Kate Eckersall

28 April 1982 – 21 February 2023

On Tuesday 21st of February at 10.45pm our bright and beautiful friend Kate passed away.

Kate is funny, honest, conscientious, intelligent, musical and passionate. She has been a treasured part of our lives for over 10 years and has worked alongside us on many projects. She shares our passion for God’s Truth and she unselfishly did a great many things to help others to learn about it.

Among many things, we will miss her wit, her honesty, her desire and her kindness as a physical presence on Earth.

On Friday 11th of February, Kate became unwell with COVID. On Saturday morning, she came as usual to meet with Jesus to work on the website project. Jesus could see she was feeling sick and sent her home to look after herself.

On Sunday, 12th of February while her flatmate Sorcha was out, Kate had a hemorrhagic stroke and fell on the living room tiles, fracturing her skull. When Sorcha and Tristan returned home they found Kate unconscious. They performed emergency first aid and called an ambulance. Kate was taken to the Kingaroy hospital. Later that night, she was air lifted to Brisbane where emergency surgery was performed to relieve the pressure on her brain. Kate was cared for in the intensive care unit until her passing. There was significant bruising and injury to Kate’s brain and she never regained consciousness.

Jesus and I couldn’t visit the hospital (I had COVID at the same time and Jesus later developed it) so we asked Phoebe, a friend of Kate’s, to be at the hospital to help in anyway she could. A number of others of Kate friends also went to be at the hospital. Kate’s injuries were extremely serious and as the week progressed it became clear that Kate was unlikely to recover.

Jesus and I talked to Kate in her spirit state each day while she was in the hospital. We and other spirit friends were able to assist her to come to terms with the extent of her brain injury and then with her imminent passing and to help her to adjust to her new spirit life. Before her passing Kate had come to terms with what had happened and had visited her new home in the second sphere.

Kate’s family waited until Tuesday the 21st of February at midday, at which time Kate was removed from the ventilator and she passed away less than twelve hours later at 10.45pm.

Kate grew up in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

From a young age Kate wanted to sing and dance. She told me that from when she was small she started to campaign her parents to allow her to attend the Johnny Young Talent School. They eventually relented when Kate was around 6 years old. She attended the school for many years learning various styles of dance and singing. Kate continued to sing and take dance classes until she finished high school.

When Kate was around 5 or 6 she suddenly lost vision in her right eye. Investigations found that she had cancer in her brain and she underwent various forms of treatment to try to remove the cancer.

Radiation treatments left her with reduced hair growth, deafness in her right ear, blindness in her right eye, and some disfigurement around her right eye. Even though she had an immaculate sense of style and beautiful features, Kate often felt self conscious and critical of her appearance. Kate’s hormonal system was also affected by the cancer treatments and she suffered discomfort in her body everyday from her affected eye, her sinuses and other body parts impacted by the interventions to treat her cancer.

After she finished high school Kate attended Swinburne University of Technology and in 2003 obtained a Bachelor of Information Technology.

Throughout high school and university Kate worked in various retail jobs. After she graduated from university she worked as an analyst, programmer and systems consultant with a number of different companies. Kate commented to me that she felt fortunate to have had some good bosses in her time. Kate enjoys working with others.

From a young age Kate has had an interest in finding universal truth, personal meaning and the meaning of life. This led her to find the teachings of Divine Truth. Kate attended talks in Buderim, Melbourne and Kentucky and when God’s Way of Love (now closed) was founded in 2011, Kate moved to Queensland because she wanted to be involved in the organisation.

Kate has been a hard working volunteer in both the Divine Truth and God’s Way Ltd organisations for many years.

Kate has rare and beautiful qualities in her heart. Some of these include her desire to help bring God’s Truth to the world, doing whatever she could to make that happen, and being willing to live on gifts rather than earning an income.

Her efforts often went unnoticed by others but were deeply appreciated by Jesus, myself and the other directors of God’s Way Ltd. God’s Way and Divine Truth gave regular gifts to Kate in thanks for her work. I know Kate was also deeply appreciative of those who gave to her to enable her to continue doing what she loves. You can read a post expressing her gratitude here. (Please note, you should cease any donations or gifts to Kate. Her family has now inherited her estate. None of those gifts will go to anything to do with Divine Truth or God’s Way).

While she has been willing to perform any task required, including cleaning, seeding and weeding, she has given freely and predominantly using her skills in computer programming and other information technology tasks.

Under Jesus’ direction and planning, Kate has assisted in the creation of computer programs to automate tasks that would otherwise be time and labour intensive to perform. She has helped to create standards for naming, storing and sharing data in a consistent manner.

For the transcription and translation team, Kate helped to update document templates and to create programs that automate formatting, editing, presentation and structure for standard Divine Truth documents. She worked on automated processes to create subtitles for Divine Truth videos, templates, and processes for changing transcripts into book format.

Kate also took over management of the Transcription and Translation team some years ago which she has continued until her passing.

Kate has helped Eloisa and Mary with many information technology and document based projects within God’s Way Ltd, especially in relation to sharing web based information and the presentation of the annual directors report. Kate loves to train and teach and it is always easy to learn from her clear and methodical explanations. She trained a number of God’s Way Ltd volunteers in HTML code and was always available to explain a process or procedure to any of us.

Kate is thoughtful and she often brought a sense of fun to the work she did with us. We had many laughs together while getting hard work done!

Over the years, Kate and Jesus have spent a lot of time together, working on programming projects and discussing spiritual and personal ideas and feelings.

Jesus loved working with Kate as she has a number of qualities that are unusual in people on Earth. She is a technologically minded person who is easy to work with; she listens and follows directions. Kate was never concerned with making a lot of money, rather she wanted a life of meaning. And because she is passionate about God’s Truth and assisting others to learn it, Kate lived on a lot less money than she would have received had she been working commercially.

Jesus has often commented that computer programming is a lonely job and, even though Kate loves people and being social, she was willing to work solidly on programming tasks that she and Jesus devised, without attention or accolades from others.

Over the past year Jesus and Kate have met for 4-8 hours once or twice a week as they worked towards the completion of the updated interface for the Divine Truth and God’s Way Ltd websites and a back end database would allow for a search engine on both websites. Following the meetings, Kate would then spend the rest of the God’s Way Ltd work period completing the steps she and Jesus had decided upon. Many of these projects will now be shelved for the foreseeable future. In this way Kate’s contributions are immeasurable. She enabled Jesus and I to work towards big goals by consistently being available and desirous to work on programming tasks, putting in time that Jesus doesn’t have.

Even though Kate’s skills were most often required in computer and information technology tasks, she still sought to learn and understand the goals and aims of every project within Divine Truth and God’s Way Ltd. When she wasn’t programming, she took personal time to visit projects, learn the processes and procedures involved in each one, and whenever she could, she took part in physical labour on every project.

Kate (centre) with the team, after a morning digging & seeding in terraces

Kate loves educating others about God’s Way and Divine Truth’s goals. She acted as a tour guide for visitors during the God’s Way Ltd Volunteer Selection Programme. She had the aspiration to one day be a manager in God’s Way Ltd.

Kate has a logical nature and always brings attention to detail to whatever project she is involved in. She loves to keep a clean and organized space. Kate also loves making systems more effective. Whenever Kate works on a job she thinks about its purpose and about how to improve it.

Kate is a determined person who values truth. We love that whatever Kate is thinking or feeling, she is honest about it and does not hide it. Kate can be quirky, cheeky, stubborn, playful, annoyed, self reflective, quick witted and passionate – and she never did anything to cover over any of it. Kate is an honest person and this is a part of what makes her a joy to be around.

She shows perseverance in all things she deems to be loving and worthwhile. If Kate thinks a thing is right – even if it was difficult for her to achieve – she sticks with it.

Kate’s femininity shines through in all her expressions and creations.

Even though Kate is a logical thinker, she also has a flair for the aesthetic. This brought added value to her programming work, as she wasn’t simply trying to get the desired technical outcome, she also wanted the end product and user interface to be pleasing for the user. She considers both function and beauty.

She loves design, including home decor and landscape design. Recently she has been painting and refinishing a dining setting in her home. Kate loves the arts and was a supporter of the National Ballet. She has a beautiful bohemian fashion sense.

In the years that we have known Kate she has often gifted us with her singing. As soon as Kate moved to Queensland she began making friends and performing music with others in the local area who are musically inclined.

Kate performed regularly in the local area busking or through paid gigs at markets, weddings, and parties. She also took part in the local Kingaroy musical production of CATS. Recently, another God’s Way director and member, Eloisa, has been writing a musical play and Kate was a keen consultant, contributing musical arrangements and a rap song.

A small group of us share transport for our weekly shopping trip to Kingaroy. We have taken to sharing our creative projects on the drive. As in all things, Kate was considerate and attentive to detail in her feedback on our poems or songs. And each week there was inevitably laughter and tears as we all shared about our lives and personal aspirations. Kate has a dry sense of humour and a level headed honesty which makes it a pleasure to be around her.

Kate loves to host guests and she has often made her home open to people with an interest in Divine Truth who were visiting the local area. Sorcha and Elias recently became her housemates which made Kate very happy. She had wanted to share her home with others for a number of years.

Kate hosting guests in her home – January 2023

Kate has always shown an independent spirit, including her willingness to choose a path and values different from her family.

Even though she has often found it difficult to receive love from those around her, Kate is passionate about God and having others learn about God. A sadness she felt before passing was not being able to help to demonstrate a practical example of God’s Way of Living on Earth.

Kate has been working to overcome the judgement of emotion that she learned in her early childhood. She was prone to self attack and still at times sought the attention of her family believing it to be love. She had not yet grieved their lack of interest in her life and her personality, though she was aware of it and spoke about it.

At times Kate felt angry about the need to feel through painful, uncomfortable emotion in order to progress. However she always persisted in her exploration of truth and told me she would never give up on learning humility.

In writing this post, it is difficult to capture Kate’s essence and nature. Each description feels inadequate. We feel fortunate to have met her and to know her well.

Jesus and I treasured having Kate as a part of our lives on Earth and we will greatly miss her practical assistance on the many projects she was passionate about. We both enjoyed working with her on tasks that mattered to the distribution of God’s Truth on Earth. We look forward to our ongoing friendship as Kate continues her growth and development in the spirit life.

Since her entry into the spirit world Kate feels liberated of the problems with her eyesight and hearing which she had experienced everyday for over 34 years. She commented to me that she feels full of energy and free to move. As she adjusts to her new home in the second sphere of the spirit world, she will continue to work on her blocks to being loved and receiving love from God.

On Friday, we were talking with Kate about her new home. As is typical for Kate, she is inquisitive about her new life and she is seeking assistance from spirits who want to help her to learn. She has met some of her friends that she had made in her sleep state and she is in a higher sphere than her ancestors who have been invested in influencing her. They can no longer pressure her towards self judgement, withdrawal, and worry about image, as they did while she was on Earth.

Kate commented that everything feels freer and lighter. She loves the quality of colour she can see. Kate’s curious nature and interest in how things work already has her investigating the laws that govern life and matter in the spirit world.

We love you Kate. Thank you for your service to God’s Truth on Earth.