Website Now Updated

Jesus has just finished an update of our website.

There have been changes to the following pages:


  • What’s New

All new additions to the site are listed in the Latest Update tab.


  • Donations

This page is now more user friendly.

It also includes the new options for direct bank transfers from EU, US and UK bank accounts. This is handy if you wish to set up automated recurring payments from your bank account in one of those regions.

If you already have a Transferwise account, people find this to be very convenient however this service does not allow for automatic recurring payments at present.


  • Downloads

All of the 2017 events are now listed.

You will find that all 2017 videos now include a link to where they appear on both our YouTube and our Vimeo channels.

Special note: there are audio files appearing on the 2017 Downloads list on the website that are audio only. That is, they don’t have a corresponding YouTube video. These are audios of Spirit Assistance and Spirit Experiences that Jesus and I have recorded in our non-recording weeks.


We hope that you enjoy the new content. Jesus and all of the team have put a lot of work into bringing it to you.