Understanding God’s Loving Laws

We have just completed the presentation outlines for our next Assistance Group ‘Understanding God’s Loving Laws’.

Jesus has spent over 500 hours preparing this material and I am so impressed with what he has accomplished.

Even if you are not attending the group these outlines are amazing stand-alone content.

They are my recommend reading for anyone wanting to better their understanding of how the Universe works and to deepen their appreciation of what God has done for each of us.

If you wish to download all the outlines for your private reading they are available from the website in a handy zip file.  Or you can visit our  What’s New Page for more information.

If you would like to attend this Assistance Group and haven’t yet registered there are still a very limited number of spaces available in the first group. You can register here.


4 thoughts on “Understanding God’s Loving Laws

  1. Diana

    Thanks so much Jesus and Mary for your love and time which has gone into creating these documents and preparing them for us in this way. The zip file makes it very easy to download, and I noticed there’s a File Name List as well, which is also helpful.

    I’m excited about attending and learning about God’s Laws and how I can apply their help in my life, and grow to appreciate them for the the gits that they are. I understand so little about them despite my years of listening and reading …

    with love

  2. Dennis mcMahon

    Looking forward to learning more. I can’t thank the both of you enough for what you are doing for all of us. I love you both and thank you again.

  3. Graeme Bates

    Dear Mary and Jesus,

    Unfortunately Christiana and Graeme will not be able to attend “Understanding God’s Loving Laws”. I have sent a message to Eventbrite and cancelled our two tickets. I sincerely hope that our tickets will be allocated to two other people who are on the waiting list for the Second Group in November. And thank you to Jesus and yourself for the notes which I have downloaded. The time and dedication you have given so freely to help us progress along “The Way” is deeply appreciated. Lovingly, Graeme.

    P.S. I will also contact the Ivory Palms Resort and cancel our reservation for the three room apartment overlooking one of the water lily ponds. This will also free up wonderful accommodation for people wishing to attend the second group.

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