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A New & Beautiful Horizon

I know that so many of you have been sending your prayers with us on this trip, especially for the Brazilian leg of our journey. It’s our first time in Brazil and we have arrived because a man here in Brazil, called Denny discovered the Divine Truth. He felt so inspired by the truth that he began to give free sessions about Divine Truth following his other classes on iridology and family dynamics. 
When we shared Denny’s story some of you in Australia were so inspired by his efforts that you donated the funds for us to travel here. 
So here we are in Brazil, a place where every religion in the world is practiced. It is also a land where today’s common teachings of reincarnation are so entrenched that there is a saying here in Portuguese when things are going badly ‘I must have thrown stones at the cross’. Even Christians it seems are not immune to the belief in multiple past lives.
We left Barbados on Thursday and travelled 24 hours (via Miami) to arrive in the city of our first talks, ‘Belo Horizonte’, which means Beautiful Horizon. The city is in the mountains and has around 5 million inhabitants. 
Adriana, a professional translator from the south of Brazil, flew in to gift her translation to us for the entire weekend session. She has been following the path for two years via youtube and MP3 recordings and it was great to finally meet her. She was helped out for some of the translating on the weekend by a new and lovely friend, Isabella. 
About 50 people arrived to our first session on Saturday, and AJ covered two topics on the day – ‘The Truth about God’ & ‘The Truth about the Human Soul’. There was varied interest and already the topic of reincarnation was raised with some mixed responses. 
On Sunday I participated, channelling some of the spirits who were present with the audience and AJ spoke about ‘The Truth About Spirits & Reincarnation’. While many mixed emotions were stirred in those present, overall the air was clear and AJ was able to speak clearly and explain a great deal.
I was also aware of a huge response in the spirit world. 
Brazilians have an exuberance about them and a huge desire to be involved with others and evidently this doesn’t change after passing. So I could feel much chatter, confusion, outrage, joy and grief at the discussion surrounding reincarnation. 
Yesterday we spent recording an interview between AJ and Denny with Adriana doing live translation. Last night we shared long discussion and delicious falafel with some new friends. 
We are enjoying our stay and have passed on your love to many as you sent it.

Sincerity or Hypocrisy?

In England we talked about sincerity in spiritual growth, and how quietly and easily hypocrisy can slide into our lives, creating facade, eroding our good deeds and causing stagnation. 
As we wake from the numb slumber of addiction and avoidance, its tempting to soothe the restless soul with ‘spiritual’ words and thoughts that we think spell progress.

As facade cracks, pain and loneliness so long covered over, begin to seep forth, we grapple for ‘control’, to understand, to feel we know and we can cope. 

And in doing so we can end up spending time talking, instead of growing, we loose sight of truth and open the way for hypocrisy.

But true joy is to be found in the other choice
The choice of faith in the process God has designed, to trust that His Ways will have us cope the best. 
True progress requires this choice, this trust. 
Our group was small and intimate, which made for great discussion!
The measure of our sincerity is how often we choose love and humility in our day-to-day lives. And these choices will germinate into actions, since they can do nothing else.

When we take action in sincerity:

1. We will confront all issues of love and untruth in our lives meaning that change is certain
2. Error will begin to leave us which means that pain is certain
3. We open ourselves to God and to our true selves so that joy is certain

Sincerity about spiritual growth leads to action and change in our lives automatically.

For me, this talk, this visit was good soul food. Stuff to sustain me, stuff to inspire me.

It was also great to stay with and catch up with dear people. Thank-you Mike, Fi, Luca, Angela & Peter.

Heligfjall – in opposite season

Some days I look around at the world we live in and I see injustice and greed, hard times and hunger. My grief is so much that I don’t want to let it go and allow it to wash over me. At those times I loose sight of God. I don’t see His Hand in the things around me. I strangle our connection by choking down on my own emotion.

But there are certain days, and special places on the Earth, where God’s Power, Her Stamp on things, is suddenly able to open me and to crowd all my disillusionment out. 
Eva & Per’s home at Heligfjall is one of those places.
What was in winter a magical wonderland of white, crisp beauty, is now transformed into a rich colourful feast for the senses.
The sun is shining 24 hours a day and the landscape is a palette of vibrant greens, sprinkled with wildflowers of every colour of the rainbow. 
Birds are singing and the air is alive with bugs, mosquitoes, and insects of every kind. Big bumble bees weigh down flowers on their moving feast amongst a living bouquet. 
In the woods by our cottage –the place last winter we called our ‘church’ for its still, quiet beauty that felt ethereal and earthly all at once – the neighbour has seen a mama bear and her two cubs.
But perhaps most striking of all is the smell. Fresh mountain air is mixed with sweet aromas of new growth of spruce and pine trees, blooming grass and fresh flower. It blends together to create a scent akin to honey. I find myself wanting to drink the air!
Everything in God’s creation shouts ‘life’ and ‘growth’. As man still struggles for dominion everywhere on earth, here at least it is evident that God and Her Creations are full of love and are a force of great power.
We are spending our days exploring the land and talking with Eva and Per about their Learning Centre plans. We are harvesting wild greens for our salads and smoothies, and sharing with visitors interested in this area.
The community here is sustained by logging and the common summer pastimes are hunting and fishing. We are discussing ways to regenerate logged land and create a safe haven for all kinds of wildlife. Some of the local youth are already interested in this idea for an ‘eco park’. Ideas on how to serve this community in northern Sweden are on all our lips often. I love that about our stay.
July 2012
The same spot in January 2012!

Summer in Sweden

Its summer in Sweden, and the Swedes have wide smiles and relaxed gait as the sunshine warms and thaws things out. Here in Gothenburg, dusk occurs at 12am and the birds start chirping at 3am! Its strange for our already confused sleep patterns (smile).

We had a fantastic weekend with around 80 people in attendance. AJ gave awesome talks focussing mainly around the law of attraction. Here are some photos of the days.

Greece + Your Guides & Guardians

In the car ride from the airport, Katerina tells us that people are feeling the financial pinch but she says that “Maybe this is good, since its bringing everyone closer to their emotions.” During our short stay of 5 days in Athens, I processed a lot, I ate good food, I faced myself in ways I had been avoiding for far too long.
All-in-all I found Greece an easier place to be and we enjoyed the company of old and new friends at dinner.
There were riots in downtown the night before we left but for us we were talking our own revolution in Kat and Artur’s living room. We spoke about this crazy heart desire to start the transformation of our own souls, on how to love and heal the rifts and wounds of family life, on how to walk the Narrow Way.
On the morning of our first Greece talk, some spirit friends dropped in to offer some very practical advice to those in the group.
Practical Tips for Staying Connected to Your Spirit Guides & Guardians:
  1. Stay Hydrated

    Drink plenty of plain (non-carbonated, non-flavoured) water, at least three litres a day.

  1. Get Connected with Your Body and its Feelings

    Feel your emotions and where they are stored in the body. We are close to you but can’t communicate with you as well when you are ‘in your head’ (dominated by your intellect) or more attuned to the feelings of others.

    We recommend daily gentle exercise – heavy exertion can detune you as much as inactivity. Focus on movement while you stay connected to your breathe and physical sensations.

    Also, take time each day to be still while you tune into your breath, your feelings and the sensations in your body.

    We communicate with your spirit body and not always with words or thoughts – the more hydrated you are, the more in connection with your physical body’s sensations you are, the more sensitive you will become to your spirit body’s feelings.

  1. Eat mainly live, light food. Avoid stuffing yourself with starch and carbohydrates. These things dull your senses and encourage numbness. The more in touch with your feelings you are the more complete the message we will be able to give you will be.
  1. Foster imagination and creativity in your life, in whatever way you are drawn to. We can communicate inspiration to you better when you are open to new possibilities and ideas. Any type of creative pursuit encourages these qualities.
  1. Take action in your life in your passion and desires.  We can give you clear and often immediate feedback when you are engaging your passions and desires in a certain direction. When you constantly sit in indecision or inaction and intellectually ponder issues we find it difficult to give clear guidance. Beware of trying to ‘figure everything out’, rather than being humble to the fact that you won’t have everything right immediately and no amount of intellectual pondering or planning will change that. We exist to lovingly guide you towards what is good, loving and true and for those who desire it, we would guide you to God.
  1. Feel yourself rather than the feelings of others. Beware of addictions and abdicating your will. Make time for prayer, quiet and feelings. Don’t fill every space in your day with noise and activity. Spend time away from the computer, TV, phone and music. Be in nature, be creative, and focus on feeling yourself and longing for God. Too often you are engaged with the feelings or others and pre-occupied with pleasing them.

    Our focus is on your best welfare and growth; many of you do not share our focus! So this impedes our communication. By disengaging from pleasing others and beginning to make growth your priority we will find guiding you so much easier.

  1. Regard us as friends, not as far-off, impersonal beings. Each of you is a unique individual with specific interests, talents and passions. We too are all individuals. We have been allocated to you because we share common passions and personality traits with you. You may come to view us as friends for this is how we feel for you. We have much love and regard for you. We care deeply for your welfare but do not feel ourselves to be your superiors merely as your friends with and interest in your safety and well-being. When you regard us as lofty, dispassionate and without a life and personality of our own, you distance yourselves from us.

    While it is true that many of us are now completely free from error, we have each lived a life on earth and we understand the trials and difficulties you face in your growth towards your true self and towards God. When you regard us as ‘pure’, you often feel we have always been chaste and uncorrupted. Many of you have the feeling or belief that we cannot directly relate to your experience or understand you. We wish to tell you that we do, many times we are more aware of exactly what you face than you are, and usually we have face similar things during our own life on earth. This is why we have become your guide.

Please feel that you can get to know us – as your dear friends – this will help us to be in better rapport.
With much love to each dear friend assembled,
Your spirit guides and guardians.


The extreme cold that effected all of Europe hit while we were in Gothenburg. The thermometer on the outside of our cosy apartment registered -15 degrees, and Per in Vilhemina told us his had dropped to -40. 
The hospitality and our central heating however were so warm that we were never uncomfortable.

We held three great seminars here and it was evident to both us how our own emotions effect who attends and how things go. In the week following our second seminar we both connected to some big stuff and the third session was a dream. 
Thank-you to all of the Swedes who made us welcome and those from other countries that made the trip. We had fun – hope you did too!


Just before we hopped the planes back to Gothenburg, we stopped for lunch in the tiny town of Vilhemina. This is the town closest to Heligfjall and where Per heads up the school.

Eva and Per have been renting an apartment there before the move to Heligfjall (which happened just weeks before we arrived). The apartment looks over the lake and I marveled at Eva’s very healthy looking orchids seemingly impervious to the extreme cold in the visa behind them.


Our days at Helgfjall are spent exploring the property which has its very own bakery, sauna, barn, cellar, lakehouse and cabins apart from the main house where Eva and Per stay and the 100 year old cottage that AJ & I sleep in. 

We spend hours discussing this idea of ‘Learning Centre’ and gradually without us realising it, it seems that the Centre shifts from an idea to a living thing. 
Per, AJ & Rita – the bakery in the background
By the stream

Per, AJ & Anna dig to the cellar

We gather with the others to make a meal and talk for hours about what it means to live our lives in testament to the Truths we already know, and how we may teach though living example.

Late one afternoon (just before dusk at 3pm) AJ & I don snow shoes and walk out into the woods where huge birch trees reach up tall to the sky while heavy snow tugs their branches earthward.
into the woods…
We still ourselves and let the silence envelop us. Eva & Per call this place a ‘church’ and I feel their meaning.
There are already many messages for me this trip but so far the reoccurring tug on my soul is about how seldom I make space in my life to deeply long for God, to let Him Love me. In the quiet, pre-dawn hours where jet-lag finds me alert and alone I quake at the potential of this connection with Him. I am surprised to find how much I still fear His Love. And here again in the snow subdued woods, at the place named ‘holy’, I know again that God is always there – between the moments, in the space, His presence, His Love, like the hulking calm and peace that immediately surrounds us in the snow subdued woods…. He waits – a quiet immense presence ready to envelop us in Love the moment we invite Him into our hearts. 

Mine these days is a trembling heart, awake to possibility, enlivened by the passion in those we meet, awed by the Infinite Care I feel guiding my life. It is a heart that feels so humbled by the Love that I must breathe deeply here in the forest. I must breathe to stay present and not run and hide like the small, unworthy child  I believe myself to be.


The bears are sleeping at Vilhemina, hunkered down, preparing to raise cubs in the spring.

We arrive at night by propeller plane.
It is snowing as we cross the tarmac and I am grateful for the jacked loaned to me by one of our welcoming committee in Gothenburg this morning. We have travelled all day; on three separate flights, joined by friends along the way.
Anna & Anna join us in Gothenburg

Joy & Rita join us for the final flight from Stokholm to Vilhemina

on the tarmac

Eva meets us and bundles us into a warm, waiting car to cover the distance remaining to her and her husband, Per’s, new home. 

We wind our way along a road lined with birch and fur trees, their branches bravely holding up under the 40cm of snow that has fallen in the past week. Ice and softly falling snowflakes reflect the light from the headlights as Eva drives us north. 
Already I know that we have landed in a wonderful place, so strange, striking and crazy beautiful. 
It takes us 40 minutes to drive to ‘Heligfjall’, which means holy mountain in the language of the indigenous Sami people. A people who believe, that no land is ever owned except by God.
Heligfjall lies in south Lapland, just a few hundred kilometres shy of the arctic circle. It is the place that our friends, Eva and Per, have chosen to make their new home and to create a place of learning and growth they hope it will become a Gods Way of Love Learning Centre.
We turn into an arching driveway that just last week bore the prints of a passing lynx, and the small 2WD car fails at this final leg. So we walk to the house in the snow, dry, white and thick below our boots, and still falling gently upon our heads and faces. Per greets us with a warm hug and we pass into the kitchen complete with combustion stove and candles burning.
We have been up since 4 am and by now are bone tired but still we sit in the cosy kitchen for hours more, till past midnight, listening to the story of this couple and their adventures and turmoils of the past few months.
Per has spent his life a company man, a successful engineer working for a large car company. He has been accustomed to working amongst men and machines, to variables, which are concrete, controllable and fixable.
He tells us of a decision he made to finally remove the armour around his heart and soul, and to and heal emotionally. Within a few short months, this man with a Masters degree in Science but no experience in classrooms, now finds himself the Principle of a local high school. In this tiny outpost of community, where the local industries are fishing and hunting and teen pregnancy, unemployment and alcohol abuse are common, Per has challenged himself to become a leader and a creator of new possibilities for the youth that frequent his new office. His days are now filled with different, less controllable variables and he will freely admit that the armour is challenged and falling away. 
As Per tells his story I can feel what a gift this tiny school has been given. These people, this community has engaged his heart. What better gift to offer youth but a leader who is humble? A person who listens not just to the nuts and bolts of their stories but one who feels the nuance and hardship and wants to work with them to find new solutions. 
And we all reflect on the perfection of Gods Laws that always bring us exactly what we need in order to heal and serve well. The gifts are ever present and if we only trust in a Wisdom far greater than our own, not only do we receive but so often the opportunity to give our own gifts is created. 
My heart nearly bursts at the beauty and power of God to alter our souls towards joy if only that we follow our hearts in humility and a desire to love. But such journeys commence with sensations that feel like risk, and loss, and it is too easy to panic and clamour to know what next strange thing may lie just over the horizon. Courage is needed to take our first steps outside of what is comfortable and familiar, and I believe we will be called upon again and again to dig deep, and breathe hard and have faith. We may quake in our boots many times if we are to stay the course.
We finish our tea and smile at our friends. These people are brave – and it inspires me. 
Eva and Per will tell you such things are not comfortable or easy. But their growth is evident and adventure hangs like an excited newcomer in the air at Heligfjall.