The Existence of Hell

“You have been reading a book which is not true for there are no hells as described in it, where mortals after passing into the spirit life have to undergo such sufferings and torments. There are no such places as described in the first part of the book. You need not believe that there are any such places of punishment for the evil spirits. God loves all His children too much to have them pass through such experiences as are in that book described.

 My observations of the condition of the wicked shows me that they must all suffer before they can be relieved from the burden of their sins, and have a place where happiness, even to a smallest degree, is obtained; but when they have become truly penitent and seek the saving Power and Love of God, they will always find it.”

Ann Rollins, 08 Jan 1915

Over the past six months, Jesus and I and others have been filming clips for the Frequently Asked Questions Channel.

I’m loving it.

Back in April we focused on questions from Christians. I am so grateful for these questions and the chance to participate in generating useful answers to them.

One FAQ I particularly enjoyed was about the existence of hell.

In fact I was enjoying the discussion so much, I actually forgot that I was supposed to be the interviewer and just generally joined in with chatting. So, I talk a lot more in this clip than I usually would!

If you’d like to check out more clips on the topic of the hells – here’s a link.

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4 thoughts on “The Existence of Hell

  1. Susan Lytton-Hitchins

    What a beautiful confirmation of how much God loves us. Just knowing that all our actions, errors & beliefs out of harmony with God’s Laws can be corrected & released from our Soul through prayer & embracing God’s Truth, asking for Divine Love,& being willing to be totally Humble. This message is like a “road map” home, given by God…how awesome is that?
    We are shown that the Hells need not be for eternity & it is only our soul condition, in other words, ourselves, that stop us or slow our progress out of the Hells; It remains an illogical mystery of “illusionary fear” why I am so resistive at times to my own process, when the rewards are obviously so great !

  2. Kathy from California

    I was watching this and I was thinking “Gee that sounds like a question I would ask”. Then I realized “Wait that IS my question”. I had forgotten all about it!

    I want to first thank AJ for taking the time to respond to that question. I always find he is a person of great insight, and truthfully, pondering his perspectives on things have deepend my desire to understand God. For that I am truly grateful. Just a couple of observations that came to mind after hearing AJ address my question:

    1. I agree that God has not created humanity “flawed”. A perfect God could not created a flawed creature of any kind! I think what he may have been referring to is the doctrine of original sin, which basically says that because the first two humans erred every person born after that was somehow “flawed”. That is how infant baptism got started…. in an attempt to have God cleanse the infant from any sin at birth. I do not hold to this doctrine and believe it is false, mainly because I can’t look upon any newborn and see anything else BUT perfection 🙂 The other camp of Christians hold that the child at some point begins making errors (and as you say, due to influences of the parents and the world around it) and, at the point the child reaches a maturity level great enough to realize his own accountability, then at that point he/she needs to engage in repentance.

    2, As to whether or not God created an evil being that cannot be redeemed, that got me thinking so I did some research. I am sure AJ knows the story of Lucifer, who was God’s highest angel at one time and the most glorious and beautiful, who, decided at some point that he wanted to take over God’s throne. So, he convinced 1/3 of all the other heavenly beings to join him and was then cast out of Heaven by God along with the 1/3 because they just could not remain in Heaven under those circumstances and that is how Hell came about. I tell the story to point out again that God did not create any “flawed” beings. What is more difficult to address is the “impossibility” of their redemption. The most logical answer I have come across in my research so far is that yes, God COULD redeem Lucifer and any fallen being, but He is able to see into the future because He is Omniscient and knows that they never will repent.

    3. Finally, regarding what sustains Hell…I had watched a you tube video a few months back about a man who says he spent 23 minutes in Hell. His story is quite interesting. If you search “23 minutes in Hell” you will easily find it. But, what I found fascinating was his description of Hell. He says that Hell is simply an absence of God’s attributes. So, think of everything God is and just remove that….God is Love, Peace, Light, so Hell is pure hatred, turmoil and darkness. God gives us life, breath, rest, so Hell is death, suffocation and no rest at all. I remember realizing as he said that that truly no evil being IS required to sustain Hell under that definition (not that I am to the point of being able to say one is not there…:)). I enjoy watching people who have had near death experiences because, as you’ve probably figured out by now, I am on a continual quest for knowledge.

    Well this is probably getting too long so I will close. Thank AJ again for me and please tell him I am SO grateful for his perspective on things. It has awakened a desire in me to search more deeply.

  3. Kathy from California

    I forgot to mention a very important thing…..when I give my points I am in no way trying to argue that I am right and tell you to believe what I say, etc. I am on a journey and looking for answers to the tough questions. Its going to be a process….and I am simply trying to work through that process. 🙂

  4. Isabell

    Hi Mary,
    I just saw a clip on youtube that was about soul mates and I would like to thank you. The clip was from 20101024 and in the end you were showing people how to get to your emotions by expressing them with your body. I have done this in the past a few times but I never thought that it could help me get to my emotions (I´ve just done it on instingt). I will do this more frequently now that I understand how it can help me. So, thank you so much for sharing. 🙂

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