Care to Gather in the Spirit of Growth?

*** This post has been updated to include information on Children

In my last post I let you know about a new event format that we plan to try out in 2014. We started calling them Truth Retreats but ditched the name Retreat cause lets face it, it doesn’t really suit us, does it?

I can now confirm that we are now in the planning stages for three ‘Assistance Groups’ in 2014, with the event in Australia now almost reaching its limit for registrations.

If you aren’t quite sure what we are on about and want to know more, I’ve compiled the  information that follows.

Assistance Groups are for you if you:

–          Have the goal to grow in love

–          Have the goal to hear more truth

–          Have a desire to be humble

–          Have a desire to grow in faith

–          Have a desire to exercise your will in harmony with God’s Laws

–          Have a sincere desire to grow God’s Way

–          Wish to receive feedback on issues that are effecting your relationship with God, such as personal addictions, injuries in love and areas where you are lacking ethics

–          Desire to take personal responsibility for your emotions, personal needs, and relationship with God

 Assistance Groups are not for you if you:

–          Haven’t yet made up your mind about the Divine Truth.

There are many hours on our youtube channels that can be viewed for free and should help you make up your mind about our character’s and whether or not you wish to pursue seeking God’s Truth as we teach it more seriously.

–          Want to ‘join’ a group.

Jesus and Mary do not lead a cult, nor any groups, in any form or on any regular basis. They encourage all people they meet to live “in the world” but to be loving, truthful and humble while being with others.

–          Want to avoid lonely, fearful or painful emotions by being with others

–          Want to experience “praying” together or “processing” together

Neither of these things are pure from God’s perspective. Jesus and Mary do not pray with others, nor do they meet with groups in order to process emotions together.

–          Want the chance to dominate Jesus and Mary with personal questions and demands.

Jesus and Mary will quickly reject demands as unloving, and will attempt to correct people who wish to dominate their personal time with expectations.

–          Feel it’s acceptable to demand services from staff at the event venue.

Projecting rage or demands at members of the venue staff is highly unloving. Jesus and Mary will recommend that any person who is unloving with staff without correcting such behaviour will be asked to no longer participate in group activities.

In summary, assistance groups are for those who have a sincere desire to learn how to love God’s Way.

What will happen:

Each group will be held at a venue purpose-built for camps or retreats and will run for eight full days and nine nights. Participants will arrive on a Friday evening and leave on a Sunday morning.

There is likely to be a daily schedule of events which will include:

  •   A number of seminar series. Each will be on a single theme or subject and will follow a progression throughout the eight days.
  •   Mediumship
  •   The possibly of karaoke and sing-a-longs
  •   Various other opportunities for facing fear and having fun

We will also ensure that there will be time allowed for personal reflection and experience of emotions.

Jesus, Mary and Cornelius will be the primary presenters throughout the group. Any presentation will have been developed by, or approved of, by one of these three people.

What I love about planning these groups is that we are able to give participants the opportunity to deepen their understanding of Divine Truth principles in practice. To that end we are likely to suggest personal reflection time and activities after sessions, and to use examples from situations right on hand to explain certain principles.

There will also be the likelihood of spending some informal time with Jesus, Mary, and Cornelius and the chance to receive personal feedback in a group setting . If you do not wish to receive personal feedback in a group setting you need only say and they will cease giving it, however in their personal interactions with you they will always be truthful. If you personally engage Jesus, Mary or Cornelius you must expect some feedback, since they will always give feedback to people who personally engage them.

The three presenters do assume that by attending the gathering you have desire for such feedback, as receiving personal truth is one of the most helpful gifts in growing towards God.

As many of you know this is the experience I have lived with Jesus – in both centuries – and I know of no more effective or beautiful way to progress than to be in the company of someone who loves me, and is willing to be direct and honest, in every moment. This has changed my life again and again.

One of my huge desires for 2014 is to ‘pay forward’ the time, generosity, lessons and love that has been given me, and that I continue to receive, from my soulmate. So this involves me sharing my lessons and being direct and honest with others.

We, Jesus and Mary generally video and record every interaction with groups, and most of these interactions are placed in the public domain. So if you wish to attend a group where anyone at the event is speaking, please expect to be recorded, filmed, and have this material placed on the internet for others to view for free.

What will not happen:

Please keep in mind that Assistance Groups are not about feeling emotions as a group, or about having individuals coach you into emotions.

Things for which we offer no guarantee:

  • Your personal growth

Your capacity to grow throughout the event will depend entirely on your desire and your humility. These things are directly under your control, and there is nothing that we can magically do to ensure that you progress in your relationship with God.

In fact, the level of truth and love experienced by those who come will depend completely upon what they want to experience. There is an opportunity to hear truth, but experiencing truth and love depends on personal humility. The group bearing personal rewards depends upon the same thing.

  • Personal time and personal feedback with Jesus, Mary or Cornelius

Please recognise that by paying to attend the group, you are not paying Jesus and Mary for a service or for their time. A percentage of your attendance fee with be used to cover the expenses of the presenters and support team to travel to the venue and stay there. No money for the group is going to Jesus, Mary, Cornelius or any other presenter personally unless you decide to donate to them (a donation box will be available).


There will be no special programme or arrangements for children attending. They will remain under the care and responsibility of their parents at all times.

Kids will be welcome to attend every presentation or activity held. This not only gives them the opportunity to have some fun through taking part in things like karaoke, but can also give you, the parent, valuable insights into what emotions you are suppressing (and therefore are being reflected to you by your children), and to receive feedback on your parent-child relationship dynamics.

There will be a fee for each child attending to cover catering and accommodation costs.

On a final note, I am super excited about the possibilities for growth for everyone who chooses humility at the event (myself included).

Also, ‘Assistance Groups’ are something we are choosing to do in 2014. But, as you likely know by now, our lives are full of experiments (it is the best way to learn). So we simply don’t know if we’ll be repeating these kinds of events in the future.

If you haven’t yet registered your interest but think that you would like to attend please see the relevant page for more details on how to get that done.




There should be new and definite details appearing on each of these pages in the coming weeks.


10 thoughts on “Care to Gather in the Spirit of Growth?

  1. Teresa

    I’m more than a little bit excited here Mary! 🙂 This sounds awesome, and I just hope (and pray, and am focussing working on) that I will be in a humble enough state to make my time spent there worthwhile – it’s sort of an incentive in a way. I shall see where I go with this before then!
    Thank you for your presence and for creating all these wonderful opportunities! You guys really are a prayer come true for me, and I am grateful to God for that.

  2. Mike

    Leah and I are planning on joining in the Fall. We’re looking forward to it! Our best to you, AJ and the rest of the crew. Cheers!

  3. Sarah Larsen

    Hi Mary, This sounds incredible and life changing. Are there any places left for the Australian Assistance Gathering? Are there any confirmed dates yet.? If so , may I join you ? I hope I can be humble enough. Thank you , Sarah

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