Jesus & Mary Photo Update: December 2022

Here I am again with another photo update.

Before I begin, Jesus and I want to send our heartfelt thanks to everyone who continues to donate in appreciation for the teachings of Divine Truth. We appreciate you very much and we continue to work on ourselves, our relationship with each other and our relationship with God, so that we can be become better and better examples of what it means to live in harmony with God’s Love, Truth and Laws.

I also want to say ‘Hi’ and thanks to those of you who send us little notes of appreciation or well wishes via the post or email. I’m sorry that we don’t have time to respond to you personally (or sometimes even to check all our emails these days) but we love you and look forward to a time when we can meet you in person for the first time or catch up with old friends.

Now onto what we did in December…


Three Saturdays of every month, Jesus continues to present material on ‘How Progress Occurs’ to the current probation volunteers, volunteers and members of God’s Way Ltd.

Eloisa Sparks leads a small team to convert our living room into a venue each Saturday.

Everyone has lunch together in the small space.

The theme for talks in December focused on seeking forgiveness from God and the workings of compensation.

Most Saturdays we also hear from a group of spirits who have questions about the material being presented.

Technical Projects

Website Upgrade

Kate and Jesus continue to work on the website upgrade each week. A lot has been achieved already. Now they are onto building the database which will allow all Divine Truth and God’s Way data to be searchable. It’s a task that is taking a lot of thinking and problem solving as they try to work out solutions for categorizing, storing, coding and then searching a wide variety of data that will expand over time.

Server Building & Repair, Internet Sharing of Divine Truth Material

As a shared in a previous update, the current methods we use to share Divine Truth teachings include live events, our website, our synchronization servers, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and videos via YouTube. To enable this sharing, we store all publicly accessible data on servers in Australia, Canada, and the USA, but only the Canadian servers currently allow public connections. The USA servers are used in the important role as a portal or an intermediate store to send and receive data securely between Australia and the rest of the world.

When Hurricane Ian impacted Florida late last year, the home of Eugene Mindel, who houses our USA servers was impacted. Thanks to donations from many of you, we were able to have the servers shipped back to Australia. They were received in December and Jesus was able to pull them apart to assess them for damage. Aside from requiring a good clean, they were still in working order which is great news.

In December, Jesus and I visited a location in Australia which may be able to offer us similar data storage and internet sharing services to that of our current Canadian and USA servers. There are various benefits to having our main data store here in Australia. Investigations are still underway. However Jesus has begun building some new servers which can be used if this option eventuates.

He has also been working on building/re configuring servers for use in our new home studio set up. These servers will run more quietly than our other serves (since they will sit in on our desk while we work and record). They will also have the capacity needed for video editing live streaming (if we are able to secure a home internet set up which will allow for live stream speeds).

Studio Clear Out

A small team of volunteers continue to work with Jesus & I on clearing out our studio ready for new audience presentations.

In December, volunteers worked on creating an inventory of all technical and ancillary equipment owned by Divine Truth Pty Ltd. I worked on some minutes and reporting needed for God’s Way Ltd.

Volunteer Management

Within the God’s Way Ltd organisation Eloisa Sparks and I manage volunteers to work on various environmental recovery projects.

Toward the end of the year, upon Jesus’ suggestion, we implemented a new work flow for Saturday volunteers. Each Saturday volunteer has now been assigned their own small plot of land. The volunteer is responsible for the management of invasive species on that plot as well as, in the long term, regeneration of the native environment.

In December, volunteers also worked on seeding in the terraces, removal of invasive species on all God’s Way Ltd properties, various other land recovery tasks and cleaning and maintenance tasks.


Invasive Species Management

Other Volunteer Works

Infrastructure Projects

Under Jesus’ planning and direction, works continue on completion of the Caretakers’ property owned by God’s Way Ltd.

In December, Cornelius and other volunteers worked on the pathways and landscaping around the house. Works also continued on driveway drainage and water management.

End of Year Party

At the end of each year, Jesus and I like to host a party for the people we have worked with us throughout the year in Divine Truth, God’s Way and the local community.

This year we were fortunate to have some of our volunteers step forward and say that they would like to assist with the planning and execution. Thank you to those people! Special thanks to Rahni and Phoebe who led the planning and Diane who took photographs of everyone on the day.

Along with spiritual discussions we had a few fun games. One game was to try to guess people based on their baby or childhood photos. Everyone took it pretty seriously!

Everyone looked even more beautiful than usual.

Things went on until very late/early the next morning.

And that’s all for us this month. We wish you a wonderful 2023, full of personal discovery and opening to God.

With love,

Jesus & Mary