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Gifts – Divine Truth Data on Hard Disk Drive

Update: All the drives are gone now folks.

We have a few hard disk drives that hold all of the Divine Truth material created to date.

If you would like one of these drives send me an email at I’ll send them off to the first people who email me.




Life has kept me too occupied elsewhere to write much lately.

Eloisa on the other hand wrote this beautiful post on ‘Sheep’.

I feel so proud of my friend – her growth, her humility and her willingness to share.
Can’t wait to see what she and Pete get up to next!


2006 front drive with sheep. Photo taken by Michael Taylor, local Kentucky Artist 2006 front drive with sheep. Photo taken by Michael Taylor, local Kentucky Artist

Sheep are animals that come with all sorts of connotations, assumptions and stereotypes. They are used the world over for a huge amount of products for peoples comfort and consumption. They naturally produce amazing fibre with incredible qualities. I often feel sad at how disposable animals are to people. We do not often truly appreciate the gifts we are given.

I have often heard the phrase ‘sheep are dumb’. I cannot agree and having lived on a sheep property for some years now I can say with certainty that sheep are not dumb. I can also say for certain that sheep reflect the people who ‘own’ them, use them, or who look after them – perfectly – may I be so bold as to say they resemble society at large in many ways.

Sheep have been part of…

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Donations to Mary & Jesus – Update

Quick Update: Please bear with us while we are investigating various new ways for people to donate. Jesus now altered our donations page on the website. We are trialing and have applications pending with a number of money transfer services.

Thank-you very much to everyone who contacted us with suggestions and found other ways to donate to us after our PayPal account was frozen. We believe we have found a number of suitable options but some require us to set up new accounts and go through an application process which involves updates and changes to our website and provision of paperwork, new bank accounts and various other things. After all this our applications may or may not be approved. So we’ll just keep you informed. Hopefully things will be running smoothly soon.

Thanks to those who have already made donations to us via the new available options. Huge gratitude to you all.


There’s been lots of hard work going on around here these days.

The studio build is in full swing and for the past two weeks the guys have also been working on the entryway, plumbing, gardens and landscaping around the new structure.

Things are looking awesome!

Meanwhile, we have an important message regarding your donations:

Firstly, we are so grateful to all of you who have donated to us in the past and who regularly donate to us now. We feel that each of you are a part of helping us to share Divine Truth with the world.

At the moment (as at 12/02/2015) PayPal has arbitrarily frozen and closed our account which we use to receive donations.

So, some important notices:

1. Please cease all donations to our regular PayPal account for now.

We will attempt to withdraw or refund the donations made to us in the past two weeks, but for now please don’t make any further donations to the account. If you have an automated monthly donation to us set-up in your personal PayPal account please cancel this now.

2. While we try to rectify our account with PayPal or find an alternative system through which to receive your donations, if you wish to donate you can do so to my (Mary’s) account

Unfortunately, as we receive the bulk of our donations from overseas via our PayPal account, if we are not able to find an alternative method for donations and/or my PayPal account is also closed, we will be unable to meet some of our ongoing expenses such as maintenance of our bit-torrent synchronization service, our email addresses and a number of other internet services that are hosted internationally, including our website.

I’ll update this post as more information becomes available.

With our love,

Mary & Jesus

The Workers (LtoR) Brendan, Vlado, Cornelius, Jesus

The Workers at Day’s End
(LtoR) Brendan, Vlado, Cornelius, Jesus

Care to Gather in the Spirit of Growth?

*** This post has been updated to include information on Children

In my last post I let you know about a new event format that we plan to try out in 2014. We started calling them Truth Retreats but ditched the name Retreat cause lets face it, it doesn’t really suit us, does it?

I can now confirm that we are now in the planning stages for three ‘Assistance Groups’ in 2014, with the event in Australia now almost reaching its limit for registrations.

If you aren’t quite sure what we are on about and want to know more, I’ve compiled the  information that follows.

Assistance Groups are for you if you:

–          Have the goal to grow in love

–          Have the goal to hear more truth

–          Have a desire to be humble

–          Have a desire to grow in faith

–          Have a desire to exercise your will in harmony with God’s Laws

–          Have a sincere desire to grow God’s Way

–          Wish to receive feedback on issues that are effecting your relationship with God, such as personal addictions, injuries in love and areas where you are lacking ethics

–          Desire to take personal responsibility for your emotions, personal needs, and relationship with God

 Assistance Groups are not for you if you:

–          Haven’t yet made up your mind about the Divine Truth.

There are many hours on our youtube channels that can be viewed for free and should help you make up your mind about our character’s and whether or not you wish to pursue seeking God’s Truth as we teach it more seriously.

–          Want to ‘join’ a group.

Jesus and Mary do not lead a cult, nor any groups, in any form or on any regular basis. They encourage all people they meet to live “in the world” but to be loving, truthful and humble while being with others.

–          Want to avoid lonely, fearful or painful emotions by being with others

–          Want to experience “praying” together or “processing” together

Neither of these things are pure from God’s perspective. Jesus and Mary do not pray with others, nor do they meet with groups in order to process emotions together.

–          Want the chance to dominate Jesus and Mary with personal questions and demands.

Jesus and Mary will quickly reject demands as unloving, and will attempt to correct people who wish to dominate their personal time with expectations.

–          Feel it’s acceptable to demand services from staff at the event venue.

Projecting rage or demands at members of the venue staff is highly unloving. Jesus and Mary will recommend that any person who is unloving with staff without correcting such behaviour will be asked to no longer participate in group activities.

In summary, assistance groups are for those who have a sincere desire to learn how to love God’s Way.

What will happen:

Each group will be held at a venue purpose-built for camps or retreats and will run for eight full days and nine nights. Participants will arrive on a Friday evening and leave on a Sunday morning.

There is likely to be a daily schedule of events which will include:

  •   A number of seminar series. Each will be on a single theme or subject and will follow a progression throughout the eight days.
  •   Mediumship
  •   The possibly of karaoke and sing-a-longs
  •   Various other opportunities for facing fear and having fun

We will also ensure that there will be time allowed for personal reflection and experience of emotions.

Jesus, Mary and Cornelius will be the primary presenters throughout the group. Any presentation will have been developed by, or approved of, by one of these three people.

What I love about planning these groups is that we are able to give participants the opportunity to deepen their understanding of Divine Truth principles in practice. To that end we are likely to suggest personal reflection time and activities after sessions, and to use examples from situations right on hand to explain certain principles.

There will also be the likelihood of spending some informal time with Jesus, Mary, and Cornelius and the chance to receive personal feedback in a group setting . If you do not wish to receive personal feedback in a group setting you need only say and they will cease giving it, however in their personal interactions with you they will always be truthful. If you personally engage Jesus, Mary or Cornelius you must expect some feedback, since they will always give feedback to people who personally engage them.

The three presenters do assume that by attending the gathering you have desire for such feedback, as receiving personal truth is one of the most helpful gifts in growing towards God.

As many of you know this is the experience I have lived with Jesus – in both centuries – and I know of no more effective or beautiful way to progress than to be in the company of someone who loves me, and is willing to be direct and honest, in every moment. This has changed my life again and again.

One of my huge desires for 2014 is to ‘pay forward’ the time, generosity, lessons and love that has been given me, and that I continue to receive, from my soulmate. So this involves me sharing my lessons and being direct and honest with others.

We, Jesus and Mary generally video and record every interaction with groups, and most of these interactions are placed in the public domain. So if you wish to attend a group where anyone at the event is speaking, please expect to be recorded, filmed, and have this material placed on the internet for others to view for free.

What will not happen:

Please keep in mind that Assistance Groups are not about feeling emotions as a group, or about having individuals coach you into emotions.

Things for which we offer no guarantee:

  • Your personal growth

Your capacity to grow throughout the event will depend entirely on your desire and your humility. These things are directly under your control, and there is nothing that we can magically do to ensure that you progress in your relationship with God.

In fact, the level of truth and love experienced by those who come will depend completely upon what they want to experience. There is an opportunity to hear truth, but experiencing truth and love depends on personal humility. The group bearing personal rewards depends upon the same thing.

  • Personal time and personal feedback with Jesus, Mary or Cornelius

Please recognise that by paying to attend the group, you are not paying Jesus and Mary for a service or for their time. A percentage of your attendance fee with be used to cover the expenses of the presenters and support team to travel to the venue and stay there. No money for the group is going to Jesus, Mary, Cornelius or any other presenter personally unless you decide to donate to them (a donation box will be available).


There will be no special programme or arrangements for children attending. They will remain under the care and responsibility of their parents at all times.

Kids will be welcome to attend every presentation or activity held. This not only gives them the opportunity to have some fun through taking part in things like karaoke, but can also give you, the parent, valuable insights into what emotions you are suppressing (and therefore are being reflected to you by your children), and to receive feedback on your parent-child relationship dynamics.

There will be a fee for each child attending to cover catering and accommodation costs.

On a final note, I am super excited about the possibilities for growth for everyone who chooses humility at the event (myself included).

Also, ‘Assistance Groups’ are something we are choosing to do in 2014. But, as you likely know by now, our lives are full of experiments (it is the best way to learn). So we simply don’t know if we’ll be repeating these kinds of events in the future.

If you haven’t yet registered your interest but think that you would like to attend please see the relevant page for more details on how to get that done.




There should be new and definite details appearing on each of these pages in the coming weeks.


New Event Possibilities

We have been back from our USA trip for a little over a week and its great to be back in our bush home, enjoying the abundant sunshine and waking with the birds. I really found our trip in the United States to be personally beneficial and arrived home enthused to deal with loads of emotions and grow, grow, grow towards God.

Since then, I’ve already hit a few brick walls, and also lots of grief, so I’ll keep aiming myself in the right direction and see how things go.

P1050430In 2014 Jesus and I have decided to open ourselves up to some new possibilities for sharing Divine Truth. Some of those I’m writing to tell you about today.

If you click over to the ‘Events’ Tab you’ll find some new pages where you can register your interest to attend a group gathering or ‘Truth Retreat’ in the USA, Europe or Australia in 2014. The details about the format are outlined over there, as well as the method to register your interest.

I’m pretty excited about the potentials of these events if people engage with them sincerely. Of course, as with all things that we do, these events will only go ahead if enough people are interested in attending.

I so enjoyed meeting up with many of you in the United States – thank-you for being very supportive and kind audiences in the times when I chose to get up and say a few words.

Grand Canyon

More Media

The ITV interview was over so quickly and perhaps sometime I’ll write more about this experience.

Now I’m off to bed as we are up again at 4am to prepare and travel to another interview on the Sky News Sunrise programme tomorrow morning.

I’ll update the Events page with details of this and any other interviews we complete for the remainder of the week.

Thanks to all of you who wished us well and offered your prayers for our experience today.

We had a great time!




England @ the last minute!

We received confirmation of our trip to England on Tuesday.

This morning we’re about ready to leave for the airport. We’ll fly out tonight.

While in England we’ll complete a live TV interview on an ITV morning programme called “This Morning”, we’ll meet with a documentary maker who is already scheduled to visit us at home in August, and we’ll hold a seminar in London.

This morning I feel gratitude and excitement. I can see how, over the past 5 years the past 35 years, God has been, constantly and gently, presenting me with new situations, people  and opportunities. The next thing, and then the next thing, each ‘next thing’ a stepping stone in my growth.

In every situation, in every moment, all I’ve had to do, is to take the next step. That is, to embrace what my soul attracts and feels drawn to, as the next opportunity to learn and grow. Sometimes Most times its required courage. But always when I’ve embraced the step forward, wonderful changes have happened in my soul.

When I’ve fought the step, tried to back-pedal, or argue with God that I’m not ready, and/ or generally complained and dug my heels in – in those cases the step hasn’t been made and life hasn’t always been so pretty or rewarding. (laugh – that’s probably putting it mildly)

So this trip to England feels like just another next step. I have a great deal of faith that if I embrace it all, with humility and a desire to grow in love, then I will create new potentials for growth and God in my soul.

I can’t guarantee what will happen on the outside! I mean, I have no idea how the interview will go, if I’ll be able to string half a sentence together, or if everyone (or anyone) will understand our message. But I do have faith that God wants me to know Him and His Truth more, and to do that, I only have to long for it, and to be myself truthfully and humbly in every moment.

So there it is, the challenge in this next step is to be myself more publicly and honestly than I ever imagined.

My dream, the one that has led my soul to this moment,  is that everyone on Earth has the opportunity to know the wonderful Truth about, and the absolute Love of, God.

Being on TV might lead a few people to look at our youtube site and investigate things, but growing my soul, taking the next step? Well that’s the most powerful thing I can do to bring God’s Truth to Earth in a tangible way.

So this trip does feel like a special gift.

Interesting Things

I’ve been adding some links to the side-bar of late. (The side bar is that column on the right – if you scroll down past the list of topics, you’ll find links to Divine Truth websites, along with other Interesting Things I like to read!)

Its so lovely to read of the journey’s of my brothers and sisters aspiring to learn and live Divine Truth. Along with their stories, there are other people and things I see and read that I find thought-provoking (or I should say – emotionally-provoking), so I’ve decided to share a few of each in blog posts more regularly.

Here a list of ‘Interesting Things’ that caught my attention of late:

Kenya 2013 – Denis writing  “What it is all about”:

“For me personally it feels as if the last five years of my life I have been training for this next phase of my journey towards God and the desire to find the real me. My desire to go to Africa started nearly two years ago after meeting Helge …… who is in Namibia, and now building an orphanage for street children with a desire to have a Learning Center, (I hope to visit her soon) and when I heard about Kenya my heart sang, I had to go. I do not know what lies ahead of me, but I have faith that I will be guided to do the best I can. I pray that I can be humble and love my brothers and sisters for they have got my attention at long last.

God is Good”


Our friend Fab creates music as a gift. You can download any of his songs for free on his site.

Recently Fab started to blog as well and I really enjoyed his post, God in a Box.

“What I noticed was that we all created this storage warehouse of boxes to manage and control what we feel about each topic.  It is safe! Ask the questions that the boxes have the answers for.  Not the ones that challenge us, that may seem UNREAL or even fictitious in our Physical world and cant imagine the answer for.”


Eloisa wrote about parenting in her post Thoughts on Children:

I am experiencing first hand how the cycle continues though, and no matter how hard I ‘try’ to be different or just act differently to what I experienced and what happened to me as a child, I notice I am re-creating it due to the fact that ‘trying’ doesn’t make a difference. The feelings, beliefs, emotions that are in me dictate the outcome positive and negative. The cause creates the effect and if I do not release the cause the effects are going to be the same. And I am noticing this is true in my life at this time!

I know my sister Eloisa is going to have so much more wisdom to share about parenting and children as time goes by – I hope she is brave enough to write some more about it!


An introduction to Paige & Kerry who are off to Kenya in two days!

“So we began, as young girls, seeking the answers to these and other questions which have guided us individually, and together, on a path of discovery. Thirsting for more over the years, as one question became ten, our yearning has as attracted into our lives the Secrets of The Universe and in turn, the Principles of Divine Truth*. Finally, a thorough scientific, logical, investigative, heart opening, soul inspiring explanation of us and the world we live in. At last, something tangible with which to experiment- and that’s just what we have been doing over the past two and a half years.”

By the way, these girls have their own youtube channel, and their “Little Desert Curry” clip cracks me up.


Reflection that mirrored some of my own after the Boston bombings:

What separates a death in Iraq from one in Boston


This one is an old one, but one that stays with me. The author is Lisa, the mother of David, a child with a disability. I found her post “A spark of bravery” to be very moving. I feel it that it displays someone acting in humility as well as bravery.


This Easter, for the first time, I found myself wanting to speak the truth of what really happened over that weekend over 2000 years ago.

I was a bit down about all the glorification of sacrifice and the misunderstanding about God’s Nature that this injury conveys. God never demands a sacrifice in order to Love us and by believing that Jesus died for their sins, Christians miss the point that Love never demands sacrifice. In fact, they believe just the opposite.

The combining of love and sacrifice seems to be such a common injury on the planet and the real reason it saddens me is that it is such a massive block to most of forming a lasting relationship with God.

Anyway, over the Easter weekend, I just couldn’t find the words to speak eloquently about the emotions I was feeling. I did however realise a new desire is building in me. That is, a desire to share the truth of our first century life – not out of personal interest – but in order that people might come to understand Truths about God, and the possibilities of our relationship with Her.

This new feeling was a turning point for me – and perhaps for this reason I really enjoyed Amanda’s Easter offering entitled “Turning Points”.


Last, but not least, I like David’s pondering on cognitive dissonance. I admit, I hesitated to include this one, since its kind of about me and Jesus… and I’m still not quite used to people writing about us. (I should probably be used to it – but I still feel shy about it). However I decided to get over myself, because I feel the reality of cognitive dissonance, and how many people live with it on a daily basis.

On that point, I also enjoyed this post that addressed cognitive dissonance of women in the Christian Church.


That’s all I’ve got for tonight, but stay tuned over the coming weeks when I’ll share some of Joy’s new rap songs for kids!

Prayer & Faith {A Seminar in May}

After our time some months off from giving seminars – so long that many of you have stopped checking the ‘Events’ page for updates – I thought I’d give you a heads up in a post that we will hold a seminar May 11 & 12 at the Murgon Town Hall.

Please check out the Events page and/ or the website for full details.

I’m very excited about this weekend as the topics will be Prayer and Faith… two qualities that hold a renewed and strengthened value in my heart this year.

Hopefully in our ‘downtime’ you’ve all still had plenty to go on with.. we have still managed to produce quite a bit of material on both youtube channels. If you haven’t seen the new FAQ channel there is a growing amount of interesting content there. I’ve also been loving our new Padgett Message Discussions, hopefully they interest you as well. 🙂

Don’t forget that if you have a slow internet connection we offer the Hard Disc Drive copy service. If you would like to have a Drive copied or your Drive needs updating the details of how to do that are on our site.

Lots of love and maybe I’ll see you in May!


Moving through the Four ‘D’s {The Great Experiment Series}

In this first series of messages I’ve chosen for discussion we often find people in darkness, despair, disillusionment and doubt.

It isn’t by accident that I chose as I did. It’s important for all of us to face these four ‘d’s i.e. darkness, despair, disillusionment and doubt. Many of us find ourselves the most stuck, faithless and desperate (another ‘d’) when we are shown our own darkness, when doubt and disillusionment rise up, or when faced with the deepest of sorrows.

Yet moving through these ‘d’s, instead of shying away or trying to go around them, is not only necessary to our progression but empowers us to face any difficult emotion.

After reading some of your responses to the last post and on re-reading this next one, I could see that many of you resonated with the themes of hopelessness and despair.

The great news is that Padgett and his friends also give us a great road-map for moving through (not around) the four ‘d’s.

Here’s what I see:

Padgett encourages his friends to open up to God simply from a place of possibility of His love. He encourages them to take steps in faith. However he never does this in ignorance or denial of all of their current doubts and fears. He never belittles their struggles, nor tells them to ‘just get over it’. Yet I find many of us tell ourselves and others these kinds of messages when we encounter the four ‘d’s.

Padgett doesn’t lecture them on why their feelings aren’t valid; he asks them to consider truth and logic, and to try it out for themselves.

Using our will in a positive direction is vital if we are to move through the four ‘d’s.

Here’s our latest discussion of a message in the Great Experiment Series.

Click here to view the message in the next browser tab.

Can you see any other clues this message provides for dealing with doubt, despair, disillusionment and darkness?

Some More Practical Tips to Not Get STUCK in the Four ‘D’s

1. Acknowledge and Own the Feelings

Don’t try to tell yourself that they don’t exist, that their presence means that you aren’t spiritually evolved or that you should be over them by now.

Instead recognise these feelings as a signal from your soul that something needs healing.

When you judge your darkness, instead of examining it, this is your attempt to shut it down.

When you try to push away doubt, instead of really allowing it, you miss the opportunity to discover the real emotions of fear the doubt is covering. Doubt is often a place we use to hide from fear, but it gets depressing and depleting to live in. When we dig deeper into our doubt, then we discover our fear and can unlock the stuck place we have been enduring.

Despair and disillusionment are tough feelings – acknowledging them helps to uncover why they are there.

Ultimately you will need to grieve the causes for all of these feelings (you know that bit right), but I see that many of us fall down, get spirit influenced, and waste time on our spiritual journey when we know we aren’t getting to the causes yet. I see people start to push themselves hard to get there, instead of recognising that there are blocks (which are also feelings) that need to be worked through in order to completely release these causes. This work of releasing blocks is so vital and important, and pushing ourselves is the opposite of sitting with our resistance and allowing it to be felt.

Sitting with our resistance to our errors feels uncomfortable. That’s usually when the pushing, self-punishment or the denial starts. We want it over with, fixed and healed very quickly, or we try to talk ourselves out of the truth of it.

That’s because acknowledging we have a problem or error in our soul and realising that we are totally resisting the experience of this error can trigger other sets of emotions. Lots of childhood terrors of not being loved if we aren’t perfect, or aren’t performing can start to surface. The only answer I’ve found to combat this (and it’s a point that probably deserves an entire post of its own) is to practice compassion with self.

Recognise that these feelings are scary and painful and give yourself time and space to explore your soul. I see many of us treating ourselves worse than we would another person in the same situation. Ask yourself, how would I lovingly treat a child who came to me with the problem I find myself in? Treat yourself the same way.

Let me say categorically that pushing ourselves never helps.

Instead we can take positive steps to acknowledge the pain; know and be kind to ourselves and to pray for sincere desire to change.

2. Remind Ourselves of Truth

Many of the Padgett messages demonstrate spirits and Padgett himself speaking with others to remind them that their fears, doubts and worries are not in harmony with the way God’s Love or Universe works.

We can do the same thing for ourselves.

When disillusionment and despair loom, dark spirits love to get in on the act and reinforce really negative messages to us. Engaging very sincerely in prayer i.e. seeking Truth from God (rather than listening to messages from spirits in lower conditions) is perhaps the most important thing we can do in this situation.

 Along with this we can seeking out sources of truth on earth via the Padgett Messages, revisiting past lessons in love or big growth changes we have made in the past, talking to people who have a higher condition of love, or listening to a seminar on the issue we are struggling with.

The use of logic is very helpful in reminding ourselves of truth. The problem with fear – and it is fear that drives the existence of all four of the ‘d’s in our lives – is that it resists logic. Fear can’t continue to reign in an environment that upholds truth.

So we can decide to uphold lives and actions that honour truth. This will trigger us into releasing our fears and pain.

Our intellect can be a useful tool to remind ourselves of truth. Even if the truth has not entered our souls as yet, if we remind ourselves of the Truths we have faith in, or have simply heart, we can base our actions on these. This is a very important step in breaking the dominance of fear over our lives (and again there is much more I could say on the topic but today I’m just giving you the

Here is a very basic, practical and helpful exercise to help if you find yourself really stuck.

Divide your journal page into two columns. At the top of one column write ‘My Belief’, in the other ‘God’s Truth’.

Work your way down the page being very honest with yourself about your current beliefs around a certain issue. Instead of writing what you think your feelings or beliefs should be, write what you emotionally believe.

Examining your actions in the area you are exploring is helpful to discover what you really believe. For example, if I say that I believe that telling the truth is the most loving thing to do, and yet I continually avoid doing it – then I must consider that either I don’t feel its a loving act, or I don’t yet have a desire to love. What are the emotional beliefs that drive the actions?

Here are a few examples:

My Belief

God’s Truth

I’ll never be able to handle my shame, pain God created me to be able to heal any injury
Acknowledging my fear and allowing it as physical experience in my body makes me a ‘weakling’. People will attack me more if I show I am afraid. Allowing my fear liberates me from it. It is strength to acknowledge and experience fear bodily not weakness. Others can harm us less when we feel our fear. We are more able to respond in love and maintain our safety when we know and allow fear.
Telling the truth to others hurts them and is not loving them. Telling the truth is an act of personal integrity – when we withhold truth and put on a façade we break God’s Laws of Love.Sharing truth enables the free will of others i.e. they are able to make more informed choices (Personal reflection after considering God’s Truth): When I don’t tell the truth its more about preventing my fear than about regard for their emotions.

Keep in mind that none of these strategies take the place of true emotional healing which is vital to our progress, however many of these things keep me away from negative influence and soften me to my fearful feelings.