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A Guest Post: To School or Not to School?

While we have been so busy, I asked a good friend Eloisa if she’d like to share something for Notes Along the Way. She did, and then we were so busy I didn’t even have the chance to post it!

Finally, here it is. Thanks Elo. I love how you share!

To school or not to school?

This has been an ongoing question for both Peter and I in regards to educating the children in our lives. I grew up in an environment that had much discussion and firm thoughts and beliefs on schooling methods, systems, education and children in general. I have also had a good portion of my life spent within academic systems of some description (like many of you reading I assume) and so have my own first hand (not always objective) experiences of various institutions and schooling methods on the receiving end.

I have a lot of ideas and issues around schooling and education. Some of them are rebellious, some snobby and judgmental, some of them in favor of mainstream schooling, some are heavily influenced by my parents, some come out of fears and terrors I still cling to and some are super excited about discovering and engaging learning God’s Way.

Since Izabella was born (the first of three) we have been tossing up weather to send our children to school or not. Before she was born and while pregnant I imagined myself with a beautiful homeschooling environment where we would harmoniously learn and investigate the world and they would grow into beautiful, self assured beings with a little guidance and a lot of their own will, passion, desire and determination. I had visions of picnics, investigative outings and hugely fun experiments with me being happy and the ‘perfect’ facilitator.

tigridesI was in for a surprise when Izzy arrived and then in quick succession two more children were incarnated due to our desire. My image of being the ‘perfect’ facilitator whizzed out the window rapidly as I discovered some deep emotional blocks and beliefs out of harmony with love within me, including a huge desire to control, ‘good mum’ syndrome, expectations of perfection upon the kids and massive fears about what might happen to them if they were not with me and I was not able to protect them. I felt exhausted, uninspired and that homeschooling might not be such a good idea as I was finding it hard to cope, gave up trying anything at all and let the kids ‘run wild’.

As they grew up a bit (around 2, 4, 5 yrs) and I began to look at myself and what each soul /child has been, and is reflecting to me, I began to see many investments, expectations and demands I have upon the children in our care and how stifling my personal fears and terrors are to the kids when I live in those fears and terrors (which has been most of the time). I also have had many first hand opportunities to see the direct result of creating causal emotions within children that I could have avoided by owning and feeling my own feelings rather than taking them out upon the children. I feel ashamed and guilty about doing this, as well as knowing with conviction that as parents we do create error within ‘our’* children and that the responsibility of those creations sits firmly with me. I am also learning, with conviction, that it can be different and I have a choice about what I ‘put into’ and ‘teach’ the kids and it doesn’t have to be error, it can be love and Learning God’s Way – how totally exciting!!

I got excited again about homeschooling about 6 months ago and we set up ‘kindy’ in the spare room and began exploring and discovering a little more formally. The kids loved it and we had/have some really great times. Unfortunately my own emotional state fluxed and flowed and so sometimes it was great and sometimes I can only imagine how yucky it felt for the kids. Sometimes I just didn’t want to be a mother, or I was so self absorbed in my own punishment – to avoid my real emotions – that I didn’t want to think about anyone else and got irritable and cranky.

Pete and I discussed a lot about whether to ‘school or not to school’ and we discussed our own experiences, which have been of different levels of intensity and experience, but both of us had experienced some things in our childhoods at school that have negatively impacted us  and our lives and which have created fears within us that we are subjugating the kids to while we continue to deny those feelings.

One time when Mary and Jesus visited they mentioned how they felt much of the reason for us not sending Iz to school was because of our fears/terrors. Pete and I looked at each other and felt we were coming to that conclusion also. We are terrified of our children being abused, attacked, harmed or not protected by adults or children due to our own unhealed errors so we have been keeping Izabella home, under the guise of ‘homeschooling’ in order to ‘protect’ her. Unfortunately my fears and terrors of potential negative situations and events creates a stifling, oppressive, fearful atmosphere for her to marinate in.

I have also come out of denial about being sexually abused when I was small and am beginning to look at the issues around that**. Izabella has also been sexually abused when she was almost four and due to that injury being unhealed within me I wanted to protect her from the whole world so it would never happen again. What I am realising is that I cannot actually protect her while I leave my own sexual abuse unhealed. She is totally open to abuse and attack because both her parents are. And weather I keep her home or send her to school the Law of Attraction will create events in order for me to heal those issues within me where ever our children are. So there were two choices, one: keep her home and ‘Repunzel’ her from the world (try and keep her secluded and protected), two: send the kids to school and deal with the emotions that are brought up by the Law of Attraction for us to work through and heal.

I am in a process of realising that only God can really truly protect our children, and that what I can do to protect them is to face my own fears, error, injuries, pain and work through them (while asking God to protect our children in the process. God can do this if I am sincere in working through the errors and injuries within me). While I hold onto my fears, terrors and errors I am actually creating a very dangerous and unprotected environment for children, my soulmate and I to live within.

childreninourcareA few days after we had discussed the real reasons we were not sending Izabella to school, Pete said, ‘It would be a good idea to call the school and enroll Iz for next year.’

‘Yeah’, I said casually, ‘We should do that.’ I did nothing about it for a week or two. I had begun seeing a therapist and am beginning to grow a sincere desire to actually work through my abuse issues and a few weeks later Pete mentioned calling the school again.

For some reason I did.

I said, ‘I would like to enroll Izabella into school for next year’, they asked her age and a few other things and then said, ‘Why don’t you come in and meet the teachers today at 1pm and have a look around’. “Okay’ I said nervously.

And in we went.

We looked around, I told the teachers my reasons for keeping Iz home and had a cry. They said ‘Why doesn’t she start tomorrow?’

‘For Real?’ was my shocked response.

‘What would you like to do Iz?’ We asked.

Izabella promptly said she would like to start school right away and so she did. We know The Law of Attraction is perfect and it was so smooth a process that we felt the only reason we would resist it was due to our fears, so I cried and fretted and spoke my fears aloud and off Iz went to school.

Izabella has now been at school for a month. She is really enjoying it and learning heaps which wasn’t happening the same way at home. I was actually keeping her back rather than allowing her to fly and grow as God intended her soul to. Pete calls it ‘having the chains on’ the kids, how much we prevent their growth and discovery by holding them back or suspending them to marinate in our control and oppressive fear based emotions.

Izabella is at this time somewhat reserved around the other kids at times and events come up that expose all sorts of emotions within Pete and I. I feel that we could keep her home in a ‘tower’ of oppressive fears telling her how scary and nasty the world is, or we can send her to school and allow her some space to spend time with kids her own age and discover some things for and about herself for herself. It is also an opportunity for us to work through what comes up for us as it does, with the Law of Attraction in action from her being part of school and the wider community.

 I feel the decision has benefited Iz, ourselves and Charlie and Archie. The boys are quite different without two dominating females always on their backs 24/7 and it is a positive change. Charlie has decided to do more things for himself and wants to cook pancakes and noodles, dress himself and do what he can for himself, by himself -more often. Archie is beginning to say his words more clearly, play games he wants to play for himself and for moments feels like he doesn’t have to ‘keep up’ all the time. I am making some time to spend with each child and actually be present, rather than always wanting to be doing something else, or being somewhere else. It is more pleasant more often in our home now and I am enjoying these beautiful souls who are here to teach me so much about Love and God by just being themselves.

I am realising that yes ‘bad things’ do happen and can happen but there is a reason why they happen, and it is to do with me staying stuck in the perpetuating cycles of fear and that is what creates the negative outcomes. If we face up to the ‘bad things’ and feel through those issues right down to the cause of them, then great things can happen because the fear perpetuating cycle has been broken. Even if I don’t deal with the cause immediately, the decision to face some fears and no longer live IN fear has been so beneficial already for all of us.

It has enabled Izabella to go to school and she is enjoying it.



*   I say ‘our’ children due the fact that I feel I somehow own them but the reality is that we are all God’s children so technically I am a sister to all other people on earth including all children and a surrogate parent for the children in our care, because God is our real parent and creator, not me.

** I am noticing the positive power of Truth. In admitting that I have been sexually abused and beginning to see how much that one issue has permeated and negatively impacted my life (and still is while I deny it), in beginning to verbalise what happened and be honest about it, I feel more of me beginning to surface, there is more room for sparkles of joy and trinkles of humour and fun. Truth exposes the shame and self & family blame, the embarrassment and how intrinsically I feel there is something wrong with me because of what happened to me. Truth exposes the fears and terrors that I have been holding onto so tightly because I ‘know’ them. Truth brings unexpected surprises and exposes that much of what I believe to be ‘true’ especially around the fears I hold on to, is not true at all according to God and God’s Way and honestly that is the coolest discovery ever. By facing up to my fears I am beginning to see them for what they are and it is not what I thought it would be like. It is so much better!

Interesting Things

The Beautiful

Joshie making music:

This inspiring campaign:

‘I’m Muslim and I’m against homophobia’

An oldie, but a goodie:

A Mountain I’m Willing to Die On

The Unexpected

There has been a lot of international media about us this week. As a result Ricky Gervais tweeted about us:

I reckon he thinks we are total nutters but I had to laugh at his second tweet.

Also this week I wept after writing to a journalist to let her know that she had written lies about us. She received my email and promptly edited her article to reflect the truth.

World first people, world first.

Media Interviews & Responses

BBC WM – Nick Conrad Interview with Jesus

This interviewer was so respectful, I really enjoyed his programme.

If you listen to the podcast (in the link above) the interview starts about an hour into the programme and if you keep listening there are really interesting phone-ins from listeners.

We are taking part in loads more interviews this week. You can hear them as they are completed here.

We have also published a number of responses to false reports in the media. Including a response to the Matt Siegel article, “The Messiah Complex”.

Matt’s report was so full of errors it was amazing! These included incorrectly reporting our ages, the timeline of AJ’s life (i.e. reporting that he left his wife because he realised he was Jesus – the actual gap between these events was no less than 7 years!), stating that Dean Sims was ever close to AJ (they met in person once and exchanged a few emails), that we have an organisation called ‘God’s Way of Love’.. the list of plain old inaccurate details due to a lack of proper research goes on.. then there was the wealth of malicious innuendo veiled as intelligent quip-ery.

As a result, the media response by Jesus is quite lengthy!

More power to the truth I say.

Our latest round of media interactions have been a totally different experience for me than those in the past. Its been a great way for me to experiment with honouring God’s Laws and as a result my faith feels stronger every day. I hope to write more about this sometime soon.

I feel so incredibly grateful.

God is awesome, and so is His Way.

Make a Booklet with your Kids! {DT4Kids}

** This post has been updated to include more photos + a note from Zoe

A couple of weeks ago at our seminar, I met Zoe.

(By the way, check out the Events page for our next seminar, scheduled for June).

Zoe told me that she had found the new ‘Secrets of the Universe’ flashcards on our website (you can find these under the Education Tab in the sidebar).

These resources were developed by others, and are designed to assist people in learning English while simultaneously learning about Divine Truth. Well, actually I think that Joy & Jenn, who created the cards, are fairly relaxed about how they are used i.e. I think they would be thrilled to know that they helped anyone in any way.

Which is why I’m excited to tell you about what Zoe, Angel and Eden have been up to.

Zoe printed out the cards and showed them to her kids, Angel and Eden. After discussing each one, and what it meant, she asked them if they would like to make their own book out of their favourite Truths (each card depicts one of the Truths from the Secrets of the Universe talk).

The kids got to choose the colour of their booklet, and which Truths about themselves they would like to be in it. Zoe laminated the relevant cards and helped the kids put everything together.

Kids Books

Zoe told me that now Angel and Eden love reading their booklets to themselves or sharing them with visitors, like Nana and their other playmates.

Kids Books2

Zoe was really pleased to have a creative way to help her young children (from memory they are aged 3 & 5 yrs) understand their soul’s and God’s Love for them.

I love way she used the cards to simply present Truth, and then let the kid’s natural curiosity and personal desires lead in the creation of their books.

Thank-you Jenn and Joy for making such a resource available.


*** Addit 1: I heard from Jen – a big kid 🙂 about her own experiment with the flash cards. I’ve added her photos here and she’s left a comment below.

Reminder Cards

Cards in Folder

*** Addit 2: I wrote to Zoe about the post and she wrote me back. You can read it below..

Hey Zoe,

I posted your project on my blog. I wrote everything from memory of the brief conversation that we had so please feel free to correct me if I got any of the details wrong.

Thanks for letting me share – I feel that it will inspire other parents – which is great hey?


Hi Mary,

Yes it’s all pretty much right except that the kids didn’t choose their favorite cards before making their books. We just made the books with me arranging them in linear order as the sequence made such sense to me I couldn’t resist!

After reading your blog however I think that’s a much better idea to let them choose each card they are drawn to and build a book as we go. So I will ask them if they want to do that. Aside from letting their desires lead that way its also an ongoing project as we can keep adding and maybe subtracting cards.

They did choose which ones they liked the most when we were making them but I still made sure they were in order, haha.  So I think I better print some more and make my own book in ORDER! haha.


Love Zoe

Heal Your Own Pain – free ebook

I’m excited to tell you all about a new book by our friend Luli.

It outlines a programme designed to assist people to heal their physical pain. It includes the reasons why we manifest pain in the body in the first place and provides tools and exercises to assist anyone in physical pain.

You can read more about the book and find it as a free download here.

So inspired to see a sister following her passions.

Go Luli!

Biodiversity in Cushnie, QLD

As promised following are some of the details about Biodiversity Fest to be held here in Cushnie next weekend. I’m looking forward to this first public event at the Cushnie Learning Centre.


Meet Ang & Rob, Cushnie Learning Centre managers.

These two blow me away with their dedication and desire to restore God’s Creation to what it once was, and to demonstrate the potential of us lot working together in humble harmony towards a higher ideal.

Click on the link to see the lovely cover flyer the guys created.

BioFest Stage 1-Flyer

You will find full details about the weekend listed on the Divine Truth website here and here.

I can’t wait to see what the guys have in store for us next weekend.. OK, I have a few ideas – and based on what I already know I feel its going to be a lot of fun.

If you are thinking of coming check out the details on the website for accommodation/ camping/ billeting options.

All with a desire to learn and love over the weekend are welcome.

Hope to see you there!

This Is How We Roll

Photo Source

New Years used to be a time when I would review the past year in terms of the lessons learned, the highlights, the low lights and how much I felt I’d grown. Then I’d look forward – what did I want the next year to be about? what did I want to emphasize and focus on? I loved doing this. I kind of made a big deal out of it. I used to say that New Years was my most special annual event and I’d feel all mature and evolved about it.

Now it all feels kind of ‘blah’. It reminds me of the message of Christmas ‘Peace on earth, Goodwill to all men’ that largely gets lost 11 1/2 months of the year and is then revived briefly while everyone trucks off to family and friends, has a BBQ and tries to promote peaceful, loving relationships under a tree with gift wrapping strewn about them.

(I read an article once that stated that one way to tell how much spiritual progress you had made in the past year was to see how you coped at Christmas time when you are thrown back into all of your family dynamics. I thoroughly agree! Its pretty difficult to fake deep spiritual transformation when you are faced with your parents, your in-laws, and elements of your immediate and extended family all in the same vicinity for an extended period).

So, why aren’t we promoting resolving our issues and reviewing our lives more frequently than just one hurried month a year?

That’s the question I’ve asked myself.

As a result I am now far more aware of what I’ve learned and where I want to head on a far more regular  basis.

All that said, it does turn out that a big phase in my learning does seems to be coming to a head at the moment, neatly coinciding with the end of 2012. I’m thinking and feeling a lot about my direction.

At the moment I have more questions than answers about how I plan to continue to pursue my passion for teaching and sharing Divine Truth. But I don’t feel too concerned. Times like these usually signal big changes. And change? Well to me, that’s a good thing.

I already have some concrete ideas about the way I wish to present this blog so look out for some shift in focus here in next couple of months. I am also still working on the ‘Humility in Action’ Study Course but there are already some slight changes to how I will be presenting it.

Today I’d like to tell you about a new tab (see above) ‘Current Projects, Future Dreams’ which will tell you about desires that Jesus and I are working towards. These will likely be ‘Behind The Scenes’ projects that we want to bring into being and are using our time, and resources to support. It is by no means a comprehensive list! There are many, many more dreams and desires that we have but I hope the page will be a small snapshot of our very short range focus at any given time.

I plan to be more transparent about what we do and how we do it. Recently I’ve realized that many people don’t really have an awareness of these things. So I’m happy to share if it helps others to understand our ethos and approach.

We are always living in God Reliance and by what the Law of Attraction is telling us. i.e. we know that if a desire is not coming to fruition seamlessly then there is a lesson of love for us to learn or embody. Honestly, lately, I’m finding this an exhilarating way to live.

It goes something like this:

What do I want to do/ give? 

Will doing it be inline with what I have learned so far about God’s Laws, love and taking personal responsibility? 


OK, lets start. 

If it doesn’t work – why? 

What more do I need to learn about love, God etc? 

How can I address these issues both inside of myself and practically in my life?

Great lets keep going…..

Its how we roll and I feel closer to God every step of the way.

So folks, whatever you choose to get up to this ‘silly season’  – have fun, be real, God Bless.


‘Summerfest’ 2012

It’s less than a week till we kick off for ‘Summerfest’.

Here are three reasons I’m excited about this year’s event:

1. There are lots of new experiments to try with the environment. They are all based on loving principles so I can’t wait to see how they turn out.
2. This year is less hard, repetitive yakka. More diversity, lots more opportunities for participants to learn things they can implement on their own land. People have the opportunity to learn while they are giving.
3. There has been more interest this year from other groups in the community who may attend e.g. the local Landcare and the local Sustainability group. Newbies to welcome and meet = yay!
4. There is already a great team spirit amongst those who have been involved in the planning and leadership so far. This usually spells FUN for leaders and participants alike!
Oops that was four things I’m excited about!

If you are still tossing up about whether or not to come here is an outline of the programme:

28th November – Swales, Systems & Contour Planting
We will begin the week in a large paddock (around 100 acres) focussing on large scale soil improvement and water management. Methods to be demonstrated and created include: using contours and ponds to redirect and retain water, and building living eco systems to provide fertility and regenerate soil, and seeding of grasses to prevent soil erosion.

29th November – Re-generation and restoration of swampy land 
Activity on this day will using some alternate methods to reduce water logging down from the paddock worked on on day one. We will focus on improving water take up through building living systems above ground and planting shrubs and bushes to absorb water.

30th November: Swales & Living Systems
Work on this day will build upon swaling that was completed at last year’s ‘Octoberfest’. We will tend to the planting from last year incorporating living systems into swales to create fertility and improve soil.

1st & 2nd December: Various Activities To Choose From

There are three activities to choose from on both Saturday and Sunday. You can choose a different activity each day and have the opportunity to swap between activities during the day at 11.30am.
Activity 1: Waterless Home Gardening – demonstrating several techniques including fibonachi system to maximise sun and water usage of any area, designing waterflow in your garden, techniques to minimize or completely remove the need for watering, mixed planting incorporating natives both flowering and mulching, fruit trees and vegetables.
Activity 2: Nature boxes – positioning boxes for animals and birds according to their particular needs, providing shelter close to food and water. Scouting for suitable locations and some tree climbing will be necessary. 

Activity 3: Creating reptile habitat – Reptiles are often forgotten or even shunned members of vital ecosystems. This activity will focus on providing habitat for reptiles by placing shelter, food and water in close proximity, providing safe transit zones. We will utilize above ground living systems to incorporate suitable living shelters and abundant insect life. There will also be planting for protection and mulching.


3rd December: Unfinished Projects & Possible Green House Construction
The day’s focus will be on completion of any unfinished projects plus green house construction and waterless seedling propagation. Full details TBA on the day.
If you want more information on Summerfest including prerequisite listening and ‘what to bring’ its all listed on the ‘Whats New’ Page of the Divine Truth website.

Hope to see some of you happy campers down there!

P.S. There should also be lots of fun in the evenings. Think: concerts, karaoke, dancing and film nights….

P.P.S. We spent a sometime planning with the leaders team at Kyabra couple of weeks ago . The photos in this post are from that week and were taken by the wonderful Eloisa.

Live From The Heart: Dane

*** UPDATE: Sorry folks, the issue still exists with this video (the sound drops out half way through) – we are working on rectifying it! I’ll let you know when the video is reloaded properly. Thanks for your patience. M

AJ & I had never met Dane when he completed the following interview with the God’s Way of Love Communications Team.

I found his story both interesting and inspiring. Thanks Dane for sharing your journey.

The Thing To Focus On First

1.   The benefits of a relationship with God

All of those other beautiful truths, which all of you have been so attracted to for the majority of your lives, will all come to you, if you develop this relationship first. Now those truths may come to you over a period of time if you develop other relationships, instead of this relationship with God, but you’ll never understand them until you receive the Divine Love to understand them. So do that first. Focus on that relationship with God first. When you focus on that relationship and long for God’s love to enter you what will happen is, you will feel this two-way conversation, which is an emotional conversation between you and God. And you will know God exists. That is the way in fact that you will prove to yourself that God exists. And no one will ever be able to shake that in you. And you’ll get to the point when you’ve received enough Divine Love to be at-one with God that no one will ever be able to shake any of the knowledge in you. (02.21.12)
You will feel the truth inside of your being and you will become outspoken about it, you will have no fear about it, you will know it’s the truth inside of yourself. You’ll become the person who speaks in knowledge. Not in knowledge of intellectual knowledge, you’ll become a person who speaks in full emotional knowledge of the truth that you’ve actually personally experienced. That’s what will happen to you. So my suggestion is to really contemplate this stuff about praying for Divine Love and praying for Divine Truth. They are the two greatest things that you could ever pray for and allow yourself to start understanding God’s nature and let yourself to feel and meditate about God’s nature and connect to God. Allow that to occur and your soul will expand a lot more rapidly than if you try to circumvent that or you get interested in other things. (01.22.09)
And the beauty of doing that is that all of your spirit communication will all grow very rapidly as a result. All of your joy will grow rapidly as a result, if you do it that way. If you do it the other way where you’re focused on these other emotions, you’re focused on natural love, you’re not so focused on God, you want to connect with your spirit guide and all those things, it will be much slower for you. So allow yourself to do what’s going to be the most powerful thing. And I know right at this moment many of you may feel like, “Oh, God doesn’t feel real to me.” So say that to God, “You don’t feel real to me. I don’t know why, but I would like you to feel real to me. How do I do that?” And notice what happens in your Law of Attraction. What is it then attracted to you? Say to God the thing that you feel. Just be honest with God. Because remember connection with God is all about honesty and truth. (01.23.10)
Excerpt from the E-book “Longing For Divine Love” 
A transcript of a teaching by Jesus
L to R: Luli, Barb, Lizzi

I’m excited to tell you about the work of these three lovely women. Lizzi, Barbara and Luli have been working to create transcripts of past seminars, and are now putting them into various formats to make them more accessible to others. Due to their efforts many past seminars are now available as e-books.

These books are broken into easy to read chapters, and all the ‘ums’, ‘ahs’ and ‘does this makes sense’s have been edited out. They make for great reading whether it be in chunks or as a long sit-down read.

E-books are available for download to your Kindle, IPod, IPad or computer at this site or at

The Living Bridge

I was writing notes for book group meeting.

In Chapter 6 of Through The Mists, as Fred and Cushna are drawn to the ‘Home of Rest’, they look upon the structure and landscape.
Fred describes the Home of Rest “Stately and grand in its unassuming magnificence as if its foundations were laid deep down within the eternal calm of God’s omnipotence” 
He sees that even the walls themselves combine art and teaching and that nature is seamlessly woven into architecture.

“The wonderful appositeness of every feature of the scene to each other was again impressed upon me; art and nature being blended in such a manner to enrich the harmony”
I reflected that God always creates multiple purposes in his creations. Be it a tree, bird, a flower, or a storm, nothing provides just one service to other parts of creation. 
I wrote “if we have an open heart we can learn from just about everything God has created…  and if we search we will find so many more purposes and gifts inherent in what he has made than those we currently see and take for granted”
“all of our constructions, our man-made items can be built to complement and enrich natural beauty – not to compete with it, exclude it or destroy it as so often occurs now”
About an hour later I opened my inbox and found that Lizzi had sent me this beautiful link
I thought – yes– it seems such a small example of what may be possible.