Jesus & Mary Photo Update: October & November 2022

God’s Way Annual General Meeting

God’s Way Ltd held their annual general meeting in November. You can read the annual report on the God’s Way website soon.

Gods Way Volunteer Days

Check out our beautiful God’s Way Ltd volunteers, probation volunteers, and Jesus and I in action as managers.

Environment & Environment Projects

The local areas is looking beautiful after some lovely rainfall over the past few years combined with the environmental projects we have underway.

Divine Truth Studio & Production Work

The studio is still undergoing a major overhaul . A lot of old equipment is being cleared out, less used items are being catalogued and stored. You can also see pictures below of our new stands for sound suppression boards being put together. These stands will enable the suppression boards to be free standing at various locations around the studio when there is an audience in attendance.

Recorded Presentations

As I’ve mentioned in my previous updates, Jesus has been presenting a series of talks for participants at God’s Way Ltd Saturday volunteer days. He has been speaking on the topic of ‘How Progress Occurs’ and more recently we have been discussing a Padgett Message from Ann Rollins on the topic of forgiveness.

So that is a little of what we’ve been up to this past month or so.

Wherever you are in the world, I hope you are doing well in following your passions and desires in harmony with love and that, in response to your heart’s longings, you are feeling God’s personal and ever present love for you.

Bye for now,

Jesus & Mary