to the rural community without power, in which Javan, his wife Susan and their family, live.

We decided to fund the installation of a modest solar system by a Kenyan company.

Click below for a link to the PDF summary report  – (it has cute photos)

Divine Truth Ogembo Project Report

Jesus has spent many more hours assembling an impressive portable, rechargeable audio visual system that will allow Javan to travel between the remote parishes to share Divine Truth teachings. All of the equipment can be recharged at the home base via the solar system.

The exciting news is that at the end of April, the three awesome folk below have volunteered their time and finances to travel to Kenya to share Divine Truth with Javan, Susan and their community and to assist in training for the equipment we will be supplying.

Kerry, Denis, Paige

Jesus has spent the past few weeks ironing out the glitches with the system and training Kerry, Paige and Denis in how to use it, pack it and carry it.

Donations & How They Have Been Used

Donations for this project have come from coming mainly from four major contributors. These funds were augmented by many smaller donations (for full details you can see the link to project summary below).

In our support of the community in Kenya we’ve been balancing the need to share information that provides lasting tools in the development of a relationship with God and in dealing with the causes of problems, with providing and demonstrating love and care for some of the more  pressing physical needs of orphans for food and clothing.

So far we have assisted in:

– translation of Divine Truth transcripts into five local languages

– government registration which enables Javan and Susan to teach publicly without persecution or punishment

– a modest solar installation that will provide power to low voltage lighting, sound system, projector, and laptop computer.

– equipment in the form of a sound system that is small, compact, transportable, rechargeable, LED powered, compact projector, laptop computers, various auxiliary items

– money towards food, clothing and shoes for orphans

Kenya Project Summary

We’ve also been discussing and problem solving with Susan & Javan about the following topics (among others):

– the difference between facade and our true soul condition

– the equality of men and women in God’s eyes and the inappropriateness of separating men and women when teaching about God

– the truth some souls are created with dominant gender qualities, resulting in soulmates of the same gender

– the importance of dealing with causes and not effects

– the difference between a demand and a request, and how these states relate to our soul condition and our relationship with God

– how to deal with persecution and abuse from religious figures (like local priests) in humility and love

I think everyone involved with this project first hand would agree that it has been a great learning experience.

Future Projects

Since Jesus and I will continue to focus on producing Divine Truth materials that can be used to assist the maximum amount of people at one time, we will no longer be doing so much hands-on planning, purchasing, assembling, training and liaison for projects in the developing world. We feel that these projects are so worthwhile, yet there are many others who are qualified to handle these details.

For this reason a small team of people have decided to take on the task of receiving donations and coordinating projects to share Divine Truth with new individuals and communities internationally. Read about it here. If you would like to help out, donate or join this team, contact them via the blog.

Jesus and I will continue in a mentoring and advisory role for this team and their projects.

If you are interested in learning more about the Kenya project and the adventures of Kerry, Paige and Denis and you live locally to us:

There will be a afternoon  ‘press conference’ and Q & A to learn more about the Kenya project on Saturday, 27th April, 12 noon @ Joy’s place.

13777 Chinchilla- Wondai Road (1.4 km past the O’Dea Road turn off, on the right)

Bring a plate of vegan food to share if you’d like to join in the festivities afterwards.

I hear a rumour that at the event we will have the opportunity to learn some rap songs about Divine Truth. These songs have been composed by Joy, and are designed to teach children some of the basic truths about God, His Love and our soul. The team traveling to Kenya will be using these songs to teach some English and have fun with the kids over there. (exciting, right?)

Here is Joy being a big kid. (I love that about her!)


If you are interested in learning more about this project and the adventures of Kerry, Paige and Denis and you live internationally:

After spending some months in Kenya, Paige, Kerry and Denis will be continuing on their international travel and are open to visiting you if you would like to hear about their experiences of sharing Divine Truth in a developing nation.

After Kenya they will also travel to Thailand/ Burma to discuss Divine Truth with a social/ health worker in that area.

At this stage their only definite stop after Kenya is England.

So, if you live in England and would like to hear them speak, or if you are in another part of the world and would be interested in having them visit to share their experiences, please email me at I will forward on your contact.

(N.B. Kerry, Paige and Denis are currently sorting out travel emails and blogs – once that is done I’ll amend this post to include these details. That way you can contact them direct. My role in forwarding on is just until that time.)

OK, I think that’s all I have to tell you about the Kenya project. As I said, its been awesome to be a part of. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to learn so much and to get to know a brother and sister on the opposite side of the world.

I can’t wait to hear how Kerry, Paige and Denis go on the next step of this adventure!

Kenya Update {Meet Brother Javan}

Hi Mary and Jesus,

Greetings. Here we are doing fine. My family sent greetings to you and many members whom I was able to meet or communicated via mobile phone. I concluded my recent meeting with a group belonging to three families who have not been members to any organisation but have made their mind to join us for they have been touched with the Divine Truth. They were touched on hearing the Divine Truth teachings and showed a willing to be taught the absolute Divine Truth. It is my wish that more new material teachings will be made available for the many people who are thirsty in receiving the message of Divine Truth. Attached is a few pictures although not all because camera batteries went off and we shall recharge them to continue enjoying the service.

Mary and Jesus, may i bring it to your notice that here in Kenya the Divine Truth message is well received! I will not denial the fact that some may be against us but we are well equiped to teach our people, answer questions and attend all so long as there is that willing interest from the concerned people. I remember there is a remark you made that Divine Truth is not after reaching out to people to win them with the teachings but rather we reach those who are willing; here i will comment something, consider our situation in Kenya where computer services are not readily available like countries like Australia where computers are available to an extent of every citizen owning computer equipment. Here we have to approach our people and tell them in the language they understand. You can bear with me that Divine Truth teachings are available in English and in the website which is scarce here and our people are not able to read in English. With this note i would like to request you that because of the prevailing circumstances our people to be approached and told about the Divine Truth, for those who accepts the Divine Truth we shall continue to attend them and those who will neglect we shall not be attending them any more. This is the reason why a vehicle is very important in travelling around and attending the willing people.

Brother Javan sharing Divine Truth at funeral

Brother Javan sharing Divine Truth at funeral

However, over the last few days i have been very busy attending programs. I congratulate you very much from the donation you sent which has enabled us to set the temporary building for the orphans and soon the house will be completed and the orphans will be provided with accommodation. I cannot forget to thank you since the orphans have food to eat now. Through you and your office we thank everybody who was involved to provide the money which has really assisted the orphans.

building orphan house began

Commencing building of orphan’s new accommodation

Orphan Accommodation destroyed by storm

Orphan Accommodation destroyed by storm

Regarding the power issue especially connecting power to my centre to the main electricity supply i bring to your notice that we are approximately 700 Meters from the Transformer of the power lines. Ussually power connections is counted from the nearest Transformer. I will visit the electricity office once more and give the office the far our centre is in terms of distance and request the office to provide us with the accurate amount of money needed to connect the power to our centre. As we said earlier we have to install power in my centre first and if our needs are met then we extend to other centres. It is our wish that quick ressolutions will be obtained to the power issue and you visit us to equip us with the relevant needed teachings in order for us to obtain the required teaching capacity to attend others. It is my wish if you can be sending me more teachings through email.

Last but not least i will also comment again on government registration. It is not a waste of resources my dear. Our government needs this registration requirement to be met. By doing so others including those who are against us will be respecting our properties. I understand the projectors, Video players and our members including the well wishers requires their legal security which is ONLY achieved once we will register. We have done depth investigations and we are very willing to register with the government of Kenya. Incase an institution develops the interest to know about Divine Truth, we shall not be able to attend that institution if we are not registered. Please REVIEW the issue of registration and if the funds will be available to do the registration, let us do it and more precisely before the visitors from Australia arrives. This will compound our freedom to move round in Kenya with the visitors. With us Kenyans we can move without much concern from the government but once you arrive i believe much work will be done which demands moving frequently and meeting groups hence registration very important.

Tomorrow i will be attending a funeral and i will travel about 43KM to reach the funeral. Here Saturday and Sunday offices are closed, hence on Monday i will visit the Translation firm to see where the translation exercise has reached. Then i will visit electricity office for more information and may be later in the day travel to Nairobi to check the price of a vehicle and let you know for considerations. We are wishing you success in the bible filming exercise of exposing some errors in it. Thank you for the work you are doing right away now. We hope to hear and once more i will send more pictures once the camera batteries are recharged. With regards,

Brother Javan.

Brother Javan

Kenya Update

I know that many of you were stirred by our new project in Kenya so I thought I would give you a little update.

Last week we sent a donation to Brother Javan to assist him to visit the five different parishes he cares for in Kenya as well as one in Tanzania. This assisted him to hire a car and a translator for the trip (there are 69 native languages in Kenya – holy big vocab required Batman!)

Below is a picture of one of his recent meetings snapped on a mobile phone (yes, there isn’t much electricity, food or water, but there are mobile phones – another of the upside-down, crazy features of the world we live in). At this meeting they discussed the Prayer For Divine Love.

Jarvan has informed us that there are 208 orphans cared for over the 5 parishes, many of them are living without daily food. Today I transferred another donation to provide food for these children for the next few months until the crops are harvested. At harvest time farmers often donate a percentage of their yield to orphanages.

Meanwhile we are discussing with Brother Javan ways that we can support these children and adults to learn about Permaculture techniques, or to support them with resources to begin their own gardens if they already have some skills.

We are also still working on ideas for creating the solar systems to run low powered TVs on which play the Divine Truth material. We have already provided funds to have the E-books, that Barb and her team have been working on for so long, to be translated into the five languages mainly used throughout the parishes. Translations are already in progress.

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank all of those who have donated money to us recently as your donations have enabled us today to give a gift that brought me so much joy.

Some of you have also donated funds directly for Kenya and I wanted to share with you how our plans for this money are progressing. We really appreciate your generosity and Brother Javan has expressed again and again his gratitude and excitement for all that is happening.

Javan also wrote to ask us for our ideas on celebrating Christmas. This is what I told him:

Regarding Christmas, there are many things that we would like say about this (and there is not time at the moment in this short email) but the main thing we feel is that it is best for people to honour and love each other every day, not just at Christmas. Often here and in many ‘western’ countries there is a large focus on being loving and giving to others at this time of year, and this message of caring is forgotten for the rest of the year. We believe that a truly loving person is conscious of giving and respect of others at all times.

There is no special significance for the birth of Jesus since he is a man, just like you or anyone else. His only gift has been to show others what they are capable of achieving if they develop a relationship with God for themselves, just as he (Jesus) has done. So if there is any celebration for Christmas it would be to celebrate that God has offered the gift of His Divine Love to the Earth since the time of Jesus. We believe that that is the best possible thing that anyone could ever celebrate!