Note to Self – On Teaching

  1. Its about God, not me. Let God guide me, let myself forget how I look and instead be enveloped by passion for God and the Truths.

    In truth, all wisdom flows from Him and the acknowledgement and honour belongs with Him. I can never compete with God!

    If I try to look good or knowledgeable I am insulting God, I am proud (not humble). I cannot serve Him nor others. I only serve my own ego. In this space God and my guides are bound and gagged – they cannot lead or inspire me.

    Remember humility is the only doorway to Divine Love and Divine Truth.

  2. Be myself, but don’t push my own barrow. i.e. offer my true self, my passion, my personality and my heart to the group, be fully present, but don’t be invested in where we ‘need to go’ emotionally, intellectually or spiritually.

    Allow everyone to go at their own pace, be guided by people’s curiosity, start where they are at.

  3. Champion Truth – both God’s Truth and personal honesty.

    While I won’t be invested in what people get out of the session/ group, I can ensure that our topics, themes and discussions remain focussed around principles of Divine Truth and Love.

    I can maintain an atmosphere of honesty (starting with my own) and challenge error if spoken, displayed or enacted in the group.

  4. If I begin to think I need to have all of the answers I have forgotten point number 1 (its about God, not me).

    I am the child, not the Parent/ Creator. There will always be more to learn. Remember how much I used to love that!

  5. When I model humility, I teach. I also have the most capacity to reach others at a heart level.

    This may be the only thing I do in a session.

    This is not insignificant.

  6. Remember to breathe. Trust that I don’t have to share inspiration all in a rush.

    Lean on God in this place, rather than playing ‘relay’ with Him. i.e. stop connecting to God briefly, receiving inspiration, then rushing away from Him to share the Truth with the group. The reason I do this is because I am afraid to be emotional in front of others.

    Its OK to let grief or gratitude pass through me and be expressed as tears.

    People don’t need to know every emotion I am going through. I need only share my emotional experience if it is an example that adds to the point of the lessons being currently taught.

  7. Encounter fear and embrace it. This is the only way it will leave me. Trust that truth will prevail when fear is not honoured nor believed.

    It is good to have structure and flow but beware of the desire for control. This is a flag for fear and endangers point 2 (don’t push your own barrow).

  8. Remember I don’t have to be perfect.
  9. When I am truly humble I won’t need this list.

5 thoughts on “Note to Self – On Teaching

  1. Teresa French

    love this list Mary. Number 5 jumped out at me… even if I am not teaching in a formal way, it's a great way to live too.thank you,love,Teresa

  2. Chad Jeffery

    You know, Mary… I don't have the words to explain to you how much I "get" you, but some how I just trust that you can feel it. :)Xoxox from Montreal

  3. Marina Smargiannakis

    Thank you Mary.As a dance/fitness teacher for children and adults, I found this very valuable. I can see how resistive I am to letting myself open fully, when there have been occasions that my body is put in a physical position and emotions start flowing.Number 6 was awesome — especially the last part. :)Your passion and love put in these posts touch more souls than you may or may not be aware of…and it will continue to grow.With Love,Marina

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