The Big Year: January Newsletter

It has been a while since our last update and so as usual I have a lot of information to share.

Here is a list of topics I’ve covered (clicking on each title will jump you to that section within the post):

Thank you
Assistance Groups
Recent Divine Truth Training Programme
Volunteer Induction Programme
Other Divine Truth Projects
God’s Way
Changes to Production Team
Personal Work

Of special note for those wishing to attend any of our future assistance groups are the changes to scheduling for these groups (see below for details).

The Big Year

2016 was a big year for both Jesus and I.

Running three assistance groups in one year was an incredible feat that was largely created, managed, directed, presented, produced and output by Jesus alone. He had some help along the way but the lions share of what was done was done by him. I personally want to thank and congratulate him on the immense gift he has given in sharing this content.  For the early part of the year I made it my daily business to study what was presented in the first two groups and it assisted me greatly.


2016 for me was all about making my own developing my number one priority and through that process I encountered and learned quite a lot about valuing my emotions (no matter what they are) and developing compassion for my injured self. These things assisted me to become more self responsible (something you can learn lots about in the “Understanding God’s Loving Laws” Assistance Group material) and enhanced my personal happiness. This was all essential work that I needed to do and I am immensely grateful to Jesus for doing all the extra things that needed to be done in my absence.


For Jesus this has been a tiring year which is why we have made some changes to our schedule for Assistance Groups, which you can read about below.  2017 is a year for him to take a rest from what has been an intense work schedule the past 16 months and to focus on his progression again. We are both aware of how important our personal progression is in furthering the understanding of Divine Truth on earth.

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who has made an individual donation to us over the past few months and to those who continue in their regular monthly and weekly donations. Even though you haven’t seen much in terms of new content via the internet these past three months, as you will read below, we have been quite busy. We are using your contributions to not only create Divine Truth material but also to implement ways and better systems to assist in the delivery of truth with the world.


As I often say, I feel we are only stewards of the monies that you donate. These funds are in our hands for a short time and we are placed in charge of making the best use of what you give us so that it can be best used to serve others in the world who want to grow in love toward their Heavenly Father and Mother.


Assistance Groups

“Understanding God’s Loving Laws”

The “Understanding God’s Loving Laws” assistance group is now on the website and YouTube.

This group was great fun to be a part of. In total 130 people participated. Our venue and the weather were lovely and Lena and Igor offered their own personal gift of a group BBQ on one of the Rest & Reflection days during the programme.

I believe that the material covered speaks for itself in terms of its importance and significance for people individually and for the world collectively. I hope that you find it as exceptional and inspiring as I do.




Lena & Igor do BBQ

Lena & Igor do BBQ

In this group, we implemented some new procedures for how we run the groups and manage participation. This included a new system for asking questions which turned out to be very effective. Participants preparing questions prior to each session meant that we covered some excellent topics in every Q&A session that was recorded and little time was wasted in addictive exchanges from the audience. We will further enhance these methods for questions in future groups to streamline the process even more.



We made some decisions about tolerance of unloving attitudes in those who register and attend our groups and decided to act (rather than continue to speak) regarding these issues. We have raised these issues many times before, but most people keep on ignoring what we are saying to them, and this is why we will in future be enforcing love and truth through our actions rather than by just speaking about the issues.

These decisions made before the second November 2016 group meant that we began to remove some participants from the second group. This was due to long standing resistance in each of these participants to specific injuries they have either towards Jesus and I as presenters or towards other members of the group.

Each person who was removed had been previously made aware of their harmful attitudes and emotions on many occasions by Jesus or I but was continuing to resist and justify their unloving condition. This meant that they were having a damaging effect on the group and so were asked to leave. Jesus and I both feel that these actions on our part were a positive step towards ensuring a higher level of love is maintained at our events.

Only one person who was removed demonstrated an immediate attitude change and some repentance for their behaviour, and they we allowed immediately back to the group as a result.


There were also a number of people who made very late cancellations of their bookings for this group without providing any reason. As late cancellations prevent the possibility for other people to have attended (and because we had previously advised registrants of the issue of love involved) we have banned these people from attendance at any of the future Assistance Groups in the “Education in Love” series. These people have demonstrated that they cannot be relied upon to be responsible about their booking and we have no desire to see their behaviour repeated.

There were one or two people who did have genuine issues that prevented their attendance (not just a lack of regard for their responsibility in holding a ticket) and these people were not prevented from attending future groups. We have enforced this new principle only for people who have displayed a lack of consideration for how their late bookings affect others and have chosen to be irresponsible with how they manage their planning and booking for our events.


We feel that often, because our events are free, people do not demonstrate even the smallest amount of regard for our own time and effort in preparation, or regard for other people who wish to attend the groups. Many people are ignoring our request to fully prepare by completing the pre-requisites for the events, and if they wish to cancel their seat at the event, they do not do so in the manner we have requested.

This demonstrates that these people are not interested in practicing what we are teaching, which includes demonstrating love for others. If a person cannot demonstrate love to another person who is giving their time for free, then it is highly unlikely they have a sincere desire to grow in love.

In future if we believe an attendee has any unloving attitudes regarding these matters, we will be preventing those attendees from either attending our events, or will remove them from our events if they have arrived at an event.

Our Thanks

Jesus and I would like to thank to our helper team during the group. These people were; Lena, Igor, Kelly, Cornelius, and Eloisa.

Set-up Begins

Set-up Begins

Thank you guys. Your efforts helped to ensure that things ran smoothly and we know that you gave a lot of your personal time to the event.

Thanks also to Bruce who transported some of our equipment to and from the venue.

Set-up and Testing

Set-up and Testing

We’d also like to give a special thank-you to Lena. Lena has worked incredibly hard this year, at times while when she was also dealing with stressful personal, emotional issues. She has always been diligent, thorough, helpful and pleasant to work with. Thank you Lena, we really appreciate you. We know that when we put something in your hands you will do it to the best of your ability, while also considering those who will come along after you and have jobs that are dependent upon you.


Set-up takes work


Eloisa & Kelly


Cornelius on Cam

Details about the Material Now Available

The “Understanding God’s Loving Laws” video, audio, outlines and PowerPoint are available via our website. For anyone wishing to have an offline copy of this data, please follow the directions on the download  or gifts pages of the website.

We are happy to receive hard disks and copy the new material for people. Please make sure you supply us with the correct information and large enough disk. These specifications can be found on the gifts page.

This new material is a gift from Jesus, Mary and Lena Shakhanov.

There are 66 new extended videos. Low resolution audio is available for download from our website. Video and high resolution audio is now available from the Divine Truth master synchronization server. All of the videos are also on YouTube.


There have been some new features added to the shared material that will assist you to access the information:

Outlines Package

The “Outlines” package for any group is a single PDF download file which contains all of the outlines for the group indicated in a single PDF file. All of the outlines have been edited by Jesus post production. They include the actual questions answered during each presentation with the timing and person asking the question listed.

Audio Package

The “Audio” package for any group is a single zipped download file which contains all of the audios for the group indicated in a single zip file. The single zip file contains many mp3 audio files which must be unzipped in order to be played.

Document Package

The “Document” package for any group is a single zipped download file which contains all of the individual outlines and presentations (Powerpoint 2016) for the group indicated in a single zip file. The single zip file contains many pdf and pptx files which must be unzipped in order to be accessed.

Many people will find it easier to download these packages rather than downloading the individual files from our website. These download packages are available from the Assistant Group Event Downloads page, or can be selected from a list on the What’s New page of the website for any new group that is added. The packages are a gift from Jesus.


As with the videos in the “Developing My Loving Self” assistance group, these new videos all include chapter markers which can be used to navigate each video when it is viewed in QuickTime.

With the “Understanding God’s Loving Laws” videos we have also added the chapter markers into the description field while playing the video in YouTube. This enables the YouTube viewer to use these chapter timings to easily skip to particular sections in each of the presentations.


New Scheduling for “Education in Love” Assistance Groups

Because of the large work load involved in preparing, presenting, editing, producing and uploading our Assistance Groups, Jesus and I have decided to place plans for future groups on hold until Jesus has had a chance to rest.

It normally takes Jesus around 500 hours to prepare all of the documents, outlines, presentations and technology for a one month group course (2 groups at a time). Also, when he comes home from a group, he also spends another 400 hours immediately after each group finalizing the editing of the presentations, outlines, audio, chapter tags, video production, video compression, video upload to YouTube, website editing, and website upload, as well as maintaining backup copies of all of the data produced. Obviously the group presentations also take an additional one month of his time per group.

This has meant that he has spent over 2700 hours in preparation and post production on 2016 assistance groups in addition to the 3 months delivering almost all of the material. If you calculate this time, you can see that this means he has spent over 330 8 hour days since October 2015 until January 2017 preparing, delivering and post producing the assistance groups. Obviously this is in addition to all of his other regular jobs. He has had to work extremely long hours each day for the 16 month period to obtain the results.

All this work means that he needs a rest!

Those of you who have watched the previous Assistance Group presentations will know that we had already moved the groups initially scheduled for 2017 to 2018. We have now gone one step further and decided to only schedule the next group in the series until 6 months after the material for that group has been prepared.

This removes the “deadline” from our lives (in particular from Jesus’ life) and will mean that we can take our time to prepare material that we feel will be most beneficial to the world. Having the 6 month buffer between completion of the material preparation and the actual presentation has additional benefits including; allowing people wishing to attend the groups time to make plans, arrange their work life, make bookings and complete the group pre-requisites sufficiently. It also means that Jesus and I can be well rested before we deliver the material.


Jesus teaches by the pool on his day off

What this means for people wishing to attend our assistance groups:

All dates for assistance groups in the “Education in Love” series are now to be advised.

The dates listed on the EventBrite pages are tentative and used as a guideline only.

We now anticipate holding the “Understanding Sin & It’s Causes” group in November 2018 at the earliest. We may follow this with “Removing Sin & It’s Causes” in February and March of 2019 since we are writing the material for both groups at the same time.

Your current bookings

If you are currently registered for any of our future groups, these bookings will remain valid. You will have the chance to cancel the booking once we schedule the actual date if the new dates no longer suit you. We will confirm dates 6 months prior to commencing the group.

We are now maintaining waiting lists for each of the groups in the “‘Education in Love” series. This means that if we have a large amount of cancellations these spots can easily go to others who would like the opportunity to attend. However late cancellations (within a month prior to a confirmed event) will all still mean that these people will be banned from future events in the series for the obvious reason that if you are cancelling less than a month before the group begins, you obviously had little real intention to attend the group anyway, and are just taking a seat on the group because it is a free event.

Jesus and I feel that a person who wishes to be responsible for their lives and actions knows prior to one month before a week long event if they are realistically going to be able to attend. There are many logistical issues that a participant would need to arrange prior to one month before a week long event. Obviously if there are extreme circumstances that prevent attendance quite soon before the event, we understand this and would not take the same actions towards these people.


Recent Divine Truth Training Programme

In December and January, in addition to all of the normal production work required after the assistance groups in November 2016, Jesus and I coordinated a training programme for a group of people who have demonstrated over time that they have a sincere desire to assist in the work of sharing Divine Truth with the world.

This meant two exceptionally busy months for us after the November groups. Jesus and Lena in particular have managed and juggled a lot. Both were completing the extensive post production work necessary for “Understanding God’s Loving Laws” while simultaneously providing training post production training, and other training, to groups of people during the period.

This busy time has meant that Jesus has been working 7 day a week, mostly 12 hours a day for two months. (He usually begins work at 5am, and finishes normally around 5pm).

Participants in this training programme gained a lot of knowledge of how Jesus and Lena perform their jobs, what kind of knowledge and quality control is required, along with learning about other aspects involved in sharing Divine Truth.

The programme focussed on four main areas:

  1. Attitude Required to Share Divine Truth in Harmony with God’s Laws

It is really impossible to share Divine Truth unless Truth is presented by a person wishing to be humble and to share a gift in harmony with God’s Laws, and the person desires to be loving while they share God’s Truth.

So our training in this area involved presentations and one on one feedback discussing attitudes and emotions involved in giving gifts. We focussed on the various ways our injured emotional condition can interfere with serving others and creating material.


  1. Production of Divine Truth Materials

Lena and Jesus coordinated this training and were able teach a lot about various aspects of our current production process along with many of the technical and spiritual principles involved in the processes we use.

Participants learned about the equipment we currently use and had the opportunity to take part in practical exercises relating to video recording, editing and production, sound recording, editing and production, marker editing and production, equipment setup, pack-up and storage, and backup of data.

Some of our training group

Some of our training group

  1. Environment Regeneration

Jesus gave presentations about the impact that our unloving behaviours and attitudes have upon the environment and some of the principles involved in land regeneration.

This was followed by practical days in which participants need to work hard physically and had the chance to complete some physical aspects of land regeneration. They also were able to see some of the projects and experiments in progress on our property. We did this to prepare people for what knowledge and effort would be required for participation in a God’s Way Learning Centre.

  1. Introduction to Public Speaking

Jesus gave presentations about public speaking, and outlined to the participants the many aspects of good public speaking.

Participants then had the opportunity to prepare and present a short presentation, and to receive personal feedback on the aspects of presenting that they could improve upon. Learning about public speaking from Jesus is truly valuable. I also gave a short presentation of ways that addictions and unloving emotions can interfere with presenting material.

Courtney before her presentation

Courtney before her presentation

Programme Participants

Joining the programme were three international guests; Courtney from the USA, Nicky from England and David from Barbados. It was a pleasure to have them with us. In addition, we selected some people locally who have a passion for teaching and sharing Divine Truth in a loving and truthful manner. Each of these persons had previously demonstrated to us by their attitude that we could spend this time with them.

The triple treat from OS David, Courtney, Nicky

The triple treat from OS
David, Courtney, Nicky

We plan to continue to offer training to people who wish to volunteer to assist in the delivery of Divine Truth. In future we will be offering a volunteer induction programme for these people, with the details about these programmes being listed below.

New Volunteer Induction Programme

Jesus and I are currently designing a volunteer induction programme. It is now mandatory for any person wishing to volunteer their time for Divine Truth or God’s Way to complete this programme prior to joining any of the teams in either organisation. Very few people will complete the induction successfully on their first attempt.

Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins and I will implement the programme.


This programme will not focus participants on developing specialized practical skills required for each team. Rather it will offer participants the opportunity to participate in a number of different activities, receive personal feedback about emotional issues relating to love and service, and allow them the chance to work on these issues in their own time.

This is not a programme that will involve a lot of presenting of Divine Truth material in the “teaching” style you are used to at our public events. Rather the programme will focus on giving each participant the opportunity to act, take initiative, follow instructions and complete practical tasks.

This structure allows those involved in giving further instruction from either Divine Truth or God’s Way to see if each person who is volunteering;

  1.  truly has a sincere desire to serve
  2. has the correct attitudes of service
  3. has the correct understanding of Divine Truth principles
  4. has a strong desire to bring their life into harmony with God’s definition of love
  5. is desirous to correct any unloving behaviour and beliefs
  6. is able to be educated God’s Way
  7. is willing to perform any task, from cleaning toilets through to video production and presenting material to the public

In order to participate in this programme you must:

  1. have a sincere desire to assist in the work of sharing Divine Truth worldwide
  2. be available to attend and participate one day per week for a minimum of a three month period (in the Wilkesdale area)
  3. be desirous of feedback regarding your emotions and condition in love, especially in relation to your being of service to others
  4. be desirous and willing to work and on your emotions and condition in love in your own time throughout the duration of the programme
  5. be aware that you will be removed from the programme if certain conditions or requirements are not met

Final acceptance of participants into the programme will decided by Jesus and I and we may cease any person’s involvement at any time if we feel that they are not sincere in meeting these criteria. This means that while to complete the programme involves 12 days over a three month period, a person may be removed from the programme at any time regardless of whether they have travelled from another location or live locally.

If you would like to take part in this programme it is essential that you consider you desire to meet the criteria listed above. If you feel that you do then please register your interest on our Eventbrite page here. Please note that by registering your interest you are indicating your intention to uphold the criteria.

Other Divine Truth Projects

While all this has been going on, we, along with members of our current volunteer team, have been working on a number of additional projects.

E-Books & Self-Print Book Automation

Visual Basic code is currently being written to save large amounts of time during the transcription of video files into self-print documents. Once the automation of the production of e-book and self-print documents is complete, large amounts of volunteer time will be saved in the production of new material for printing, and a large number of self-print and e-book documents will be added to the current list.

Search Engine Database

An offline database is currently being designed to integrate into the static website (both the offline and online copies). This will enable key word searches of many thousands of documents on our site, along with all of the nearly 2,000 hours of videos as well. This is a very time consuming project, and we hope to have this project completed before the next assistance groups in 2018.


The transcription team volunteers are currently working on the transcriptions for all of the 2016 assistance group material. Most of these transcriptions will be added to the website in the coming months. Jesus & Mary would like to thank their volunteers and encourage you to donate to them if you are able to help them continue with their work.

Barb McNair who runs this team has also begun training another person in her role. Not only will this provide a back up person should Barb ever be unable to continue in her role, it also offers Barb the chance to have some assistance in managing quite a large team and the long list of talks that she currently does. It also creates the potential of possible expansion of this team into new areas and projects.

Fundamental Truths

Jesus and I are in the process of designing a “Fundamental Truths” series of videos which will provide a summary of God’s Fundamental Truths in a concise and easy to understand form. We hope to start recording some of these videos in the latter half of 2017. This information will be designed to provide all people listening, reading or watching Divine Truth material with clear, concise explanations of the fundamental truths that underpin God’s Way.

Assistance Group Q&A

Jesus and I will begin recording some studio sessions to answer questions related to the assistance group material that was presented in the three groups in 2016.

Due to our new system of collecting and answering questions during this last assistance group, we already have a long list questions to answer that relate to God’s Laws. However further questions about any of the three assistance groups already presented are always welcome. Please send questions to and label each email with the group and individual presentation that the questions relate to.

Spirit Discussions

Jesus and I still regularly communicate with people who used to live on earth, but who have now passed. Not all of these sessions are recorded, but those that are will be added to the website. Now that the post production work for the assistance groups and our short term Divine Truth training programme are both complete we hope to find some quiet time in the coming months to speak with spirits again. Please check the Spirit Discussions or the 2017 Downloads pages on our website for this new material.

Vimeo Videos

We’ve have decided to expand the avenues available for people to view Divine Truth video. So sometime in the future we will add all of our video material to Vimeo. This means that videos will then be available online both from Vimeo (add-free) and from YouTube. This is quite a process to undertake as it means loading over 1800 videos to a new account. I will let people know via the blog and our What’s New website page when this is finished.

God’s Way

Recently a group of people incorporated a new company “God’s Way”. This company has a very similar constitution to the previous God’s Way of Love organisation, and aims to work in the development, implementation and sharing of projects that demonstrate the potentials of God’s Way on earth. The directors of the company are Tristan Miller, Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins and Catherine Spence.

God's Way Directors

God’s Way Directors

Jesus and I were made founding members of this company and while we won’t be involved in day to day operations of God’s Way or hold any directorial positions we will be advisors and mentors for the directors. We also hold the power to veto decisions if we can see that the directors and/or direction of the company is in disharmony with God’s Way.

Changes to the Production Team

We have made some recent changes to our production team. Lena has been formally appointed as the leader of the production team (though she has effectively been in this role for some time now).


Igor has been removed from the team completely to give him time to deal with some long standing issues that have been effecting how he works with the team.

This means our production team now only consists of Jesus and Lena. They are both managing and undertaking an enormous amount of tasks. We are always open to new people joining the team, but these people must meet our pre requisites for consideration which include the successful completion of the volunteer induction programme.

Personal Work


I usually take the time at the end of each update to share a little of my personal progression and reflections since my last post. I’m feeling lately however that it is difficult to quantify or adequately describe my emotions and changes in words.

However, in summary I would say that 2016 was well spent by me personally. I really turned a lot of my definitions of what was “selfish” on their head – e.g. spending time solely on my own emotions – and found that valuing my emotions and giving myself enough the time and compassion I needed in order to experience myself created changes that turned out to exponentially change my ability to share myself, give to others and generally be a nicer person. Being “selfish” (by my old definition) made more giving. So it was absolutely worth it and I continue to view the time I have to spend on strengthening my desire to experience all of me, not only as a gift, but also time that benefits others as well as myself.

At the start of 2016 I had some courage to face more truth about where I was really at at that time. My desire to deal with long standing issues that were causing me pain was really called into question. I’m pleased to say that after many years of simply trying to “punish” myself out of that place and into action, or to punish Jesus instead of myself; I actually started to do some things differently. And the results were good.

Sometime during the year I scrawled something in my journal by a psychologist named David Schnarch. He said:

I think trite dictums like “People always do the best they can at the time” trivializes goodness by taking it for granted, minimizing how hard it is to do the best you can, and blinding us to the ugliness of those who frequently don’t.

At the time, these words seemed to capture exactly what I was reflecting upon and looking at within myself. When considering this update, I remembered the quote and leafed back through my journals to find it. I thought it was worth a share.

God knows that each of us can cope with being overwhelmed, with encountering and embracing immense change in a short period of time, and also that we are capable of more than we currently think. This past year I asked myself many times, and continue to ask myself, “how much am I limiting my experience by saying I can’t cope“?, or as Schnarch would put it, telling myself “I’m doing the best I can” when really there is much more that could be done by me.

And when I notice people really “doing their best” and not making excuses for their injured state or justifying a lack of loving action, I feel the immense gift they offer me and the world. Jesus inspires me in this way every single day. But sometimes there are others I see acting and experimenting and using all that they have to do good and I feel gratitude for them as well. I don’t take it for granted.

Truly doing our best takes courage and to me it deserves to be honoured. Making excuses and calling that “our best” on the other hand is selfish. It harms others and as well as ourselves.



Jesus simply needs time. In 2016 he has had no time to relax, take stock or feel anything deeply. Today he has completed the mammoth task of preparing, managing, delivering, producing, outputting and making public material and videos for three assistance groups in one year. I was just explaining to him my new policy that, instead of celebrating birthdays or other nominal and often meaningless holidays and season, I plan to implement new celebration times into our life.

For example when a person achieves a spiritual accomplishment, takes a new and significant action in harmony with love, or gives a gift of great value and importance (such as he just has). So this afternoon will involve a massage for him and perhaps a special pizza for dinner.


Until next time, with love,



21 thoughts on “The Big Year: January Newsletter

  1. Carol Marie

    Aloha and Mahalo Mary for the update and for so genuinely and generously sharing your own personal journey. I am happy to hear that Jesus will be taking the time he desires and needs to expand and evolve within his own personal journey… You both continue to be grounding examples for us all to become present with our own soul and its evolution toward living in harmony with God’s Laws in Truth and Love… Sending Rainbow Hugs from the Big Island of Hawaii, Carol Marie

  2. Mike Rosado

    Loved reading the update, Mary. Amazing. Saying thank you just does not do it justice, but thank you so much for all you continue to do and provide for the world. Much love to both you and Jesus from Mike and Leah!

  3. Mario

    Oh Mary!
    Thanks for this update, I needed it.
    It inspire me to keep working and helped me to connect with my desire to be of service.
    There are no words to say a real THANK YOU very much for all that is done. Please further my thanks and love to Jesus and Lena and to each of all my beautiful sisters and brothers working with you.
    Loving you from Malaga, Spain: Mario

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  5. Suzanne Stallard

    Wow Mary, that is some update….and what a tribute to you both and all those that truly help you. What has been achieved is an absolutely monumental addition to Divine Truth and Divine Love. It is deeply moving and exciting. Thank you so much for all that is here and everything you give us so generously. It is also an inspiration to what can happen when we live in desire, and God’s Way of Love. Wishing you every possible support to do what lies before you now. Love Suzanne

  6. Patty Matthews

    What an incredible year 2016 was! I so deeply appreciate all 3 of the classes in the Education in Love series. I thank you, Mary, and Jesus and all of the team for an amazing gift. It took an immense amount of effort and these classes are an out pouring of so much love. I thank you with all of my heart. These lessons are a gift to me personally and to the world.
    I applaud the shift in schedule going forward in 2017 and 2018. I know I need the time to absorb and begin to live into the wisdom and truth you have offered. I have been stretched, stirred and inspired in 2106; now I aspire to put this incredible gift into action in my heart and my life. I hope you and Jesus and all of the team can get some rest and time for yourselves.

  7. Anna Skevik

    Hi Mary!
    Thank you for all information. I appreciate that you tell us how much time Jesus, you and the team are putting into the presentations, before and after. It gives a huge perspective on the gift you all, and specially Jesus are giving us! I hope he, you and the team find time to rest and work with yourselves. Lots of Love
    Anna S

  8. June

    Wow, such awesome gifts – thank you. Dear Mary, have you ever tried making a pizza in a 12″ cast iron pan? Easier than using a pizza “stone” for crispness.Caution, wear your suit of armor in the kitchen – the result is seriously addictive. Here’s a possible recipe for that gift you mentioned making:

  9. Marie Finnigan

    Beautiful. Thanks Mary and Jesus. We are so blessed you have returned to teach and inspire us and share Gods Way. It is truly a wondrous gift. And thankyou for everything you do and who you are.

  10. Kathleen Rosemary

    From Tennessee, USA, I offer deep gratitude for the love you and Jesus and your team and class participants have given to the world all these years. It just pours out of your words and pictures in your newsletter filling and expanding my heart. Deepening relationships along with land and building development, progress is being made on a small retreat center here in rural Tennessee where our crew takes emotional healing seriously. We engage with the local community establishing deep heart connections whenever possible, and plan to offer many opportunities for ourselves and attendees to grow in love. Your teachings sustain and inspire me! Many thanks and big love back to you all. Kathleen R.

  11. Dave Robinson

    Thank you Mary, Thank you to Jesus too please. There is still so much I don’t appreciate in your ‘best efforts’ and those of others.
    Love, Dave.

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  14. sandra tsai

    I really appreciate the last assistance group in which some people were removed in order to uphold and teach love because throughout my life having been “taught” by different “spiritual teachers” I’ve learned a counterfeit version of what love is, and I felt very frustrated that I had to live up to that, and I am glad that real love is being taught. Putting up with unloving behavior, giving allowances, and accepting excuses for other people’s lack of desire of change is a counterfeit version of compassion, acceptance, and love for those that do not want to change their condition of love; there is a strong belief that a loving person will put up with more abuse and allow more the unloving behavior of someone that does not want to see their unloving behavior as well as to have an understanding as to why the person is unloving (but it’s not a loving understanding as in having compassion and love for someone’s condition and not judging them, it’s more of a “Oh yeah, he murdered that person, but that comes from his sadness about how his mom treated him”, which appears to be considerate, understanding, and compassionate, but in truth it’s really helping the unloving person to excuse it so that they don’t feel bad for what they’ve done); I had been taught to put up with and accept everyone’s excuses in the past because I wanted to be a more loving person, and having done those things has really harmed me to the point that I have a strong aversion to learning about love; so I am glad that real love is being taught at this time on earth, and it seems like real love is actually much better since it also involves loving oneself rather than to put everyone else first to the detriment of the person wanting to be loving.

  15. sandra tsai

    I have something to add to my comment earlier. I found this video on Youtube and I found it to be very truthful and helpful, and I was wondering if I could share it in the comments. It’s about how abusers and from my own experience, spiritual teachers and leaders that have taught me to see the abuser’s side, have compassion (counterfeit compassion – trying to see their perspective in an excusing their behavior way, and getting away from how we feel after the abuse in order to be the “bigger person” in the situation and “taking the high road”) for them; have used this as a method to excuse their behavior and to divert the victim’s/abused person from really feeling the hurt of what happened. I find this important because I’ve seen how this has been spreading and becoming the definition of love (A victim/abused person getting away from their own emotions and trying to view the perspective of the abuser instead, so everyone can be happy and feel good), and when the victim chooses not to do it, the victim is seen as an unforgiving person and people project negatively at them depending on society’s standards (certain people are never forgiven by society – child molester, child murderers, etc…, but if society participates in things that they know are unloving like cheating on their partners, lying, and even stealing, then there is a demand for “forgiveness” from the victims of such abuse). It is being taught to victims of injustice to support, comfort, have “compassion”, and even to be the ones to fix the situation (not to fix the situation in the way that Jesus has taught, which is to forgive in God’s definition of forgiveness, and to deal with the emotional causes that make one open to attracting these sorts of people).
    I was very much unaware of how unloving these (society’s) principles were until I came across Jesus and Mary sharing God’s teachings.

  16. sandra tsai

    Hi Mary,

    You’ve mentioned in the last post about removing people from the audience, that if someone doesn’t react in anger or retribution, that that doesn’t mean that the unloving actions are righteous, but that people may choose to see it that way upon seeing the non-reaction of the person receiving the treatment. So does that mean that if you do something towards another person that you may believe to be good or not, and that person feels hurt and reacts in anger and retribution, that that means you were unloving towards them? Would that tell you that that was unloving? There is a strong belief in society that if people react in anger and retribution towards another person, that that means it’s justified because that person did wrong according to society. The person receiving the treatment may also choose to interpret it in their own way, for example if you tell someone the truth, and they perceive that you are trying to put them down and control them with some vulnerable information (Ex: female friend tells a female friend that her husband is cheating on them; female friend upon hearing the truth, gets angry and accuses her friend of being a jealous woman and that all women are jealous and seek to destroy other women, and then proceeds with anger and revenge) , they may seek revenge and violence towards you, would you be responsible for that? Would that mean that you were unloving towards them?
    There is a point here that I am trying to put in the question, but due to spirit influence I can’t quite word it the right way, but perhaps you get it.

    Thank you.

  17. sandra tsai

    When you said that just because someone does not react in anger and retribution for an unloving action that you cause against them, it doesn’t lessen the compensatory consequences for the person acting unlovingly, what does that mean? Because the person reacting in a negative way towards the person that was unloving towards them would be a part of the law of compensation, wouldn’t it? I’ve heard Jesus mention that even if you harm a person that is already healed and therefore can no longer feel the harm, that the law of compensation would act towards the unloving person as if it had harmed the person even if the person can no longer be harmed. What does that actually mean, and what does it look like? It sort of implies that if someone acts unlovingly, that there is an automatic compensation regardless of the outcome. For example, two people kill a person; the family of one of the person’s killed decides to get revenge and harm others while the family of the other victim decides to forgive and grow through the situation; would those two people that killed have the same consequences even though the outcome was different?

    Thank you

    1. Mary Post author

      Hi Sandra,

      I received your follow up questions on the blog in the comments.

      Your questions should be sent to so Jesus and I can answer them both in full.

      In short though, compensation happens on the soul level. There is pain and soul damage accrued for any person when they act out of harmony with God’s Love, Truth and Laws. So in reality the person who takes the initial unloving action incurs soul penalty, and if the other person responds in rage and retribution they also incur soul penalty.

      The rage and retribution is not true “compensation” from God’s Perspective.

      Compensatory pain is very difficult to ignore when people pass into the spirit world however on earth many people do a lot of things to avoid feeling it (through the use of addiction).

      However, as I mention in the letter to G, it is possible to become sensitive to the pain while still on earth. While there usually are negative attractions in the form of physical events, problematic relationships and illnesses as a result of our unloving behaviour – even without these things there is “internal” pain that each person accrues which is compensatory and the natural effect of God’s Laws operating on the soul.

      Best wishes,

      1. sandra tsai

        Thank you so much for answering. I’ve sent quite a few questions in about the law of compensation, I hope there are some good questions that can address things that have been yet been addressed. As someone that has not yet felt how it works, I am very interested in knowing more about this law, as this is, I feel, is the most important law to learn about since we are mostly taught on earth that we can get away with things depending on who you are and etc…

      2. sandra tsai

        I don’t mean to flood your comment section here, but I just really want to say that I am really enjoying reading the email exchanges. Me having learned from society that unloving behavior is loving behavior, and having to develop a facade for them (which I am trying to undo), I am glad that those teachings are not true. These sorts of exchanges can really expose a lot of the things that society has deeply taught most of us to be loving things, when in fact they are really not.

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