Jesus & Mary: October 2022

Welcome to another update from Jesus and I. I’ve been thinking about how to bring you more regular updates. Looking back on the blog for the past few years I have been averaging one or two updates throughout the year. The reality is Jesus and I always have so much going on that when I sit down to write it feels that I have a lot to explain. That means I have to set aside a large chunk of time to write an update.

Jesus and I always give a lot of detail in our updates, including explaining the technical ins and outs of what we do. We share this for two reasons. The first is that we always put a lot of thought and research into what we do technically so that what we create is sustainable, high quality and the best use of the donations we receive. So many people in the world have emotional blocks to technology, and thus it is easy for them to underestimate what goes into our production and also the thoroughness and care Jesus takes when planning, implementing and sharing video and audio recordings of our events. I like to share so that people can have appreciation for these efforts.

The second reason I go to some lengths to share about our technical set up is that we live in a world that is addicted to, and reliant on, technological devices and the internet for many day to day conveniences and processes. Yet, most people have no idea how any of that works.

Using but not understanding the ‘behind the scenes’ technology, effort and/or ingenuity that enable the conveniences of our modern life is a major deficit in love that causes dependency, demands, entitlement, addiction and rage. I feel it is an act of love to share the limited amount I understand with you, that way I am not furthering the injured emotions associated with humans using, but not appreciating, technology.

So, with the desire to help you appreciate the scope of what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ technologically and in other ways, I seem bound to continue writing lengthy posts (smile). However I have come up with a few ideas.

My first idea is to create a ‘photo essay’ once a month that will be a pictorial insight into our activities without too much text. Then two or three times a year I can write long updates on how our projects are progressing.

Secondly, I will create a few static pages that I can refer to during blog posts which will contain some background information on each project I reference. That way I don’t have to ‘repeat explain’ each time I write an update.

And thirdly, to help you navigate long updates, I’ll place a summary of the headings at the top of the post (see below) as jump links so that you can click on a heading and jump to that section of the post. I hope that all of this helps you to stay more connected with our activities!

Jesus & I during a small group presentation for God’s Way Ltd

In this post you will find info about:

Our Current Focus

Donations & Our Thanks
Donations from outside of Australia
Cheques from banks outside of Australia

Divine Truth Presentations, Sharing & Production
What is required to share Divine Truth
Production Team Limitations
Internet Connection Upgrade
Server Room Repairs
How Office Upgrade
Video & Audio Editing Equipment Upgrade

Website Upgrade & Software Applications

God’s Way Projects

God’s Way Events

A Personal Note

Our Current Focus

The past eight months have continued to be very busy. We feel an urgency to establish regular sharing of Divine Truth material again and we are both aware of the importance of making personal progress in our relationship with God and each other.

So while we have a lot of competing demands on our time, we have attempted to make some changes to how we use it. Over the past few years, Jesus in particular, but also myself, have spent a significant amount of time working on projects and management of the God’s Way Ltd organisation.

Aside from Eloisa, there is no one else who is really committed on a day to day level to helping God’s Way Ltd achieve its aims and so rather than see the company stagnate, Jesus (and I) have been happy to spend time assisting Eloisa and others to learn about running a company in harmony with God’s Principles. However the production and sharing of Divine Truth material with the world has suffered because of our involvement in God’s Way projects and management.

Eloisa, Jesus & I – during lunch on a busy God’s Way Ltd volunteer day

At the start of 2022, the current members of God’s Way Ltd (Jesus & I, Cornelius, Eloisa & Catherine) made the decision to cut back God’s Way Ltd activities as much as possible and focus on re-establishing the means for Jesus and I to be able to share Divine Truth material easily and regularly.

Since then Cornelius has been assisting Jesus with the various physical and technical repairs, upgrades, and requirements needed to establish a reliable internet link (more on this below), repair faulty air conditioners, and design and construct alterations in the studio which will allow for a small audience to be present during recordings.

Eloisa and I have been working on clearing out the studio so that it can be rewired for the new recording set up and have tried to take over the day to day management of God’s Way Ltd projects and volunteer days as much as possible.

Studio Clear Out & Reorganisation: Eloisa & I sort screws for various technical equipment

It feels good to be working towards our passion for sharing once again. Of course, we still managed to do a lot of other things during the months since my last update (March to October 2022). Below I’ll give you updates on everything we’ve been working on.

Our Thanks & A Note on Donations

Before I start however, Jesus and I would like to thank you for your donations. We’re glad that you find what we share to be of benefit, and that you wish to help us continue sharing information free of charge.

I know that some of you also share our vision that everyone on Earth has the chance to at least hear God’s Truth once and know of its existence. That way if they decide that they want to pursue a relationship with God they know that they can learn how to do that. Your donations go towards this common aim.

Donations from outside of Australia

On the subject of donations we do notice that around two thirds of what we receive comes from people in Australia. In some ways I understand this, in that having a personal interaction which upholds the teachings of Divine Truth is extremely impactful. It is often the difference between a person hearing words (and thinking they understand them) via the internet and the experience of feeling what those words mean when applied to day to day life and relationships. Donations often arise from a person’s gratitude at having these new understandings.

Meeting Jesus never fails to make an impact on a sincere person. It helps them to see and understand their ‘blindspots’, their façade, their arrogant self-image, their lack of self-assessment, morality and ethics, and the lack of soul understanding of what they intellectually believe they know. It heightens an understanding of what love is, and how love is lived.

Having a laugh about what it feels like to receive personal truth in the early days!

Our efforts to improve our internet connection this year will hopefully increase the opportunities for people living outside of Australia to have some of those ‘in person’ interactions albeit digitally via the internet.

We hope to use two means to do that. The first is having regular studio sessions that are available on line that anyone in the world can view as they occur, and a booking system allowing up to 30 people to attend each session in person in our studio. The second is to allow personal involvement in our interviews and public interactions.

With that in mind, it is interesting that the people who would like to see us more and to hear from us via the internet are not generally the people donating to make that possible. We are thankful to our Australian donors for helping your international peers to have more access to Divine Truth ‘in person’.

Jesus teaching in our home – “How Progress Occurs” Series

Cheques from banks outside of Australia

We can no longer receive donations via international cheque. This is because our bank in Australia will no longer process them. Thank you to everyone who has donated to us via cheque in the past. It has always been a lengthy process at the bank to deposit international funds via cheques (checks USA, 30-40 minutes each time) so I suspect that this is why Commbank in Australia has opted to no longer receive and deposit cheques from banks outside of Australia.

Divine Truth Sharing & Production

We love sharing Divine Truth. It brings us joy and it has the power to benefit others. There are still so many matters and truths that we have not had a chance to discuss with you yet.

As I mentioned in my previous post about Divine Truth servers overseas, we are working towards sharing not only new material but also to find new ways to share the material already presented.

These ‘new ways’ are all aimed at making the data already presented easier to access. They include;

  • Finding a video hosting/streaming site which can stream videos ad free and that does not respond to the complaints of a few bigoted individuals, and
  • Redesigning our website to allow for all data to be searchable, and
  • Developing our own video hosting/streaming servers so that we are not dependent on the Terms of Service from video hosting companies

All of these projects are still ongoing. Rest assured that I will update you as soon as we have these in place.

What is required in order to share Divine Truth

Sharing Divine Truth involves a number of basic steps:

  1. Attaining the development to receive truth from God and to share it in a humble manner

  2. Presenting the material to a public audience or recording it in our studio

    For a studio recording this includes regular maintenance, of camera and recording equipment, firmware updates, battery charging, set up and operation of all audio visual equipment; server updates, virtual machine updates; keeping the studio in a clean and ‘ready to use’ manner

    For a live event this involves finding a venue, managing bookings if seating is limited, set up at venue (including audio visual equipment, seating, speakers etc). All of the equipment must have software and firmware updates prior to the event, batteries must be charged etc. Following the event, everything must be packed up and transported back to Wilkesdale where equipment needs to be set up again for use in our studio

  3. Editing the audio, video, and written documents

    This takes time, concentration and dedication to high quality recordings which allow the viewer/listener to relax into the material rather than be distracted by extraneous noise or poor image quality.

    It requires some spiritual development so that the edited material is not changed in thought or suggestion from the original event.

    It also requires the maintenance of the necessary hardware (equipment and computers) required to do this work, keeping software up to date, and the studio work space clean and tidy.

  4. Uploading material onto a sharing platform

    This entails careful and methodical labeling of the files, sending it overseas for upload onto Divine Truth servers which not only serve but back up the data; the creation of thumbnails, descriptions and keywords for each presentation; care and time taken to ensure that the files are uploaded properly and are accessible to the public without comments etc.

Over the past few years, we have been without volunteers to assist in any of those steps. So, Jesus and I currently perform (or would perform) these tasks if we had the time! At the moment, 80% of our last Assistance Group remains unedited because we have been busy with other projects.

Production Team Limitations

A great limitation remains that we have no production team locally that could assist us with the set up for recordings and the post production editing and sharing of audio and video materials.

At the moment we aren’t producing any new material aside from a series of talks Jesus has been presenting to the group on God’s Way Ltd volunteer days. This series is called “How Progress Occurs” and I share more about that below. Once we have the studio back up and running however we will start regular recordings again, and potentially also live stream those events, and would benefit greatly from a small (or large) team of committed individuals who wish to assist us.

As I have written before we have a number of pre requisites for those who wish to assist:

  • Humble enough to listen and follow direct instructions
  • Approach tasks with an attitude of self responsibility
  • Able to carefully, methodically and thoroughly complete tasks
  • Personally and passionately desire to live in harmony with God’s Laws and Principles
  • Willing to be financially supported only by receiving gifts
  • Willing to live locally
  • Have good technical experience and knowledge, or can be easily taught, or desire to teach themselves

If you haven’t received a reply to your offer to help it is because the pre requirements have not been met.

In particular, if you live interstate or internationally:

  • We cannot train you in person
  • We don’t have the internet capacity to share the data over the internet that you would need to work on
  • You have most likely never received direct feedback in harmony with Divine Truth. Until you receive feedback and respond to it sincerely and humbly, there is little point training you.

So while we thank you for your offer, we cannot work with you at this time.

If you do live locally or are visiting, we require people interested in helping out in Divine Truth to first participate in a number of God’s Way Ltd volunteer days. We find that the God’s Way Ltd volunteer days help us and the participants themselves to see whether or not they meet the spiritual and emotional requirements for working on Divine Truth production.

Ideas for streaming Divine Truth video in the future

As I mentioned in my last post, once Gene has a new or repaired home, we will be sending him some new servers to replace the our USA Divine Truth servers that may have been damaged during the hurricane.

We hope the servers we send to him will also be a trial for a new video streaming service that we would like to implement so that viewers are not reliant on YouTube to watch our videos anymore.

As most of you are aware, YouTube has now started to add advertising to all our videos. We do not gain revenue from YouTube now, and do not wish in the future to gain revenue from any video streaming service, and we certainly don’t want any advertising on any of our sites.

Listening to spiritual material that is interrupted by advertising all of the time is a major impediment to learning and comprehending God’s Truth. Also, it is unethical for any individual or business to earn an income from our free provision of Divine Truth material, or truth that we present generally.

We are happy to pay for resources to share our material, but the Terms of Service (TOS) and conditions of use that all video streaming/hosting companies have, whether a paid or free service, result in many operational and ethical concerns for us.

TOS and conditions of use not only come into play when companies reserve the right to add advertising to our videos, they also impact us when complaints are received by the hosting company about Divine Truth videos. Often those complaints come from angry Christian sources, or from angry family members who do not want their relatives to be able to access our videos freely, or from people who have attended our events with the agreement that we can use their image and words forever, but who later become upset or angry with what has been said to them.

Angry complainants often attempt an internet take down of our material, which results in our having to engage a formal process with the hosting company to resolve the issue and in some cases the companies are prepared to immediately revoke our account without any due process or evidence being presented. We have noticed that very few angry complaints need to be received before companies remove accounts without any discussion or without any evidence of wrongdoing on our part.

So Jesus has been working on a video streaming system, based upon open source free software, which we can install on our servers, that would give us total control over our video streaming services. It will also allow for new servers to be added to a network of servers as streaming bandwidth requirements increase.

This video streaming system will eventually allow anyone with a Linux server to add it to the internet via a 1gbit/sec+ fixed IP connection, setup a trusted connection with our servers, and host streaming of Divine Truth videos. Using this platform we hope to set up a number of servers worldwide which communicate with each other to stream Divine Truth videos ad-free and cost-free to anyone in the world, and also allow syncing Divine Truth videos from those locations to your own local copy of Divine Truth material.

Any of you who listen to Divine Truth who have enough technical skills can also add your own server to the same network, creating a community of servers which share Divine Truth material free of charge worldwide. I will share more about this once it is all up and running.

Internet Connection Upgrade

Because editing Divine Truth recordings is time consuming and our time is limited this year we have focussed on trying to find an internet solution that would allow us to give live online presentations. This would enable us to share Truth widely without time delays entailed with editing material.

To this end Jesus has been working consistently for over a year to try and find an internet solution which will provide us with a low latency, high bandwidth internet connection.

Such a connection would allow us to:

  • complete live stream presentations
  • record and share live interviews and personal feedback sessions
  • cease rental of one of our two overseas servers currently used for data sharing (sync service etc), that is, our Canadian server which we rent for a monthly cost of $350 USD.

It would also create the potential for remote video and audio editing. That is, that raw data could remain stored here in Wilkesdale and a sincere well trained person in another location could access the data via internet link to edit Divine Truth audio and video files.

Below is a list of all of the options we have trialled in order to improve the internet connection. Until this moment, none have been satisfactory however we will continue to work on readying the studio and our home spaces for live internet interactions as Jesus seeks a long term solution.

Trials we have currently completed:


Starlink promised high speed connections via low orbiting satellites. While we had high hopes for this service unfortunately we experience intermittent drop outs in connection when using it. It is becoming more reliable, but it may be some time before it is truly so. Download speed is relatively high at around 160mbit/sec, but the very low upload speeds of around 12mbit/sec, and the unreliability, make it unsuitable for reliable live interactions via the net.

Satellite services

Our long standing internet service has been via a geosynchronous satellite connection. Up until a few years ago it was our only option since we didn’t even have any mobile phone coverage at out home. The satellite installation was provided as part of a government scheme to provide internet coverage to rural and remote areas.

The satellite connection delivers low upload speeds and there is a 700 millisecond connection latency, which results in more than 2.8 second delays in attempted conversions, and 1.2 second delays in download requests to a download occurring, and a very limited bandwidth of 150GB per month. The latency, delays, and the limited bandwidth make it unsuitable for live interactions via the net.

Local 4G Phone Tower Reception

Cornelius and Jesus have tried a number of high gain antennas in attempts to capture and improve 4G LTE reception from local phone towers, which are either a long distance away from our studio (more than 20kms), or we do not have line of sight to them.

After a lot of investigation and the purchase and trial of a number of different high gain antennas (up to 25dB), we have confirmed a number of different problems with 4G LTE services at our location. Shared bandwidth to most local towers is less than 100mbit/sec, which means that all of our local towers are saturated, and the speeds are regularly lower than 5mbit/sec on these links. This means that even if we could capture more signal neither the speed nor bandwidth could be improved.

Fortunately we were able to return some of the very expensive antennas we tried for a refund (minus a restocking fee).

Bonding Data Connections using 4G LTE

Jesus investigated the option of purchasing a number of 4G data connections and combining them into a single signal (bonding them). Bonding in this context means joining a number of individual data connections so that they behave as a single connection to receive and send data via the internet.

Since telecommunications towers locally are all saturated, we found that bonding 4G connections together with a corresponding very large increase in up front costs and annual fees results in hardly any improvement in speed.

Rent or purchase of a home with existing fibre to the premises (FTTP) connection

As all of the options thus far were looking to be quite costly we decided to investigate the possibility of renting a home in another location which had an existing fibre to the premises (FTTP) internet connection. FTTP connections offer high speed and bandwidth but in Australia they usually only exist in large town or city locations.

With this option the plan would be to travel to the rented home that has FTTP connected, and stay for 1-2 weeks per month. During that time we would share live presentations, make other recordings and upload live and edited material. We would then travel home for the remaining fortnight.

While this option had the benefit of a very fast 1gbit/sec internet connection, there were a number of major drawbacks:

  • Time wasted during travel

Nearest locations with existing fibre to the premises are in Toowoomba, Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast. On average it takes three hours, around 300km, to drive to any of these centres.

  • Time away limiting input we would have in the God’s Way Ltd organisation

Adding the travel time and the actual time spent away for recording, would mean a major change to how much we could enjoy our quiet home and oversee and participate in the activities and projects we have going on locally with God’s Way Ltd and on our own property.

  • High cost

Current real estate rental and purchase costs in Queensland are high and always increasing as many southerners are moving here following the severe restrictions and cold weather they experienced in southern states during the COVID pandemic. Rental costs for the connection, and the premises would be above $50,000 AUD per annum.

  • Studio Equipment

Studio recording and editing equipment would need to be moved between the locations, since we do not have enough funds to have a duplicate setup. This would require days of dismantling and setting up equipment, with the additional wear and tear of travel on the equipment.

Fibre, or a 1gbit/sec connection directly to our Studio

Jesus made contact and had many technical engineering discussions with a number of suppliers who offer the possibility of running fibre connections via overhead power lines, or/and carrier based radio networks (including the installation of 50 metre towers) to our studio. Running fibre overhead is cheaper than laying it in trenches as is commonly done in many parts of the country.

While for a while we were hopeful that this possibility would bear fruit, there were no local locations with existing 1gbit/sec fibre services and so the run proposed would span a distance of some 130 kilometres (80 miles) over undulating terrain making the installation costs over $1 million AUD and the recurring costs over $10,000 AUD per month.

Radio 500mbit/sec connection directly to our Studio

Jesus also investigated a private 500mbit/sec microwave carrier connection to our studio. The costs of doing this are extremely high, since we would need to install two 50 metre towers on different properties owned by God’s Way or Divine Truth, with all of the necessary communications and power requirements. The cost of doing this was also above $1 million AUD.

So, as you can see, we have no real options other than those we already have, or to create an aggregated business Starlink system which will give us no better guarantees with reliability, but potentially better upload speeds. Jesus is currently looking into this.

Of course every investigation so far has cost Jesus a lot of time, and Divine Truth quite a lot of additional funds, for no measurable benefit.

Server Room Repairs

Within the Divine Truth studio is our server room. This room has two racks which contain a total of 12 servers at the moment. Since it is very noisy, it has been sound suppressed, and air-conditioned. This houses the servers which are used to store all current Divine Truth and God’s Way data. We currently have 4 main storage servers which store 4 x 320TB copies of data. We also have 4 main VM servers, which serve our desktops. We also have over 700TB or archived data, which is stored on disks we can load individually.

So when the studio was built, to sound proof it required large amounts of materials and very few windows. It was necessary to install air conditioning both in the data storage area and in the main studio room to keep equipment cool. If equipment overheats in our hot climate, during our recording or editing sessions, it can be damaged and data will be lost.

We have had many ongoing problems with all of the air-conditioning units due to insects, frogs, and gecko lizards. Since we live in a bush setting and we encourage insect, plant and animal life, we have a great abundance insects and reptiles around us. Of course lizards like warm, and frogs like warm and wet, environments. So our air-conditioning units have been a major target as homes. The reptiles get inside the units and fry themselves and short out the circuit boards rendering the boards and air conditioning units useless in the process.

Most recently the air conditioner in the server room has required repairs. The unit was originally poorly installed (by contractors when the studio was originally built) and it has been leaking moisture and part of the wall and roof in the server room has collected water, causing damage.

So Jesus and Cornelius have designed and built shrouds to protect the air conditioners from vermin (which are a work of art), and have also reinstalled the air conditioners to prevent future problems with moisture. All up the project cost more than $20,000 without Jesus and Cornelius’ labour, but now we have a reliable air conditioning system which should last for many years, and which will not break down because of vermin.

Vermin proof shrouds designed by Jesus & built by Cornelius

Home Office/Studio Improvements

Although our well insulated two bedroom home is very small (less than 84 sqm or 904 sqft) it doubles as a living space for Jesus and I, an office, and a meeting room for up to 25 people at a time. You will see in some future videos how the space is utilized at times.

Our home normally gets very warm in the summer, usually over 38oC (100oF) inside the house during the day, and over 30oC (86oF) at night. For this reason we could not use much technology in our home office, since the workstations and video recording equipment used for streaming, recording and editing would get so hot they would close down. So Jesus and Cornelius installed an air conditioner in our home, to allow more air conditioned office space to be used so people can edit material in our home office while Jesus and I are recording in the studio.

Of course, this air conditioner also had to be protected from vermin using the same methods. All of the vermin proofing of the air conditioning units is now working very well, and the project has been very successful so far. Our server room is back up and running and we now have additional air conditioned office space in the home.

These upgrades allow us to test out a ‘lounge room studio’ set up. We want to use this space to live share and record internet calls for interviews, individual conversations, and personal feedback sessions with people around the world. This design is something we want in the living quarters of the new Function Centre development, so we wanted to setup a trial to see how it would work.

At the moment, Jesus has not completed the virtual machines part of the installation. We had to remove a window, install a new wall, install a new desk with metal frame to take the weight of the equipment, and complete re-wiring the house to get 10gbit/sec network into it, and also to turn our previous home office into a bedroom so that Jesus had somewhere to sleep when he is processing through emotions (which he is doing a lot of at the moment).

I’ll share more photos of the completed renovation in my December update.

Video & Audio Editing

As some of you may remember from a previous update, our editing of the ‘Understanding Sin & It’s Causes’ Assistance Group was halted due to problems we had with our Apple Mac computers breaking down.

We also had many other projects happening and without volunteers to assist with the editing we had many delays in getting back to the project. The audio editing work for Jesus is very tedious so he needed a break anyway!

The new Macs are now all set up with the necessary software, and Jesus is in the process of sorting out a reliable fast connection to them from our servers. When that is done, Jesus and I will be able to begin editing again. This is another job that falls on the shoulders of Jesus however and so I am not sure how much editing we shall actually get done.

I know many of you are keen to watch and listen to the Understanding Sin & Its Causes talks. We will do our best to get them to you, keeping in mind our renewed focus on love of ourselves and the importance of our personal progression.

Website Upgrade & Software Applications

Jesus and Kate continue to work on the Divine Truth website upgrade and the God’s Way Ltd website. As a reminder the new sites will include a consistent refreshed layout, look and feel. They will also offer a search function, which will be a great feature for finding topical information or answers to questions within the wealth of Divine Truth material Jesus and I have already presented.

As I’ve shared before, the aim is for the new website to be fully functional offline. This means that if you have a copy of all Divine Truth digital material and a copy of the website stored offline, the search facilities will be identical to the online copy of the website.

Jesus and Kate have had to work around security design issues with all modern browser software (Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari) but are now progressing with the design and implementation of the new features. When they are complete, they will be very functional, powerful tools to help your spiritual progress, and will greatly reduce the amount of emails we receive from people who cannot find information that is already on the site.

Website upgrades in progress – new search function displayed

Jesus and Kate have also been working on the design and implementation of some browser based software applications which will make the creation and presentation of new content on both the Divine Truth and God’s Way websites easy for those of us who don’t write computer code. This is an exciting development and it will reduce Jesus’ workload in future.

In addition, Jesus and Kate are working on a number of other in house applications which will assist with standardised file naming and structured folder storage. This greatly reduces in house data inconsistencies and enforces file and folder naming conventions.

God’s Way Projects

Jesus and I remain involved with all God’s Way Ltd projects. Jesus has a project manager role in almost every project. He advises in the planning, purchasing and implementation phases of every project. He was also recently appointed as a director of the board.

I currently have the following roles volunteer management and activity planning, information sharing, and the director role. In addition I plan and manage at least 5 volunteer activity days per month though this will change next month as we reduce our volunteer days to allow for more information sharing activities by current members.

Function Centre Build

Donations & Use of Donations

Thank you to everyone who has made a contribution to this project already! We have spoken to some of you privately about redirecting some these funds to pay for the new infrastructure required for us to establish a suitable internet connection for Divine Truth. The reasons for this request are:

  • We recognise that without regular sharing of God’s Truth via Divine Truth Pty Ltd, God’s Way Ltd cannot flourish.
  • Unless God’s Way Ltd grows we will not receive sufficient funds to pay for our dream Function Centre
  • Any Divine Truth internet connection would also be used by God’s Way Ltd to share information

Building Design

Jesus has continued to refine plans for our Function Centre Development. Images throughout this post display the improved design, but Jesus feels there is still much work to do with the designs to get them right.

It has been good to be in this design process for an extended period as it allows time for us to refine ideas and become very focused on what we feel is important in the proposed development.

We want to create a place that welcomes curious passers by as well as people who are already familiar with God’s Way and attending a planned event.

The latest design offers the following features:

  • An auditorium which will comfortably seat 150 people
  • Office space for administrative tasks required by God’s Way and Divine Truth organisations
  • Office space for video and audio production
  • Guest accommodation
  • Resident accommodation
  • Café/ share kitchen
  • Reception area which includes cubicles for viewing Divine Truth or God’s Way Ltd video and audio
  • 2 classroom/meeting rooms
  • Presenter ‘green room’
  • Ample storage
  • Toilet facilities, including disability toilets
  • 2 parents & children or emotional processing rooms
  • Laundry
  • Roof top area
  • Ground floor workshop

Over the past few months Jesus has also found the building method that we want to use. This method has many advantages over other methods investigated. The structural building products come from a Scandinavian company called Piekko (, and are available all around the world.

Selecting a building method and materials has been an interesting process. There is no perfect answer on Earth today; since every material has an environmental impact, and many, such as wood, have environmental impacts that are generally not considered in any assessments, but which Jesus and Cornelius always consider. One day we shall present a video about the loving use of building materials, and having a loving assessment of their impact which includes all life. The mono-cultures which produce the raw materials for today’s so-called ‘environmentally sustainable’ building products are one of the main causes of flora and fauna extinctions.

We are planning to build a hard wearing, long lasting, comfortable structure that can be used by future generations so that the impact we have will be spread across time. And our venue will be a place where people can come to learn how to love and repair the damage (spiritual, emotional and physical) that exists on the Earth today.

God’s Way Events

Sharing at Volunteer Days

The God’s Way organisation holds regular volunteer activities. Throughout any given month, probation volunteers and volunteers have the opportunity to sit with Jesus in a relaxed setting and ask questions relating to God’s Principles and how these apply to the work they are doing within God’s Way Ltd. Many hours of great discussion have been spent in this way either in our outside patio, or when that was too cold, inside our home.

Laid Back Listening to Truth

Recently I decided that the discussions were too valuable not to be shared with a wider audience and Eloisa and I have begun trying to find audio and video solutions that would enable clear recordings. We do still rely heavily on Jesus’ past training and current input and ideas to get this done. But I am hopeful that we can start to make good recordings.

Eloisa works hard to do what she can – to help in the sharing of Love and Truth

Of course the limitations to editing audio and video recordings that exist in Divine Truth also apply to God’s Way Ltd. So it is unclear when we will be able to make these discussions public. However if we can capture good recordings then when we have more volunteer editors these can be edited and shared.

Jesus presenting to volunteers in the topic ‘How Progression Occurs’

Personal Progression

Jesus and I continue to focus on our personal progression towards each other and God. I feel it is my great privilege to know the Way to connect with God and to receive Truth and Love in that process.  I wish each of you well on your exploration of the possibility of that relationship also.

Jesus is now feeling very confident that he is progressing well, and is receiving a lot of inspiration from God about how the 14 returned souls can make progress until they reach their final goal of demonstrating the soul union condition on earth, and the other goals of leading the human race into peace and harmony. He is going through a lot of physical, emotional and spiritual upheavals and expects he will continue to feel a lot of terror and fear until he makes the necessary adjustments to reach the soul union condition.

The person of Alan John Miller, or AJ as many of you know him, is disappearing into oblivion. AJ is finding that process quite emotionally difficult and distressing at times, and very physically demanding, but he also has a very strong desire to continue. Once he reflects our soul in its full sense, he feels very confident he will be able to greatly assist the others of the 14 to take similar steps much more quickly than he has been able to himself.

He makes most of his progress alone, and we have a house nearby that a friend has provided so that he can work through his emotions without interference from technology or people. He currently spends around half of his time there, and each time he returns, we have long discussions about the future, and about the process he is working through. It is impossible for me to share with you what that process is, since my own understanding of it is very limited at the moment, and Jesus does not have the time to share it while he is going through it.

Since his method of progression is what only one of the 14 who returned will need to go through, there is little reason for Jesus to share publicly what he is going through. He does not know how long this phase will take, but he is very enthusiastic about continuing it now that he has a clear understanding of the process.

As for me, for the past year I have been developing the desire to improve my mediumship abilities and embrace our soul’s nature. I feel more introspective these past six months; challenging myself to look further inward and to have the courage to bring deep seated emotions to the fore. I’ve been examining how parts of me have remained frozen in fear for all the years since I had an awakening to who I am and how much I have resisted being different. I am reflective about this significant injury in me pertaining to, not only the fear of attack, but fears of upholding love and truth in situations that are my responsibility and feeling responsible if people are uncomfortable.

I am eager to have Divine Truth begin sharing new material again and have been enthusiastic about getting the main room of the studio sorted out and ready for filming again. There are so many things to be reorganised and packed up but it has granted me the opportunity to learn more about our technical equipment (Jesus is such a wizard; he can pick up the most obscure screw or cable within in a sea of unrelated gear and immediately identify its purpose!)

I’ve enjoyed my engagement with God’s Way volunteer management. I believe strongly in the positive potentials when people come together with a desire to love, serve and be humble. God’s Way provides opportunities for everyone involved to measure their sincerity to develop or resistance to those three desires.

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Until next time, with our love,

Mary & Jesus