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Introducing Divine Truth Hub

Our friend Nicky just launched his own website and Divine Truth forum.

If you would like to check out these sites the links are now listed in the side bar of this blog and will soon appear on our website.

Nicky has taken a great deal of care in planning and creating this new project.

He has laid out the forum in a way that invites meaningful discussion and the topics are awesome. Both Jesus and I agree that if we were ever going to create a forum ourselves these are topics we would include and we would organize it in a very similar way.

We feel that in creating these sites Nicky is offering a beautiful gift to others.

I believe that many people are hungry for a place where they can go and actually know that the principles of Divine Truth will be upheld there.

We know Nicky personally and he is very sincere about his own progression towards God and is serious about running these online spaces in harmony with God’s Laws. Because of this I feel that there is a great deal of positive potential for people to engage and learn via his forum and website.

I also feel hopeful that his initiative might inspire others to create their own personal projects that champion Divine Truth principles and offer gifts to the world.

**Sidenote: I regularly update the sidebar on this blog to include blogs and sites from other people who I feel are genuinely attempting to engage Divine Truth principles in their lives and sharing their experiences from a humble place.


Kenya Update {Meet Brother Javan}

Hi Mary and Jesus,

Greetings. Here we are doing fine. My family sent greetings to you and many members whom I was able to meet or communicated via mobile phone. I concluded my recent meeting with a group belonging to three families who have not been members to any organisation but have made their mind to join us for they have been touched with the Divine Truth. They were touched on hearing the Divine Truth teachings and showed a willing to be taught the absolute Divine Truth. It is my wish that more new material teachings will be made available for the many people who are thirsty in receiving the message of Divine Truth. Attached is a few pictures although not all because camera batteries went off and we shall recharge them to continue enjoying the service.

Mary and Jesus, may i bring it to your notice that here in Kenya the Divine Truth message is well received! I will not denial the fact that some may be against us but we are well equiped to teach our people, answer questions and attend all so long as there is that willing interest from the concerned people. I remember there is a remark you made that Divine Truth is not after reaching out to people to win them with the teachings but rather we reach those who are willing; here i will comment something, consider our situation in Kenya where computer services are not readily available like countries like Australia where computers are available to an extent of every citizen owning computer equipment. Here we have to approach our people and tell them in the language they understand. You can bear with me that Divine Truth teachings are available in English and in the website which is scarce here and our people are not able to read in English. With this note i would like to request you that because of the prevailing circumstances our people to be approached and told about the Divine Truth, for those who accepts the Divine Truth we shall continue to attend them and those who will neglect we shall not be attending them any more. This is the reason why a vehicle is very important in travelling around and attending the willing people.

Brother Javan sharing Divine Truth at funeral

Brother Javan sharing Divine Truth at funeral

However, over the last few days i have been very busy attending programs. I congratulate you very much from the donation you sent which has enabled us to set the temporary building for the orphans and soon the house will be completed and the orphans will be provided with accommodation. I cannot forget to thank you since the orphans have food to eat now. Through you and your office we thank everybody who was involved to provide the money which has really assisted the orphans.

building orphan house began

Commencing building of orphan’s new accommodation

Orphan Accommodation destroyed by storm

Orphan Accommodation destroyed by storm

Regarding the power issue especially connecting power to my centre to the main electricity supply i bring to your notice that we are approximately 700 Meters from the Transformer of the power lines. Ussually power connections is counted from the nearest Transformer. I will visit the electricity office once more and give the office the far our centre is in terms of distance and request the office to provide us with the accurate amount of money needed to connect the power to our centre. As we said earlier we have to install power in my centre first and if our needs are met then we extend to other centres. It is our wish that quick ressolutions will be obtained to the power issue and you visit us to equip us with the relevant needed teachings in order for us to obtain the required teaching capacity to attend others. It is my wish if you can be sending me more teachings through email.

Last but not least i will also comment again on government registration. It is not a waste of resources my dear. Our government needs this registration requirement to be met. By doing so others including those who are against us will be respecting our properties. I understand the projectors, Video players and our members including the well wishers requires their legal security which is ONLY achieved once we will register. We have done depth investigations and we are very willing to register with the government of Kenya. Incase an institution develops the interest to know about Divine Truth, we shall not be able to attend that institution if we are not registered. Please REVIEW the issue of registration and if the funds will be available to do the registration, let us do it and more precisely before the visitors from Australia arrives. This will compound our freedom to move round in Kenya with the visitors. With us Kenyans we can move without much concern from the government but once you arrive i believe much work will be done which demands moving frequently and meeting groups hence registration very important.

Tomorrow i will be attending a funeral and i will travel about 43KM to reach the funeral. Here Saturday and Sunday offices are closed, hence on Monday i will visit the Translation firm to see where the translation exercise has reached. Then i will visit electricity office for more information and may be later in the day travel to Nairobi to check the price of a vehicle and let you know for considerations. We are wishing you success in the bible filming exercise of exposing some errors in it. Thank you for the work you are doing right away now. We hope to hear and once more i will send more pictures once the camera batteries are recharged. With regards,

Brother Javan.

Brother Javan