New Event Possibilities

We have been back from our USA trip for a little over a week and its great to be back in our bush home, enjoying the abundant sunshine and waking with the birds. I really found our trip in the United States to be personally beneficial and arrived home enthused to deal with loads of emotions and grow, grow, grow towards God.

Since then, I’ve already hit a few brick walls, and also lots of grief, so I’ll keep aiming myself in the right direction and see how things go.

P1050430In 2014 Jesus and I have decided to open ourselves up to some new possibilities for sharing Divine Truth. Some of those I’m writing to tell you about today.

If you click over to the ‘Events’ Tab you’ll find some new pages where you can register your interest to attend a group gathering or ‘Truth Retreat’ in the USA, Europe or Australia in 2014. The details about the format are outlined over there, as well as the method to register your interest.

I’m pretty excited about the potentials of these events if people engage with them sincerely. Of course, as with all things that we do, these events will only go ahead if enough people are interested in attending.

I so enjoyed meeting up with many of you in the United States – thank-you for being very supportive and kind audiences in the times when I chose to get up and say a few words.

Grand Canyon

2 thoughts on “New Event Possibilities

  1. marinasmartstudio

    Love u guys so much.

    It was a pleasure and a true joy to have you come again to the US. You two are my constant inspirations and your love truly aids in acknowledging my lack of faith, and alternatively, you always give me hope.

    Nick and I loved everything you and Jesus had to say.

    Thank you again for everything.


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