A letter about Coronavirus & vaccination

Dear AJ and Mary,

Thanks for the wonderful truths you have shared with the world. I have loved them.
I have heard that you are supporting the recent vaccines from several sources including Alex.
It makes me wonder if you are fully informed about what you are supporting.

Do you know

1.  The ingredients and contents of the vax
2.  The intentions of the creators of the vax
3.  The efficacy or effectiveness of the vax

It seems to me that it would not be ethical to support the vax without being fully informed about these issues.

So, I wonder, have you researched these issues, or do you disagree with my analysis of what is ethical?

Hope you are well,

Wattle in bloom – God’s Way Ltd Function Centre

Hi Kris

I find it very revealing that your email to me (is it your first communication with me?) contains no desire to discuss issues regarding a relationship with God, loving principles affecting yourself and your behaviour, or anything about your own soul condition. These are areas that I personally wish to discuss and I have virtually no interest at all in discussing vaccines.

I must say though that, like you, many others have sent emails with a similar theme, usually criticizing what they believe I have said or done without personally having had any interaction with me, and without bearing in mind that all third party musings are subject to being modified by the condition of love existing in the people sharing them. I also must say that these kinds of questions demonstrate many unloving motives, including a large amount of fear, presumption and arrogance in the person sending them to me.

That being said, I will provide a short (and certainly not complete) answer to your questions, as I currently have a little time to do so. So here goes.

In regards to disease, what happens to a person’s physical body is directly under the control of the soul and its condition of love, and limited by the physical design parameters of the body itself.

Voluntarily medical procedures (including taking a vaccine) are of no direct risk to the soul and its development, nor do they generally interfere with the soul’s relationship with God. Indirectly, engaging medical procedures frequently indicates a high degree of fear about death and pain, and if the soul is in any degree of fear, this is, of course, very damaging to a relationship with God and with others.

From the soul’s perspective, there are many loving reasons why a person with limited development in love may consider taking a vaccine, however, once a soul is completely in harmony with God’s Love, there is never any need for any vaccine.

However, even in a condition of at-onement with God, there may be reasons why a person chooses to use a vaccine even though they do not need one (such as conforming to Human made Laws in order to more easily share God’s Truth), but there would be no fear of any vaccine. The vaccine of choice would be one that mimics as closely as possible the normal process of being exposed to a virus. Fear of death is not a valid reason for taking a vaccine, just as fear of a vaccine is not a valid reason for refusing a vaccine. Fear is the primary cause of all human problems, and fear itself is in direct contradiction to love.

Taking a vaccine is potentially very risky for the physical body, unless the vaccine mimics as closely as possible the normal process of being exposed to a virus. God has made the human body with the ability to cope with many risks, and, as long as the soul is in harmony with love, the body will respond to any virus in a loving manner by creating its own resilience to the infection.

Medicines or drugs (including recreational drugs, alcohol, caffeinated coffee, etc) can interfere with the soul’s connection to the body by interfering with the communication of information between the spirit body and the physical body through the silver cord that connects the two bodies. They can also interfere with the correct operation of the body by interfering with the design parameters of the body such as the brain, hormones, the nervous system, the vascular system and so on. So under many circumstances medicines or drugs can be permanently dangerous to the body itself.

Medicines or drugs (including recreational drugs, alcohol, caffeinated coffee, etc) can also be dangerous to the soul if the person taking them feels or acts out of harmony with love towards oneself or others either in the motivation to take, or under the influence of, such compounds. Of course, a vaccine is often less dangerous to the soul than something like alcohol, drugs, or coffee is, since a person addicted to alcohol, drugs, or coffee often acts unlovingly to others, whereas it is highly unlikely a person will become addicted to a vaccine, and less likely they will act unlovingly due to taking a vaccine (although the current superior attitude that often develops from taking a vaccine of course does affect the development of the soul).

On the other hand, many people refusing a vaccine are very unloving and superior as well, and they often resort to very unloving behaviour towards others, which of course damages their own soul condition. It is ironic that they try to “protect” their body in a flawed manner, but further destroy their soul condition by their actions and attitudes. The best protection of the body comes from soul condition improvements.

A person can be in a loving state and take a vaccine, and they also can be in a loving state and not take a vaccine. It depends very much on the motivation of the individual and if fear is driving either decision.

I do not know what you have been told Kris, but I personally do not “support” (as you call it) any vaccine. You do not know me personally very well, and have not had any real personal discussions with me. Listening to or believing other persons interpretations of what I have said or believe, and then accusing me based upon your assumptions, is very unloving behaviour towards me, and illustrates my points above. Of course, the persons who have shared their erroneous interpretations of what I have said with you are also being unloving to me and to you.

If you must get a vaccine at all, I do personally believe that some vaccines are safer than others to use (due to the technology used within the vaccine). If you wish to get a vaccine, that is your personal decision, just as if you wish to not have a vaccine, that is also your personal decision. What you do with your body and its safety is your personal responsibility. I have no business interfering with your personal decision, and no doctor or government has any business interfering with your personal decision either, just as you have no business interfering with my personal decision (which is one of your bad motives I was talking about at the beginning of this email). Of course, any personal decision you make that is out of harmony with love towards your soul or the soul of others, will damage your soul.

The current fearful political, social and economic climate regarding vaccines, and the unloving intentions of governments and many of the earth’s industries (such as but not limited to the pharmaceutical, weapons manufacturing, media, and social media companies), is where much more damage is occurring to humanity at the soul level.

These matters certainly deserve exposure and discussion from God’s perspective. God expects humans to solve these severe problems but they can only be solved by changing our condition of love as individuals. Loving individuals create loving governments and industry.

The current COVID panic (read panic, not pandemic), being the result of greed and fear, indicates severe problems in the human condition which existed before the COVID panic. COVID has merely highlighted these issues to westerners in particular. Much of the world’s population was already living with the consequences of unloving and corrupt government and industry before the COVID panic, and western government and industry is often the cause of a huge amount of pain and injustice for all of humanity.

As I have said to everyone I have spoken to, I personally have no intention of getting a vaccine unless:

1. It can be proven to me that the vaccine mimics as closely as possible the normal process of being exposed to a virus, and;

2. I have a reason that is loving towards others to get the vaccine (such as improving my flexibility to travel in order to share Divine Truth personally with others).

I have no desire to dictate to others (as you obviously do) as to what they should do. I have taught for many years God’s principles of Love and Truth, along with God’s Laws, and many like yourself, through comments made in emails to me, demonstrate they do not understand the fundamentals God’s Laws, the Soul, and the Principles of Love and Truth. This indicates that either the listener is insincere, or/and that I have much more work to do sharing these truths.

If people emailing me about COVID and vaccines did understand God’s Laws, the Soul, and the Principles of Love and Truth, they would feel like I do, and have virtually no interest at all in discussing vaccines, but rather would be much more interested in discussing matters about their own personal soul development, and understanding better God’s principles of Love and Truth, and be even more strongly motivated to bring their own soul and its actions into harmony with God’s Loving Laws.

Instead, I see most people, including those who have been listening to God’s Truth, living in their addictions and fears, and COVID has become a trigger for their justification of even more unloving actions. This is very unfortunate, but it does expose the true soul condition of the individual.

Anyway Kris, that is all I have the time to share on the subject at the moment. Remember that I am interested in your soul’s welfare first. I encourage you to be more interested in developing the loving condition of your soul, rather than using unloving behaviour to attempt to control things that only love can solve.

Your friend