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A Message From Riddle {The Great Experiment Series}

This year I’ve been working my way through a series of Padgett Messages that discuss the experiences of people developing their relationship with God through prayer. Many of the messages are from people who are experimenting with this longing for the first time.

I’ve also invited some friends on Earth to share their experiences with ‘the Great Experiment’. I’m loving their stories (hope you are too).

Here’s a summary of the Truths found in the latest message in the series. Its from Padgett’s old friend, Riddle. I loved the quantity and calibre of Truths that Riddle was able to share in this seemingly straightforward message.

You can read the message in full by clicking here.

Truths In The Message Received by Padgett on 20th January, 1915

  • Sincerely engaging ‘The Experiment’ opens our eyes to the things of the spirit and our hearts to God’s Love.

  • Receiving God’s Love makes us beautiful, happy and joyous.
  • In order to receive God’s Love perseverance and a growing faith is required.
  • Prayer is effective.

  • God’s Love is beyond our comprehension. Nothing compares to it, it’s unimaginable.(Mary’s side note: actually no matter what our condition – even at-onement with God – receiving God’s Love is always overwhelming)
  • God’s Love makes us feel new.

  • Receiving God’s Love elevates the mind. It is no longer preoccupied with mere intellectual thoughts.
  • Knowledge of God’s Laws & Nature is good but a knowledge of His Love is necessary, and far more satisfying and desirable.
  • As we receive God’s Love we gain soul understanding of God’s other qualities and attributes. These include His Wisdom & Power.
  • It’s worth listening to Jesus.

  • Only when a person has a soul awakening of a love for God can they recognise Jesus for who he is.
  • There are many benefits to receiving God’s Love while on earth. It can save much suffering after passing. Riddle believes that everyone should know how important (necessary even) it is to obtain God’s Love while still on earth.
  • Our prayers help others.

  • If people in the world understood the true Way of Divine Love, much suffering, unhappiness would be avoided. We would not sin as we do.


If you are like me and you love to follow the character and stories of people, you can find more about Albert Riddle’s journey in the spirit world prior to this message here, here, here and here.

Of course Riddle writes to Padgett again and again over the years. The messages I have referenced above are just those prior to Riddle’s report on obtaining Divine Love and entering the Third Sphere on the 20th of January, 1915.


What do you think of this message? Did you see any more Truths not in my list?