Developing My Loving Self Assistance Group Now on YouTube

‘Developing My Loving Self’ 2.1 & 2.2, both sessions of our second group in the ‘Education in Love’ Assistance Group series, are now available for viewing on YouTube.

If you are watching these for the first time, or if you are reviewing them after your own attendance at one of the groups, my tip for gaining a well-rounded take on the concepts involved is to view the individual presentations from group 1 & 2 together.

That is, after watching the first talk in group 2.1, proceed to watching the first talk (of the same name) in 2.2.  Then move onto the second talk in 2.1. When you watch the second talk in 2.1, you can follow that with the second talk in 2.2, and so on for the entire programme.

Each group’s questions and interactions with Jesus really bring out different elements in the theme of each presentation. This allows the viewer to more fully grasp the foundation material before hearing about its application in other areas.

Here are links to the group playlists:

Education In Love Group 2.1 – Developing My Loving Self Playlist


And if you are needing inspiration to launch into watching this material, here is an individual presentation from group 2.1 that is powerful on its own.

2 thoughts on “Developing My Loving Self Assistance Group Now on YouTube

  1. Alex Morgan

    Do you take B-12 supplements? Veganism is impossible without taking a B-12 vitamin. B-12 is essential for life and cognitive function and it cannot be found in a plant based diet. I have never understood why AJ continues to claim that he was a vegan in the first century this is absolutely impossible.I’m not saying that modern man should not choose veganism I’m just saying that it was not even a possibility in the first century.Please help me to understand this.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hi Alex,
      Actually Vit B12 comes from the soil. That is where animals get it from. So in the first century it was very easy to receive enough B12 just from eating a plant based vegan diet.

      It is only now that our food sources have become overly sanitized and our soil quality is largely depleted that it is difficult (though I still don’t think impossible) to receive enough B12 being a vegan.

      I hope this helps your understanding. Being vegan is loving on so many levels – for the environment, for our personal health, for the welfare of people all over the world.

      Best wishes,

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