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Jesus & Mary 2020

Well, once again, it has been a long time between updates.

We are safe and well and grateful for our circumstances, but this year we have been snowed under by:

  1. Audio and video editing tasks
  2. Computer hardware breakdowns
  3. Renovation of our studio to allow refurbished servers to be installed (which also required moving studio contents into our small one bedroom home and back again into the studio)
  4. High winds and hail damage to our eco tents, which are our sleeping and living quarters, so we have to redesign and now rebuild them into more resilient structures
  5. Water tanks having leaks (we are responsible for all of our own drinking water collection and distribution)
  6. Water Pumps failing
  7. Vehicles beaking down
  8. Deliveries have arrived late with damaged or incorrect parts

We have been without volunteer assistance this year so just Jesus and I are managing every detail of our operation without help. This includes administration, production, editing (video and audio), uploading and sharing information, along with the usual software and server hardware maintenance and systems administration tasks that Jesus regularly performs. So we have been working very hard and are badly in need of a rest. It often feels as though we are climbing a mountain with a thousand tiny additional tasks or distractions requiring attention along the way. All while we are trying to keep our eyes on our core desires to share Truth with the world and to grow ourselves in love.

In amongst all of that, in the middle of this year, Jesus, who is completely overworked and in need of time to process emotion, injured his back and spent 6 weeks in bed.

So, in a year when so many people had time to sit and watch videos, it has felt that so many factors were against us publishing new material.

But as Jesus says, these circumstances allow our listeners to challenge their addictions to always having ‘something new and inspiring’ and provides them opportunities to spend the time to sincerely reflect upon their own condition of love, state of humility, and relationship to Truth, God and each other. We hope you have taken up some of these opportunities this year, as an act of love towards yourself and others.

A rare moment outside the house early in 2020

But Jesus and I have made some time to make this update for you, just to let you know what is going on. We will cover the following:

  • A Little About Bushfires
  • Assistance Group Video & Audio Editing
  • Technical Upgrades to Divine Truth Operations
  • Server Room Construction
  • Plans for Future Events & Interactions
  • Education in Love Assistance Group Series Update
  • Tent Reconstruction
  • Involvement with God’s Way
  • Responding to Office & FAQ Emails
  • Our Gratitude
  • Our Progression
  • A Brief Comment about World Events

As a side note, I did have a draft of this post ready in June of this year but at that time Jesus’ comment was that there was more detail that needed to be added, and since both of us were very busy at the time, I didn’t ever get time to make the modifications and publish the post. Keeping in mind that an additional six months have passed, I will do my best to be thorough with some detail, so this post is bound to be a long one.

Also, 2020 was not our most photogenic year. We hardly left the confines of our house or studio, or changed our clothes. So even though it may seem like some of these photos were taken on the same day, let’s just say that there was some outfit recycling going on.


We want to thank those of you who reached out to us this year to enquire about our welfare during the bushfires (way back in January) and throughout the year to enquire about our well being during the coronavirus outbreak.

Our location was not directly impacted by the fires that received so much media coverage here and abroad. We do live in an area where smaller fires are a regular occurrence mainly due to deliberately lit fires by farmers who use it as a ‘land management’ strategy. None of those fires affected our personal lives aside from dealing with the smoke pollution.

Sadly, the damaging environmental impact and risks of fire are still largely being disregarded by land owners worldwide. For every 100kg of matter burnt, around 98kg is carbon dioxide which enters the atmosphere which further adds to global warming. Queensland also has one of the highest land clearing rates in the world, which results in the destruction of native wildlife, insects, vegetation, habitat, and ground cover, along with causing loss of topsoil, soil erosion and many other problems.

The massive bush fires here in Australia over our last summer (December 2019 – February 2020) were also tragic. The changing climate and weather patterns will make the loss of native wildlife and habitat due to fire, ordinarily so incredibly difficult to recover, that much harder.

Australian flora and fauna exists in a delicate balance. In reality, most natural environments do. However Australian plants and animals have adapted to living in very specific conditions during long difficult dry periods. Once established they can be hardy, but the establishment of new fauna takes a long time. Many Australian species are endemic, only existing on this continent. When disruption occurs, insects, plants, animals and microbial life are thrown out of balance, which results in extinction of already endangered native fauna and flora and domination of the environment by introduced species. In Australia, European settlement only began a little over 200 years ago. The introduction of hoofed animals, along with European farming and land clearing techniques and practices, have severely impacted our environment in a relatively short time.

To quote Nature Conservancy Australia:

“Early studies found Australian fires (in early 2020) burnt through more than 80% of the known habitat of 49 threatened species. And at least 50% of the habitat of another 65 threatened species have been affected. […] Australia already has the highest rate of mammal extinction in the world.”

Nature Conservancy Australia, 2020

Jesus and I feel passionately about preserving the natural environment and we are continually experimenting with ways to regenerate the land in harmony with God’s Laws, here on our home property, and also on properties owned by the God’s Way organisation.

In recent years, while individuals and societies laud people who speak up or protest against governmental environment and climate policies, very few people are actually willing to take action in their personal lives to repair environmental damage commensurate to what they have created through their own lifestyle, let alone the damage that has been caused historically. Protesting does next to nothing and takes hardly any effort. Repairing environments takes much more sincere effort, time, consideration, and resources and often involves experimentation and innovation. Most people are unwilling to engage this process and yet express frustration at their governments who are only reflecting the same attitudes as themselves.

We try to share what we are experimenting with and learning about via the God’s Way Ltd blog. However we are still in the learning phase of many experiments and we have very few volunteers to help share what we have learned so far. Hopefully in the years to come we will be able to share more of this kind of information. There are many projects happening, but few details are being published because of the time pressures on current God’s Way members.

Of course, a personal relationship with God and individual development in Love and Truth is what helps people to develop other loving desires, such as the desire to care for God’s Creations and work in harmony with God’s existing restorative processes. This is why our primary focus remains on sharing information to assist people in those first endeavours.

As inhabitants of first world countries, we have many emotions of entitlement which directly impact upon the natural world, which include:

  • A desire to consume rather than to give, improve, and to nurture
  • A desire to just feel the illusion of being good, rather than actually be moral, ethical, responsible or loving
  • Disconnection from God’s Creation and Laws due to lifestyle choice, living location, selfishness, and other emotions
  • Opposition to gaining wisdom by observing God’s Creation and Laws, due to anger at authority, anger about law, desiring to be self absorbed, self indulgent, our own law maker, and other similar emotions
  • Opposition to hard work and creation in harmony with God’s Laws due to a desire to have large gains from little effort
  • A lack of care and hardened heart towards the environmental consequences created through the personal avoidance of pain and the seeking of pleasure at any cost

There are many more principles we would like to discuss and share about what it means to truly love and care for the natural world and the pitfalls and errors involved in many common approaches to ‘conservation’. A source of frustration for us this year has been that, due to technical tasks, especially the ongoing editing of the last Assistance Group, we have been unable to make new recordings to discuss these and many other matters.

Assistance Group Video & Audio Editing

We are, of course, still working on the 2019 Understanding Sin and Its Causes Assistance Group material.

As I explained in my last update there were many problems with the audio recording at the groups and so editing this material is taking Jesus an inordinate amount of time.

Jesus has developed RSI in his shoulders and wrists working on this project. So, he can now only complete 3-4 hours of editing in one stretch, at which point he moves on to other technical upgrades for a few hours before he can return.

He is now almost half way through editing the recordings for both groups.

Once the audio for a day or session of the group is completed, I then start the video and video marker editing process for the same segment. I really enjoy this job. It is much less painstaking than Jesus’ audio editing task and I have the added bonus of revisiting all of the material and enjoying many of you who asked questions, your responses and laughter.

As I work through the video edits I often find further audio issues that come about by mixing three channels of sound, which Jesus then corrects. Unfortunately this means more work for Jesus to return and fix these instances.

Once the video edit is complete (which is actually a three part process) then adjustments are made for colour correction. Then the final product is almost ready to be output ready to publish on YouTube.

Before upload can occur, Jesus must first use the video chapter and note markers from the completed videos to generate updated outlines for each talk which are then loaded onto our website as downloads. The markers are also used to create shorter stand alone clips from each presentation. Those people who use the hard drive copying service receive all of these clips on their drive, but as yet they do not appear on our Divine Truth Clips channel. Uploading clips to YouTube used to be a semi automated process but due to forced setting changes on our account by YouTube that is no longer possible. So new clips appearing on our channel is yet another job requiring Jesus’ input at some stage in the future.

I have just started to learn the audio editing process which feels good as it is the largest part of the delay to our output of files and one that, until now, only Jesus could complete. With that said, I am finding it a very challenging task. I don’t yet have the ‘ear’ for sound anomalies but I plan to stick with it. We have made some audio-only recordings of mediumship sessions that we completed in private this year. So I am learning on those files so that they can be published on the website.

As it only the two of us editing material these days, and there is still so much of the last group left to edit, the task feels enormous and, as I’ll explain below, we are having to prioritize our time and tasks so that we don’t completely neglect our personal progression in the process.

We do hope to have the first session of the second ‘Understanding Sin & Its Causes’ group up on YouTube by February 2021.

If I had to display our year in pictures it would look a lot like this:

Technical Upgrades to Divine Truth Operations

Because the recordings from the last Assistance Group were poor, we (and here I mean mainly Jesus) have been investigating ways to improve our recording and production process. During the events our goal is to remove or drastically reduce the possibility of radio and audience interference in our audio recording, to eliminate problems with live video switching and recording, and to increase our storage capacity at the event to allow for larger amounts of data being recorded. After the event we also need to improve the processing speed of the machines we use for sound and video editing which means improving the speed of our editing worksations.

We have already decided to eliminate live video camera switching at events. Instead video streams from 8 different video cameras and audio recording from presenter and audience microphones will be recorded as individual tracks, and then stored in multiple copies on servers we take to the event. These camera and audio files will then be remixed in the editing stage back home in the studio to create the mixed audio and video files we usually make.

Until now our recording set up at events included six cameras, two moving cameras on presenters, two roving on the audience and two static shots including the back of the room and a side view of screen and presenter. Previously though we used to only record four of these video streams. Increasing cameras views to eight will allow there to be two static views of the presenters at all times, and three static views of the audience, and will ensure that there is always a shot to use in the final video regardless of that is happening at the event, and whether or not the video camera operators have found a useful video shot.

However this change to the number of cameras necessitates an increase in data capture, storage, and back up during events. On average, each camera captures 1TB of recording per day. This means that during our common practice of presenting two assistance groups back to back we will capture around 112TB of data over the two groups. This is if we remain shooting in 1080p (1920 x 1080). If we shoot in 4K, then obviously these numbers quadruple. These precious audio and video recordings then need to be backed up to reduce the risk of loosing data. Jesus has now refurbished two backup servers to accommodate more than 280TB in raidz2 each to allow for this. These servers will travel with us to groups, one to act as the primary server for data we create and the other to store a backup of that data. Of course, the data storage capacity is quite expensive, with each 12TB of RaidZ2 costing more than $1000 AUD.

Once home, we must then transfer this data to other servers which accommodate ALL current Divine Truth editing projects. Jesus has refurbished three additional servers, each with a storage capacity of 280TB in raidz2, to allow the copying of the recorded data, and to store the edited data until the projects are finished. At home we store the data for Divine Truth and God’s Way projects and we have a three copy back up system which enables both on and off site backups of all of our data to be in existence at any one time.

So, during breaks from his audio editing work which are necessary due to fatigue, Jesus has rewired our racks, expanded the 10Gbit network, reconfigured, upgraded the operating system and software, and reinstalled every server and workstation we own (see list below).

Along with that, our existing Apple Mac computers, which are required for both audio and video editing, are becoming old and not performing consistently. My own mac broke down this week. Rather than buy new Macs which are full of propriety limitations, Jesus has taken on a another new project to create virtual machines running on our servers which can serve both PC or Mac desktops and which he and I (since we are now the only two editors) will use to edit and work from.

For the technically minded among you, below is a list of our technical set up which Jesus has been upgrading and maintaining this past year. Jesus acts as software and systems administrator for all of these items. This alone is a full time job.

Divine Truth Technical Equipment
(This list EXCLUDES equipment used during live events to capture data, e.g. video and audio devices, many of which also require firmware upgrades and technical maintenance which Jesus also completes).

Our main storage is configured as:

3 x 45 Drives Storinator XL60 Hybrid servers each now with:
2 x 14 Core XEON E5-2650 processors
45 x 12TB HDD configured into 280TB ZFS Raidz2
32 x SSD drive slots
Centos 8

We have one operational spare main server without disks
just in case the others fail

Our backup and travel storage is:

2 x 45 Drives Storinator Q30 servers each now with:
2 x 8 Core XEON E5-2620 processors
30 x 12TB HDD configured into 280TB ZFS Raidz2
Centos 8

We have two operational spare backup servers without disks
just in case the others fail

Our primary workstations are:

2 x 45 Drives Storinator AV15 Hybrid servers each now with:
1 x 32 Core AMD EPYC 7502P Processor
7 x 12TB HDD configured into 60TB ZFS Raidz2
16 x SSD drive slots, with 6 x 4TB SSD
Proxmox Virtualization

We also have other servers which were required when more people were working with us. These include:

2 x Supermicro Superservers each now with:
1 x 12 Core XEON-D Processor
2 x 1TB SSD
4 x 12TB HDD configured into 36TB ZFS Raidz1
Proxmox Virtualization
Win 10
3 x Shuttle Servers each now with:
4 Core i7 7700 Processors
4 x 8TB HDD configured into 24TB ZFS Raidz1
Proxmox Virtualization
Win 10
Jesus has refurbished these servers to donate to Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins
and Cornelius to use for personal video editing
2 x Shuttle Workstations with:
4 Core i7 7700 Processors
2 x 2TB SSD
Proxmox Virtualization
Win 10
This year we hope to employ Kate Eckersall, programmer, to roll out
planned changes to our website which will include a searchable database.
These units will be used by her (one in the office and one at her home).

Other work stations include:

3 x Apple iMac i7 (2012)
These units are now unreliable but 
still used by Jesus and Mary to complete video and audio editing
6 x WIN7 PC Laptop Computers
16GB i7
These laptops are now 10 years old. 
2 are still used by Jesus and myself to complete tasks 
in word and office. Some others are used for various jobs 
required by the network or when we have visitors working 
on projects. They have all begun to fail.

All of this runs on a 10Gbit network controlled by:

6 x 24 Port 10Gbit Netgear XS728T Switches

Although it may seem we have a lot of storage, we do have a 3 x backup strategy, and we do store a lot of data, because we record 8TB of data per day of recording, and we use about 2-4TB to edit each day of recording. Also, we do not have enough storage to keep all of our data online, and so we also have over 800TB of data backed up on individual 12TB drives. As you can imagine, managing all of this data takes time.

Server Room Construction

Once Jesus saw the necessity for all of these upgrades we had a discussion about how to best house the new larger servers. We decided to make a small server room within our existing studio. This room is sound proof and air conditioned and has removed the need for Jesus to modify servers to have quieter fans (something he has done in the past). Air conditioning a small space is also more energy efficient than cooling the larger room that the servers usually lived in.

So, this year, courtesy of Jesus’ design, and Corny’s work, the new room was built. In order to be able to continue to edit throughout the renovation, our entire operation along with a lot of things stored in the studio, had to be moved into our small house which sits adjacent to the studio. This rendered the studio unusable for recordings.

Our server set up and switches are moved into the house

As we live on a dirt road and have an abundance of insects everywhere, it was a challenge to keep the valuable equipment clean in the less sealed environment of our 45 year old house.

Temporary workstations in the house
A technical workshop in our living area

Nevertheless we achieved it. Jesus worked on building the servers and editing while we set up a sound proof buffer in the home and I continued video editing.

So much wiring and rewiring for Jesus this year

The new server room is now complete. Jesus has almost finished installing new servers into a larger rack while he continues to work on ironing out various bugs and problems with operating systems and software.

Plans for Future Events & Interactions

Jesus and I value the chances we have to meet with you directly. We also know the power and value of receiving personal feedback.

Obviously at the moment, given the restrictions on travel occurring around the world, we are limited in our opportunities to meet people and to have personal discussions.

With this in mind we have been thinking about creative ways to share truth with people, perhaps via video conferencing.

The limitations we have are that:

  1. Our current home internet connection and capabilities are not sufficient in terms of bandwidth or data allowance to enable us to have such interactions from the studio
  2. We require a good quality sound and video recording of these interactions so that they can be edited and shared at a later date via our sites online, as we do our other videos

So, in reality, to arrange video calls it is an entirely new project to launch. One that still requires proper investigations into:

  1. A venue or location from which to hold online calls and interviews; it must have sufficiently high internet speeds and unlimited bandwidth, preferably with a Fibre to the Premises (FTP) internet connection
  2. The correct software and hardware to capture good quality recordings from video calls, and to allow for migration of large amounts of data into our current editing suite

We have done some minor investigations into these matters but as you can see from the rest of this update, our plate is already full with many other tasks.

One variation of how our recording space has looked this year

Once the recording room in our studio is clear of server rebuilds and other vagrant equipment, and older equipment given away or sold, we will again begin our regular studio recordings and discussions. Hopefully these will include some in person interviews with local listeners, discussions about God’s Truth along with mediumship.

Remember when we used to do things like this? It seems like such a long time ago.

Beyond all that, once the ‘Understanding Sin & Its Causes’ Assistance Group material is output to the world, then we’ll consider our options for the next group. We are also open to international travel again once restrictions are lifted. We know that there are small groups of you around the world who would like to meet with us in person and we would also like to make that happen once we complete the 2019 Assistance Group editing.

Updates about the Education in Love Assistance Group Series

We’d like to update you with two changes to the ‘Education in Love’ Assistance Group series. The first is to let you know about how we are handling the uncertainty about the timing of the next group events given the changing travel and social restrictions in place here and around the world. The second is to inform you of a change in the structure of the Education in Love Assistance Group series.

Timing of the next group

In April this year, as various measures came into place in Australia and around the world to restrict gatherings and interstate and international travel, we decided to postpone our next assistance group originally scheduled for November 2020.

As we predicted, it appears that restrictions on people’s movements here in Australia and across the globe will continue to wax and wane for some time to come as governments attempt to control the spread of the virus. Given the unpredictability of these restrictions we aren’t yet able to tell you when the next groups in this series will go ahead.

As so many participants travel from overseas to attend the groups we are reluctant to hold them before international travel relaxes. However we are also aware that this may not happen for a year or more and so we are considering presenting the groups to an Australian audience only so that the material may appear online for everyone to view at an earlier date.

When it wasn’t such a big deal to sit this close together

For now however, we are still fully occupied with the edits of the last groups and so we can’t consider scheduling the next until this task is complete.

Whenever we schedule the next group I will announce it here and we will allow at least 6 months notice so that people wishing to attend can arrange their lives in order to do so.

New Group in the Education in Love Series

Those of you who were already registered for our next Assistance Group (previously scheduled for November 2020) may have noticed that we changed the title of that group.

As Jesus has been editing the audio of the previous ‘Understanding Sin and Its Causes’ group (a painstaking process which takes him not less than an hour to edit one or two minutes of presentation) he has been reflecting that many participants during the group and the entire series of groups thus far, were still grappling with the key concepts presented and how those Truths related to them personally, their daily lives, and their relationships.

He decided that we needed to add a group to the series to help participants to understand and practically apply the material from ‘Understanding Sin & Its Causes’.

A new group entitled ‘Confronting Sin & Its Causes’ has been placed next in the series.

So, the complete ‘Education in Love’ series will now look like this:

1Developing My Will to LoveCompleted 2016Both instances of this group can be viewed on the Divine Truth YouTube channel: here & here
2Developing My Loving SelfCompleted 2016Both instances of this group can be viewed on the Divine Truth YouTube channel: here & here
3Understanding God’s Loving LawsCompleted 2016Both instances of this group can be viewed on the Divine Truth YouTube channel: here & here
4Understanding Sin & Its CausesCompleted 2019Both instances of this group can be viewed on the Divine Truth YouTube channel as editing is completed: here & here
5Confronting Sin & Its CausesDependent on Covid restrictionsAssist participants with practical application of Understanding Sin & Its Causes
6Removing Sin & Its CausesTBANew material relating to correction, reparation, forgiveness and repentance
7Engaging God’s Loving LawsTBA
8Receiving God’s LoveTBA
9Loving GodTBA
‘Education in Love’ Assistance Group Series

This new sequence is now reflected on the Divine Truth Eventbrite page.

Please note that, due to coronavirus and our work commitments, all groups have been set to postponed. This means that you cannot register for any group until we have a new schedule. This is the most efficient thing to do, as it is unrealistic for people to be able to commit to come a group at some undefined time in the future.

If you were registered to attend the next Assistance Group – previously titled ‘Removing Sin and Its Causes’ and would like to attend ‘Confronting Sin and It’s Causes’ (next in the series), you will need to register for that group once tickets open up again. Unfortunately we were unable to retain your tickets in the prior group.

The timing for ‘Confronting Sin & Its Causes’ is now subject to how the world looks in terms of restrictions on gatherings and travel over the coming months and years.

Timing & Tickets for Remaining Groups in the Series

For any Assistance Group to be held we are always dependent on two things:

  1. That we have received enough donations to fund the upfront cost of venue hire, presenter accommodation and technical set up expenses
  2. That we can find a suitable venue available over a sufficient time period to complete two group presentations
    Within this venue consideration we must now also consider any restrictions or limitations that may be placed on travel and group meetings.

Because we are unable to say with certainty at this time when the remaining groups in this series will be allowed to be held, or if we will receive sufficient donations to meet their costs once they can be scheduled, we made the decision to cancel all tickets in the remaining groups.

Those people who have registered tickets in groups seven, eight, and nine may no longer be available or interested in attending the groups once they are finally confirmed. So it makes sense to cancel all tickets now and open up tickets again to these events with a clean slate when we have a realistic idea of when they may be held.

I will always announce new events and event schedules here. If you subscribe to the blog you will receive an email notification when the I post these details. Realistically, the remaining groups in the Education in Love series may be spaced over a number of years.

Cabin Construction

15 years ago Jesus had constructed two eco tents on our property. They sit towards the middle of our property, in a gully surrounded by gums and other trees and animals. They have always been our haven to retreat to, away from computers and telephones. A place to spend time in reflection, processing, and sleeping.

The structures had a solid floor, open canvas and screen sides and ceiling with a top fly layer as roof which was water proof.

Unfortunately, over the years, our hot sun damaged the top ‘fly’ roof, weakening it. In recent months, storms with strong winds caused a large tear in one of the tent roofs and then a few weeks later hail punctured the roof of the other.

Once the top fly was broken, water began leaking into the tents themselves and we knew that something must be done to make these peaceful places inhabitable once again.

The canvas was dismantled and all the furniture removed.

We are now employing Cornelius, who is a builder, and Jadda as his assistant, to construct a simple ‘cabin’ in the place of both of the tents. The cabin is designed by Jesus and will be built from some of the original steel frame and base of the tent. A new roof frame and adding additional wall framing must be constructed and then filled in with a mixture of windows and walls.

The finished product should be completely weather proof and durable but still maintain an open, peaceful feeling.

Thank you to those of you who have donated specifically towards this project. Your desire to gift to us personally is much appreciated, and without your help it would have been difficult to begin this project.

God’s Way Involvement

Jesus and I continue to be involved with the God’s Way Ltd organisation.

This year numbers of volunteers within that organisation were also diminished, for many reasons, including that we asked some to leave due to their need to develop more loving behaviour. However Jesus continued to direct works on the large scale environment terrace project and lead the planning and decision making on a major dam extension, the purchase of large scale pumping systems and the caretakers home renovation, to design and engineer a solar electrical supply, and to design and engineer a work shed for bulldozer and excavator maintenance. Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins and Cornelius have been instrumental in making these designs a reality.

If you are interested in reading more about God’s Way Ltd activities this year, you can read the annual report here.

God’s Way Ltd Members – November 2020

Emails & Office Duties

Because of this enormous workload we’ve been forced to re-evaluate how we spend our time and what is now realistic for us to achieve. Smaller tasks which share information with only one person, such as responding to emails and meeting people in person, have become rare occurrences as we focus on our priority to complete and share video and audio recordings that can benefit thousands of people at the same time.

As a result, for the foreseeable future, we have decided that from December 2020 we can no longer respond to emails sent to office@divinetruth.com or faq@divinetruth.com. Many of you who have emailed in recent months would already be aware that we now rarely have time to read let alone respond to emails sent to these accounts.

If we don’t respond to emails it is usually because we are fully occupied with other tasks. There are many emails that we would love to be able to answer but just don’t have the time. Jesus also now finds it limiting and time consuming to type out answers to questions that are often misinterpreted by the reader anyway. This is why we still value personal, in person interactions and will continue to seek those out if the opportunity exists.

Please remember that our YouTube channels can be searched for specific topics using the search bar present on those pages. By now, Jesus has presented thousands of hours of material on a huge variety of subjects. The majority of personal assistance requests or specific questions about Universal Truths that we currently receive into these email accounts have already been covered in an existing video.

In the coming year we hope to have a search function available on divinetruth.com as well.

Hopefully in the time to come we will again have volunteers who could help answering emails, but this task does require some development in love, which many who listen to Divine Truth seem to be resisting.

Our Gratitude

Jesus and I express our immense gratitude to those of you who continue to support our work financially.

We know that you haven’t seen much new material from us in quite a while. But this isn’t because we don’t want or have more to share with you. As I’ve shown you from my discussion above, we have been extremely busy, with Jesus often working more than 12 hours every day for months at a time. Once our current tasks are complete we will be back in the studio recording, editing, and producing new material. And as I mentioned we also have other ideas about ways that we can interact with more of you in person and/or via internet connections over the next year or two. But setting up new methods will also require some planning and preparations, including finding a suitable venue and making necessary technological upgrades, which again is very time consuming since we have very specific technological and environmental requirements.

Jesus’ calls this his mess, I call the scene of productivity and brilliance

As we are now without volunteer assistance, it is will just be the two of us carrying out all of Divine Truth event preparation, including;

  1. Finding and arranging suitable venues and facilities
  2. Setting up and monitoring video and audio recording in the studio or during live events
  3. Editing and production of written outlines, videos, and audio to be shared via the internet
  4. Software and server maintenance and updates
  5. Website maintenance and updates
  6. Video publishing
  7. Managing our various email accounts.

We are grateful to Kate Eckersall who, under guidance from Jesus, has continued to manage Divine Truth transcription and translation work.

At the moment our priority remains to complete outstanding editing tasks from previous events which means that, as you may have noticed, other tasks like the creation of new material, website updates and email responses have taken a back seat for now.

So, we appreciate your faith in and support of our efforts as we continue to focus on completing the editing of the last assistance group.

We sincerely hope we can get back into studio recordings sometime in the new year so that we can not only bring you the ‘Understanding Sin and Its Causes’ material but also some new discussions and mediumship as well.

Personal Progression

Along with producing new material, we are both aware of the importance of our continued spiritual development and strengthening relationship with God. Neglecting these things would mean that we always remain limited in what we can share and the benefit we can have to others. We are both conscious of how much more we can develop.

In the past, Jesus has found it difficult to balance his desire to share more Divine Truth and to ensure Divine Truth and God’s Way operations continue, with slowing down and taking time to focus on his own emotions. His back injury this year forced a very slight slowing of his work pace but he knows that he needs much more time to connect with the emotions he is yet to release.

I have been working through gaining a more sincere desire to feel my difficult emotions relating to being myself, expressing myself, growing to have God’s opinion of myself, and to resolve emotional problems within myself related to my first century memories, and my childhood in this life, and difficulties surrounding my definition of love and loving God.

As the year closes we have both made a commitment to prioritize our personal, spiritual progression above anything else. The world is in desperate need of examples of what it means to grow and develop one’s soul in harmony with God’s Way and with God’s Love. And while I often feel daunted and inadequate for that task, if we don’t do our utmost to be two of those examples, how can we say that we have done all that we can to ease the suffering of humanity? or even continue to teach what we do?

World Events

I know that many of you are eager to hear Jesus’ views on everything going on in the world. You may be surprised to hear that neither of us feel that the appearance of coronavirus globally is of singular profound spiritual significance. Perhaps it is more accurate to say that it’s advent is no more spiritually significant than anything else that is occurring at any given moment, and that every event, in any moment, has deep spiritual significance.

Humanity’s responses to current world events and disease often reflects the selfishness, fear and anger that is so prevalent, and also defended and upheld by individuals and societies on Earth at the moment. As these problems occur they expose emotions and create the opportunity for individuals to choose to either release or act in their unloving emotions. Unfortunately most choose to act in them, rather than to release them and become more loving. Each moment creates an opportunity to either develop new, loving desires, or foster and develop even more unloving and selfish desires. God has given us that choice, and unfortunately for many of us, we keep making the same selfish choices expecting a better outcome.

Events may change but God’s Truth remains the same and God’s Laws are always acting to assist us to grow and learn what love is.

New Life on the Terraces

Those of us in first world countries have the luxury to isolate in comfortable housing and restrictions to movement outside of home create opportunities to face personal addictions, to resolve conflicts in spousal or family relationships which are usually overlooked, to self reflect, and to experience emotions. Of course many of our poorer brothers and sisters in the third world don’t have these luxuries. Many of them are faced with difficult choices and emotions every day, and not just due to one virus.

The corona virus situation also provides those in the first world opportunities to deal with selfish emotions surrounding money, authority, meaningful occupation, freedom of movement, and other related factors. So we hope those of you in the first world have been taking those opportunities.

Of course, there is so much more I could say about this topic but I think better justice would be done to record an interview with Jesus about it sometime in the future.

We hope that you are all well and making loving choices offered to you by the opportunities in front of you. Often we see many of you justifying very unloving emotions in the name of Divine Truth. We observe that the majority of people listening to Divine Truth are still resisting love and justifying their very unloving and selfish emotions and actions in the name of ‘freedom’, ‘love’ and ‘truth’. There is a need to be more sincere about these matters, and we hope that you will individually be more self-reflective about the choices and decisions you are making, to bring them into more harmony with God’s Laws of Love.

This is what will bring you happiness.

Happiness is what we desire for you.

With our love and gratitude,

Jesus and Mary

Thank you to Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins for most of the photographs in this post.

Jesus & Mary 2019

Are We OK?

Thank you to all of you who have written to us in recent months to check that we are still alive and kicking! It has been over a year since we posted new content to YouTube and I know that many people have been wondering what we are up to and if we are OK.

While we’ve been quiet on the internet, we’ve actually had a big year. We are happy and healthy and working hard on a number of Divine Truth and God’s Way Ltd projects.

Assistance Groups

Back in March and April, we were once again in Noosaville to continue the Education in Love Assistance Group Series. This year we presented “Understanding Sin & Its Causes” for two groups of participants. It was lovely to see so many faces, both familiar and new during the groups.

Jesus and I had spent December 2018 and the early months of 2019 juggling preparations for the group with management tasks in the God’s Way Ltd company. This meant that we were still finalizing presentation content right up until the first night of the first group. So, we started the groups, passionate about the material but also rather tired. This was especially so for Jesus who not only creates the presentation content but also manages the full technical set up of sound, video and data back up for the group.

We had asked Lena to leave the Divine Truth Production Team last year, so that she was able to fully focus on her health. This meant that we ran both groups with an entirely new team (with the exception of Cornelius who remained as centre camera man).

The new team did well at the event however their inexperience, coupled with the fact that Jesus was stretched very thin (and had less time for checking recording levels and specifics), and increased radio frequency interference in the venue, along with around 9 other factors, meant that the sound recordings captured at the events were very poor.

This has meant that since our return from the groups back in April, Jesus has spent at least 8 hours a day, first trying to find a solution to make the sound listenable, and then once that was found, beginning the laborious task of manually fixing sound interference and distortions on individual unmixed audio tracks before remixing them ready to be used in the video edit. More about that later.

God’s Way Ltd Volunteer Selection

Once we returned from the Assistance Group, Jesus and I were then heavily involved in assisting Eloisa Lytton Hitchins and Tristan Miller to implement another instance of the Volunteer Selection Programme (VSP) which commenced immediately on our return.

Jesus oversaw and planned many of the project activities that selection programme participants worked on. And both Jesus and I assisted Tristan and Eloisa with assessing participants suitability to become volunteers.

Existing Divine Truth and God’s Way volunteers also joined in on many of the activities. And while this was enjoyable for everyone, participation took regular volunteers away from completing the editing of the Assistance Group and other outstanding Divine Truth videos. That is, aside from Jesus who throughout it all, still managed to keep editing audio, managing God’s Way Ltd projects and participating in the environmental work completed during the VSP. (Jesus loves outdoor work and often wishes he could spend far more time outdoors and away from a computer screen).

Jesus directs earthworks in the rain
Jesus instructs VSP participants in his fish scale garden design

Divine Truth Production

In the last half of 2018, Jesus and I recorded a number of mediumship sessions in the Divine Truth studio. As Lena left the Production Team in the middle part of the year, remaining team members where not yet proficient and still required training in switching, recording and editing techniques.

This meant that as we started the first Assistance Group in March, there remained 9 mediumship studio sessions that had not yet been edited.

On our return from the group, and after completion of the VSP, Eloisa Lytton Hitchins and I (while still in training) began to assist Jesus with finalizing editing of that backlog of videos, alongside starting to edit the new Assistance Group material.

While editing on the Assistance Group recordings continues, the backlog of mediumship talks are now almost ready to be sent to overseas, where they will be uploaded to the Divine Truth servers and then published on YouTube. We hope that this will happen before the end of the year.

Recently, Eloisa has left the production team so that she can focus on management tasks within the God’s Way Ltd organisation and running environmental recovery projects that Jesus had started. This has left Jesus and I as the only members of the Divine Truth Production Team.

Kate Eckersall continues to help with computer programming and the transcription/translation teams however Jesus and I deal with the entire audio and video editing processes – with Jesus still completing far more than myself at this stage. I am being trained by him in the complete video editing process as we go and I hope to be able to become independent in this as time goes on.

Jesus remains the only person with abilities in audio editing. He is incredibly proficient in this by now. And the extremely poor quality of the audio captured at the groups is causing him to work hard to find new methods for repairing sound problems. As this happens his skill only increases. I often sit behind him and marvel at how he is able to take barely audible or unintelligible sound and fix it so that a new listener would never know that there was ever a problem.

The recordings from the groups are so bad that, on average, it is taking him an hour to edit every 3 minutes of recording. There are over 1000 corrections to make per 60-90 minute presentation. I don’t know anyone else who could show that much patience and dedication to the material to sit for 8 hours at a time and have only 16 minutes of audio fixed at the end of it. (It is unable to be fixed using automated processes – which would normally be how we fix these kinds of sound problems).

In total, the combined length of both assistance groups is over 60 hours. To continue to sit and edit at this pace each day, knowing just how much there still remains to do, requires extreme humility. Jesus never fails to blow me away.

So, Jesus and I have spent a lot of time over the past 8 months looking like this….

Additionally, in order to prevent the same sound recording problems ever occurring again, Jesus has invested a lot of time since our return researching and trialing the best options for a full upgrade of all Divine Truth audio production equipment. This was something that he knew would have to occur soon and the issues at the Assistance Group highlighted that we needed to do it before we give any more public presentations. The upgrade is costing around close to 100 000 AUD.

Looking After Ourselves

Because of all of the problems with the Assistance Group recordings, the reduced Production Team (just Jesus and I) , the large backlog of unedited audio/video (over 100 hours), and our ongoing desire to share this material with the world, Jesus and I have spent a lot of time over the past 8 months editing Divine Truth productions.

In addition to that, the God’s Way Ltd organisation still requires a lot of mentorship from Jesus. And I remain a director of the company. So most “breaks” from editing tasks have been spent designing, planning, managing and participating in God’s Way Ltd projects.

However both Jesus and I are mindful of our need to love ourselves, pursue our soul’s passions, focus on our personal progression and on enjoyment of life and each other. We are still making time for these things as much as possible.

As the Assistance Group material still needs to be completed, we will continue to need to spend a lot of time editing. However we are looking at ways that we can build breaks with each other into this time. And, while God’s Way Ltd projects often involve management and planning, we do enjoy these. So we continue to get outdoors working on them as much as possible.

We have both also started to build movement and exercize breaks into our editing days – otherwise we end up with RSI and stiff muscles!

Once these large editing tasks are complete and our new audio equipment is set up, Jesus and I hope to do more of the other things that we love such as meeting with people in person and creating new teaching material. While we are editing old material we can’t create any new presentations despite having so many ideas and inspirations for them.

Thank you

Finally. Jesus and I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to those who continue to support our work.

As of today, it is over a year since we published any new content on our website and YouTube channels and while I know that there is a great deal of material already there from which people can benefit, I am often overwhelmed by the generosity of those of you who still donate to us during our seemingly ‘quiet’ times. We are never truly idle but in this modern world in which everyone is so accustomed to receiving 24 hour news cycles and social media feeds that are updated daily, if not hourly, it is lovely that so many of you still value the message of Divine Truth rather than the constant distraction of ‘something new’.

Thank you to all of you who donate to us. There are so many of you now that we have not ever met and I hope that soon we can begin to do more regular traveling again and put some faces to names. The design of our new sound system should facilitate easier traveling.

But regardless, we are extremely grateful to each of you who donate to us, those we know and those we have never met. Thank you for valuing our dream that everyone on Earth at least has the chance to hear the Truth about God, the spirit world and the human soul. This information provides an opportunity for people to understand the power and gift of their free will choices. We use every donation we receive to further that aim. We aren’t invested in what people choose to do with the information we share but we would like everyone on Earth to at least have the opportunity to learn about it for free if this is what they desire to do.

I will try to do more regular updates from now but given our workload it is sometimes impossible.

Until next time, with our love,

Jesus & Mary

He Is Come

Then, there is love
And the taste of life
like wild honey on my tongue
Sweet, fragrant and intense,
An exotic, unnamed song

Untested, bold horizons
begin to clap against my eyes
Enchanted sunlit gardens
Dawning, dappled skies

A world revealed, existing
alongside human misery and shame,
Eternal, always offered
should we just release all pain

The promise of our future
is greater than most dream
But first the fury and the famine,
all misery and greed
must be felt and healed forever
– the truth with new eyes seen

To embrace all forms of suffering,
to seek and change the cause,
Is the journey of the prophet
which he walks, stumbles,
or yet, crawls

In spite of opposition,
attack and rage-filled hate
Never wavering direction
He is assured of what awaits

Proof of God’s Munificence
to change all stone to flesh
He calls to all who suffer
I have journeyed through this tempest
I come to guide you to your rest

To champion both truth and love
and never shy away
This, the invitation to embrace
if we are to soar in full potential,
of our blessed, beloved race

He never covers over Truth
Instead seeks It with a fervour
In strong, untroubled voice he speaks
That It be known forever

A messenger coming now
to awaken us from slumber
Gentle, caring, humble
He has come to lead us yonder

He shows us how to reach this place
of beauty, truth and bliss
Beyond the jungle of our suffering
lies the life of spirit,
which even now, exists.

Mary Luck
28 December, 2018

John 16:8

Developing My Loving Self Assistance Group Now on YouTube

‘Developing My Loving Self’ 2.1 & 2.2, both sessions of our second group in the ‘Education in Love’ Assistance Group series, are now available for viewing on YouTube.

If you are watching these for the first time, or if you are reviewing them after your own attendance at one of the groups, my tip for gaining a well-rounded take on the concepts involved is to view the individual presentations from group 1 & 2 together.

That is, after watching the first talk in group 2.1, proceed to watching the first talk (of the same name) in 2.2.  Then move onto the second talk in 2.1. When you watch the second talk in 2.1, you can follow that with the second talk in 2.2, and so on for the entire programme.

Each group’s questions and interactions with Jesus really bring out different elements in the theme of each presentation. This allows the viewer to more fully grasp the foundation material before hearing about its application in other areas.

Here are links to the group playlists:

Education In Love Group 2.1 – Developing My Loving Self Playlist


And if you are needing inspiration to launch into watching this material, here is an individual presentation from group 2.1 that is powerful on its own.

Jesus Quotes: Humility & God’s Love

“Our Father provides the substance, or mechanism for us to know him, which is Divine Love, but for us to receive that Love we must truly and sincerely have a burning desire to know Him and love Him.

If we truly have this desire, then as a result, we will truly have a desire to take responsibility for and feel and experience all of our personal emotions, desires, aspirations, passions even if we feel bad about them.”


Living In Fear & the Freedom to Choose Differently

The sad truth is that the entire world’s population lives in fear in some or all aspects of their lives.

Some of us acknowledge some of our fears some of the time. But seeing our fear doesn’t mean that we deal with it healthily. In fact, most of us feel justified in our fears and demand, be it covertly or overtly, that our environment and the people in our lives make allowances for our fear driven limitations.

Then there are those of us who live in complete denial of large amounts of fear about any number of things at any given time. Denial is a perceived sanctuary and many people reinforce the barricades of the castle and pull up the drawbridge over which truth may have passed. Routines and addictions mask any sensation of fear, numbness becomes the norm, and even though the supposed ‘sanctuary’ can feel cold and damp at times, the real issue of fear is never mentioned and life is branded as normal.

We deny or diminish what scares us because in our souls we are actively resisting and suppressing the sensation of fear. This is how we choose to use our will.

And to aid us in the quest for avoidance we choose and create addictions, and attract relationships to help us navigate our days and unless we are sensitive or aware we rarely notice that the way we are, the way we do, the way we be is less about our real self and more about the escape from fear.

This willingness to live in fear is an affliction that inhibits growth on a global scale. It removes us from our true selves, it creates illness and suffering, it limits joy and discovery. And yet, I notice that most of us, when faced with this simple truth, wish to deny responsibility for our choice in this matter. We might acknowledge the affliction but want no part of the cure.

We resist the truth that living in fear and its multitude of negative consequences has come about through the exercise of our own free will.

What Does It Mean “Living in Fear”?

Living in fear or living by fear is very different to feeling our fears.

living in fear

Living in fear means that we allow the fear within us to guide and dictate our actions, our interests, our relationships, our work, our pleasure, the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the programme we watch on TV.

Every action, inaction, decision and indecision is made with the direct purpose of preventing the experience of fear. In other words, we are constantly responding to fear rather than simply allowing ourselves to experience it as a feeling. Fear becomes our evil task master – literally.

It is very difficult to know and discover our true selves when we live in fear since in this state our desires are limited to things that do not trigger fear. What we commonly associate with the sensation of ‘happiness’ is actually a lot more to do with a sense of relief at avoiding fear and having addictions met than any pure experience.

The truth is that as we suppress fear we simultaneously strangle desire and most of us, most of the time, prize the avoidance of fear above the exploration of our wildest dreams and deepest passions. We rarely pause to consider what we would be interested in or inspired by if fear was not a daily part of life.

And while living in fear can come to feel routine and normal it actually requires a great deal of vigilance, effort and control. Whether we realise it or not, when we live in fear all our systems are alert and geared towards its prevention. We walk through life sapped of our vitality and never experience our full potentials for energy and creativity.

Living in fear ages us and limits us. But even more than that, because we honour its prevention above anything else, fear becomes our God, our ruler, the dictator who drives our decisions and assessments. In this state, we are apt to abandon morality and ethics and even rational thought if it means that we can allay fear. In other words, unless we are willing to be humble to the feeling of fear we will become horrible, unloving people when fear is triggered.

Living in fear damages not only ourselves but the world and the people around us. It is the reason we stand idly by when bad things happen. It means we bow to the threats of people who are clearly unloving, thus lowering our own condition and the potentials for love in the immediate environment.

The nursing and retaining of fear is one of the major causes of all evil and unloving behaviour in the world.

Living in fear keeps us silent and inactive when love would compel us to speak and to act.

Living in fear means we begin to prefer error to truth.

While we justify not feeling fear we are automatically going to be unloving and contribute to the evil in the world in our daily activities and through our interactions with others.

There is always a choice between humility to fear and the resistance to and suppression of it. And each time we choose suppression and resistance we employ means, methods and emotions that are out of harmony with love to do it. We purposefully choose to use our will to NOT love, to NOT be ethical, to NOT be truthful, to NOT be moral, and each time we do this we are seeding evil on this planet.

Unfortunately we do this everyday.

And when we commiserate with fear and make allowances for the fear in others we only continue to foster conditions that lead to more evil and suffering.


Signs We Are Living In Fear

  • We structure our lives to avoid situations that challenge us physically, emotionally or spiritually
  • We avoid situations and people that challenge our belief systems
  • We feel disconnected from our personality
  • We feel tired often
  • We get angry when challenged or things change unexpectedly
  • We are controlling of people or our environment
  • We lament our ‘inability’ to do things, to create, or to feel our feelings
  • We sense fear and get angry or we sense fear and go rigid or freeze
  • We suppress our desires. We might say things like “I don’t know what my passions are”, “I’m not sure what I truly desire or want from life”.
  • We discuss our fears frequently
  • We expect others to make allowances for our fears
  • We justify unloving behaviour due to our ‘special circumstances’ when we become afraid
  • We have difficulty making decisions. We procrastinate. We deny the need for action in our lives, we resist change.
  • We make jokes about our fears or the fears of others. We make fun of people who display fear.
  • We obsess about how others view us or how people feel about us.
  • We judge people or situations often
  • We stay busy – we resist spending time with ourselves doing nothing
  • We can’t be ourselves in front of groups of people – instead we resort to façade or we freeze up
  • We use as many addictive behaviours as possible
  • We live in denial and resort to wishful thinking about our progress and personal development.
  • We seen reassurance often
  • We distract ourselves from our true fears by inventing ‘fears’ we feel we can manage (emotions of self-deception)

Note: There are many more signs that could be added to this list. These are just some examples.


Most of us are in denial of just how many things frighten and terrify us.

I used to exist largely oblivious of what frightened me. I just didn’t think about it, instead I acted to avoid it and I had addictions that helped me do that.

Coming out of denial can happen as we attract events that make it impossible to deny fear any longer, like say meeting your soulmate who is Jesus (smile).

Or we can take a more pro-active approach by examining our lives truthfully.

We can for example look for three key flags that point to our living in fear:

1. Avoidance

This includes physical avoidance of situations, people and events. It also refers to (perhaps) less obvious avoidances which include every attempt we make to minimise, justify and shift the blame in relation to our fear.

2. Attempts to control & manipulate

This includes control and manipulation of our environment, other people, our children, animals, and spirits. Any time at all that you have the desire to control or influence the will of another away from what they truly desire you are acting in fear rather than feeling it.

3. Anger

This includes any sense of frustration, annoyance or irritability all the way up to outright rage, verbal and physical violence.

Examine the situations, habits, events and relationships which you either avoid, attempt to control or that trigger your anger. In every case you will find that you are living in a fear.



Awareness – It’s Not Enough

We can live in fear and avoid all awareness of our feelings by meeting addictions and controlling our experience and environment. But even after gaining an awareness of our fears, we can continue to live in them if we carry on doing as they command.

We can be aware that we are afraid of certain things but if our physical and emotional choices are still motivated by the desire to prevent the actual confrontation of fear no soul change has occurred. We will continue to live in fear unless we begin to make choices to challenge the messages fear gives us.

I notice many people who say that they have decided to ‘feel their emotions’ are still basing their life choices on fear – which demonstrates that they are not yet challenging their fears. The scope of their lives, limited by fear’s dictate, does not expand and this is proof of living in fear.

Another way I notice many of us not shifting into releasing fear is that we begin to have a sensation of fear or anxiety, but then not let it overwhelm us completely.

Many people live in a constant state they call feeling afraid but are actually just living in fear.

In reality they have slight sense of the feeling, allow it for a little while, feel it’s ‘all too much’ or ‘that’s enough now’ and then do one of two things:

1. Act to suppress it by controlling external circumstances or people
e.g. changing the subject, distracting oneself with a chore or the internet, leaving a situation

2. Shut Down the emotional sensations of fear internally in an attempt to manage or control its expression and prevent overwhelm
e.g. becoming harsh and judgemental of the experience of fear, panicking, intellectually attempting to analyse what the fear is about

While we try to keep the feeling at bay like this we aren’t truly experiencing it and therefore fear won’t dissipate.

While it’s important to recognise the problem of fear and even write a fear list, don’t kid yourself that self-awareness means soul changes. Becoming more aware of our fears and deciding to ‘feel our emotions’ doesn’t mean that we have stopped living in fear.

Really Releasing Fear

First things first, these things are essential:
1. Stop kidding yourself that you are dealing with fears if your life and relationships remain the same
2. Notice how often and in what ways your actions, decisions and opinions are guided by fear

Then in order to change, start to do the opposite of what fear commands, seek ways to challenge fear and, surrender to the experience of the fear that comes as a result.

In order for fear to dissipate it must be experienced emotionally. There are no shortcuts.

Here are some words from my soul mate on this matter:

“I have had to process through a lot of fear myself. My fears were intense, and many times I thought that the effect of it would kill me. But I always felt relief after my experiences. I learnt that we need to do a number of things if we want to get through fear:

1. Always allow the experience of it.

2. Do not go ‘out of body’, do not go away from the experience, do not try to run away. Going ‘out of body’ only allows spirits to take over the body, and running away only increases the fear.

3. Deep breathe all of the time during the experience. Never stop breathing diaphragmatically. This assists you to stay in your body.

4. Have faith in God, and pray for God’s assistance to not only stay in your body, but also to help you go through the experience. Always pray from your heart.

I found that when I did these things, I always got through the fear, even though the pain was very intense, and lasted up to 4 hours at a time, and sometimes longer. Also, once I was through the experience, I allowed myself to sleep, and I looked after myself. Because I allowed the experience, the next experience was always shorter. If your next experience is not shorter, then you are doing one of the above things incorrectly.”runningaway

Understanding the Power of Choice

Fear when left unchallenged pervades our life.

By living in fear we are agreeing to the lie that we really do have things to be afraid of and that love is not the most powerful force in the Universe.

Sadly, the more we tell ourselves these falsehoods and live our lives according to them, the more fear grows.

By avoiding dealing with fear we are avoiding the potentials that love and truth can bring to our lives and to our planet.

Conversely, as soon as we stop living in fear, it will begin to loosen its hold on our lives. We begin to feel more freedom and joy. We make room for Truth.

As we begin to experience fear this liberates our true self and opens up our heart to desire and possibilities previously subdued.


To overcome fear I believe it is necessary for each of us to recognise the individual power for change that God has granted us through the gift of free will. We can harness that gift, and use our will to love.

In fact, it is only through the engagement of our will in opposition to the fear that we currently allow to govern our planet and our lives, that deep, true and lasting fulfilment becomes possible. And through this same use of will we cease supporting the fear in others, which actually assists them towards the possibility of personal fulfilment as well.

Fear fights for itself, it justifies inaction, and it makes us experts at excusing our lack of love. Unless we challenge fear and the hold we’ve given it over our lives, we have no hope of change.

Even the smallest choices made in fear send ripple effects that impact not only ourselves but our environment, our children and those people around us and carry on for longer and in more ways than we can currently conceive of. And each time we make these fear-based choices we reinforce fears commands, we live in the lie and we create more inertia to challenge and confront when we do finally decide to choose love.

We are exercising our will to make choices in relation to fear minute by minute, day by day. The cessation of life lived in fear does not depend on any external circumstance, event or person. It is in our hands alone and depends upon only one thing – the personal choice to cease listening to fear and instead to use our will in the direction of love, truth and ethics. Without making courageous choices that grow integrity to principles such as these, feeling emotions is not only useless but the emotions felt are not those which will heal us.

Yet when we are willing to be steadfast and humble as we challenge fear, emotions will begin to flow from us. Change will happen.

I encourage you to examine your choices- these precious expressions of will. They can be your catalyst for change and growth or simply a manifestation of excuses made to live in fear.

The Existence of Hell

“You have been reading a book which is not true for there are no hells as described in it, where mortals after passing into the spirit life have to undergo such sufferings and torments. There are no such places as described in the first part of the book. You need not believe that there are any such places of punishment for the evil spirits. God loves all His children too much to have them pass through such experiences as are in that book described.

 My observations of the condition of the wicked shows me that they must all suffer before they can be relieved from the burden of their sins, and have a place where happiness, even to a smallest degree, is obtained; but when they have become truly penitent and seek the saving Power and Love of God, they will always find it.”

Ann Rollins, 08 Jan 1915

Over the past six months, Jesus and I and others have been filming clips for the Frequently Asked Questions Channel.

I’m loving it.

Back in April we focused on questions from Christians. I am so grateful for these questions and the chance to participate in generating useful answers to them.

One FAQ I particularly enjoyed was about the existence of hell.

In fact I was enjoying the discussion so much, I actually forgot that I was supposed to be the interviewer and just generally joined in with chatting. So, I talk a lot more in this clip than I usually would!

If you’d like to check out more clips on the topic of the hells – here’s a link.

If you would like to read more Padgett Messages about the truth of conditions in the hells, and the possibility of all souls to move through them, see the links below:

19150108A Ann Rollins – Nature of the hells, closing of the Celestial Heavens

19161119A Paul – Hell what it is and what it is not Part 1

19161120A Paul – Hell what it is and what it is not Part 2

19161121A Paul – Hell what it is and what it is not Part 3

19161126A John – No-one will suffer in hell for all eternity

19161213B Elias – Discusses the concept of eternity in Hell

Solomon {The Great Experiment Series}

** this post has been updated

The Greatest Experiment

If the physical universe is striving towards order, could not it also be the case that the other parts of the universe, not seen by man, the spiritual and soul parts, the other dimensions proven by mathematics to exist, are also striving towards complete order and harmony, not just in a physical context, but also in a moral and spiritual context?

Would it not make sense that if we desire to know the truths about these things as yet unseen by the eyes of most people in the material world, our highest priority should be to find out how to go about contacting the Source of such things, the Creator of this universe?

To contact Him, all we need do is have a soul longing for His Love, and, if that longing is sincere and we have a desire to experience emotions, then our Father’s Love will flow into us, and we shall feel it. Finding God is simplicity itself, so simple in fact that the majority of mankind, mortals and spirits, overlook the only method we have of ever finding Divine Truth, which is made possible by two things; the sincere desire of a man to seek for and feel God and His Love (which we call Prayer), and the overwhelming Passion of God to give all His Children His Love, and have all of His Children come to know Him and experience the joy and happiness of Living in His Love.

This is the Greatest Experiment, and when any person tries it, the experiment often begins tentatively, but ends in complete certainty. God is Reality, and the Love and Truth that comes from Him is Real. When we try the Greatest Experiment, we at that time also begin to live in Reality.

So my brothers and sisters, live in Reality, in our Father’s Love, seek for it, and desire it above all else. Seek first His Love, and all the other things will be added to you.

Although the contents of this message may be well known to you, I hope that you have enjoyed a reconsideration of this information.

With love from your brother,


The text above is an excerpt from ‘The Greatest Experiment’, a document written by my gorgeous soulmate some years ago. If you would like to read it in full, click here.


Now without further ado, as promised in my previous post, here is the latest message in the Great Experiment Series:

A message from Solomon, received by James Padgett, 20th April, 1916

What is the greatest thing in all the world?

Prayer and faith on the part of mortals; and Love – the Divine Love – on the part of God. The latter is waiting, and the former causes it to enter into the souls of men.

No other truths are so great and momentous to men.

Let what I say sink deep into your memory, and try the experiment. I know you do try, but try and then try and never cease trying. Love will come to you and with It faith, and then knowledge and then ownership.

I could write for a long time, yet, but I must not as you are tired.

So with my love and blessings, I will say good-night, and may the Father’s Love take possession of you.

Your brother in Christ,


We discuss this message and the prayer for Divine Love in the clips below:

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On Sharing the Wonderful {The Great Experiment Series}

solomon sky

I’ve often jokingly said to others that I’m the poster girl for ‘What not to do’ on the quest for Divine Love.

I certainly lived in rebellion for a long time after I met AJ again, and I’ve made more than my fair share of mistakes along the way. Most of these I’ve spoken about publicly, at seminars and on video recordings. I’ve never been proud of my troubles and unlovingness, but I’ve always felt passionately that, if my sharing could help someone else avoid the mistakes I’d made, then I wanted to speak up about it.

I’ve told most of you my deepest shames and biggest errors. It hasn’t always been easy but my feeling that it was important pulled me through.

That is why lately, I’ve felt strange and somewhat mystified as I’ve sat to write about my personal experiences with the Great Experiment. I find myself shaky, and emotional, and at a loss for words.

Its strange because this time – the news is all good.

God is showing me so many things through prayer.

……  I …..

There I go again, all teary and lost for adjectives to tell you how amazing this journey is turning out to be.

At first I thought my troubles with writing were because I don’t think its quite possible to put the power and beauty of God into words. Which is of course true.

But that didn’t really explain the difficulty, since the things I want to share are not so much about God but the personal changes I’ve experienced though engaging the Great Experiment in its simplicity and with sincerity.

So I’ve been praying about the problem and have come to the following, humbling recognitions:

I’m embarrassed by my hope, my faith and my passion for God.

I’ve found a deep well of judgement bearing down on the childlike feelings in my heart for God and His Love. So much so that it seems to have the power to stop some words dead in my mouth, or on a keyboard.

Basically, I’m so passionate about the beauty and possibility that a relationship with God offers every single one of us that I’m afraid of being judged as childish and naive. So I skip ahead and judge myself.

The thought of sounding all sweetness, light and no substance, also bothers me.

This realisation led me to immediately pray the fervent prayer:

‘Please never let me explain things in terms that people can’t understand, in airy fairy language or using vague sentiments. Let me always be real, and clear and practical.’

No sooner had I prayed my desperate prayer, than I remembered about a zillion times when, through a lack of confidence or in a state of nervousness (read: sheer terror) or simply because I just didn’t get the lesson at hand myself, I’ve done exactly that. That is, I’ve been vague, spoken in half sentences and danced around the truth with the wistful hope that people will read between the lines and miraculously extrapolate what I mean.

Not to mention the times when I’ve been all caught up in what I like to call my ‘poetry of pain’ injury. The poetry out of pain injury is somewhat embarrassing to me, and has its roots far, far back in my family line. It looks a lot like ‘valiantly suffering for a cause’ and/ or ‘living in the drama of the hardship’ rather than just having a good old-fashioned cry about it and moving on. It’s about romanticizing sadness and metaphorically making very bad Shakespearean ‘poetry’ out of the pain. At those times I’ve actually displayed the path and the truth about emotions just completely wrong.

So bummer for me (and you who tried to understand what on earth I was on about at those times). I’m trying to mend my ways.

But most of all I’ve found that I’m afraid of people trying to punish me for my joy.

Holy Toledo, did that one come out of left field. Definitely an emotion that deserves some more attention from me. As yet, its still very raw and mysterious.

I tell you – this Great Experiment is the gift that keeps on giving. Engaging it and then attempting to tell you about it, has opened me up to so many emotions.

I’m learning awesome things, and I’m receiving Divine Love.

For the first time in five years I feel at peace with my life.

(There you go – I got some of that out).

Anyway, the real reason I’m writing today is to introduce to you the next in our series of discussions of Padgett Messages that fits into our Great Experiment series.

The message we discuss is from Solomon, and its my favourite. In fact, I was so moved by this message and our discussion that we had to stop tape twice so that I could go and have a sob in Lena & Igor’s loo. Seriously.

However, since I seem to have prattled on so much about my own injured stuff in this post, and I don’t want to mar the beautiful tone of the actual message and video discussion, I’ve decided to post the video links in a separate post.

I know that might seem crazy but Solomon needs his own space.

Check out his simple yet awesome message, in full, in the next post.