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New Events! Update to Divine Truth Events Schedule

Hi everyone,

I’m excited to let you know about some public events we are planning for the next 12 months. Please see the details below.

Weekend Seminar with Jesus & Mary

Dates: October 20 & 21 (tentative)
Location: Sunshine Coast (TBA)
Bookings not required

It has been a while since we held a weekend seminar. As a result there are now many people interested in Divine Truth who have not had the chance to attend a live presentation. So I’m excited to give these people the chance to attend an event for a day or two (a week-long Assistance Group is quite an investment of time for some).

More details about this event and confirmation of dates and venue will appear on the ‘What’s New’ and ‘Future Events’ pages of our website and on the events page  of this blog during July.

“Understanding Sin & Its Causes” Assistance Groups

We are pleased to announce that our planning for the fourth group in our “Education in Love” Assistance Group series underway and will be completed in July.

This group, “Understanding Sin & Its Causes”, and will be held two times, that is Groups 4.1 & 4.2.

Group 4.1 – February 22 – March 2, 2019
Eventbrite listing

Group 4.2 – March 8 – 16, 2019
Eventbrite listing

Location: Noosaville, Queensland, Australia

Additional information about “Understanding Sin & Its Causes” Assistance Group

Because of the high demand for these groups we are making some logistical adjustments regarding our venue and accommodation to allow for larger numbers. Jesus and I want to offer everyone who has the desire the opportunity to attend.

From today we are releasing tickets to all of those on the waiting list for both groups and offering additional tickets. If you would like to attend this group we would love to see you. You can register via the Eventbrite links listed above.

If you do register and receive a ticket please don’t make your travel and accommodation arrangements until I confirm our final venue and accommodation. This notification will be given directly to ticket holders via email sometime over the next month.

Pre requisites

Unlike our other public events, such as the weekend seminar advertised above, we do have certain pre requisites for attendance at the “Education in Love” Assistance Group series. These pre requisites are as follows:

1. Intention to attend and participate in all presentations in the “Understanding Sin & Its Causes” Group

We ask that you only register and attend the Assistance Groups if you are willing to commit to full attendance of all presentations within the group. The full programme runs for 8 days and unless you live on the Sunshine Coast it is necessary to arrange your own travel, food and accommodation for this period and commit to attending presentations on 6 days.

Attending the group in full ensures that all participants can engage meaningfully with the material presented and gain the most from the programme.

2. View all earlier material in the “Education in Love” Assistance Group series

We ask all participants to have either attended or listened to the prior 3 groups in the series – in full. That is, to have attended or listened to:

Group 1 – “Developing My Will to Love”

Group 2 – “Developing My Loving Self”

Group 3 – “Understanding God’s Loving Laws”

Each of these groups was presented twice, e.g. Group 1.1 & 1.2 etc. I recommend watching both instances for each group as each presentation was different and engaging. I re watch this material myself. However we do understand that this is a large time commitment (196 hours) and so only ask that you have viewed at least one version of Groups 1-3.

The material in Group 3 – “Understanding God’s Loving Laws” is particularly important to your understanding of “Understanding Sin & Its Causes”.

I have placed links to the Group 3 playlists below:

Group 3.1

Group 3.2

Why we have Pre requisites

Your complete attendance and prior viewing of the material in the Education in Love Assistance Group series will help you to gain the most from the “Understanding Sin & Its Causes” presentations.

It is also a sign of love towards the time and effort we have placed into the preparation, delivery and production of the material. Jesus and I spend a great deal of time feeling, thinking and planning the best way to present the material in each group. We want presentations to be relevant to your stage of spiritual development, practical and meaningful. When people don’t show up when they said they would, when they attend half halfheartedly, or they haven’t previously watched the earlier material, they display a lack of care for our efforts.

In addition, your familiarity with the material that has already been presented means that we don’t need to spend time explaining concepts that have been already taught in the earlier groups. We can use our time with you to engage new material and lessons and you don’t waste presenters or other participants time.

“Developing My Will to Love” Group 2

Costs & Donations

As with all our events, this Assistance Group is offered free of charge.

However for all the groups in the “Education in Love” series we inform every one of our running expenses. Given that the group is long, and we must pay for travel, accommodation and venue hire for an extended period, capture and store a lot of digital data, replace and maintain our technical equipment, and accommodate and feed ourselves and our technical production team during that time, we do have fairly substantial running costs for each group. The total running costs for groups 4.1 & 4.2 is $62, 000 AUD.

If you wish to donate to help cover these expenses, I will publicize the definite average cost we incur per person attending once I have final costing from our venue and accommodation. At this stage the average looks to be around $260-$300 AUD per person in attendance. This is without your personal costs for travel, food and accommodation. Your venue accommodation will vary from $80 to $187 AUD pp per night.

Donations towards our expenses can be made after I confirm the final figures via the donate page on our website by clicking on the Australian Assistance Group button. Please don’t donate yet. I’ll make another announcement when it is time.

Attending “Understanding Sin & Its Causes” in Conjunction with the Volunteer Selection Project

There will be another instance of the God’s Way & Divine Truth Volunteer Selection Project commencing a fortnight after Group 4.2.

For this reason, if you live overseas or interstate and you would like to take part in both the “Understanding Sin & Its Causes” Assistance Group and the Volunteer Selection Project, we recommend you register a place in the Assistance Group 4.2. This will lessen the time you need to allow for travel and accommodation in Queensland.

You can register to participate in the Volunteer Selection on the God’s Way Eventbrite page.

Please note: Registration of your interest in the Volunteer Selection does not automatically confirm your participation. And if accepted you will need to make further personal arrangements for accommodation and travel during the Selection Project in Wilkesdale, Queensland, Australia. You will also need to fulfill additional pre requisites specifically for the Volunteer Selection Project. If you register your interest to participate in the Volunteer Selection you will receive additional information and updates on your attendance via God’s Way Eventbrite communication.

Those Who have been Previously Removed from Assistance Groups

We would like to offer the opportunity to all of those who were previously removed from Assistance Groups in this series to attend the “Understanding Sin & Its Causes” group.

As in the earlier groups we will ask any participant who displays and engages the following attitudes and behaviours to leave the group:

  • a consistently resistive attitude
  • willful lack of self-awareness and desire to stay in denial
  • strong want to remain in co dependence with spirits
  • attack of presenters, technical team, venue staff or other participants

We do this out of our love and care for each person involved. It is a demonstration of our desire and willingness to live in harmony with the Principles we are teaching at each group.

Cancellation & Non Attendance

As these events require a lot of logistical planning, preparation and time and there are limited spaces available we have a firm policy on late cancellation and non-attendance. That is, if people register and fail to attend, or cancel within one month of the group (without good reason), then that person will no longer be able to attend future events of the same nature (that is, groups with limited spaces requiring registration).

This is fair and loving as it ensures that those with a sincere intent and ethical approach are given the opportunity to attend. If people register and do not attend this limits other people from attending in their place.


That’s all from me for now. Thanks to everyone for your interest in the material and presentations.

Hope to see you at a live event sometime over the next year!


Thank you

Hi everyone,

I am well overdue for a long Jesus & Mary ‘What We’ve Been Up To’ Update but as often happens, the more we get up to, the less time for updates! We have been extremely busy with both Divine Truth and God’s Way in 2018.

Much of the work has happened behind the scenes so I do plan to write a full update of all of those things that we’ve been occupied with over the last 6 months very soon.

In the meantime, I wanted to take a moment to express our sincere thanks to all of you who donate to us on a regular, intermittent (or even one-off) basis.

Jesus and I often remark about how grateful we are to each of you and how fortunate it is to be able to do what we love and have others appreciate that. Words often fall short in expressing what we feel.

Thank you.


What causes lung cancer? A letter

I recently received an email from an acquaintance asking me about the causes of lung cancer. Her mother died of lung cancer and my acquaintance was concerned that she may share the same emotions that created the disease in her mother.

I thought that others may benefit from the explanation of the disease which Jesus assisted me to write. I think that this story also gives some insight into why many of us hold onto co dependent relationships and don’t confront unloving issues in ourselves or the people around us.

I have removed the names and some of the identifying details.

Hi R,

How lovely to hear from you.

Thank you for your very kind comments about The Sleep State video. It certainly was a challenging talk to give but I’m glad that people can gain something from it now.

From your email it sounds like you are writing to us because events and people in your life are causing you to think more seriously about this cancer issue and you have questions about what causes it. And that that very persistent guide of yours that you mentioned is attempting to have you look at what is happening for you in lots of areas of your life?

I always feel so grateful and amazed about the way that the Law of Attraction brings clues, triggers and at times what feels like loud speaker notifications (smile) about what we need to look at in our lives. It isn’t always comfortable but I have come to see it as an incredible gift.

So at the moment the Law is obviously working to have you question the causes of your Mum’s cancer. And Jesus & I both agree that you do have many of the same emotions within you that created her cancer so releasing these emotions and making some changes in your life now is going to help to prevent you from developing the same illness.

In a nutshell, lung cancer is caused by the angry demand that, if you work for others, then they should help you to avoid your grief.

Your Mum had a lot of grief from her childhood and from events throughout her life that she didn’t want to experience. In addition, she had the injured belief that she was entitled to expect the people around her (you, your brother and especially her husband) to support her to avoid her grief, as long as she worked hard and did a lot for you in return. This was the “barter” system or “payment” method that she thought was just and loving. The dynamic she set up in the family was “I’ll work for you as long as you help me to avoid how sad I am.”

Your Dad, who was the primary person she demanded this kind of support to avoid grief from, was willing to go along with that for most of their marriage because he wants a woman to take care of all the ‘hard things’ that he doesn’t want to deal with. Your Mum was willing to do those things but only in return for his support to avoid her grief. Your Mum tolerated a lot of bad, unloving behaviour from your Dad mainly just because she wanted this one addiction met.

Obviously, as you would have seen as their marriage went on, there were times when this ‘arrangement’ (technically, it is a co dependence between them) didn’t work for them. One of them didn’t supply what the other expected and so they become angry with the other, or they involved one of their kids (you or your brother) in trying to meet their demand. Instead of getting the demand met from their partner they substituted one of the children for their partner. This is why your Dad now relies on you to do ‘hard things’ that he feels he shouldn’t have to do and why your brother took on the role of ‘looking after’ your Mum’s sadness at times. This means that you are now required to look after your Dad’s demands, this actually makes you very sad.

Also, over time, your Mum naturally became tired and angry about always having to do the work her husband was unwilling to do and having to put up with many unloving acts and behaviour on his part. However she was never willing to confront him on the lack of equity in what he expected of her, versus what he expects of himself because your Mum wasn’t willing to give up her emotional belief that she shouldn’t have to cry, grieve and feel about all the loss that has happened in her life. So Mum had addictions like your Dad but Dad’s addictions are just more obvious. (I feel she is doing better with feeling her sadness since she passed, and in part I think that she is now trying to help you to see what happened for her so that you can deal with those same issues – because both she and your Dad taught you to have them – while you are still on earth).

Over time your Mum gave up on trying to have your Dad make her sadness go away (as you know your Dad added to a lot of her sadness) but her involvement in the family business meant that a lot of other people looked up to her and respected her and this helped her avoid a lot of her sadness with your father and her sadness from her childhood.

So by now you can probably see that you do have the same attitudes to grief, and the belief that any person you work for should support you in the avoidance of grief, as your Mum had. And hopefully you can start to see that in the past your Dad has been attempting to have the same relationship with you as he did with your Mum, and that now he is now trying to have that same relationship with another woman.

You now have the same co dependence with your husband that your Mum had with your Dad. In your relationship as it currently is, it is highly likely that your husband will add to your grief, just like your Dad added to your Mum’s.

I know from your brother that you experience intense migraines. Migraines are always caused by the person using a lot of energy to shut down their experience of grief and sadness.

So, the key things to for you to do in order to become happier and the way to prevent you developing cancer, are:

1. Identify and remove your co dependence with the people in your life

To do this you will need to examine what demands you have of your father, husband and brother (and any other people in your life). At the moment you want to have them support and assist you in to avoid feeling your grief (including feelings of sadness, disappointment, loss, etc.) and you are willing to work hard and sacrifice yourself emotionally to have them do this for you. This is already taking its toll on you.

Initially identifying your co dependence may be quite tricky to do.

Unfortunately, your Mum taught you through her example, that grief was too much for a person to feel and that the only thing to do was to work hard so that her husband, children or others in her life may look up to her, respect her, love her so that she didn’t feel sad anymore. When people did respect her and love her she was able to avoid her sadness for a short time. She felt angry if she this didn’t happen because she believed she shouldn’t have to feel sad, ever.

So, because Mum modeled this to you, you also feel that you shouldn’t have to feel sad and you work (either physically or emotionally, usually both) for others in an attempt to have those others “love” you so you can avoid ever feeling sad. This actually means that you now have an angry demand that others assist you to always feel happy and never feel sad. Your migraines are proof that you are putting a lot of energy into attempting to not feel sad.

All of this means that you are going to have to be really honest with yourself to see ALL of the ways you are in a ‘barter’ with the people around you. You are trying to avoid sadness as much as you are able to by doing things for others and have them help you avoid your sadness.

You will be tempted to call a lot of your co dependence with your husband and your Dad “normal” since this dynamic is what your Mum taught you was loving behaviour in a relationship. It is also highly likely that your husband and your Dad are going to disappoint you because at the moment both of them are quite selfish but willing to nurse a women as long as she does what they want. However, if you can be really honest and start to identify these methods and come to see that they are NOT loving, then you will be taking the first steps to reversing the situation.

Next, you will need to start seeking to understand and analysing what truly loving behaviour, emotions, relationships and attitudes are, and to act in accordance with those. This means you analysing your own behaviour, emotions, expectations and attitudes and to see that it is unloving to avoid feeling your own sadness. That it is unloving to do things to help you avoid your own sadness and it is unloving to not confront the unloving behaviour of other people in your life. You keep avoiding the unloving behaviour of other people towards you which only adds to your sadness and causes you to have to do even more things to avoid your sadness.

2. Begin to experience your grief

This step is essential. By grief I mean not just your grief at your Mum’s passing but also the sadness you have stored throughout your life where you have had to work to get other people’s approval and acceptance, particularly with men.

While feeling your grief will mean feeling sad for a time, by doing this you will also begin to feel a lot more free and relieved in your life.

Experiencing your sadness will also lead to greater self confidence and self knowledge. At the moment, because you are shutting down a lot of your grief, and even the awareness of what you are sad about, you don’t really know yourself well and you also end up feeling very dependent on men (which, while you rely on them to help you avoid your grief, you are). This feeling of dependency means that you can’t feel confident of your own ability to be yourself and or to look after yourself in the world. While you have this injury you will always feel that you ‘need’ a man. This isn’t good for your self worth and it also leads to the situation where you will end up feeling resentful in your marriage or with your Dad etc. Because the men around you can feel from you that you are willing to be treated badly as long as they help you avoid grief, they will take advantage of this.

You will end up feeling that you can’t change things in your relationships because you risk confronting the man so much that he may no longer meet your addiction to avoid your sadness. Because you are afraid to confront men in their unloving or unethical demands of you (for fear of them no longer helping you to avoid grief) you end up in a situation where you feel very angry with them about many issues that are unhealthy in the relationship. However you force all of this down and nevwr express it so that you can maintain the co dependence but you end up bitter and resentful under the surface. In other words, you end up unhappy, more sad and your relationships, you and the men around you don’t reach the potential they could reach if you were willing to confront their unloving behaviour and feel your grief. If you think about it, this is exactly how your Mum felt in her relationship with your Dad.

At the moment you have a tendency to ignore the fact that you are already being treated badly in your relationship with your husband and father. You wish to ignore it so that you don’t have to feel sad about it and do something about it. You end up being stuck like superglue to people who are contributing to your sadness because you feel dependent on them to help you avoid sadness. It is illogical but this is what it is like.

Your Mum was ignoring the fact that there was a lot of sadness in her about her relationship with your Dad. She didn’t want to raise it because it would make her feel even more sad than she already felt. She gave up on her husband ever cheering her up but used her work as a way of avoiding her sadness instead.

So the problem for both you and your Mum is the demand on life, and the world around you, to help you to avoid feeling sad. You are currently denying a lot of truth in your life so that you don’t have to feel more sad. But it won’t work.

This also makes you feel angry at anyone who doesn’t help you to avoid sadness. In this injury, you feel like people aren’t loving you or caring about you while they don’t take your sadness go away.

At the moment you feel unloved by your Dad because he isn’t helping you avoid your sadness and he is also being unloving towards you by putting extreme demands on you to run the business etc. So the key is to identify that you are unloving by expecting others to help you avoid sadness. But that at the sme time you are actually sad because he and others are unloving towards you.

R, I hope all of that helps, there is more I could say but I sense that what I have said is probably enough to digest for now. I just read this email to Jesus and he has helped me to refine some things and hopefully explain things clearly.

The trouble with written communication is that it can be easily misinterpreted. If you do have any other questions you can email me and I am happy to try to explain further.

It was lovely for me to have the chance to speak with you a little. When we visited I didn’t really get to do that.


Website Now Updated

Jesus has just finished an update of our website.

There have been changes to the following pages:


  • What’s New

All new additions to the site are listed in the Latest Update tab.


  • Donations

This page is now more user friendly.

It also includes the new options for direct bank transfers from EU, US and UK bank accounts. This is handy if you wish to set up automated recurring payments from your bank account in one of those regions.

If you already have a Transferwise account, people find this to be very convenient however this service does not allow for automatic recurring payments at present.


  • Downloads

All of the 2017 events are now listed.

You will find that all 2017 videos now include a link to where they appear on both our YouTube and our Vimeo channels.

Special note: there are audio files appearing on the 2017 Downloads list on the website that are audio only. That is, they don’t have a corresponding YouTube video. These are audios of Spirit Assistance and Spirit Experiences that Jesus and I have recorded in our non-recording weeks.


We hope that you enjoy the new content. Jesus and all of the team have put a lot of work into bringing it to you.


Jesus & Mary: December 17

Time for another newsletter from Jesus and I.

First up, I know that many of you have been patiently waiting for a new video from us for 10 months. I’m pleased to let you know that we have just made 14 new presentations live on our main YouTube channel.

In all we have almost 60 new videos loaded on the channel and they will all gradually become public as Jesus finishes adding the descriptions and other final settings over the next week.

Jesus has been completing the work for the YouTube channel as I write this today and I just realised that it is the 25th of December. For people who don’t “do” Christmas, it does seem as though we are delivering you with a Christmas present of sorts.

This time of year tends to afford Jesus and I some quiet space to work on projects or ourselves while others are busy with the “holiday season”.

Our Gratitude

Thank you to everyone who has made a donation to us over the past couple of months. I notice that a number of you have made a shift over to Transferwise. Thank you very much for doing so.

We’d also like to give a special thanks to those of you who make consistent small fortnightly or monthly donations to us throughout the year. I see your names recurring in our account month after month, some of you I have never met and others of you I’ve known for years, but all of you are scattered in various locations throughout Australia and the world. I often wish I could gather you all together for a special thank you party. But the logistics and expense of such an endeavour would be enormous, so I hope that our simple thanks will do for now. Each of your donations contribute to making the day to day operations of what we do possible and sustainable. And I’m sure one day we can make that party happen in the spirit world.

A few people have also made more substantial donations to us this year. These have assisted us greatly in completing some of our necessary computer and software upgrades this year. Thank you.

New Methods for Donations

In the next few weeks you will see some new options on our donations page.

Since Paypal has canceled all of our accounts, we have enabled a service via our Transferwise account which means that if you live in the USA, UK or an EU country you can now make donations via direct transfer from your own bank account into one of our ‘Borderless accounts’ in the same currency without needing a Transferwise account.

Basically this function means that you can make transfers to us in the same way you would if we had a bank account in one of the countries or regions that I listed. I’ll post a short note once Jesus has had time to update the website to make these options available.

Divine Truth


Over the past 6 months we have kept to a regular recording schedule in our home studio. On average we’ve been recording 20 hours of new material per month. Due to many changes in our production and post production procedures much of that recorded material is yet to appear on YouTube. However it is all now uploaded and ready to go once Jesus applies the final YouTube descriptions and settings. So in total 58 new videos should all appear on our channel before the end of the year.

This year we’ve worked on some new formats for interviews and discussions, as well as fine tuning some of the camera settings, which we have only recently finalised. I hope that you enjoy the changes. Jesus and Lena especially, along with Eloisa and I, have put a lot of effort into improving production with the aim of making the content of Divine Truth videos easy to follow and hopefully improving the viewing experience overall. (More on the specifics of this work in the next section).

For the latter part of this year we have been working on recording an comprehensive discussion on the topic of Forgiveness & Repentance. The first parts of this series will be available to view over the next few days. We hope to finish recording this series in January or early February 2018 and will then dedicate our recording time to answering questions relating to the first three Assistance Groups in the “Education in Love” series. We hope to have all of those questions answered by the end of June so that they can be viewed by those interested as revision before we commence our next group “Understanding Sin & Its Causes” in November 2018.


As yet we don’t have plans for any other live events until the “Understanding Sin & Its Causes” group which will take us around 3 months of our time to prepare. While we do love the opportunity to interact with people at live events we are attempting to make sure that all of the content we create is well planned, structured and documented. We are placing more and more emphasis on structure and planning as this helps the listener of the final product to more easily understood and use the information. Due to the nature of the personal interactions at live events it is more challenging (though not impossible) to keep things to a set topic or structure. Additionally, live events take a lot more of our time and resources to set up and execute due to the logistical requirements that need to be taken care of.

As we currently have so many other demands on our time including; technical systems and procedure upgrades, God’s Way mentorship, planning and creation of material for the next Assistance Group, focus on our personal progression, and many other matters essential for the continued growth of both Divine Truth and God’s Way it is unlikely that we will hold a live seminar weekend in 2018. However our plans can often change if we sense a strong desire in a certain group or region.

Improved procedures & workflow

As I mentioned in my last update, this year we have been working consistently to create improvements to our workflow and output in all areas of Divine Truth creation and production.

Jesus and I now have in place a good process for creating outlines for our studio recorded discussions. This results in all of our recordings having a definite structure and we cover each topic we discuss in a more comprehensive way. The improved structure and thoroughness we create enables Eloisa and Lena to create video chapter markers, along with doing the usual video switching, during the live recording.

These markers then form useful data for many other computer programs that Kate has written this year under Jesus’ direction. These programs enable automated creation of timecodes, subtitles, transcript headings, YouTube descriptions, and YouTube clips, and will serve in the future population of databases and search engines as well as many other purposes.

Lena gave a great summary of some of the functionality that is enabled by the ability to do live marking on videos in this post:

Jesus, Lena, Eloisa, Barbara, Kate and I have worked together as a team this year to improve our individual parts in these processes and to create the best possible outputs in all areas. Thank you very much to all of you, it has been a pleasure to work alongside of you.

Due to all of this procedural creation and refinement work now nearing completion and becoming more streamlined you can hope to see new videos and clips appearing more regularly on our YouTube channel in the new year.

Computer upgrades

After spending an enormous amount of time this year researching, Jesus is still in the process of purchasing, building and setting up the new 360TB 4 way cluster 10Gbit data storage network for Divine Truth and God’s Way to share, as well as building new computer systems to become small stand alone servers, fast graphics workstations, and general workstations. Barbara, the head of our transcription and translation team, Kate, our computer programmer, and Eugene, the person providing IT services for us in the USA, will be the first recipients of this hardware once it has been completed. This long process, which is still underway, has involved researching the best systems to meet the needs, dealing with various suppliers of equipment, manually putting together the individual computers and loading all of the necessary software.

Jesus and I wanted to be sure to purchase a computer set up that we can eventually standardize and use for all of our volunteers. To that end Jesus spent considerable time finding systems with a large capacity and versatility in terms of function, speed, 10Gbit network connectivity, and storage space. Once he found what will be suitable for small stand alone servers, fast graphics workstations, and general workstations, he ordered the requisite component parts and has begun to build the hardware and software. He has been doing this along with keeping our current network, windows, linux and mac workstations, functioning and up to date.

During his work weeks he usually begins work at 4am every day, and normally finishes around 4pm. At all other times he works from 4am to 10am every day 7 days per week, even on the weeks he assigns for his progression, and the rest of the time he spends time working on his emotional and spiritual progression. Besides the technical work, and preparation for our recording, he spends a lot of his work time making plans, designing architectural drawings, researching options for future projects, and working outside on environmental projects.

As always, we are both grateful for Jesus’ extensive previous experience in computer systems engineering and networking, in business and building design. This serves us well while we don’t have other volunteers with the necessary skills.

Meetings & Volunteers

In December we also held another special meeting to assist some of our volunteers with their personal progression. This is something we regularly do.

And we held a thank you dinner for some individuals (and their partners) who gave us a significant amount of help in the sharing of Divine Truth throughout the year.

God’s Way

Volunteer Selection Programme

Under Jesus and my mentorship, Eloisa and Tristan recently completed the first volunteer selection programme. This course was designed to identify new volunteers for both Divine Truth and God’s Way organisations. Three people from the 16 people who did the course have been selected and will soon be joining us as volunteers.

Speaking with most of the participants on their final day, many had appreciated the opportunities to learn about themselves and about God’s attitude to service which the programme provided. Jesus and I want to acknowledge every participant on their desire to be a part of helping to share God’s Truth with the world. While many found that their desire was not yet as pure as they had thought, the structure of the Volunteer Selection programme provided to those participants who did not “graduate” with valuable information and experiences to assist them to start the process of letting go of those addictions and injuries that are holding them back at present if they choose to do so.

The next volunteer selection programme will commence in March 2018. If you wish to register your interest in attending you can do so on the God’s Way Eventbrite page here.

Directorship & Membership

Jesus and I remain founding members of God’s Way and continue to provide substantial mentorship to the current Directors and members. This year I’ve also taken on the role of Director which has been a wonderful experience for me.

In March we’ll hold our Annual General Meeting and members will vote on Directorship and other roles within the organisation.

In the coming months we’ll be finalising our application to become a registered Australian charity and will publish more about what we have been working on as an organisation during 2017 on our website.

As a reminder, those wishing to become members of God’s Way must first be volunteers with the organisation for 6 months. In order to become a volunteer, individuals must first complete the Volunteer Selection programme. So if you are wishing to become involved with God’s Way completing and graduating from that programme is a must.


Jesus speaks at a meeting of Directors and members

Natural environment restoration programme

Construction site project

In November and early December, God’s Way completed a project to improve one of the sites previously damaged on the Cushnie Learning Centre. The project was designed and supervised by Jesus.

In the hands of previous owners a second hand shed had been constructed on a hill. Earlier this year the shed was given away and most of it removed. Our desire was to assist in the reparation of the damage to that site.

During their course, the participants in the Volunteer Selection programme assisted in the removal of remaining shed debris.

Jesus showed everyone how the very large tanks could be moved using simple leverage, a few straps, a loader and a truck. An excavator and truck were used to lift up the old slab and we used the concrete to help prevent and reverse erosion at another damaged part of the property.

Under Jesus’ direction, Cornelius then supervised earthworks to change the waterflow over the hill.

Three large terraces were created and then covered with a thin layer of hardwood chip. We were fortunate to receive rain in the days following completion of these works and could see just how effective the changes were in catching and retaining water on the regeneration site.

As rainfall is often so low and inconsistent in our area, and land previously used for grazing or building is highly eroded (as was the case here) the retention of water is essential to enable new life to enter the system.

The final phase of the project will involve planting and seeding the area with native trees and shrubs. The total cost of the God’s Way project, including all machinery and materials, was $16,000.


Personal Work

I once had a friend who shared my love for books. She said to me once “It was one of those books Mary, you know the ones that you just want to hug when you get to the end?”

Coming to the end of 2017, I feel like I want to hug the year for all that it has given to me, everything real it exposed in me and around me, and all that it allowed me to experience. It has been full and I am grateful. As always I am acutely aware of the work I have yet to do but here are a couple of my key lessons from 2017.

There are certain things I can define and then there are those that I can only discover

My first and most important lesson this year goes something like this: The truth of my identity and what kind of personality I have already exists. I cannot create or define my nature, my ideal mate, or the passions and purpose that make me come alive. God has already created all of that for me and in me. All I can do is to discover these things.

Over the past few weeks the word “yield” (as in surrender) has come to me often during my quiet or prayerful times. Accepting this first lesson or truth is a significant way that I am yielding to God’s Authority over my life and in creating me. I’m still not always happy to be myself and I often don’t feel at peace with being Mary Magdalene out loud in the world but beginning to yield to God’s Wisdom in the way He Created me feels deeply “right”. There is less fight within me about what I feel and what I want.

Also as a result of opening up to this concept I’ve grown closer to myself (including my other half). After many years of struggle, in which I viewed my very nature and the nature of my soulmate as the cause of ALL of my problems, this year I’ve made steps towards self acceptance and self love and seen that other people’s response to my sincere and loving self expression says more about them than it does about me.

In saying all that, this is an area in which I have plenty of room to grow. But I am happy to say that what I have done has meant that after 39 years of feeling self critical and ill at ease in my own skin, I finally have a sense of moving forward on a trajectory that will lead to permanent fulfillment, happiness and contentment.

Action leads to growth – before action everything remains just a potential

I’ve seen again and again this year that before action ideas are just ideas. There is no way to test their validity or worth. Acting not only leads to a personal process of discovery but also enables me to engage with God more directly and to receive more of God’s Truth into my soul. Without action and experimentation everything is just words and ideas. Acting is when sh** gets real – in a really good way.

The caveat to this truth is that action only leads to growth if I am willing to be humble emotionally in the process. Before this year I believed that I could just act and act and act according to what I believed was in harmony with God’s desires, with no consideration for my current desires or emotions, and eventually the contrast between my fear and my actions would become too much and I would release all my fear and we would all live happily ever after. That kind of rough necking my way through major life experiences, and just trying to “be OK” without any compassion or care for just how terrible I was feeling or how afraid I truly was, was a hallmark of my life long before I met Jesus again. That approach never worked out well. I just became stressed or rigid or numb or needy or had sudden uncontrollable outbursts of emotion that I felt unable to cope with.

This year because I’m growing in my compassion towards emotions, and I’m more open to the idea that certain things are directly under my control and other are completely outside of my control, I’ve been more in touch with how I feel during the experiences I engage. It has helped me to gain a greater awareness of not only my fears, my grief and my emotional addictions but also I’ve found incredible passion and leadership qualities I didn’t (want to) know I had.

I took the opportunity to become a Director of God’s Way. This experience has connecting me with more of my passion to assist people in the practical application of God’s Truth worldwide. As many of you know I have a keen interest in the lives of people in war torn regions and in the developing world. I’ve been very excited to be a part of creating and envisioning the framework for projects that not only work to create useful interventions for these groups but also aim to reduce the impact of consumerism and emotional addictions that dominate most people in the so-called “first world”. We have big ideas and big dreams. The most important step I see in being able to bring these ideas and dreams to fruition is to create an organisational structure with clear strategy, systems and plans in place. We have to start small but understand and hold a vision in our hearts of a much bigger vision. I’ve surprised myself at times with how strongly I feel about the future vision and a lot of my interaction with the other Directors so far has been to encourage them to feel about their own vision and how this marries with our God’s Way Consititution.

I spent a great deal of time in assisting Tristan and Eloisa with their design, documentation and implementation of the Volunteer Selection programme. It was great to “pay forward” many of the key truths about dealing with people and running groups that Jesus has helped me with over many years.

I’ve also been far more engaged with the creation of Divine Truth outlines than ever before. And I love it. Previously I relied on Jesus to create the content and structure of our presentations. Being more engaged with the process this year has shown me so much about my own injuries relating to creation and structure and in certain aspects of God’s Truth but it has also helped me to feel how important God’s Truth is to me and how when I get out of my own way (that is, when I’m not drowning in my own self consciousness) I really love sharing Truth with the world.



Jesus & Mary: October 17

Hi everyone,

Time for another update to let you know that Jesus and I are still alive and well.

As I mentioned in our last newsletter our focus this year is largely on our personal development and a bunch of behind the scenes upgrades to; recording and production procedures; data storage systems (both physical and digital); transcription, translation and subtitling process and procedures; and completing preliminary work on a searchable database of all Divine Truth materials. Along with that we have been working in a number of roles to assist God’s Way to become an independent company. In addition we have commenced some large scale environmental projects and experiments on our property.

We have also been back recording new material in the studio since July. More details on all of this below.



First up though I always want to convey our thanks to those of you who have donated to us since our last update. Those who donate make everything we share with the world possible and we are immensely grateful for that opportunity. While you haven’t seen much new on our website or YouTube channels over the past 10 months – stay tuned – because there is over 36 hours of video about to be made live and some audio of private mediumship Jesus and I have been doing on our days “off”.




PayPal update

As you will likely know if you are subscribed to this blog, PayPal froze my account back in July. While we weren’t encouraging people to send us donations or gifts via PayPal after they had previously closed down Jesus’ account back in 2015, some of you still used it as a convenient option. Despite my attempts to work out the situation out with PayPal (including being fully transparent about our entire business operation, our legitimate tax status and legal conduct here in Australia) they have ultimately denied us use of their service. So I’ll detail below the donation options we have found most reliable so far.

I still often feel dismayed that the collective emotional condition on earth today is so full of cynicism and mistrust that people who don’t charge for what they do are viewed with extreme suspicion. In contrast those who request large sums for “spiritual” services are often seen as legitimate businesses. I have been noticing a lot of my personal attractions lately revolve around feeling like a social pariah (I’ve been avoiding feeling about that for quite some time now) and my interactions with PayPal were another opportunity to feel about this.

Alternate Reliable Methods for Donating


We’ve found Transferwise to be a great company to deal with. They know how we operate our business and haven’t raised any concerns with us about that. They offer good exchange rates for international donations. You do need to create an account with them in order to make transfers and you will need to fill in some personal information about us which you can find listed in a pop up box when you click on the Transferwise option on our Donations page.

We are also currently in the process setting up a borderless account with Transferwise. This will enable people in other countries to make direct bank account transfers to us without needing a Transferwise account. This new transferwise service enables us to have bank account numbers in the EU, UK and USA. So if you are living in these regions you will be able to make direct bank transfers to us in the same way you would make a payment to a person in your own country, and this also means that if you bank allows for recurring scheduled transactions, you will also be able to do that with your donations to us if you wish. I’ll place more details about this is in my next update after Jesus has made changes to the website to allow for these details to be included.

Credit Card Facility

We do offer a facility to process credit card payments from Australia or overseas. You will find the procedure for this when you click on the Merchant Suite option on the Donations page.

Direct Bank Transfer

If you live in Australia the most reliable method for making donations is likely going to be via a direct bank transfer from your account to the Divine Truth account (or to one of our personal accounts for personal gifts). Please remember to label your donations to Divine Truth DTDON in the description field. By adding this label you help us to account for Divine Truth income easily in our accounting system. If you make a personal gift to us, you will need to fill out a Statutory Declaration indicating that you are giving us a gift (we have copies of these that we can send you).

Other Questions about Donations

Personal Cheques

Some people have enquired about sending personal cheques from overseas. This is not economical for cheques of smaller amounts. This is because in order to bank your cheque and convert the currency to Australian dollars we must pay anywhere from 25AUD to 50AUD. When cheques we receive are small it often costs more, or the equal amount on the cheque in fees to actually bank your cheques. This is why we advise that we can’t receive personal cheques of values less than $100 at this time. If you are wanting to send small (or large) amounts from overseas the best option would be to use the Transferwise service. Alternately some people have purchased bank cheques in Australian dollars and posted these to us. We can deposit cheques in Australian dollars without difficulty.

Google Wallet

Some people have attempted to make donations to us via Google wallet. Thank you for your attempts. Once we have a borderless account with Transferwise, Google wallet can be used to pay funds into our Transferwise accounts. But until then Google wallet is not  a service that can be used by as as it is only available to people living in the USA or the United Kingdom. The service is not available for Australian individuals or companies and does not allow deposits into Australian bank accounts.


Some people have contacted us regarding setting up a Bitcoin account. Many people like this as an alternative to the world’s current financial systems. However Jesus and I can see that none of the current financial systems that operate on earth are yet loving, including Bitcoin. We are not opposed to setting up a Bitcoin service for ourselves but it will take time and as we don’t see it as any less flawed than the other options we currently offer. Jesus hasn’t yet made time to set this up. I’ll copy some words that Jesus has previously written about the emotional issues driving Bitcoin creators and many Bitcoin users than lead the system to hold many of the same inherent flaws as the other financial systems on earth today:

Bitcoin is not as ethical a banking system as many believe, since it precludes those without technology at their fingertips from using it, and therefore precludes 5 billion of the worlds population from sharing in any wealth contained within the system. Any system that precludes 60-70% of the worlds population from using it (due to their circumstances) is NOT an ethical or loving system. While I agree that some of the principles are good, I cannot agree that Bitcoin is the solution to all of the worlds banking problems without there being an automatic creation of an account for every person on earth, and a method provided where each person can access their account without limitation.

Any earthly system which requires payment of funds for essential services such as water, food, clothing or shelter is not a loving or ethical system.

Any system that promotes the “mining” process (a feature of Bitcoin) to create more wealth is also not loving, since it only allows wealth to be mined by people who have the resources already established or that they can pay to establish. It assumes a degree of already established wealth. Most people on earth are already too poor to do such things.

Bitcoin also hides the identity of people. Any system that hides the identity of people creates a lack of transparency, which is also against God’s Laws and Principles.

Bitcoin has been created from emotions of fear (of transparency) and anger (with the worlds current systems). Any system which is born in such emotions is not the solutions to humankind’s problems. There are many moral and ethical problems from God’s perspective with a currency that has been created with emotions of fear and anger.

It is great to try to find solutions to the world’s issues and problems, but being driven by self-righteous fear and anger to create a currency that is not available to all due to their circumstances is not the solution. And then to call that currency “ethical” is the height of folly and self-delusion. While some principles of Bitcoin are good, much more work needs to occur before a financial system that is ethical and equitable for the entire world’s population is created.



Swales, pits & terracing

Over the past 6 months Jesus has planned and implemented a number of new environmental experiments on our property. Winter is our dry time of year and so it is always best to complete earth works then. In this case the projects are all about the creation of pits, terraces and swales that, come our rainy season which is just starting now, will preventing top soil erosion, and catch or delaying the flow of water to improve fertility in previously arid and barren parts of the property. he has been doing this to create resources that can be shared about environmental recovery. God’s Way has been documenting some of the process and you can read a little about on the God’s Way Blog.

20170627-1453-ENVIR-Top Fertility Pit-06

20170628-0916-ENVIR-Top Swale Filling

20170705-1339-ENVIR-Overflow Road Culverts-1420170705-1142-ENVIR-Overflow Road Culverts-13

Gardens & Seeds

This year I have also planted out the gardens in the front of our home with native trees, shrubs and creepers. Jesus constructed these gardens last year and we’ve been waiting for our mulch to create enough top soil for us to plant in. I thoroughly enjoyed the creativity of planning the garden considering the habitat we would like to create for insects, birds and reptiles.

I also have some plans for seed experiments I’d like to create and test on the top of the large fertility pits Jesus has just created. More on that in a later update.


Jesus building the garden last year


One of the finished gardens with baby plants

Urine Fertility Experiment

I’ve also started planning an experiment here on our property to measure the effect of adding urine to some of our most carbon rich mulches. I want to create some measurable data so that this information can be used by others. This means in future I may be calling for “liquid donations” from the local community to assist us to have enough nitrogen volume to balance the carbon in our large pits.

I’ll write more about this at another time. This will likely become a God’s Way project and so you may see and hear about it on the God’s Way blog.

Volunteer Selection Programme

The volunteer selection programme, which aims to identify willing volunteers for both Divine Truth and God’s Way organisations, began this week. 15 people have been invited to attend the first round of the programme which will be run by Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins and Tristan Miller.

Jesus and I are acting as mentors throughout the creation and implementation of the programme. This means we have been providing input into what the programme will look for and consist of and helping Tris and Eloisa with various aspects of the design and documentation of the programme. Our aim is to have a basic structure for a volunteer selection programme that can be refined and then reused here and in various parts of the world once God’s Way expands. We’ll be involved at various times throughout the programme to participate and give feedback as necessary.

Volunteer Assistance

Aside from being heavily involved with the creation of the Volunteer Selection Programme we have also started a series of meetings and training to assist our volunteers various emotional issues affecting the operation of Divine Truth and God’s Way.

20171006-1615-JESMM-Special Meeting about Finances-02

Jesus and I lead a special meeting with our current volunteers

Divine Truth

Studio Recording

Jesus and have been back in the studio recording new material, which includes; mediumship, Padgett message discussions and a new discussion series about forgiveness and repentance. 36 hours of material is currently being edited and should appear on our YouTube channel sometime in the next month. Recordings have been slow to appear as Jesus, the team, and I are all working to refine various aspects in the preparation, presentation and production stages of creation.


New Recording


We always talk with our hands

Procedure Revisions

During this new recording period we’ve been updating and revising procedures for outline preparation, filming, chapterisation, video editing, and clipping of our material. Some of the changes to procedures now make it possible for clips (which appear on our clips channel) to be created at the same time as the complete video session is outputed. They also auto-generate the basic structure and headings for transcripts which greatly assists the transcription team in their work.

We have been standardising our methods do that God’s Way can also use the same methods and procedures for producing material. Eloisa has been with us undertaking training in all of these procedures so that she can use these skills in her various roles in the God’s Way organisation. Cornelius is training in the live marking process we use to generate chapters and clips.

20170725-1115-JESUS-Switcher Room Jesus, Corny & Eloisa-01

Eloisa, Jesus & Cornelius review the switching set-up prior to a recording session

At the moment Lena remains the only member of our production team and we would like to thank her for her exceptional efforts over the past 6 months to work with us and improve her work flow. We’d also like to thank Eloisa for her efforts, even while being trained she is a valuable contributor and hard worker who always appears with a smile and thoughtfully considers how she can be of most assistance.

Kate, under Jesus’ direction, assists us with computer programming, and Barbara, the leader of our Transcription team, has continued work with Jesus on various programmes to enable automated generation of sub titles, clip transcripts, transcript headers and time coding.

Physical Storage Upgrade

As I mentioned in a previous update, Divine Truth and God’s Way organisations will be sharing some office space (in the short term) and data storage hardware and systems (in the medium to long term). To this end, in order to make way for expansion of Divine Truth and to accommodate the large amount of data that God’s Way anticipates creating this year, we are undertaking a major upgrade of our physical hardware used to store our digital data.

This means that Jesus is rebuilding our network from the ground up. In the early part of the year he conducted extensive research on options that would best suit the needs of both organisations so that Directors of both God’s Way and Divine Truth could spend their money and time wisely in purchasing the necessary hardware and software to complete the upgrade. He continues to be busy as various elements are now being received and he is in charge of setting up (and sometimes re-engineering) the hardware and installing the operating systems.

He is installing a 96 port 10Gbit network, a 4 way redundant 360TB linux server cluster (total disk space of 1440TB), 2 48TB servers for internet software repository downloads, and 2 linux workstations with 48TB for clip production and 128TB of cold backup storage, along with continuing to maintain 4 16TB network servers, 5 Apple Mac systems with 88TB RAID and 64TB of cold storage, 5 Windows 7 and 10 PC’s, 2 overseas linux servers, 2 local linux servers, AWS systems for Divine Truth website delivery, Google services for mail delivery, and AWS and Google services for God’s Way. As you can imagine he is very busy. Changes still need to be made to the studio to allow for heat disapation from all of the new hardware.

Jesus has taken an extreme amount of care to find systems and a structure that will suit us not just now but in the long term. I would like to thank him for his exception attention to detail as I know it will ensure we have a great system for years to come.

20170822-0859-JESUS-Office IT-02

Digital Data Storage Structure Redesign

Along with the need for more storage space it has become obvious that we also need to reevaluate our file naming conventions and folder storage structure for digital files. Our entire system is now undergoing a complete change, this is to accommodate:

  1. Our dream to build a searchable database for all Divine Truth material

    Our file names and tagging conventions form some important ground work to enable easy searches in a database

  2. Our intention to create more and varied material year after year

    We needed to think about the types of material and the topics we have already created and intend to cover in future. Each file name will now include enough descriptive data to make searching and filing easy and our file structure will now allow for easy work flow for each of the teams needing to work on our created data e.g. the Event team, the Production team and the Transcription team.

  3. Our shared filing system with God’s Way organisation

    Because God’s Way will be creating research projects and educational or service providing programmes in a wide range of fields of endeavour it is essential that our new naming conventions and file structures allow for easy tracking, searching and archiving of data.

Jesus continues to work on this redesign of both our file naming conventions and file storage structure. As you no doubt know, we’ve already created a lot of Divine Truth material and once he has completed the project all of our old files will have to be renamed and reorganised into the new structure. So this project will continue for quite some time to come.

It feels great however to be working towards a long term structure that will accommodate streamlined naming, storage, and searching of data in a wide variety of subjects.


Eloisa, Lena, Jesus: Working on new procedures for tagging, clipping and editing

God’s Way

The Gods Way organisation has continued to dominate much of our time this year. We are happy to invest this time while the organisation is getting under way to assist the Directors and Members in their work towards making God’s Way an independent company.

Jesus has continued in his roles as mentor and also trainer of Directors and Members. In the past months he has spent a number of days training Eloisa in how to use the accounting system and how to properly account for company operations. He also provides input on direction and aims in harmony with love.

I have become a lot more active in my role as Director. At the moment I am leading discussions with the other three directors relating to:

  • Our company purpose, aims and values
  • Our vision, strategy and systems
  • Creating and implementing templates and standards for design, recording and analysis of experimental projects
  • Many other important aspects of laying the emotional and skills based groundwork which I see as necessary if God’s Way is going to have longevity as a productive and positive organisation

God’s Way Purpose

God’s Way is a non-profit organisation whose aim is to improve the quality of life for all humans and to support and restore the natural environment. We do this through the development and sharing of systems and concepts that are effective, equitable, innovative and sustainable.

We seek to scientifically prove that God’s Truth is universal and benefits all of humanity, that God’s Love is a real substance that can be obtained by any person who desires it and to show that systems and creations designed and implemented in harmony with both God’s Love & Truth are not only sustainable but automatically lead to more peace, harmony and joy in all living creatures.

Some of our core values include the equal treatment of all people and we believe that truth should be available to everyone who desires it. Because of this we provide all information and services for free.

We are not aligned or affiliated with any one specific religious organisation or religious faith.

God’s Way Aims

We aim to educate the world that a personal relationship with God is possible and is obtainable to any individual who seeks to obtain it

This relationship is possible without belonging to any group or religion and is not dependent on any ritual or acceptance of holy book or doctrine or belonging to any of the established religious faiths that currently exist on earth. We don’t seek to create a religious movement but rather to teach people desirous of this relationship how to establish it on their own.

We know that personal relationship with God is the single most transformative endeavour any human can engage and has the power to bring about not only complete personal happiness but if engaged by a significant number of humanity would bring about peace and harmony in all world systems and societies.

We aim to benefit all humans (whether still on earth or having passed into the spirit world) through the discovery and demonstration of ‘God’s Way’ in action.

We define God’s Way as any approach or method that is implemented in harmony with God’s Laws that govern the universe. We know that these Laws exist and are measurable and we seek to scientifically prove and to educate others about how to live and create in harmony with these Laws.

We aim to benefit humankind via the development and gifting of innovative, proven, sustainable and efficient systems which serve not only the needs of humans but also support all other aspects/elements of God’s established natural system.

At the moment we aim to develop systems in the following fields:

  • Energy generation
  • Water harvesting and storage
  • Food production
  • Eco system regeneration and support
  • Education of children, parents, families, couples, humanity
  • Building

Personal Work

Given the large number of projects that we have running concurrently at present and the potential for these to completely dominate our time, in August Jesus and I reevaluated our ‘work’ and ‘personal processing time’ balance. We have now created some ‘forced’ breaks in our schedule meaning that we physically go away for one week out of 6 to spend time together working on our personal emotions and our relationship. I am absolutely loving this. I enjoy spending time with Jesus and the space away from our regular work activities helps me to focus more inwardly.

Since Lena is currently our only video production switcher and editor, going away also allows her to catch up with our regular filming schedule.

2017 has perhaps been my biggest year for growth thus far. I am noticing more changes in myself, feeling more connected to emotions (be they happy, sad, angry, or fearful) and thus feel more true to who I am. In the past few months I’ve been focusing on experiencing my desires and this has been confronting a lot of resistance I let lay dormant for many years by simply withdrawing from feeling that I wanted anything. Sadly I feel I spent most of 2013, 2014, & 2015 ‘on strike’, sitting in resistance and unwilling to decide what I wanted for the rest of my life. I was angry that God’s Way was to feel everything and to experience and express who I am so I just sat in one place not making decisions one way or another and not acknowledging how angry I was. Jesus once told me that whenever you get stuck it is because you have fear of moving in any direction, forwards or backwards, and looking on those years I can see how true that has been for me. I lived in fear of embracing who I and what I love and also in fear of stepping back from what I feel so passionately about.

2016 was a bit of a wake up call for me and I started to sincerely look at where I was at spiritually and emotionally and how unhappy I actually felt with the options I had in front of me (before then I was ignoring the choices I was making). In some ways that made it a tough year but in others it was an improvement. I was starting to feel and face the truth of how much I had stepped back from definite decisions and action. This connection with truth (however painful) began to bring rewards.

The lessons of last year are paying off in more significant ways in 2017. I have more faith that feeling leads to growth and I am being more courageous to feel what I want for my life rather than living in fear of how others and the world will view me. I’m still very much a work in progress but I’m happier and more hopeful than I have been in a while.

20171006-1245-JESMM-Special Meeting about Finances-07

Jesus has been working on some emotions about how he was treated by his father in the first century, how women have treated him all of this life, and emotionally working through memories associated with the role he has been assigned by God in the spirit world. He needed to restructure our weeks so that he gets time to process through is own emotions instead of working all of his waking hours. Now every second week he focuses at least 6 days straight on working on himself emotionally.

I’m so happy that he is prioritising his own growth more.



So that’s about all from us for now. Until next time, we send you lots of love and thanks.

Jesus & Mary


Mary’s PayPal

Hi folks,

A quick note to say that PayPal has just frozen my account. I know some of you still use this account to send us gifts or make donations to Divine Truth.

Unfortunately, the account appears to no longer be an option for any kind of transfers. I am no longer able to withdraw funds from this account.

If you would still like to send gifts or donations you will find a number of other services listed on our website under the donations tab. Transferwise and Merchant Suite are good options for people living outside of Australia.

Thank you very much to everyone who donates to Divine Truth or sends gifts to us personally. We appreciate every one of you.

Jesus and I have been back filming in the studio the past two weeks and we are looking forward to sharing some new material with you all soon.



Looking to the Future: June Newsletter

After a big year of creating, presenting and editing new Divine Truth material in 2016, 2017 has become a year for us to focus on the reviewing and updating the systems and procedures that will be required for the future growth and expansion of Divine Truth.

Despite our seeming quiet on the world wide web, Jesus and I (especially Jesus) have had a very busy 6 months. Jesus has been doing a lot of behind the scenes work essential for our future goals and desires in a number of areas.

The projects he has been researching and developing will mean that we can expand the number and type of online methods we use to share Divine Truth with the world, as well as ensuring that the data we create is reliably stored and can be readily used for a variety of purposes including database creation, subtitling videos, translation, and other features. All of this will mean that more people worldwide will be able to easily search for and benefit from the information that we have already presented, as well as ensuring that future content fits seamlessly into an efficient system.

I’ll briefly outline some of these projects in more detail below.

Our Thanks

Firstly, Jesus and I would like to send our immense gratitude to those people who have donated to us over the past 6 months.

As always, we never take it lightly that others wish to support our work and supply us with donations to allow us to continue.

We use the donations we receive to maintain our recording and editing equipment, pay for software and hardware updates as required, pay for our overseas methods of serving Divine Truth data to the internet, and to pass on personal donations from ourselves to volunteers who work on various projects including; programming, transcribing, office assistance, sound and video recording and editing. In fact, a very small percentage of what we receive goes towards our personal living expenses.

As often happens when we haven’t released new material for a while, the last few months we have received less donations than usual. This means that we may need to review how much we donate on to volunteers for a time until we can afford to resume regular donations again.

We are grateful to those of you who have kept up regular donations to us these past 6 months. It has given us the capacity to focus on the important changes in infrastructure that I mentioned, and helped us to continue to give gifts to our volunteers who do a large amount of work with little personal reward.

An Introduction

Over the past 6 months, Jesus’ time has been divided between two major areas. The first has been major infrastructure upgrades and the second has been assisting the new God’s Way company to get started.

Jesus has had so much experience in the past in both computer systems engineering, programming and analysis, and in starting and running companies, that his expertise has been vital for the changes to make in Divine Truth delivery and data management. Also, God’s Way Directors have had much to learn as they incorporated the new non-profit company, including the set up and management of legal requirements, accounting, computer systems, templates, and processes for the new company.

Divine Truth & God’s Way Operations

Divine Truth operations were overdue for an overhaul and redesign of our data storage systems. As our core work and passion is to create and deliver Divine Truth materials to the world it is essential that everything we create is stored and backed-up very safely and efficiently (otherwise we risk loosing valuable recordings, documents, templates, plans, books etc). This requires Divine Truth to own and manage a lot of computer hardware. We cannot easily use Cloud based operations, since we have very poor internet bandwidth, speed and capacity in the Australian bush. Most of our computer systems are 5-7 years old, and our server systems are very slow, and at full capacity.

So, we have been overdue for not only an upgrade to our system to enable more reliable and less time consuming storage and back-up processes but we also needed to review the file management structure we have been using to organise the data we have stored and continue to create. Since God’s Way also must set up new data storage and file structures, we have decided to perform our upgrades with God’s Way in mind. This will allow Divine Truth and God’s Way to share the same infrastructure and training systems, and we hope will result in quite a number of people having a large degree of technical expertise.

We currently have around 480TB of raw video and audio data in cold storage, and 48TB of editing video and audio, along with another 16TB of general data storage, along with 3 iMac based video editing stations, 4 small linux servers, 4 windows PC’s and 3 Linux systems. All of these machines are connected to a 1Gbit network, but the video editing stations are connected via a 10Gbit network. Data is stored in many different locations, and managing it is becoming very difficult for Jesus along with managing all of his other work. We immediately need around 120TB of space to allow for Divine Truth video editing, God’s Way video editing, and the storage of data used by both companies, along with a clear upgrade path. Since our data is very important to us, we need to store it all, as well as having methods to backup the data regularly.

Jesus has put off his normal work for sometime in order to research the available hardware and software options that would meet our specialised needs for many years to come. He has had to learn learn about new technological advances (both in hardware and software). This research has taken Jesus huge amounts of time to complete, but he is now up to speed technically on creating large distributed node based clusters of data which have a high level of redundancy and the lowest upgrade cost. We hope in the near future to purchase and maintain our own hardware (4 x large servers able to upgrade to 240TB of data each, using 10Gbit connections to our network, used in a cluster which allows 2 servers to be used in rotation for a backup, and 2 servers live at all times, with each server having a copy of the data), and use open source software to maintain the clusters (GlusterFS on Centos). The proposed system will be able to grow to 240TB by adding disks, and further growth will occur by adding 3 new servers each time once God’s Way has a location of its own connected to our location by fibre (which we hope to set up in the next few years).

Cold storage backups will be produced by 2 x Linux servers with 16 drive bays backing up to large drives for individual project archival and storage. We always create two copies of all archives before we remove projects from our main editing store. These upgrades will allow for hi-speed video and audio editing at speeds that are a minimum of 4 x our current speeds, the ability to have a number of concurrent video editors working at the same time, along with reliable backups onto cold storage for years to come. This work in expanding our storage system and redesigning our file naming conventions and storage procedures is essential for our future expansion and later database creation. Obviously this amount of data needs good organisation for many reasons. The upheaval and reorganisation of our current physical system will occur after we have re-organized and categorised the data, along with producing a database which describes all of the data in detail.

In addition, we already have a team of around 80 volunteers who need to be able to communicate with each other better, and find documentation for their processes. So we are setting up a cloud based infrastructure for internal forums, wikis, and blogs to be used to keep all volunteers worldiwde up to date. God’s Way will eventually have many projects underway, all of which will also need forums, wikis and blogs.

Of course, this requires a lot of work to setup, and again, Jesus is the only person with the appropriate expertise to make these decisions and choices, as well as setup the resulting infrastructure which will be used both by Divine Truth and God’s Way. At this stage we are testing Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 in a load balanced solution connected to a scalable AWS RDS, running a Linux, Apache, MariaDB, and PHP software stack (LAMP) with an open source product alled Tiki Wiki running on top. Data will be backed up to AWS S3, and to our other servers in Canada and the USA.

LAMP Stack Defn

As you can imagine, this infrastructure needs a substantial financial and time based outlay. We have been putting off making the changes we have had to make for sometime as technology usually becomes more reliable and more affordable over time, and because Jesus wanted to focus on producing information for the Assistance Groups. But we decided that we can’t put the process off any longer and so Jesus has taken the plunge to investigate extremely thoroughly before we make our purchases. At this stage we have some people who want to help financially which is great.

Obviously we need technical assistance, but unfortunately, since a major part of our system has to be local, all of this assistance needs to come from people who live locally so that proper structures and directions can be given to them. Since there a no people locally with these skills, Jesus has begun a training program with people who do live locally, and who are dedicated to living “God’s Way”, who volunteer a lot of their time to us already. Eventually, when we have the funds donated to do so, we would like to pay these people for their services. At the moment this is not possible due to the amount of donations we receive, but Jesus is still going ahead and training the people required.

New Online Delivery Services for Divine Truth & God’s Way

As I have mentioned, as a part of our technological overhaul, and in light of the changes we want to make for Divine Truth and God’s Way, Jesus has been concurrently investigating content management systems. He has been creating LAMP stacks that will allow us to run a variety of content management systems to test. Our goal is to create and maintain Cloud based communication mechanisms, backing up data to our local systems. Due to the amount of data in our Video systems, this is not possible for our video systems without spending millions of dollars. But it is possible for us to use these kinds of systems for our internal documentation, process, and forum insfrastructure.

Our requirements include:

  1. Private Forums for our volunteer teams to use to create and store in house procedures, keep up to date with work on ongoing projects (e.g. transcription team) and communicate within and between volunteer teams
  2. Wiki Pages (private pages for Volunteer team members) – for sharing of Divine procedures, creating working documents
  3. Wiki Pages (for public) – to share data collected by Divine Truth and God’s Way teams in a variety of fields e.g. relationships, education, construction, land regeneration, engineering, computer systems, etc
  4. Website and blog redesign


New Document Templates for God’s Way & Update of Divine Truth Templates

Jesus has also donated his time to God’s Way to create all of the new office templates for God’s Way company and project research documents. While he was at it he updated all of our Divine Truth office templates as well. He has updated over 100 templates in total. He makes these things look easy but they take a lot of time.

New Procedures for Clipping & New Vimeo Channels

During this period Jesus, Lena, Maureen (the volunteer who previously created the majority of clips from past talks that can be viewed on our Clips Channel) and Barbara (from the transcribing team) have been working on new proceedures for the rapid creation of Diving Truth Clips. This work started because YouTube placed some new limitations on the creation of clips via their online process. While at first this seemed like a restriction it has created an opportunity to review how clips are selected and named and to utilise completed transcripts to streamline clip creation and integrate the data in a future searchable database.

This has required a cleanup of the transcription and translation process, which Jesus has been involved in with Barbara McNair, who is the volunteer who manages our team of transcribers. Also, Jesus has guided Kate Eckersall, who has been making programs to streamline the automation of sub-title generation for videos, along with cleaning up the e-book and self-print processes.

Jesus has found ways to automate our new video clipping process from transcribed files as long as the video time data in those files is accurate. This has involved meeting with the transcription team, and beginning a process of cleaning up the time code data. In addition, he has loaded open source software that will allow for the production of around 1 video clip per second. This means that in the future, when a transcription is complete, the video clips will match the transcribed file, and can be done in a few minutes per transcription.

Clips Channel Screen Shot

Of course, this has also meant that our sound in older videos must be cleaned up. Igor Shakhanov is currently using a new software product to clean up all sound from all videos, including the oldest videos where possible, and then, once the sound has been cleaned up, and the transcription time codes are accurate, we shall be producing video clips again. Jesus has worked out methods to rejoin old videos with new sound, without having to produce the entire video again from raw data. Once these processes are complete, we hope to produce around 15,000 video clips from our current videos, all with sound that is much better than our current sound on old videos. In addition, when a new video is produced, clips will also be produced when the transcription process is complete. We also wish to automate both Youtube and Vimeo uploads using software API’s.

So we have also begun storing videos on Vimeo, as well as Youtube. There is a Vimeo Divine Truth channel, which currently contains the 2016 Assistance Group material. Although we have uploaded all of the material to Vimeo, we have not yet had time to make it all publicly available.

Ongoing Programming & Transcription Team Projects

Jesus continues to meet with Kate (who is assisting us with programming of document changes and data capture from transcripts) and Barb (leader of the Transcription & Translation Team) to develop and refine new ways of presenting our data and reducing the workload of individual team members. Barb’s team has prepared new training documents, and, once we complete the testing of these new services, obviously new training will have to be delivered.

God’s Way Mentor-ship & Directorship

Jesus and I have both been involved in assisting the God’s Way company to get up and running and to focus on their core business as outlined by their constitution.

Jesus has spent considerable time in educating and donating time to Directors, members, and guests of the organisation, in the following areas:

  • Creation of a company constitution suiting the requirements for a non-profit organisation in Australia
  • Creation and setup of a company
  • Legal aspects of running a company, including how to deal with property ownership
  • Designing Accounting systems & correct accounting procedures
  • Setup of the software and chart of accounts for God’s Way
  • Consulting with accountants and leading meetings with God’s Way accountants to ensure they established best and legal practices for receiving gifts and donations
  • How to create and protect valuable Intellectual Property
  • Technical considerations for the creation of Intellectual Property
  • Education and assistance to Directors with decision making for the purchase of hardware and software pertaining to data collection & storage
  • Technical assistance and education to set up company email accounts, blogs and management of internet services

After Peter Lytton-Hitchins removal as Director of the company, I stepped in and became a Director to assist with day to day decision making and weighing up ethical considerations and actions in harmony with the company constitution and objectives of God’s Way. We hope Peter will return as Director after he addresses aspects of love that Jesus has identified for him.

Personal Progression

Both Jesus and I continue to prioritise our personal progression in our relationship with God and with each other.

As you can imagine, Jesus has had limited time to focus on his personal work. My guy is busy and he sometimes makes my head spin with how much he acheives in a single day. Once he has completed a lot of the investigation work he is currently undertaking, he hopes to have more personal time for himself, along with more time to produce videos.

20171113 JESMM

I love this fella

I have had more time and I feel that I am continuing to work through important issues relating to my acceptance of my identity, my desire to be myself in the world and in my relationships with both men and women. I am exceptionally grateful for this opportunity to focus on my own progression. I have also been working on a couple of home based projects relating to land regeneration and I have been planting out our front garden full of native plants for the birds and insects to enjoy. I thoroughly enjoy this.

The Coming Months

Over the coming months, Jesus will need to continue work on most of the projects listed above.

Both Jesus and I are missing working on the creation of Divine Truth material. We have so many projects that we would like to start recording on. If things go well we may start back in the studio sometime in June.

We are hopeful to start recording the following:
series “What Happens When You Die/ Life After Death”
series “Developing My Will to Love Q & A”
series “Fundamental Facts”

We are also hopeful that Volunteer Induction Programme will get underway sometime after June. Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins and Tristan Miller will now be leading this group. I will help with the planning and design of the programme and mentor them throughout the process. This will allow things to get started and I can be free to work on Divine Truth projects.

You may have noticed some recent changes to the layout of this blog.  Until our redesign of the Divine Truth main website, Lena and I are often referring people who email our office account to some of the information that can be found on pages of this blog. The rearrangement I’ve recently done and the information I will continue to add is designed to assist people to find certain information quickly and easily.

If you do want regular up dates of changes to our schedule or of Jesus and my activities you can subscribe to the blog and you will receive an email each time I make a new post.

So that is a very brief summary of what we have been up to. Our focus has been on internal operations with the aim to expand and improve our external gifts in the coming years.

We send you all our love.

Mary & Jesus

20170113 JESMM Full Body

Volunteer Induction Programme

Summary Information

This programme is designed to help us ASSESS if each individual participant;

Truly has a sincere desire to serve
Has the correct attitudes of service
Has the correct understanding of Divine Truth principles
Has a strong desire to bring their life into harmony with God’s definition of love
Is desirous to correct any unloving behaviour and beliefs
Is able to be educated God’s Way
Is willing to perform any task, from cleaning toilets through to video production and presenting material to the public

In order to participate in this programme you must:

Have a sincere desire to assist in the work of sharing Divine Truth worldwide
Be available to attend and participate one day per week for a minimum of a three month period (in the Wilkesdale area)
Be desirous of feedback regarding your emotions and condition in love, especially in relation to your being of service to others
Be desirous and willing to work and on your emotions and condition in love in your own time throughout the duration of the programme
Be aware that you will be removed from the programme if certain conditions or requirements are not met
Be able to undertake tasks with or without instructions in a loving, self-responsible, and thorough manner

Preference for acceptance into the programme will be given according to the following criteria:

People who we feel at this stage are most likely to complete the programme
People who have the capacity to be directly involved in assisting in Divine Truth & God’s Way projects
People who have already demonstrated some initiative in volunteering for Divine Truth or sharing Divine Truth independently
People who have expressed a desire to voluntarily assist in Divine Truth and God’s Way activities prior to the announcement of this programme

 Who is it for?

People who are already motivated and have a pure desire to assist in the operations of Divine Truth and God’s Way organisations.

 Purpose of the Programme

The programme is really a trial or test period to assess participants current level of self responsibility and current desire to give gifts specifically to the Divine Truth and God’s Way organisations.

Definition of self responsibility:
Self-Responsibility is the Law based requirement of self-awareness, to seek truth, love and understanding of all principles of Love and Law, and the loving ownership and expression of one’s will, desire, passion, emotion, attitudes, intentions, thoughts and actions in harmony with God’s Principles and Laws.

Those who attended our recent ‘Understanding God’s Loving Laws’ Assistance Group would be aware that a person’s level of self-responsibility is measured by God not by perfect embodiment of humility, expression of love or desire for truth but by the sincere desire to attain this state.

Gift definition:
Any thing  (physical, spiritual, or emotional) given without expectation or demand to receive any of any form of emotional, physical or spiritual reward or payment in return. This includes the absence of desire for monetary payment, preferential treatment, special attention, approval, ‘glory’, or a feeling of self-importance.

Volunteer Induction Programme vs. Volunteer Training Programme

As I mentioned in my previous post, the volunteer induction programme will not involve training individuals in specific skills. Nor will the programme focus on providing personal emotional and spiritual feedback to participants, although if removed from the programme participants will be informed as to why that has occurred. Participants must be willing and desirous to learn new skills and to receive feedback if it is given but the programme does not focus on either of these things.

The Volunteer Induction programme will be a time where Jesus, Eloisa and I can assess if a person is truly sincere in their desire to give gifts and also if the person has an attitude which will make them someone who can be a productive member of any Divine Truth or God’s Way volunteer team.

The kind of activities I mentioned in our recent Volunteer Training Programme would be engaged only with people who have first completed the Induction Programme, and who have demonstrated over time that our personal time will not be wasted by training the person further.

The Volunteer Training Programme held in December 2016 and January 2017 was  about Jesus, Lena and I gifting our time to others so that they may learn new skills. That is not the focus of the Induction Programme. The Volunteer Induction Programme is designed to help the directors and managers of the God’s Way and Divine Truth organisations identify who shall be trained in new skills and welcomed as members of the teams within these organizations.

We have found over many years that it is not good economy to begin training and working with people who simply state that they wish to give their time in assisting us and to practice the principles of Divine Truth.

Often when we have started to work with these people in the past it has quickly become apparent to us that the person has a great deal of resistance to living God’s Way and has a large amount of demands and expectations upon us rather than a desire to serve. Often the person saying that they want to volunteer has quickly (or sometimes not so quickly) realised that when they said that they wanted to volunteer and said that they were desirous of living according to God’s Way that they really didn’t understand what either of those things mean from God’s Perspective.

In addition, when given feedback, these people have frequently become very angry and upset with us personally, and often have left following Divine Truth altogether, even though we have gifted to them our time. Our Volunteer Induction programme is therefore designed to help prevent these kinds of situations occurring in the future.

The Volunteer Training Programme that we recently ran was a special gift that we gave to certain people who we believed (through our prior knowledge of them) would already be able to complete the Volunteer Induction Programme successfully (although we did find that one participant possibly would not have completed an Induction Programme at this time).

Application & Acceptance to Volunteer Induction Programme

Anyone is welcome to apply to this programme.

Spaces in the programme will be limited.

When accepting people into the programme, preference will be given according to the following criteria:

People who we feel at this stage are most likely to complete the programme
People who have the capacity to be directly involved in assisting in Divine Truth & God’s Way projects
People who have already demonstrated some initiative in volunteering for Divine Truth or sharing Divine Truth independently
People who have expressed a desire to voluntarily assist in Divine Truth and God’s Way activities prior to the announcement of this programme
People who are willing to use their time, energy, and the majority of their personal resources (including finances) to further the sharing of God’s Truth worldwide

While there is some scope for people overseas to be directly involved in assisting in Divine Truth & God’s Way projects it is limited at this time. This means that if you live overseas preference may be given to those who live locally who meet the above criteria.

For those people living locally, very few of you currently meet the criteria for acceptance. Many people are used to Divine Truth and God’s Way serving them and giving them gifts via free education and information.

We anticipate that this programme will be repeated, so if you are not accepted to this round of the programme or are removed part way through, you are welcome to reapply once you feel that you are more sincere in your approach.

Participation From Overseas or By Long Distance

It is not possible to participate in this programme remotely.

In future we would love to be able to run this kind of programme overseas but first we need to have people who would be qualified and be located overseas to run such a programme.

If You Have Already Received Notification of Acceptance to the Volunteer Induction Programme

Because of the limited numbers available in our first run of this programme and due to the increased interest, Jesus and I will reassess all applications according to all the criteria I outlined above.

This means that while you may have previously received email confirmation of your acceptance, your place may now go to someone who we feel will be more likely to complete the programme and become a volunteer.

Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins will email you directly about any changes.

Final Notes & Reminders

I would like to emphasise again that the Volunteer Induction Programme is not a programme to help individuals to gain specific skills to implement their own personal projects or give presentations relating to God’s Way. The ‘Understanding God’s Loving Laws’ Assistance Group, which has just been made available via our website, is jam-packed full of information to help people in learning how to create and share according to God’s Way. This programme is not designed to give people a large amount of free training that they can then either waste or use only for their own benefit.

The Volunteer Induction Programme is designed to assist us to find people who are sincere in their desire to give gifts in harmony with God’s Way of doing things to assist God’s Truth and God’s Way. We will assume that all sincere people will naturally be interested in, and independently taking initiative, to study material already made available to them via our website that will assist them to complete the programme successfully.

Jesus and I notice that very few people who listen to Divine Truth are motivated to develop self-responsibility or to assist in the creation and sharing of Divine Truth materials. This is why we have so few people who are currently volunteering to assist us in the day-to-day operations of our organization. This includes; tasks such as website maintenance, YouTube and vimeo account maintenance, video and audio production and editing, computer maintenance, server maintenance and updates, clips production, office and FAQ email account management and many other tasks which are essential to our ongoing operation. Volunteering to assist in these tasks requires individuals to be thorough, learn independently, be able to follow direction and to do jobs as requested by Jesus, myself or other more senior team members.

These tasks require constant and diligent maintenance but they involve very little ‘glamour’ or public recognition. There are very few rewards other than knowing that God’s Truth is being shared. For this reason it is currently primarily only three people, Jesus, Lena and I, who work hard every day to make sure that the majority of tasks required for these essential parts of the Divine Truth operation get done. There are at this stage only 1 person, Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins, works hard every day to make sure that the majority of tasks required for the God’s Way operation get done, although two others, Tristan Miller and Catherine Spence, are learning and doing more each day to improve. Each of these people receives very little, if any, acknowledgement for the jobs they do.

Most people who receive free material have little or no awareness of how much effort and financial resources are involved in providing the same material.

The volunteers that successfully complete the Volunteer Induction Programme will only be those people who are willing to be involved in any activity that furthers the objectives of God’s Way and Divine Truth and who have the same attitudes about sharing truth with the world as those mentioned above. Once a person has successfully completed the Volunteer Induction Programme we expect that they will need a lot of further training to complete specific tasks, which shall be provided to them at a later time.


How to Apply

You can register your interest to participate via our Eventbrite page here.


The Big Year: January Newsletter

It has been a while since our last update and so as usual I have a lot of information to share.

Here is a list of topics I’ve covered (clicking on each title will jump you to that section within the post):

Thank you
Assistance Groups
Recent Divine Truth Training Programme
Volunteer Induction Programme
Other Divine Truth Projects
God’s Way
Changes to Production Team
Personal Work

Of special note for those wishing to attend any of our future assistance groups are the changes to scheduling for these groups (see below for details).

The Big Year

2016 was a big year for both Jesus and I.

Running three assistance groups in one year was an incredible feat that was largely created, managed, directed, presented, produced and output by Jesus alone. He had some help along the way but the lions share of what was done was done by him. I personally want to thank and congratulate him on the immense gift he has given in sharing this content.  For the early part of the year I made it my daily business to study what was presented in the first two groups and it assisted me greatly.


2016 for me was all about making my own developing my number one priority and through that process I encountered and learned quite a lot about valuing my emotions (no matter what they are) and developing compassion for my injured self. These things assisted me to become more self responsible (something you can learn lots about in the “Understanding God’s Loving Laws” Assistance Group material) and enhanced my personal happiness. This was all essential work that I needed to do and I am immensely grateful to Jesus for doing all the extra things that needed to be done in my absence.


For Jesus this has been a tiring year which is why we have made some changes to our schedule for Assistance Groups, which you can read about below.  2017 is a year for him to take a rest from what has been an intense work schedule the past 16 months and to focus on his progression again. We are both aware of how important our personal progression is in furthering the understanding of Divine Truth on earth.

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who has made an individual donation to us over the past few months and to those who continue in their regular monthly and weekly donations. Even though you haven’t seen much in terms of new content via the internet these past three months, as you will read below, we have been quite busy. We are using your contributions to not only create Divine Truth material but also to implement ways and better systems to assist in the delivery of truth with the world.


As I often say, I feel we are only stewards of the monies that you donate. These funds are in our hands for a short time and we are placed in charge of making the best use of what you give us so that it can be best used to serve others in the world who want to grow in love toward their Heavenly Father and Mother.


Assistance Groups

“Understanding God’s Loving Laws”

The “Understanding God’s Loving Laws” assistance group is now on the website and YouTube.

This group was great fun to be a part of. In total 130 people participated. Our venue and the weather were lovely and Lena and Igor offered their own personal gift of a group BBQ on one of the Rest & Reflection days during the programme.

I believe that the material covered speaks for itself in terms of its importance and significance for people individually and for the world collectively. I hope that you find it as exceptional and inspiring as I do.




Lena & Igor do BBQ

Lena & Igor do BBQ

In this group, we implemented some new procedures for how we run the groups and manage participation. This included a new system for asking questions which turned out to be very effective. Participants preparing questions prior to each session meant that we covered some excellent topics in every Q&A session that was recorded and little time was wasted in addictive exchanges from the audience. We will further enhance these methods for questions in future groups to streamline the process even more.



We made some decisions about tolerance of unloving attitudes in those who register and attend our groups and decided to act (rather than continue to speak) regarding these issues. We have raised these issues many times before, but most people keep on ignoring what we are saying to them, and this is why we will in future be enforcing love and truth through our actions rather than by just speaking about the issues.

These decisions made before the second November 2016 group meant that we began to remove some participants from the second group. This was due to long standing resistance in each of these participants to specific injuries they have either towards Jesus and I as presenters or towards other members of the group.

Each person who was removed had been previously made aware of their harmful attitudes and emotions on many occasions by Jesus or I but was continuing to resist and justify their unloving condition. This meant that they were having a damaging effect on the group and so were asked to leave. Jesus and I both feel that these actions on our part were a positive step towards ensuring a higher level of love is maintained at our events.

Only one person who was removed demonstrated an immediate attitude change and some repentance for their behaviour, and they we allowed immediately back to the group as a result.


There were also a number of people who made very late cancellations of their bookings for this group without providing any reason. As late cancellations prevent the possibility for other people to have attended (and because we had previously advised registrants of the issue of love involved) we have banned these people from attendance at any of the future Assistance Groups in the “Education in Love” series. These people have demonstrated that they cannot be relied upon to be responsible about their booking and we have no desire to see their behaviour repeated.

There were one or two people who did have genuine issues that prevented their attendance (not just a lack of regard for their responsibility in holding a ticket) and these people were not prevented from attending future groups. We have enforced this new principle only for people who have displayed a lack of consideration for how their late bookings affect others and have chosen to be irresponsible with how they manage their planning and booking for our events.


We feel that often, because our events are free, people do not demonstrate even the smallest amount of regard for our own time and effort in preparation, or regard for other people who wish to attend the groups. Many people are ignoring our request to fully prepare by completing the pre-requisites for the events, and if they wish to cancel their seat at the event, they do not do so in the manner we have requested.

This demonstrates that these people are not interested in practicing what we are teaching, which includes demonstrating love for others. If a person cannot demonstrate love to another person who is giving their time for free, then it is highly unlikely they have a sincere desire to grow in love.

In future if we believe an attendee has any unloving attitudes regarding these matters, we will be preventing those attendees from either attending our events, or will remove them from our events if they have arrived at an event.

Our Thanks

Jesus and I would like to thank to our helper team during the group. These people were; Lena, Igor, Kelly, Cornelius, and Eloisa.

Set-up Begins

Set-up Begins

Thank you guys. Your efforts helped to ensure that things ran smoothly and we know that you gave a lot of your personal time to the event.

Thanks also to Bruce who transported some of our equipment to and from the venue.

Set-up and Testing

Set-up and Testing

We’d also like to give a special thank-you to Lena. Lena has worked incredibly hard this year, at times while when she was also dealing with stressful personal, emotional issues. She has always been diligent, thorough, helpful and pleasant to work with. Thank you Lena, we really appreciate you. We know that when we put something in your hands you will do it to the best of your ability, while also considering those who will come along after you and have jobs that are dependent upon you.


Set-up takes work


Eloisa & Kelly


Cornelius on Cam

Details about the Material Now Available

The “Understanding God’s Loving Laws” video, audio, outlines and PowerPoint are available via our website. For anyone wishing to have an offline copy of this data, please follow the directions on the download  or gifts pages of the website.

We are happy to receive hard disks and copy the new material for people. Please make sure you supply us with the correct information and large enough disk. These specifications can be found on the gifts page.

This new material is a gift from Jesus, Mary and Lena Shakhanov.

There are 66 new extended videos. Low resolution audio is available for download from our website. Video and high resolution audio is now available from the Divine Truth master synchronization server. All of the videos are also on YouTube.


There have been some new features added to the shared material that will assist you to access the information:

Outlines Package

The “Outlines” package for any group is a single PDF download file which contains all of the outlines for the group indicated in a single PDF file. All of the outlines have been edited by Jesus post production. They include the actual questions answered during each presentation with the timing and person asking the question listed.

Audio Package

The “Audio” package for any group is a single zipped download file which contains all of the audios for the group indicated in a single zip file. The single zip file contains many mp3 audio files which must be unzipped in order to be played.

Document Package

The “Document” package for any group is a single zipped download file which contains all of the individual outlines and presentations (Powerpoint 2016) for the group indicated in a single zip file. The single zip file contains many pdf and pptx files which must be unzipped in order to be accessed.

Many people will find it easier to download these packages rather than downloading the individual files from our website. These download packages are available from the Assistant Group Event Downloads page, or can be selected from a list on the What’s New page of the website for any new group that is added. The packages are a gift from Jesus.


As with the videos in the “Developing My Loving Self” assistance group, these new videos all include chapter markers which can be used to navigate each video when it is viewed in QuickTime.

With the “Understanding God’s Loving Laws” videos we have also added the chapter markers into the description field while playing the video in YouTube. This enables the YouTube viewer to use these chapter timings to easily skip to particular sections in each of the presentations.


New Scheduling for “Education in Love” Assistance Groups

Because of the large work load involved in preparing, presenting, editing, producing and uploading our Assistance Groups, Jesus and I have decided to place plans for future groups on hold until Jesus has had a chance to rest.

It normally takes Jesus around 500 hours to prepare all of the documents, outlines, presentations and technology for a one month group course (2 groups at a time). Also, when he comes home from a group, he also spends another 400 hours immediately after each group finalizing the editing of the presentations, outlines, audio, chapter tags, video production, video compression, video upload to YouTube, website editing, and website upload, as well as maintaining backup copies of all of the data produced. Obviously the group presentations also take an additional one month of his time per group.

This has meant that he has spent over 2700 hours in preparation and post production on 2016 assistance groups in addition to the 3 months delivering almost all of the material. If you calculate this time, you can see that this means he has spent over 330 8 hour days since October 2015 until January 2017 preparing, delivering and post producing the assistance groups. Obviously this is in addition to all of his other regular jobs. He has had to work extremely long hours each day for the 16 month period to obtain the results.

All this work means that he needs a rest!

Those of you who have watched the previous Assistance Group presentations will know that we had already moved the groups initially scheduled for 2017 to 2018. We have now gone one step further and decided to only schedule the next group in the series until 6 months after the material for that group has been prepared.

This removes the “deadline” from our lives (in particular from Jesus’ life) and will mean that we can take our time to prepare material that we feel will be most beneficial to the world. Having the 6 month buffer between completion of the material preparation and the actual presentation has additional benefits including; allowing people wishing to attend the groups time to make plans, arrange their work life, make bookings and complete the group pre-requisites sufficiently. It also means that Jesus and I can be well rested before we deliver the material.


Jesus teaches by the pool on his day off

What this means for people wishing to attend our assistance groups:

All dates for assistance groups in the “Education in Love” series are now to be advised.

The dates listed on the EventBrite pages are tentative and used as a guideline only.

We now anticipate holding the “Understanding Sin & It’s Causes” group in November 2018 at the earliest. We may follow this with “Removing Sin & It’s Causes” in February and March of 2019 since we are writing the material for both groups at the same time.

Your current bookings

If you are currently registered for any of our future groups, these bookings will remain valid. You will have the chance to cancel the booking once we schedule the actual date if the new dates no longer suit you. We will confirm dates 6 months prior to commencing the group.

We are now maintaining waiting lists for each of the groups in the “‘Education in Love” series. This means that if we have a large amount of cancellations these spots can easily go to others who would like the opportunity to attend. However late cancellations (within a month prior to a confirmed event) will all still mean that these people will be banned from future events in the series for the obvious reason that if you are cancelling less than a month before the group begins, you obviously had little real intention to attend the group anyway, and are just taking a seat on the group because it is a free event.

Jesus and I feel that a person who wishes to be responsible for their lives and actions knows prior to one month before a week long event if they are realistically going to be able to attend. There are many logistical issues that a participant would need to arrange prior to one month before a week long event. Obviously if there are extreme circumstances that prevent attendance quite soon before the event, we understand this and would not take the same actions towards these people.


Recent Divine Truth Training Programme

In December and January, in addition to all of the normal production work required after the assistance groups in November 2016, Jesus and I coordinated a training programme for a group of people who have demonstrated over time that they have a sincere desire to assist in the work of sharing Divine Truth with the world.

This meant two exceptionally busy months for us after the November groups. Jesus and Lena in particular have managed and juggled a lot. Both were completing the extensive post production work necessary for “Understanding God’s Loving Laws” while simultaneously providing training post production training, and other training, to groups of people during the period.

This busy time has meant that Jesus has been working 7 day a week, mostly 12 hours a day for two months. (He usually begins work at 5am, and finishes normally around 5pm).

Participants in this training programme gained a lot of knowledge of how Jesus and Lena perform their jobs, what kind of knowledge and quality control is required, along with learning about other aspects involved in sharing Divine Truth.

The programme focussed on four main areas:

  1. Attitude Required to Share Divine Truth in Harmony with God’s Laws

It is really impossible to share Divine Truth unless Truth is presented by a person wishing to be humble and to share a gift in harmony with God’s Laws, and the person desires to be loving while they share God’s Truth.

So our training in this area involved presentations and one on one feedback discussing attitudes and emotions involved in giving gifts. We focussed on the various ways our injured emotional condition can interfere with serving others and creating material.


  1. Production of Divine Truth Materials

Lena and Jesus coordinated this training and were able teach a lot about various aspects of our current production process along with many of the technical and spiritual principles involved in the processes we use.

Participants learned about the equipment we currently use and had the opportunity to take part in practical exercises relating to video recording, editing and production, sound recording, editing and production, marker editing and production, equipment setup, pack-up and storage, and backup of data.

Some of our training group

Some of our training group

  1. Environment Regeneration

Jesus gave presentations about the impact that our unloving behaviours and attitudes have upon the environment and some of the principles involved in land regeneration.

This was followed by practical days in which participants need to work hard physically and had the chance to complete some physical aspects of land regeneration. They also were able to see some of the projects and experiments in progress on our property. We did this to prepare people for what knowledge and effort would be required for participation in a God’s Way Learning Centre.

  1. Introduction to Public Speaking

Jesus gave presentations about public speaking, and outlined to the participants the many aspects of good public speaking.

Participants then had the opportunity to prepare and present a short presentation, and to receive personal feedback on the aspects of presenting that they could improve upon. Learning about public speaking from Jesus is truly valuable. I also gave a short presentation of ways that addictions and unloving emotions can interfere with presenting material.

Courtney before her presentation

Courtney before her presentation

Programme Participants

Joining the programme were three international guests; Courtney from the USA, Nicky from England and David from Barbados. It was a pleasure to have them with us. In addition, we selected some people locally who have a passion for teaching and sharing Divine Truth in a loving and truthful manner. Each of these persons had previously demonstrated to us by their attitude that we could spend this time with them.

The triple treat from OS David, Courtney, Nicky

The triple treat from OS
David, Courtney, Nicky

We plan to continue to offer training to people who wish to volunteer to assist in the delivery of Divine Truth. In future we will be offering a volunteer induction programme for these people, with the details about these programmes being listed below.

New Volunteer Induction Programme

Jesus and I are currently designing a volunteer induction programme. It is now mandatory for any person wishing to volunteer their time for Divine Truth or God’s Way to complete this programme prior to joining any of the teams in either organisation. Very few people will complete the induction successfully on their first attempt.

Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins and I will implement the programme.


This programme will not focus participants on developing specialized practical skills required for each team. Rather it will offer participants the opportunity to participate in a number of different activities, receive personal feedback about emotional issues relating to love and service, and allow them the chance to work on these issues in their own time.

This is not a programme that will involve a lot of presenting of Divine Truth material in the “teaching” style you are used to at our public events. Rather the programme will focus on giving each participant the opportunity to act, take initiative, follow instructions and complete practical tasks.

This structure allows those involved in giving further instruction from either Divine Truth or God’s Way to see if each person who is volunteering;

  1.  truly has a sincere desire to serve
  2. has the correct attitudes of service
  3. has the correct understanding of Divine Truth principles
  4. has a strong desire to bring their life into harmony with God’s definition of love
  5. is desirous to correct any unloving behaviour and beliefs
  6. is able to be educated God’s Way
  7. is willing to perform any task, from cleaning toilets through to video production and presenting material to the public

In order to participate in this programme you must:

  1. have a sincere desire to assist in the work of sharing Divine Truth worldwide
  2. be available to attend and participate one day per week for a minimum of a three month period (in the Wilkesdale area)
  3. be desirous of feedback regarding your emotions and condition in love, especially in relation to your being of service to others
  4. be desirous and willing to work and on your emotions and condition in love in your own time throughout the duration of the programme
  5. be aware that you will be removed from the programme if certain conditions or requirements are not met

Final acceptance of participants into the programme will decided by Jesus and I and we may cease any person’s involvement at any time if we feel that they are not sincere in meeting these criteria. This means that while to complete the programme involves 12 days over a three month period, a person may be removed from the programme at any time regardless of whether they have travelled from another location or live locally.

If you would like to take part in this programme it is essential that you consider you desire to meet the criteria listed above. If you feel that you do then please register your interest on our Eventbrite page here. Please note that by registering your interest you are indicating your intention to uphold the criteria.

Other Divine Truth Projects

While all this has been going on, we, along with members of our current volunteer team, have been working on a number of additional projects.

E-Books & Self-Print Book Automation

Visual Basic code is currently being written to save large amounts of time during the transcription of video files into self-print documents. Once the automation of the production of e-book and self-print documents is complete, large amounts of volunteer time will be saved in the production of new material for printing, and a large number of self-print and e-book documents will be added to the current list.

Search Engine Database

An offline database is currently being designed to integrate into the static website (both the offline and online copies). This will enable key word searches of many thousands of documents on our site, along with all of the nearly 2,000 hours of videos as well. This is a very time consuming project, and we hope to have this project completed before the next assistance groups in 2018.


The transcription team volunteers are currently working on the transcriptions for all of the 2016 assistance group material. Most of these transcriptions will be added to the website in the coming months. Jesus & Mary would like to thank their volunteers and encourage you to donate to them if you are able to help them continue with their work.

Barb McNair who runs this team has also begun training another person in her role. Not only will this provide a back up person should Barb ever be unable to continue in her role, it also offers Barb the chance to have some assistance in managing quite a large team and the long list of talks that she currently does. It also creates the potential of possible expansion of this team into new areas and projects.

Fundamental Truths

Jesus and I are in the process of designing a “Fundamental Truths” series of videos which will provide a summary of God’s Fundamental Truths in a concise and easy to understand form. We hope to start recording some of these videos in the latter half of 2017. This information will be designed to provide all people listening, reading or watching Divine Truth material with clear, concise explanations of the fundamental truths that underpin God’s Way.

Assistance Group Q&A

Jesus and I will begin recording some studio sessions to answer questions related to the assistance group material that was presented in the three groups in 2016.

Due to our new system of collecting and answering questions during this last assistance group, we already have a long list questions to answer that relate to God’s Laws. However further questions about any of the three assistance groups already presented are always welcome. Please send questions to and label each email with the group and individual presentation that the questions relate to.

Spirit Discussions

Jesus and I still regularly communicate with people who used to live on earth, but who have now passed. Not all of these sessions are recorded, but those that are will be added to the website. Now that the post production work for the assistance groups and our short term Divine Truth training programme are both complete we hope to find some quiet time in the coming months to speak with spirits again. Please check the Spirit Discussions or the 2017 Downloads pages on our website for this new material.

Vimeo Videos

We’ve have decided to expand the avenues available for people to view Divine Truth video. So sometime in the future we will add all of our video material to Vimeo. This means that videos will then be available online both from Vimeo (add-free) and from YouTube. This is quite a process to undertake as it means loading over 1800 videos to a new account. I will let people know via the blog and our What’s New website page when this is finished.

God’s Way

Recently a group of people incorporated a new company “God’s Way”. This company has a very similar constitution to the previous God’s Way of Love organisation, and aims to work in the development, implementation and sharing of projects that demonstrate the potentials of God’s Way on earth. The directors of the company are Tristan Miller, Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins and Catherine Spence.

God's Way Directors

God’s Way Directors

Jesus and I were made founding members of this company and while we won’t be involved in day to day operations of God’s Way or hold any directorial positions we will be advisors and mentors for the directors. We also hold the power to veto decisions if we can see that the directors and/or direction of the company is in disharmony with God’s Way.

Changes to the Production Team

We have made some recent changes to our production team. Lena has been formally appointed as the leader of the production team (though she has effectively been in this role for some time now).


Igor has been removed from the team completely to give him time to deal with some long standing issues that have been effecting how he works with the team.

This means our production team now only consists of Jesus and Lena. They are both managing and undertaking an enormous amount of tasks. We are always open to new people joining the team, but these people must meet our pre requisites for consideration which include the successful completion of the volunteer induction programme.

Personal Work


I usually take the time at the end of each update to share a little of my personal progression and reflections since my last post. I’m feeling lately however that it is difficult to quantify or adequately describe my emotions and changes in words.

However, in summary I would say that 2016 was well spent by me personally. I really turned a lot of my definitions of what was “selfish” on their head – e.g. spending time solely on my own emotions – and found that valuing my emotions and giving myself enough the time and compassion I needed in order to experience myself created changes that turned out to exponentially change my ability to share myself, give to others and generally be a nicer person. Being “selfish” (by my old definition) made more giving. So it was absolutely worth it and I continue to view the time I have to spend on strengthening my desire to experience all of me, not only as a gift, but also time that benefits others as well as myself.

At the start of 2016 I had some courage to face more truth about where I was really at at that time. My desire to deal with long standing issues that were causing me pain was really called into question. I’m pleased to say that after many years of simply trying to “punish” myself out of that place and into action, or to punish Jesus instead of myself; I actually started to do some things differently. And the results were good.

Sometime during the year I scrawled something in my journal by a psychologist named David Schnarch. He said:

I think trite dictums like “People always do the best they can at the time” trivializes goodness by taking it for granted, minimizing how hard it is to do the best you can, and blinding us to the ugliness of those who frequently don’t.

At the time, these words seemed to capture exactly what I was reflecting upon and looking at within myself. When considering this update, I remembered the quote and leafed back through my journals to find it. I thought it was worth a share.

God knows that each of us can cope with being overwhelmed, with encountering and embracing immense change in a short period of time, and also that we are capable of more than we currently think. This past year I asked myself many times, and continue to ask myself, “how much am I limiting my experience by saying I can’t cope“?, or as Schnarch would put it, telling myself “I’m doing the best I can” when really there is much more that could be done by me.

And when I notice people really “doing their best” and not making excuses for their injured state or justifying a lack of loving action, I feel the immense gift they offer me and the world. Jesus inspires me in this way every single day. But sometimes there are others I see acting and experimenting and using all that they have to do good and I feel gratitude for them as well. I don’t take it for granted.

Truly doing our best takes courage and to me it deserves to be honoured. Making excuses and calling that “our best” on the other hand is selfish. It harms others and as well as ourselves.



Jesus simply needs time. In 2016 he has had no time to relax, take stock or feel anything deeply. Today he has completed the mammoth task of preparing, managing, delivering, producing, outputting and making public material and videos for three assistance groups in one year. I was just explaining to him my new policy that, instead of celebrating birthdays or other nominal and often meaningless holidays and season, I plan to implement new celebration times into our life.

For example when a person achieves a spiritual accomplishment, takes a new and significant action in harmony with love, or gives a gift of great value and importance (such as he just has). So this afternoon will involve a massage for him and perhaps a special pizza for dinner.


Until next time, with love,