A Message From Riddle {The Great Experiment Series}

This year I’ve been working my way through a series of Padgett Messages that discuss the experiences of people developing their relationship with God through prayer. Many of the messages are from people who are experimenting with this longing for the first time.

I’ve also invited some friends on Earth to share their experiences with ‘the Great Experiment’. I’m loving their stories (hope you are too).

Here’s a summary of the Truths found in the latest message in the series. Its from Padgett’s old friend, Riddle. I loved the quantity and calibre of Truths that Riddle was able to share in this seemingly straightforward message.

You can read the message in full by clicking here.

Truths In The Message Received by Padgett on 20th January, 1915

  • Sincerely engaging ‘The Experiment’ opens our eyes to the things of the spirit and our hearts to God’s Love.

  • Receiving God’s Love makes us beautiful, happy and joyous.
  • In order to receive God’s Love perseverance and a growing faith is required.
  • Prayer is effective.

  • God’s Love is beyond our comprehension. Nothing compares to it, it’s unimaginable.(Mary’s side note: actually no matter what our condition – even at-onement with God – receiving God’s Love is always overwhelming)
  • God’s Love makes us feel new.

  • Receiving God’s Love elevates the mind. It is no longer preoccupied with mere intellectual thoughts.
  • Knowledge of God’s Laws & Nature is good but a knowledge of His Love is necessary, and far more satisfying and desirable.
  • As we receive God’s Love we gain soul understanding of God’s other qualities and attributes. These include His Wisdom & Power.
  • It’s worth listening to Jesus.

  • Only when a person has a soul awakening of a love for God can they recognise Jesus for who he is.
  • There are many benefits to receiving God’s Love while on earth. It can save much suffering after passing. Riddle believes that everyone should know how important (necessary even) it is to obtain God’s Love while still on earth.
  • Our prayers help others.

  • If people in the world understood the true Way of Divine Love, much suffering, unhappiness would be avoided. We would not sin as we do.


If you are like me and you love to follow the character and stories of people, you can find more about Albert Riddle’s journey in the spirit world prior to this message here, here, here and here.

Of course Riddle writes to Padgett again and again over the years. The messages I have referenced above are just those prior to Riddle’s report on obtaining Divine Love and entering the Third Sphere on the 20th of January, 1915.


What do you think of this message? Did you see any more Truths not in my list?

6 thoughts on “A Message From Riddle {The Great Experiment Series}

  1. telloutmysoul

    Mary Thank you for waking us all up to our own condition (the Four D’s) and your encouragement to try The Great Experiment and to keep on keeping on with God. I feel great excitement reading about this relatively unknown band of men and women, some on earth, some in the spirit world embarking on this Experiment and a lot of joy and happiness reading what pretty rapid changes occur in their condition and the snowball effect it has on Padgett’s other lawyer friends who were still in a dark and dreary place.

    The things that leap out at me are

    Seeking for Divine Love is the most important thing we could ever do, for ourselves, for God and for our brothers and sisters.

    The important effect of encouragement and love from other people who care about us, know the truth and have our best interests at heart. Riddle was moved to pray himself, by Padgett praying for him. That has made me reflect and ponder on what I really believe about the power of my own prayers for others.

    The power of an honest assessment of our own condition – Riddle has to accept that others are in a better condition than him and there is a reason for that. Often I have had to see someone with better true self esteem or resilience or honesty (and feel the pain of our own condition) to realise I have very little of those qualitiies.

    We can PRAY TO GOD TO HELP US BELIEVE. (Who is this God who is so generous that even when we don’t believe he will help us to believe, that when we are in the dirt of our own making, he stretches out his arm of friendship and love with no conditions, no recriminations and a sincere and beautiful love for us.)

    It is possible to receive faith from God. Ditto above.

    Jesus is a very encouraging bloke and wants us all to have what he has and believes that it is possible for us to do it.

    Amazing things happen in the presence of Divine Love.

    We need to ASK for love, faith and belief so our part is to realise that we don’t have them.(even as I write this I realise that God will anser that prayer as well if we don’t know what is going on).

    There need be no jealousy or competition for God’s love – there’s plenty of it.

    The importance of not hiding your light if you have received God’s love and know some truths – it encourages others with less faith.

    Jesus comes when our soul has a sincere desire for God’s Love.

    The importance of the parental role of demonstrating that it is possible to receive God’s Love.

    With Love


    1. Mary Post author


      I love how thoughtfully you engage with every one of these messages. Your desire to reflect on yourself and to really know God (despite how much it challenges you at times :-)) are such beautiful qualities I see in you.

      Thank-you for your insights.

  2. Luli Faber

    The word perseverance really stuck in my mind after reading this post of yours.

    As you know I’ve spent a good month or so in very sturdy, stoic, British stiff upper lip resistance, “experimenting” with everything other than the Way – and discovering it makes one feel utterly crap. Does food work? No. Keeping busy? No. Going all intellectual? No. Socialising? Not really – only a brief distraction.

    So with the word “perseverance” sitting in my head, and too much pain to deal with any longer, I finally went, “OK God I give in. I’ll try it your way. Here’s my heart, do with it what you want.”

    … and it worked! Hurray! In came some Love, out went some grief, and up went my faith, one notch on the way to infinity. And everything around me became softer.

    So thank you for posting the word “perseverance”. For some reason it really made a difference to me – perhaps because it gave me permission to be patient with myself.

    Love you guys


  3. telloutmysoul

    Mary I am so glad you brought this message to my attention. Perseverance in wanting to feel and resolve my blocks to God and desiring to have personal truth and becoming more loving are very slowly becoming very important to me. I don’t know how it would have happened without you as each time I felt opposed to a church teaching which was unloving I felt there was something wrong with me and I just needed to shape up my ideas and see how it was really loving.

  4. telloutmysoul

    I’ve come back to looking at A G Riddle’s letters as his journey from no faith to receiving Divine Love intrigues and fascinates me – it’s a journey i want to take. In one of his letters he says “You are very dear to me as I have told you, and I have the greatest confidence in what you tell me, and believe that what you tell me is the truth, but I cannot understand it all, and hence my faith is not very strong. I understand what you say and I see that you are right, and I will try to do as you say. My mind is such that I have required proof of everything before I could believe; but now I see that there are some things which cannot or need not be proved in order for me to believe, and I must accept them as true by the mere exercise of faith; so I will now try, and pray God to give me this love and increase my faith. You must also pray for me. Yes, I know what you mean. He has told me that you are to do his work and you certainly are a favored man, for I cannot conceive of any mortal being given that great office, and having the love of God and of Jesus to such an extent as to make him worthy or qualified to do it. But rest assured if you need any help in any way, and I obtain that great possession for which I will strive, I will be with you and help you in every way possible. You are very close to Jesus as I am informed, and he certainly is a wonderful spirit – the brightest and most lovely that I have ever seen in the spirit world. He tells me of the way to the Father as he calls God and I listen to him and try to believe what he tells me, but somehow I have my doubts and he turns away as if in great pity and love. He will not let me alone very long, but keeps telling me of the wonderful love of God, and how willing God is to give me his love and blessings. But I do not understand as I have told you.

    You seem to help me more, for you are somehow closer to me and more in accord with my condition of mind and thought. You are too much given to what I call right thinking about these spiritual matters to ever try to tell me what is not true.

    Yes, that is what they all say, but until I do have this faith and love I cannot realize that he is a very great teacher. I mean that I cannot believe what he tells me so easily as what you tell me.

    I am praying all the time, and now I will pray with more understanding, or rather belief that it is not necessary for me to understand the process of obtaining this love, but that it is mine if only I believe that it is.”

    I’ve included a long quote because I didn’t want to take his words out of context but I am puzzled by his last statement as it seems out of tune with the Divine Truth teachings. I mean “that it is not necessary for me to understand the process of obtaining this love, but that it is mine if only I believe that it is.” I suppose it does get down to a personal issue because when I pray (if i am honest) i don’t really yet believe much that God has any love to give me. I felt i was working through that one but my reaction to the comment might be indicating that I’m not really willing to face it. I hope you understand my question.


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