The Living Bridge

I was writing notes for book group meeting.

In Chapter 6 of Through The Mists, as Fred and Cushna are drawn to the ‘Home of Rest’, they look upon the structure and landscape.
Fred describes the Home of Rest “Stately and grand in its unassuming magnificence as if its foundations were laid deep down within the eternal calm of God’s omnipotence” 
He sees that even the walls themselves combine art and teaching and that nature is seamlessly woven into architecture.

“The wonderful appositeness of every feature of the scene to each other was again impressed upon me; art and nature being blended in such a manner to enrich the harmony”
I reflected that God always creates multiple purposes in his creations. Be it a tree, bird, a flower, or a storm, nothing provides just one service to other parts of creation. 
I wrote “if we have an open heart we can learn from just about everything God has created…  and if we search we will find so many more purposes and gifts inherent in what he has made than those we currently see and take for granted”
“all of our constructions, our man-made items can be built to complement and enrich natural beauty – not to compete with it, exclude it or destroy it as so often occurs now”
About an hour later I opened my inbox and found that Lizzi had sent me this beautiful link
I thought – yes– it seems such a small example of what may be possible.