Vintage ‘Secrets’ Recording & Weekend Update

Hi folks,

Thanks to those of you who expressed enthusiasm over the new ‘Get Present’ series. I hope to post on that topic once a week until I’m done. I’ll intersperse ‘Get Present’ posts with other notes along the way.

Tonight I couldn’t miss the opportunity to let you know that some older recordings of Jesus’ talks are now being loaded on youtube. You can view a 2008 ‘Secrets of the Universe’ recording below (and many more on the youtube channel). The sound recording in these old talks is not great but for me they are a great trip down memory lane, and a chance to reflect on how much we’ve changed.

Also, I’ve made a brief note about next weekend’s seminars on the Events page for those who are planning to attend.

2 thoughts on “Vintage ‘Secrets’ Recording & Weekend Update

  1. Anna Skevik

    Wonderful! Thank you. I have missed not being able to recommend 20080120 ‘Secrets of the Universe’ (I have not seen 20080119 – yet) . That version is the best I think, even if the sound is poor. Perhaps because that was my first encounter with this teachning ;-).

  2. Enrique Garcia

    I originally put this 1st Secrets of the Universe video on YouTube 4 years ago … & people are still arguing about it on that page to this day !! … 20,000 views for the first 10 min video (that’s how it had to be done back then- in 10 min increments) … 13,000 views for the 3rd part which is where he says he is Jesus .. then the views go down considerably .. this is also my favorite Secrets of the Universe … I’ve watched it so many times .. at least the first half hour as I have such fond memories at first being exposed to the Truth

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