England @ the last minute!

We received confirmation of our trip to England on Tuesday.

This morning we’re about ready to leave for the airport. We’ll fly out tonight.

While in England we’ll complete a live TV interview on an ITV morning programme called “This Morning”, we’ll meet with a documentary maker who is already scheduled to visit us at home in August, and we’ll hold a seminar in London.

This morning I feel gratitude and excitement. I can see how, over the past 5 years the past 35 years, God has been, constantly and gently, presenting me with new situations, people  and opportunities. The next thing, and then the next thing, each ‘next thing’ a stepping stone in my growth.

In every situation, in every moment, all I’ve had to do, is to take the next step. That is, to embrace what my soul attracts and feels drawn to, as the next opportunity to learn and grow. Sometimes Most times its required courage. But always when I’ve embraced the step forward, wonderful changes have happened in my soul.

When I’ve fought the step, tried to back-pedal, or argue with God that I’m not ready, and/ or generally complained and dug my heels in – in those cases the step hasn’t been made and life hasn’t always been so pretty or rewarding. (laugh – that’s probably putting it mildly)

So this trip to England feels like just another next step. I have a great deal of faith that if I embrace it all, with humility and a desire to grow in love, then I will create new potentials for growth and God in my soul.

I can’t guarantee what will happen on the outside! I mean, I have no idea how the interview will go, if I’ll be able to string half a sentence together, or if everyone (or anyone) will understand our message. But I do have faith that God wants me to know Him and His Truth more, and to do that, I only have to long for it, and to be myself truthfully and humbly in every moment.

So there it is, the challenge in this next step is to be myself more publicly and honestly than I ever imagined.

My dream, the one that has led my soul to this moment,  is that everyone on Earth has the opportunity to know the wonderful Truth about, and the absolute Love of, God.

Being on TV might lead a few people to look at our youtube site and investigate things, but growing my soul, taking the next step? Well that’s the most powerful thing I can do to bring God’s Truth to Earth in a tangible way.

So this trip does feel like a special gift.

16 thoughts on “England @ the last minute!

  1. Max Love

    Mary Thank You. You have just helped me so much with your writings about “the next step”. I to have at times fought the next step and ended up going around in circles and getting nowhere. Now I will embrace these gifts from God. I hope you and AJ have a wonderful trip. I love you guys. Max :-):-)

  2. helgapia

    ♥ Oh, dear Mary 🙂
    “From the corner of my eye I thought I saw a light shine …”
    And, yes, it was your soul ♥
    You are so beautiful.
    Thank you.
    You just shone into my morning … and I can see my day before me, better.
    May the grace of God always be with you (says Alexi) …
    The grace of God ALWAYS IS with you.
    I am so sorry for all those lost opportunities when I did not love you.
    You keep helping me to make it easier to want to.
    I love you ♥

  3. Carol Marie

    Aloha Mary,

    It’s wonderful to hear of this opportunity unfolding to go to the Uk for the interview, the documentary, and the seminar, and also to ‘feel’ your gratitude and excitement as you take another ‘next step’. I can feel it inspiring us all toward our ‘next step’. Mahalo for your love and transparency on this journey, and the gift of your example.

    Rainbow Hugs from my ‘next step’ on the Big Island,
    Your sister – Carol Marie

  4. Jen

    Mary this is beautiful and inspiring, wishing you both all the best for your interview and your trip to England. Thanks for sharing this song, I hadn’t heard it before and a lovely way to wake up this morning “to know you are apart of Something Beautiful”.

    Jen x

  5. Katerina P.

    This is indeed exciting! How long have we been praying and waiting on this moment. You both are te right soul for the “job”..Our love and blessings be wit you!God is our parent and knows all and all is in His plan!

  6. Motavenda Melchizedek

    happy trails! I so admired you both for your willingness to share the beauty of this work with the world and to work through all the intense energies that you are presented with at times as you move forward in truth and faith…it is inspirational and healing to witness. wishing you a wonderful journey.

  7. David Wall

    Cool! Look forward to watching it. Live TV and no ( or much littler) ways to edit… Well they might still do the haunting music backdrop 🙂 Awesome news, wish u both a great trip.

  8. marinasmartstudio

    Super awesome.

    Thank you for inspiring so many of us to do the ‘self-check’. Thank you also for the loving reminder to follow what our soul is drawn to and learn and grow. I can see how little or never truly imposed/supported this idea for others, but have judged harshly for those who didnt do things the way i’d think was ‘correct’ –fascinating.

    You rock…both of you…honestly. 🙂

    Have a safe flight!


  9. dianatingoora

    Have a wonderful time, experiencing God’s beautiful Law of Attraction and sharing the gifts of yourselves! Love to everyone over there.

  10. Anna Skevik

    I will pray for a respectful and loving experience for you and Jesus with the interview.
    And thank you for your words about the next step. It reached my heart. And so did the song!
    Love to you both

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