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Updates on travel, projects and what gives with us lately

A Super Duper, No Details Spared, Our-Lives-Laid-Bare Update

In sitting down to write an update for you all both Jesus and I realised that perhaps, for reasons you will read about below, our monthly ‘newsletter’ to our regular donators needed to be a little more in depth than usual. And since only a fraction of those who listen to our teachings also donate to us and I was going to be sharing in depth explanations about a lot of things people seem to speculate and wonder about but never ask us directly (which is a separate issue in itself) I decided to make this update a little more public than usual so that more people receive more information straight from the horses mouth as it were.

So here we go! What follows is an inventory of our person projects, spending and progress over the past few months. As is our custom I’ve made this direct and detailed so as to avoid confusion and convey as much accurate information as possible.

Progression of Divine Truth

Since early January we have received of a lot of attack both from people on earth and in the spirit world. These people and spirits have been attempting to stop us from presenting Divine Truth, and are attempting to influence people who have supported us financially and voluntarily in the past to no longer support us in the future. They are also attempting to stop us from being able to receive donations of any kind which included closing down the Paypal account. Of course, if we do not receive donations this would make our passion to deliver Divine Truth much more difficult for us to carry out. Many people are being influenced to create gossip about us in order to attempt to stop us from presenting Divine Truth. This has included stories and accusations that:

  1. Jesus and I no longer live together, and;
  2. Jesus has met another “Mary Magdalene” and begun a relationship with her, and;
  3. Jesus and I are no longer teaching Divine Truth, and;
  4. Jesus and I have a lot of funds at our disposal and are using those funds unwisely, and;
  5. Jesus and I lie about how we use our funds, and;
  6. Jesus and I do not deserve the donations we receive.

In short, we hear a lot of second hand gossip, rumours, and often, slanderous accusations about us which very few people attempt to verify and incredibly most people seem to believe. We even hear of people who live quite near to us, who could easily check the truth in what they are saying, repeating and spreading lies about how we live, what we do and our relationship. This makes it very clear that the people involved aren’t interested in discussing or discovering truth about us or themselves but rather are driven by unloving emotions and are quite willing to harm, or attempt to harm us, through their words and actions.

In fact, given how transparent and approachable Jesus and I are, no matter where a person is in the world they have avenues to contact us and simply ask us things directly. So, those people who want to engage in idle and often vicious gossip are demonstrating that they don’t really want to know the truth about us at all and instead want to avoid finding out truth and are even willing to resort to creating lies. Frankly, they demonstrate their own true motivations by their actions.

However since we love truth, and since we haven’t done much publicly lately (as you will read further on we have been super busy) I thought that this note might be a good time to dispel some of those rumours and let you know a bit of background as to what we have been doing and why.

Our Personal Life

Although our personal life is really nobody’s business but our own, we are open and transparent about it. This is why we place all of our financial records on the internet. We are also always very open about our own personal emotional and spiritual condition, and our relationship.

Since that is the case, I’d like to say that Jesus and I are still together, and in fact are becoming closer and closer each day as we work through different emotional issues. For the past 12 years Jesus has either been celibate (for 5 years), or has known that I am his Mary Magdalene. He has no intention of having any kind of sexual relationship with another woman. Anybody who truly knows him would know that. He spent a lot of time waiting for me, and, even if I did leave him for any reason, he would not have a relationship with anyone else. I am one lucky, lucky woman with a devoted, compassionate, passionate man. Any claims about him to the contrary are just malicious slander and lies.

We never have photos of the two of us! Here we are at the tube station in England in 2013!! As you can see Jesus doesn't love selfies.

We never have photos of the two of us! One of us is always behind the camera. So here we are at the tube station in England back in 2013. As you can probably tell by his expression Jesus doesn’t really go for selfies.

Jesus and I are still teaching Divine Truth. In fact, even though we haven’t run a group or held a presentation over the last 6 months it has been one of the most busy time periods in our entire time together. Jesus is working around 6 days a week for 10 hours each day on different projects to help the long term delivery of Divine Truth for the next 10 years plus. He hasn’t had much time for his own emotional work, which is something he is attempting to remedy lately.

His day usually begins at 4:30am when he wakes up. He then works on programming projects for the next 3 hours. As anyone who has emailed him knows, he has had very little time to respond to any emails. I have done that for him when I get the chance. From 7-7:30am he usually works either on the studio we are building, or on landscaping around the studio making it ready for visitors. He has personally moved over 20 tonne of rock and sand, along with over 100 cubic metres of mulch – by hand! He’s completed all of the planning and design for the interior and exterior of the studio, the electronic and computing requirements of the studio, along with doing all the investigations and ordering of materials, and answering all of the questions everyone has, as well as almost all of the wiring.

Jesus shoveling

Jesus shoveling

He does our accounts, and handles all legal requirements. He maintains the Divine Truth server, websites, video sync services, and all technology, along with programming applications to speed up the transcription of documents. He keeps all of our computer and related systems up to date, along with doing backups of all Divine Truth material produced. He usually stops work around 4pm, at which time we have our evening meal. We are both usually in bed sleeping by 8pm.

As for myself, I am working on streamlining and standardizing the office and FAQ email accounts and becoming involved with planning and preparation for interviews and FAQ sessions and questions. I handle all business phone calls and appointments, and look after the bookings of all trades persons working on the studio project. I handle planning for all future events. I liaison with volunteers, and arrange and participate in meetings with them so that I can keep a list of what Jesus needs to do to complete his tasks for the volunteers.

In addition, due to the amount of time Jesus is spending on other projects, I am doing all cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, shopping and other general necessary daily activities. I am fortunate to still have some personal time for myself, which has meant that I am working through emotions. Jesus still assists me with that and I am incredibly grateful that he finds the time for it amongst all of his other tasks.

We both miss spending time teaching Divine Truth more actively but are very aware that the projects – physical, emotional and spiritual – that we are working on at the moment are crucial to our ability to do that effectively and efficiently in the future.

Studio Work and Landscaping

As you can see from my comments above, we have heard a lot of gossip and rumours about how we can afford to build our studio and do the needed landscaping work in order for it to be functional.

I will give you a bit of background about how the project began, and how we obtained the funds to complete it. We do not receive enough funds by normal donations to do any structure based infrastructure work (buildings). Any spare funds we receive by donations we would normally spend on technology replacements, overseas travel and accommodation, special Divine Truth projects such as the delivery of materials to third world countries, giving gifts to Divine Truth volunteers, and doing environmental recovery experiments that we can use for gathering information to help others with their environmental work.

In 2014 we were approached by a beautiful friend we know who wanted to give us enough funds to build a larger home for ourselves.

We currently live in a single bedroom home which also doubles as our office, which includes 5 computers, 8 servers and ancillary equipment, and out meeting rooms when we have volunteers and visitors. It is 80 square metres or 860 square feet in size, with a lot packed inside. So space is quite tight. At the moment one shipping container stores many things we really need in the house, kitchen utensils, beds, half of Jesus’ clothes and other things which we are constantly swapping in and out of the container.

Our friend made it clear that she had gifted the money to us personally. She did not want us to spend any of the money on a Divine Truth project. She knows us well enough to know that we usually spend everything we have on Divine Truth projects. (smile)

So we began a lot of preliminary planning to work out what we would need in a home, and drew up some plans.

Concurrent to all this we had been considering another long-standing problem we had had. This was that we were using Lena and Igor’s lounge room in a rented home for the location of our studio, and another two bedrooms of their home for the editing studios. This meant that Lena and Igor, or “Legor” as we call them, did not have the use of their own home, since almost all of it was taken up with our equipment. So when drawing up our “new home” plans we attempted to build in space for a studio in order to solve these problems.

The 'studio' in Legor's living room

The ‘studio’ in Legor’s living room

However, it soon became apparent that, besides our friend offering the funds only for our personal use, that;

  1. We had an increasing problem with the location of the studio and editing rooms at Legor’s home. Varying weather and temperatures precluded recording and editing at certain times of year, there were very often sound and noise problems, all along with the fact that it was always only meant to be a temporary arrangement, and
  1. Having a dedicated studio was becoming increasingly important for many reasons. For example we could see that with a studio our time and energy would be saved from setting up and dismantling the equipment. This would mean we could focus more time on preparation and delivery of Divine Truth material to benefit the world. We could remove the studio and editing facilities from a rented home. But we needed to create a recording and editing environment that could be used all year round and that was stable in terms of noise and sound, and
  1. We would need to build a shed which would store and protect a lot of the sensitive building materials and equipment before either the house or the studio projects could begin, and
  1. We did not have enough funds to complete a home and adequate studio together, and
  1. The studio alone would probably be a similar effort and cost to building a complete home, and
  1. The house would have to be built after the studio due to the location of the studio and house on our land if we separated the two structures.

Due to these problems, we went back to the friend who offered us the funds and discussed these issues with her. We stated that we could not build our house at this time, due to the issues with requiring a studio. We offered to return her funds to her if she could not agree to our using this money that she had gifted to us personally to build the studio and get it operational for recording.

She agreed to allow us to loan the funds to the Divine Truth business in order to build the studio.

Editing equipment and filming set-up in Lena & Igor's home

Editing equipment and filming set-up in Lena & Igor’s home

In order to complete the preliminary requirements of a storage shed, we also borrowed $77,500 additional funds from another friend. We budgeted that we could afford repayments on this loan from our usual donations and the shed would provide a place where we could store all of the materials we needed for the other structures out of the weather.

The shed was our first building project, and all people who worked on the shed were paid wages. No volunteer effort was involved. We still owe $60,000 on the loan, which we are now attempting to pay off (but this of course depends upon the size of our normal donations).

So, all of the work on our property that we have completed over the past twelve months has been enabled by the personal gift of one single person, the loan we acquired from another, and our desire to share Divine Truth with the world rather than use funds for our personal welfare.

Any spare funds from Divine Truth donations we had received from July to December have been going towards assisting paying some wages for workers and contractors working on building the studio. Of course, wages alone far exceed the donations we received during the period, and so the main source of funds to pay for wages and materials have come from the gift we personally received from our generous friend.

We have now run out of money to pay wages and so for the past three months, we have had 4 other people volunteering their time on the studio. We were paying them until December, but we did not have enough money after that to purchase the final materials for the project and continue to pay wages. Cornelius (David Walsh) has been the project leader and builder, and he has been volunteering his time since November (nearly 6 months). Vlad Klobucar, although no longer working here, volunteered one month of his time this year after we could no longer pay him. Igor (Shakhanov) continues to volunteer his time, both on video editing and studio work plastering and construction, and he has been solidly working on the studio for the past 3 months as a volunteer. Robert Griffiths has volunteered to complete all of our painting, which will take approximately 4 weeks of his time.

The workers at morning tea break

The workers at morning tea break


Normal donations generally just cover Divine Truth operations and our own personal expenses. We currently do not receive enough general donations to regularly give money to our volunteers, or to do major infrastructure work related to the delivery of Divine Truth such as the provisioning of servers and other technical services, or to build.

At the moment, expansion of our services is dependent upon one-off donations or gifts. In the past these have come from a maximum of 5 different sources (families or individuals) and have been large enough to cover these more costly services and infrastructure. If it wasn’t for the significant donations mentioned we would not be able to complete the studio and Jesus or I would need to obtain work elsewhere in order to do so, and to do other technical infrastructure for the delivery of Divine Truth worldwide.

At the moment Lena and Igor aren’t receiving enough donations to live on, and they have been looking for work locally. Once the studio is complete, if they are still not receiving many donations they will have to continue working elsewhere. Obviously, this will significantly affect our ability to continue the process of video editing to the degree we have in the past.

Jesus has spent a lot of time over the past months streamlining Divine Truth operations. We have cancelled one of our Divine Truth servers in order to save some funds. Another friend, Eugene from the USA, has setup a backup server for us, and this has taken over the operations of the second server that we cancelled.

We had many problems with a previous server provider. They totally deleted our entire server for no reason whatsoever, which completely stopped the website, our emails, and other operations. They then refused to communicate with Jesus about the problem for two weeks, and then made it very difficult for Jesus after that to reinstate the services. As a result, Jesus had to find another company with better support (iWeb in Canada), and then migrate all of the servers contents which he had backed up to the new location.

This was happening at the same time that he was making a major modification to the website, which is the first stage of our plans to build a database into the website, which will allow for a search engine. It was very busy and he was juggling a lot of things at once. At times like those I see how beneficial it is that he is always so thorough with procedures and back-ups. Without that it would have been a problem that took up far more time than the already enormous amount that it did.

As a result of these problems, Jesus developed a system so that we no longer need to rely upon our content server for email and website operations. Email and website are now with larger scaled enterprises, which means that we have less maintenance and these services are much faster than before, but the recurring costs for these services are higher. It also means that the content server now only serves content for our synchronization services, which allow you to download all of our material and websites onto your own computers for free.

During this period, Paypal also shut down our main receiving account for donations, and since we have had no other mechanism setup to receive overseas donations, from January we were without a large percentage of our donations. This meant that Jesus had to develop new methods of receiving donations. Sorting out these donation problems has taken a significant amount of Jesus’ time, since many donation methods either were not legal in Australia, did not operate in Australia, or the approval processes were under so much spirit influence that we struggled to receive replies from certain service providers – let alone approvals!

However we have now found 6 methods of donation that are the only ones possible for us to use. Four of these have already been placed on our website in the donate section. Jesus is currently working on the other two.

We have seen loads of wildlife around lately. This beautiful carpet python made its way along the front of the house and onto the break table outside our kitchen while all of us were chatting and working one day.

We have seen loads of wildlife around lately. This beautiful carpet python made its way along the front of the house and onto the break table outside our kitchen while all of us were chatting and working one day.

New Methods for Donation

So we wanted to let you know that we now have a number of new options available for people wishing to make donations to us. Jesus redesigned the donations page on the website and it now has very informative drop down menus that let you select from various donation methods and indicate what you would like your donation to be used for.

The page also provides information about each of the donation methods including minimum and maximum transfer amounts, fees charged etc.

We know that many people liked the convenience of using PayPal and we have left my PayPal account listed ( as an option for people who would like to continue to use this method.

We now transfer any donations made to this account very regularly so as to avoid any future risk of money being held there by PayPal should they choose to freeze that account as well.

For those concerned about the donations that they made to the Divine Truth PayPal account after the account was frozen by Payal during the period between 2nd January 2015 and 27th February 2015: PayPal has informed us that those funds are frozen for a 6 month period after which we will be able to withdraw them. So we will be able to get those funds, which are all related to donations for assistance groups in North America or Europe, sometime after July 27th 2015.

It was always Jesus’ usual practice to transfer funds from that account very regularly in the past however since we had started to receive donations towards covering the cost of International Assistance Groups this meant that some extra accounting (international money conversions) and specific transfers to separate accounts were required each time we made a transfer. Because of that it became much more time efficient to transfer out and do all of the extra accounting for the groups once a month. That is why donations from a four week period were frozen rather than a single day or couple of days.

Seminars & Groups

At the moment we don’t have any current plans for Divine Truth seminars however we are always eager to talk about Divine Truth with people who are interested and open hearted about God, love and spiritual growth.

We haven’t heard from many people recently who are expressing a sincere desire to attend a group or seminar which is why (apart from the fact that we are very busy with building the studio) we haven’t made any plans for one.

For a long time we have had expressions of interest open via Eventbrite pages to hold seminars in various places in Australia and overseas. I recently cleared out all of the old registrations so that we can get a better idea of the current interest levels in hearing us speak in regional locations. I’ll be monitoring these pages more closely over the coming couple of months. So if you feel you would sincerely like to hear us speak in your area you can visit the Divine Truth page on Eventbrite and register.

Of course, as usual, our ability to be able to visit any location depends upon our available funds so we can’t guarantee to visit your area but we would definitely like to know where people are who would like to hear us speak, especially if you are very enthusiastic. That way we can keep a possible event in mind when we receive enough donations to consider it.

If you are interested in helping to host or organise an event in your area you can get in touch with me via

We are still receiving donations towards the possibility of holding Assistance Groups in North America and Europe. You can find further details about these groups along with regularly updated running totals of donations received so far and the total amount needed to fund our expenses to hold these groups on this blog on the International Assistance Group page.

So that is a big update from us that hopefully helps those interested to understand how we manage things, what we have been up to and how we have been able to undertake our new big project building the studio. I’ve heard from a lot of people that you are enjoying seeing the progress photos of the building and so we’ll continue to add them as we go.

Thank you again to all of you who donate to us. I feel immensely blessed to be able to do what we do and I know that each of you make that possible.

Hope to see you at a talk or group later in the year!

The guys put in the hanging ceiling in the studio

The guys put in the hanging ceiling in the studio

A Round Up of Thank-yous

Follow-up – Questions on Fear

Thank-you for your enthusiastic response to our call for questions on fear.

Jesus and I have begun filming a new series called “Emotions & Feelings” and we will answer your questions on fear throughout the series.

To start out we have provided some more general answers about emotions and had some recap discussions about the “How the Human Soul Functions”, a topic that Jesus introduced with Luli last year.

If you want to check out the new “Emotions & Feelings” series we have already started to upload clips to the FAQ Channel. I recommend viewing these in conjunction with the “How the Human Soul Functions” series. The Human Soul material provides a lot of context for what shared later in the “Emotions and Feelings” discussions.

Thanks for Stopping-By & Sharing

Many of you shared some thoughtful responses to my recent post on Fear, Quick-Fixes & Standing by What We Believe. Thank-you. I enjoyed the interaction.

Receiving the clip that appears at the beginning of the post was the nudge I needed to share some things that I feel and think deeply about. I like that you thought about it too.

What Your Donations Have Helped Us Do

I want to say a huge thank-you to all of you who have donated to us in recent times. Because of your generosity we have been able to purchase a new ‘switching’ system that allows Lena & Igor to complete live editing. This vastly reduces the time they need to spend in post production after each session we film.

Lena & Igor still need to do some editing after the fact but the new system is much simpler. Let me see if I can explain it in totally non-technical terms (smile):

In the old system, after filming Lena or Igor would have to load everything from the two or three cameras used in recording. They would have to re-watch the entire session (at least once), focusing on the multiple views and manually switching between them to create the finished seamless video you see on youtube or play from your hard disc drive. Then they would have to do other ‘techy’ stuff like compress and render the video and add the title and end plates that you see at the start and end of videos, as well as recording the voice over etc.

With the new system Lena or Igor are able to do the switching between camera views live. This means that by the end of the session they already have a single video file which captures the changes between the three video views throughout the video. This saves tons of time. Lena & Igor still have to do all the other compressing, rendering, title plates etc but obviously there is a huge reduction in time in front of the computer.[1]

So, new recordings should now appear on youtube and become available via Hard Disk Synchronization in around two weeks as opposed to the two months it used to take. (One of those two weeks is actually taken up in posting the recordings to someone who has an internet connection faster than our own and can upload to our server).

This more efficient way of filming means that Jesus and I are able to present more material without completely overloading Lena and Igor. So while their time in post production is greatly reduced we now have them behind a camera 3 days a week. We hope to produce 40-50 hours of new material for you each month!

On that topic, Jesus & I are fast completing our book discussion of ‘Through the Mists’ [2]. Once we finish we’ll probably take a month or two off R.J. Lees’ material before commencing discussion of ‘The Life Elysian’.

If you have questions about anything in the last three chapters of ‘Through the Mists’ or anything in the next book you can send them to me at: Please indicate which chapter your question refers to and include a reference to the text that has triggered your question.

I can’t promise that we will answer every question but hearing what you would like clarity on helps me to tailor the discussions to cover what is useful to you right now. Having said that, Jesus and I always do our best to convey just how relevant the material and themes within every chapter are to each of us in so many ways.

Big Love to ‘Legor Productions’

My final thank-you is to Lena & Igor or ‘Legor Productions’ as we affectionately call them. These guys humble me often with their dedication to sharing Divine Truth with the world.

Not only do they give their time and abilities to the filming process but they also donate their living room space for us to do it in. Their love for God’s Way grows all the time and I watch them embracing not only as much filming time as possible but also the feedback that inevitably comes from spending so much time with us.

Thanks you guys. We love you.

Lena & Igor


[1] I should add that along with all this work Jesus, Lena & Igor all ensure that there are thorough back-ups of all the individual camera data. They take time and care to use clear and consistent naming systems for all files which ensures nothing is lost and make sure there is a reliable storage system for our ever increasing amount of data. Jesus keeps track of the hard drive synchronisation, updating the website, tagging you tube clips and so well so much more.

Actually a mammoth effort by these three people, as well as by the members of translating and transcribing team led by Barbara McNair, means that a wealth of information is able to be provided to the public for free via youtube and our website.

[2] You can download a free copy of Through the Mists here.


Care to Gather in the Spirit of Growth?

*** This post has been updated to include information on Children

In my last post I let you know about a new event format that we plan to try out in 2014. We started calling them Truth Retreats but ditched the name Retreat cause lets face it, it doesn’t really suit us, does it?

I can now confirm that we are now in the planning stages for three ‘Assistance Groups’ in 2014, with the event in Australia now almost reaching its limit for registrations.

If you aren’t quite sure what we are on about and want to know more, I’ve compiled the  information that follows.

Assistance Groups are for you if you:

–          Have the goal to grow in love

–          Have the goal to hear more truth

–          Have a desire to be humble

–          Have a desire to grow in faith

–          Have a desire to exercise your will in harmony with God’s Laws

–          Have a sincere desire to grow God’s Way

–          Wish to receive feedback on issues that are effecting your relationship with God, such as personal addictions, injuries in love and areas where you are lacking ethics

–          Desire to take personal responsibility for your emotions, personal needs, and relationship with God

 Assistance Groups are not for you if you:

–          Haven’t yet made up your mind about the Divine Truth.

There are many hours on our youtube channels that can be viewed for free and should help you make up your mind about our character’s and whether or not you wish to pursue seeking God’s Truth as we teach it more seriously.

–          Want to ‘join’ a group.

Jesus and Mary do not lead a cult, nor any groups, in any form or on any regular basis. They encourage all people they meet to live “in the world” but to be loving, truthful and humble while being with others.

–          Want to avoid lonely, fearful or painful emotions by being with others

–          Want to experience “praying” together or “processing” together

Neither of these things are pure from God’s perspective. Jesus and Mary do not pray with others, nor do they meet with groups in order to process emotions together.

–          Want the chance to dominate Jesus and Mary with personal questions and demands.

Jesus and Mary will quickly reject demands as unloving, and will attempt to correct people who wish to dominate their personal time with expectations.

–          Feel it’s acceptable to demand services from staff at the event venue.

Projecting rage or demands at members of the venue staff is highly unloving. Jesus and Mary will recommend that any person who is unloving with staff without correcting such behaviour will be asked to no longer participate in group activities.

In summary, assistance groups are for those who have a sincere desire to learn how to love God’s Way.

What will happen:

Each group will be held at a venue purpose-built for camps or retreats and will run for eight full days and nine nights. Participants will arrive on a Friday evening and leave on a Sunday morning.

There is likely to be a daily schedule of events which will include:

  •   A number of seminar series. Each will be on a single theme or subject and will follow a progression throughout the eight days.
  •   Mediumship
  •   The possibly of karaoke and sing-a-longs
  •   Various other opportunities for facing fear and having fun

We will also ensure that there will be time allowed for personal reflection and experience of emotions.

Jesus, Mary and Cornelius will be the primary presenters throughout the group. Any presentation will have been developed by, or approved of, by one of these three people.

What I love about planning these groups is that we are able to give participants the opportunity to deepen their understanding of Divine Truth principles in practice. To that end we are likely to suggest personal reflection time and activities after sessions, and to use examples from situations right on hand to explain certain principles.

There will also be the likelihood of spending some informal time with Jesus, Mary, and Cornelius and the chance to receive personal feedback in a group setting . If you do not wish to receive personal feedback in a group setting you need only say and they will cease giving it, however in their personal interactions with you they will always be truthful. If you personally engage Jesus, Mary or Cornelius you must expect some feedback, since they will always give feedback to people who personally engage them.

The three presenters do assume that by attending the gathering you have desire for such feedback, as receiving personal truth is one of the most helpful gifts in growing towards God.

As many of you know this is the experience I have lived with Jesus – in both centuries – and I know of no more effective or beautiful way to progress than to be in the company of someone who loves me, and is willing to be direct and honest, in every moment. This has changed my life again and again.

One of my huge desires for 2014 is to ‘pay forward’ the time, generosity, lessons and love that has been given me, and that I continue to receive, from my soulmate. So this involves me sharing my lessons and being direct and honest with others.

We, Jesus and Mary generally video and record every interaction with groups, and most of these interactions are placed in the public domain. So if you wish to attend a group where anyone at the event is speaking, please expect to be recorded, filmed, and have this material placed on the internet for others to view for free.

What will not happen:

Please keep in mind that Assistance Groups are not about feeling emotions as a group, or about having individuals coach you into emotions.

Things for which we offer no guarantee:

  • Your personal growth

Your capacity to grow throughout the event will depend entirely on your desire and your humility. These things are directly under your control, and there is nothing that we can magically do to ensure that you progress in your relationship with God.

In fact, the level of truth and love experienced by those who come will depend completely upon what they want to experience. There is an opportunity to hear truth, but experiencing truth and love depends on personal humility. The group bearing personal rewards depends upon the same thing.

  • Personal time and personal feedback with Jesus, Mary or Cornelius

Please recognise that by paying to attend the group, you are not paying Jesus and Mary for a service or for their time. A percentage of your attendance fee with be used to cover the expenses of the presenters and support team to travel to the venue and stay there. No money for the group is going to Jesus, Mary, Cornelius or any other presenter personally unless you decide to donate to them (a donation box will be available).


There will be no special programme or arrangements for children attending. They will remain under the care and responsibility of their parents at all times.

Kids will be welcome to attend every presentation or activity held. This not only gives them the opportunity to have some fun through taking part in things like karaoke, but can also give you, the parent, valuable insights into what emotions you are suppressing (and therefore are being reflected to you by your children), and to receive feedback on your parent-child relationship dynamics.

There will be a fee for each child attending to cover catering and accommodation costs.

On a final note, I am super excited about the possibilities for growth for everyone who chooses humility at the event (myself included).

Also, ‘Assistance Groups’ are something we are choosing to do in 2014. But, as you likely know by now, our lives are full of experiments (it is the best way to learn). So we simply don’t know if we’ll be repeating these kinds of events in the future.

If you haven’t yet registered your interest but think that you would like to attend please see the relevant page for more details on how to get that done.




There should be new and definite details appearing on each of these pages in the coming weeks.


Vintage ‘Secrets’ Recording & Weekend Update

Hi folks,

Thanks to those of you who expressed enthusiasm over the new ‘Get Present’ series. I hope to post on that topic once a week until I’m done. I’ll intersperse ‘Get Present’ posts with other notes along the way.

Tonight I couldn’t miss the opportunity to let you know that some older recordings of Jesus’ talks are now being loaded on youtube. You can view a 2008 ‘Secrets of the Universe’ recording below (and many more on the youtube channel). The sound recording in these old talks is not great but for me they are a great trip down memory lane, and a chance to reflect on how much we’ve changed.

Also, I’ve made a brief note about next weekend’s seminars on the Events page for those who are planning to attend.

Kenya Update {The Project So Far!}

Back in December and January I shared a little about our project to assist a community in Kenya with some of their immediate physical needs and to provide them with teachings of Divine Truth.

Since then Jesus has spent many hours tirelessly researching various means of technology that may be suitable to the rural community without power, in which Javan, his wife Susan and their family, live.

We decided to fund the installation of a modest solar system by a Kenyan company.

Click below for a link to the PDF summary report  – (it has cute photos)

Divine Truth Ogembo Project Report

Jesus has spent many more hours assembling an impressive portable, rechargeable audio visual system that will allow Javan to travel between the remote parishes to share Divine Truth teachings. All of the equipment can be recharged at the home base via the solar system.

The exciting news is that at the end of April, the three awesome folk below have volunteered their time and finances to travel to Kenya to share Divine Truth with Javan, Susan and their community and to assist in training for the equipment we will be supplying.

Kerry, Denis, Paige

Jesus has spent the past few weeks ironing out the glitches with the system and training Kerry, Paige and Denis in how to use it, pack it and carry it.

Donations & How They Have Been Used

Donations for this project have come from coming mainly from four major contributors. These funds were augmented by many smaller donations (for full details you can see the link to project summary below).

In our support of the community in Kenya we’ve been balancing the need to share information that provides lasting tools in the development of a relationship with God and in dealing with the causes of problems, with providing and demonstrating love and care for some of the more  pressing physical needs of orphans for food and clothing.

So far we have assisted in:

– translation of Divine Truth transcripts into five local languages

– government registration which enables Javan and Susan to teach publicly without persecution or punishment

– a modest solar installation that will provide power to low voltage lighting, sound system, projector, and laptop computer.

– equipment in the form of a sound system that is small, compact, transportable, rechargeable, LED powered, compact projector, laptop computers, various auxiliary items

– money towards food, clothing and shoes for orphans

Kenya Project Summary

We’ve also been discussing and problem solving with Susan & Javan about the following topics (among others):

– the difference between facade and our true soul condition

– the equality of men and women in God’s eyes and the inappropriateness of separating men and women when teaching about God

– the truth some souls are created with dominant gender qualities, resulting in soulmates of the same gender

– the importance of dealing with causes and not effects

– the difference between a demand and a request, and how these states relate to our soul condition and our relationship with God

– how to deal with persecution and abuse from religious figures (like local priests) in humility and love

I think everyone involved with this project first hand would agree that it has been a great learning experience.

Future Projects

Since Jesus and I will continue to focus on producing Divine Truth materials that can be used to assist the maximum amount of people at one time, we will no longer be doing so much hands-on planning, purchasing, assembling, training and liaison for projects in the developing world. We feel that these projects are so worthwhile, yet there are many others who are qualified to handle these details.

For this reason a small team of people have decided to take on the task of receiving donations and coordinating projects to share Divine Truth with new individuals and communities internationally. Read about it here. If you would like to help out, donate or join this team, contact them via the blog.

Jesus and I will continue in a mentoring and advisory role for this team and their projects.

If you are interested in learning more about the Kenya project and the adventures of Kerry, Paige and Denis and you live locally to us:

There will be a afternoon  ‘press conference’ and Q & A to learn more about the Kenya project on Saturday, 27th April, 12 noon @ Joy’s place.

13777 Chinchilla- Wondai Road (1.4 km past the O’Dea Road turn off, on the right)

Bring a plate of vegan food to share if you’d like to join in the festivities afterwards.

I hear a rumour that at the event we will have the opportunity to learn some rap songs about Divine Truth. These songs have been composed by Joy, and are designed to teach children some of the basic truths about God, His Love and our soul. The team traveling to Kenya will be using these songs to teach some English and have fun with the kids over there. (exciting, right?)

Here is Joy being a big kid. (I love that about her!)


If you are interested in learning more about this project and the adventures of Kerry, Paige and Denis and you live internationally:

After spending some months in Kenya, Paige, Kerry and Denis will be continuing on their international travel and are open to visiting you if you would like to hear about their experiences of sharing Divine Truth in a developing nation.

After Kenya they will also travel to Thailand/ Burma to discuss Divine Truth with a social/ health worker in that area.

At this stage their only definite stop after Kenya is England.

So, if you live in England and would like to hear them speak, or if you are in another part of the world and would be interested in having them visit to share their experiences, please email me at I will forward on your contact.

(N.B. Kerry, Paige and Denis are currently sorting out travel emails and blogs – once that is done I’ll amend this post to include these details. That way you can contact them direct. My role in forwarding on is just until that time.)

OK, I think that’s all I have to tell you about the Kenya project. As I said, its been awesome to be a part of. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to learn so much and to get to know a brother and sister on the opposite side of the world.

I can’t wait to hear how Kerry, Paige and Denis go on the next step of this adventure!

I Escaped a Cult

The other day my kindly youtube account recommended a number of videos for me. I suspect they do this by scanning the word themes of my subscribed channels and suggesting to me videos with similar tags or themes to those I’ve already watched. (I’m sure there is a specific technical term for this process – if you know maybe you can write it in the comments and I can amend this post!)

Since I subscribe to our Divine Truth Channel as well as our FAQ channel, which now has an entire playlist on cults, one of the videos recommended for me was “I Escaped a Cult” (clip below).

I watched the clip. I wept for these people. I felt about the reasons why people are drawn to cults. I prayed for the healing of those I saw on film and all others who are damaged by such horrible acts and erroneous belief systems about God and Love.

It wasn’t until I was finished with all that watching, feeling and praying that I suddenly realized that loads of people assume that my life is similar to those of the people described in the documentary. It also dawned on me that people might even think that we treat people like the ‘leaders’ in these groups treated the people who told their stories.

Its true that the false, slanderous, misleading and sensationalized media coverage of us in recent years has encouraged people to think in such ways. But I am also aware that many would assume these kinds of things simply based on our identity claims.

Now you might think I’m a little slow on the uptake when it comes to considering how others perceive us. Truth be told, I have (of course) considered it all before.

But given how different my life actually is to what the media has said about it, and given that I actively spend everyday attempting to grow in and extend love, truth and humility to others, and given that I am adored, encouraged and inspired by the man I live with, its easy to forget that people think that I live a tortured, power-hungry life with a narcissistic megalomaniac. So extreme is the contrast in viewpoints that the latter assumption can be swiftly dismissed by my heart and mind as utter absurdity (and is thus difficult to retain).

Put simply, such slander is so daft and uninformed that I don’t think about it much anymore. And I sometimes forget that many people are actually holding onto the daft, uninformed and absurd ideas about who we are and what we stand for.

So at times I still feel suddenly very shocked and naive when I watch these types of documentaries and realize that this kind of abusive behaviour would be associated in the minds of others with my life or belief systems.

You see, we are all about assisting people to end their acceptance of abusive and unloving behaviour. We teach the embracing of free will and that to receive Love from the One Absolutely Reliable Source is the surest way to happiness and growth – no intermediary necessary!

We preach that God is not One who punishes or requires penance in order to receive His Love, nor is any person more important or powerful in God’s Eyes than any other (so if we live in harmony with God’s Laws we would never be able to view each other in terms of hierarchy or to set up abusive power systems on Earth).

In short, we are the most anti-cult people I know.

I’ve written about this subject before, and I was considering writing about it again yesterday. But then Jesus had an email requesting an interview/ opinion on cults and he wrote awesome things. So I’m just going to share his words after the clip of the documentary below.

I know that if you read my blog regularly you might be scoffing at the necessity for me to write about such topics. You’re know you’re not a member of anything and you are completely relaxed in the knowledge that you aren’t in a cult, right?

Well, in my opinion and experience its always good to explore emotions around such topics. They are sensationalized in our media and our lives because many people – no, most people – harbor huge fears about being controlled, manipulated and hurt. (Jesus discusses this in more detail in the text below).

While we deny and suppress these fears, they have power in our lives. Fears of being abused, controlled and manipulated, when left unhealed and unchecked, can cause us to be needlessly suspicious of good people, and/or foolishly trusting of people with bad intentions. They are the very fears that people who want control use to manipulate us e.g. they accuse us of being controlled and manipulated in order to have us change to what suits them or to fall back under their control.

It can sound like a complex issue, and honestly unless we explore our doubts and fears things can become complex and confusing. Thankfully if we are willing to delve deep into our feelings, ask the tough questions, and feel our pain of past hurts and manipulation, we do emerge with the clarity to discern who and what is trustworthy.

If we involve God in the process, we also learn what Love truly looks like. With such knowledge we can never be fooled by dubious characters, peddling false teachings and tainted ‘love’.

Excerpt from a Response to a Media Request for an Interview Regarding Cults.

Written by Jesus

April, 2013

No matter what you have heard from other members of the media, we do not have a religion or a cult. All Mary and I do is speak at seminars we provide for free, provide information for free over the internet about Divine Truth, and share Divine Truth with anyone who questions us where possible. Just because we claim that we are Jesus and Mary Magdalene, it does not mean that we fit your assumptions of what persons making those claims would normally be like. We do not have any person staying with us where we live. We live on a 40 acre private property that I purchased quite some time ago when I was still computer programming. No-one else lives with us. We have no experience of living in a cult, and we are not “cult leaders” as the media has falsely claimed, we have no “following”, we do not interact with the same people on a day to day basis, we do not manipulate and control people, since that is against our teachings of love and the honouring of the free will of the individual, and so I could not provide you with any perspective on the matter aside from my own opinion.

I have also placed my comments about Cults on our Divine Truth FAQ YouTube channel for anyone who wishes  to see the truth about what we do, along with my general comments about cults and cult leaders as well. I do feel that many cults on earth are quite destructive, but I also feel that there are many institutions on the planet that are just as destructive in their teachings, because they are not based around love. I include some orthodox religions, economic institutions, political movements, and other professions amongst these destructive institutions. As I said, anything that does not honour the free will of the individual, promote the exercise of love in our day to day life, and allow for the discovery of further Truth, scientific and otherwise, is destructive.

I have a lot of compassion for people who have been a part of cults, and I do completely understand why people are attracted to them. I feel these attractions begin often because of the unloving treatment of parents towards their children, and this makes their children susceptible to the influence of self-installed “authority” figures when they become adults. In addition, many claims are made in the name of God, and people are even encouraged to go to war, and perpetrate violence, for the sake of their “Gods”. This is all cult-ish behaviour on the part of the people encouraging such actions. I have spoken of these things in my Divine Truth FAQ channel.


I feel that the general population has a huge amount of fear regarding “cults”, and they bring this fear, which I believe comes from their childhood, and their experiences of being controlled and manipulated by society as children, into their adult life. As adults, we usually operate either in agreement to, or rebellion of, unhealed emotional issues from our childhood. This means that we are either attracted to persons who are “cult-like” authority figures, or we could say more like the impression we had of our own parents, or repelled by and afraid of such persons (and sometimes have both reactions at different times, just like when we were children).

If I, within myself, felt secure in my own search for truth, and honoured my own free will to make choices and decisions for myself no matter what other people in society or my family or friends generally thought, and understood what love really acted like, and could determine when someone was truly unloving in their actions towards me, then I would not feel the need to either follow a “cult-leader” or fight against one. I would feel secure in my own choices and decisions, and I would be able to change my mind at any time. I would not listen to anyone who manipulates me or attempted to manipulate or control me through force or threats, since I would see such an action as harming my own free will choice, and being out of harmony with love.

A person with conviction in their own belief system will be firm for what they believe, but they, if they were loving, would never force (either verbally, emotionally or physically) their belief system upon me, and require that I change my own belief system without applying logic and love to the analysis of the belief system they are sharing. They would honour my ability to choose for myself what I wish to believe, even if it disagrees with their own concept of what is right and true. Most religions do NOT do this. They instead attempt to force their beliefs, along with the threat that God will destroy or punish me at some time in the future for having the wrong belief. I feel that God does not punish us for wrong beliefs. I feel that the only penalties in the universe are for acting out of harmony with Love, and so, people who attempt to force me into a belief system are acting out of harmony with love and will eventually feel the weight of their own unloving actions. The pain and suffering in this world are the direct results of society acting out of harmony with Love.

I also feel that society has many false beliefs surrounding what is acceptable when we are a child, compared to what is acceptable when we are an adult. For example, the average Christian believes, as the Bible states in Proverbs 13:24 “Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them.” For the average reader of this verse, it justifies spanking the child, or acting violently towards the child, in the name of “love”. So, many people feel justified in hitting their own children as a result, as a form of “discipline”. But if we hit an adult with a stick or even with our hand (even with the intention of correcting them), government law in most Western nations views that as violent assault, for which we can be incarcerated. So, a violent and terrifying act towards a child is tolerated by society (for many reasons including the parents concept of “ownership” over their child, and the acceptance of religious books that promote violence), and, at the same time, the same action perpetrated towards an adult is called a violent crime. This is a measure of the hypocrisy of society, allowing a violent action towards a child who cannot protect itself from such an act, while at the same time attempting to protect an adult who experiences or is threatened by the same violent act.

The result of this is that very few people have a correctly aligned “compass” when it comes to determining what real Love would do. Unfortunately there are many times when we are tolerant of what society calls “heinous crimes” towards children, for many reasons religious and otherwise, and I have only provided one example. These crimes are not tolerated towards adults. Of course, when those children grow up, it makes sense that their own concept of what love is will be severely crippled, and therefore, it becomes difficult for them to determine who actually loves them, and who is just making statements of “love” without any real love being present. It causes them to be open to people who use many words of “love”, but who do not have loving feelings or actions. It opens them to concepts that are flawed when examined by love, and they readily accept such flawed concepts, since those same concepts were forced upon them as children. It will also be very difficult for them to correctly reason about whether the group of people they are becoming involved with actually promote really loving teachings and actions.

As you say, society must learn “where to draw the line”, and I feel the line must be drawn by the thought I mentioned in my previous email to you, and that is; “anything that does not honour the free will of the individual, promote the exercise of love in our day to day life, and allow for the discovery of further Truth, scientific and otherwise, is destructive,” and needs to be corrected. This line would apply whether the problem is exposed within a family, within a community, within an organisation, within a religion, within a government, or within a country. If this line was consistent in all circumstances, then each individual, including children, could feel safe to explore the world and continue their own quest for truth without fearing potential violence, control, manipulation or any other act which would harm its own expression of free will. Then all of us would feel comfortable in the world, whether we had different belief systems or not.

What I am suggesting is that eventually we all need to agree about what is loving behaviour, and what is unloving, and make a personal choice to live in harmony with what is defined as loving. But this will need to be done with logical and reasonable discussion, not with emotive belief systems that have no bearing on logic, not relying on books (religious or otherwise) written hundreds or even thousands of years ago that are obviously flawed when we examine them from the perspective of love, or by reverting to character attacks of others just because they have a different opinion to ourselves.

Just my thoughts towards the discussion for what they are worth.

You can check out more from Jesus about cults here.

He’s so wise my guy.

I love how relaxed and jovial he is answering questions about cults! Every media outlet I’ve encountered accompanies such discussions with ominous, foreboding music. Jesus just cracks a smile and answers without hesitation or fear.

Love Words {Jesus Quotes}

I live with a guy who says great stuff… like all the time…

But then you probably already know that? I’d say I’m preaching to the converted.

Anyway, he saves me from deep pot-holes of doubt and self-deception often… again you’re not really surprised are you?

He inspires me daily. He lifts me up with his faith, and his down-to-earth expression of the most glorious Truths there are.

Quite honestly, I question how we all don’t just sit down and listen.. really listen.. to him more.

I see people get thrown off  by his laid back nature, or the lack of polish or fancy prose in his delivery. He’s fun, he doesn’t put on airs and graces, and he doesn’t demand anything from his listener.. but boy does he say great things.

He also lets us all have our doubts and objections, and our general thrashing it out internally while he speaks. He feels it all, and knows that in our preoccupation with maintaining emotional equilibrium, we often miss half the wisdom in his sentence.

That’s why I write stuff down. Because I sense there’s gold in them there words, and sometimes I need to catch my breath, and revisit, to fully soak them in.


I think he looks so adorable in this shot – but I’m not sure he likes it.

Even at home, I scribble incredible things he says in the margin of my journals.

While I make the dinner, or he does the laundry, he tells me soul truths, God Truths. They flow easily and unassumingly from him – products, not of doctrine or dogma, but of lived experience.

I swear, on my darkest days, he literally saves my soul. He guides me to the light, he makes poetry out of this existence (and if he read this now he’d probably tell me I’m being too fancy and pomp.. to him he’s just a guy who loves God).

One thing he’s taught me is this (my somewhat awkward paraphrase here):

God’s Truth doesn’t need embellishment or fanfare or dressing-up – its power speaks for itself. When we try to make it fancier, or more palatable to others, we, in arrogance, believe we know better than God about how to reach a person, about how to deliver a gift.

In effect we are saying that the Truth, as simply as it exists, needs modifying, for human consumption.

We are denying that the fabric of God’s Universe is built in Truth, and, as His Children, our souls are designed to respond to pure, unadulterated Truth. If we believe that God’s Truth is said thing, why would we feel it could be shared in a way that seems ‘softer’, ‘prettier’ or ‘kinder’?

Isn’t God the most Caring, Loving character there is?

So wouldn’t sharing His Truth, just as it exists about any given matter, be the most caring and loving thing to do?


I try to remember when I write, that simple and direct is kind and loving (I’m a bit prone to flowery prose and apt to try to over-explain to get people ‘on side’).

Jesus taught me that if I say it how it is with love, and without pressure for people to agree, or any desire for them to change, then I give a gift.

I give the gift of truth, and I also give the listener the gift of allowing them whatever feelings they have in response. It doesn’t mean that I’ll stand there and absorb abuse from the listener, but neither would I try to stop them from feeling any emotion that might be triggered through our exchange.

God Himself knows, that sometimes its taken me.. eh hem… a long time… to make peace with some of His Truths, and for some He’s still waiting on a call back from me. I haven’t quite given Him the nod on everything He’s trying to teach me – much as logic would compel me otherwise, I’ve got un-felt emotions that make me resist.

So letting others take their time to work through whatever emotions the Truth triggers in them, well that’s love. We’ve all got error that’s going to shake loose at some stage or another. Sometimes a big Truth (or a little one) delivered by you, by me, or by Jesus, might be the very thing that starts that soul-quake in another.


So, reeling myself back in from that tangent, lets get back to the actual ‘Jesus Quotes’ part of this post.

The other night, we were talking, and Jesus casually mentioned a few things to me.

(Did I mention that this man takes my breath away?)

I thought that they were worth a share.

“Love is knowing that you can leave at any time – but wanting to stay anyway.”
Jesus, February 2013

“If you don’t want to have anything to do with love – then the “love” that you’ve had wasn’t any good. (i.e. it wasn’t love in the first place)”
Jesus, February 2013.


A brief postscript:

I’m not sure if my idea to regularly share my ‘Jesus Quotes’ will work here. Are you now reading them now, saying, “Yes so? I knew that?”

At the time he says these things – they are very significant to me. My soul is open and they become a very loving, yet shocking, suckerpunch to my reality.

My intellect (the one usually in control) would smugly say, (despite extreme evidence to the contrary), ‘sure I know that!’

But in the precise moment, these truths strike my soul and suddenly I’m dissolving.

what, really? Love isn’t about obligation? duty? sacrifice? All that ‘love’ that made me feel guilty, and came conditionally – that wasn’t love?”

Sure I might say I get it with my head – but do I live that, connect to that, really know that?


(And if you are someone who read the quotes above and said ‘so what, not so profound’ – does your life really offer you evidence that your know and live these things?)

Quite simply, when my man says stuff sometimes, its like my heart hears it for the first time.

I cry.

I write it down because I want to revisit these Truths time and again. I know that if they entered my soul (not just my tenacious intellect) that they would change my life forever.

What do you think – does it work to tell you too? Or should I just keep scribbling this stuff in my margins, saving it up for some other purpose?

And Then The Ants Told Us….

For those of you who don’t live in our hemisphere, we live in a sub-tropical zone. This means that our summers are usually wet and our winters dry. This summer things have been particularly dry and hot.

That is, until Thursday, when it started to drizzle softly. The quiet rain kept up for about 48 hours.

So on Saturday morning, despite the high spirits of everyone involved, and an exuberant human chain of smiling volunteers carting stuff to fix up the boggy ground, ‘Biofest’ in Cushnie was officially postponed.

Throughout the day the rain got a little louder on our tin roof. By mid-afternoon the rain gauge told us that we had had 72mm over the past three days.

We knew that ex-tropical cyclone Oswald had turned into a low and was headed down the coast (I’m a little bit of a weather nerd). I had checked in with my favourite weather forecast source** but I wasn’t sure how wet it would get for us here. We were on the edge of the forecasted area to be hit (which was getting a lot of focus due to the extremity of the weather involved) so we thought it may taper off or peter out once it reached us.

Just before dusk, we went for a walk to look at the property. We encountered some already very sodden ground, a 3metre carpet python draped out over a pile of mulch trying to get warm, and our experimental swale/holes looking very wet and fertile!

That’s when we noticed the ants. Everywhere the tiny black critters were climbing. With larvae on their back and in their nippers, the ants were heading higher – not just for higher ground, but as high as they could get. Some were making tracks for the ceiling our tent.

That’s when we knew it was going to be really wet. When ants move house en mass it’s a sure sign that the rains are a’comin!

Sure enough, on Saturday night they began in earnest.


This isn’t our exact python, but in case you’ve never seen one I googled this fella so you would know what ours looked like.

As the cracks of sunshine break through this afternoon, cumulatively we’ve had 400mm  since Thursday (over half of our average annual rainfall). 250mm of these fell in 6- 8 hours between Saturday night and Sunday morning.


On Sunday morning we went to see how things were at the Learning Centre.


The roads looked like this.

Definitely wet.

But these are the beautiful contours that everyone was working on and around during the short-lived Bio-fest. Full of water and working well.

contours at Cushnie Learning Centre Contour 2 P1050005

(Stay tuned for updates of when ‘Biofest’ activities will resume).

The local river was still rising at 10 am. The actual bridge is somewhere far below the sign you can see peeking out of the water just above the car’s windscreen in this picture.


Luli’s driveway is somewhere under water on the right of the picture below.


At around midday, we had a call from Lena and Igor to say that the Stuart River had suddenly risen and was lapping at their back steps.

These two have such good hearts. Their only concern was about rescuing the editing hardware and equipment they have stored in their home. Faced with full-blown flood waters, they were prepared to leave all of their other stuff to drown.


Instead, we waded in along the long submerged driveway, and helped them lift everything to higher positions, and watched and waited as the water rose.

P1050028 P1050051 P1050075 P1050086 P1050092 P1050098



We rescued a bandicoot who was franticly looking for dry land. And AJ (my hero) waded out deep to rescue a wallaby that was caught on a barbed wire fence.


The insects continued to amaze me – clinging to anything not submerged in water, including massing themselves on single blades of grass.




In the end, the water came close but didn’t quite reach the floor of Lena and Igor’s house.



As I snuggle up in my dry bed tonight, my thoughts are with those who aren’t as comfy. The devastation is pretty widespread across Queensland and New South Wales. At least three people have passed and my prayers are for their smooth transition and a swift end to grief for their family and friends.

I do love this sunburnt country but as Lena put it “It is a land of extremes”.

If you are as fascinated by ants as I, you may enjoy this cool documentary about them.

** I scout my weather info at Higgins Storm Chasing for two reasons. One, because it’s usually very accurate and descriptive. Two, because the guy who runs it does it for free, and for his sheer love of weather. He receives donations to support his work.

Kenya Update {Meet Brother Javan}

Hi Mary and Jesus,

Greetings. Here we are doing fine. My family sent greetings to you and many members whom I was able to meet or communicated via mobile phone. I concluded my recent meeting with a group belonging to three families who have not been members to any organisation but have made their mind to join us for they have been touched with the Divine Truth. They were touched on hearing the Divine Truth teachings and showed a willing to be taught the absolute Divine Truth. It is my wish that more new material teachings will be made available for the many people who are thirsty in receiving the message of Divine Truth. Attached is a few pictures although not all because camera batteries went off and we shall recharge them to continue enjoying the service.

Mary and Jesus, may i bring it to your notice that here in Kenya the Divine Truth message is well received! I will not denial the fact that some may be against us but we are well equiped to teach our people, answer questions and attend all so long as there is that willing interest from the concerned people. I remember there is a remark you made that Divine Truth is not after reaching out to people to win them with the teachings but rather we reach those who are willing; here i will comment something, consider our situation in Kenya where computer services are not readily available like countries like Australia where computers are available to an extent of every citizen owning computer equipment. Here we have to approach our people and tell them in the language they understand. You can bear with me that Divine Truth teachings are available in English and in the website which is scarce here and our people are not able to read in English. With this note i would like to request you that because of the prevailing circumstances our people to be approached and told about the Divine Truth, for those who accepts the Divine Truth we shall continue to attend them and those who will neglect we shall not be attending them any more. This is the reason why a vehicle is very important in travelling around and attending the willing people.

Brother Javan sharing Divine Truth at funeral

Brother Javan sharing Divine Truth at funeral

However, over the last few days i have been very busy attending programs. I congratulate you very much from the donation you sent which has enabled us to set the temporary building for the orphans and soon the house will be completed and the orphans will be provided with accommodation. I cannot forget to thank you since the orphans have food to eat now. Through you and your office we thank everybody who was involved to provide the money which has really assisted the orphans.

building orphan house began

Commencing building of orphan’s new accommodation

Orphan Accommodation destroyed by storm

Orphan Accommodation destroyed by storm

Regarding the power issue especially connecting power to my centre to the main electricity supply i bring to your notice that we are approximately 700 Meters from the Transformer of the power lines. Ussually power connections is counted from the nearest Transformer. I will visit the electricity office once more and give the office the far our centre is in terms of distance and request the office to provide us with the accurate amount of money needed to connect the power to our centre. As we said earlier we have to install power in my centre first and if our needs are met then we extend to other centres. It is our wish that quick ressolutions will be obtained to the power issue and you visit us to equip us with the relevant needed teachings in order for us to obtain the required teaching capacity to attend others. It is my wish if you can be sending me more teachings through email.

Last but not least i will also comment again on government registration. It is not a waste of resources my dear. Our government needs this registration requirement to be met. By doing so others including those who are against us will be respecting our properties. I understand the projectors, Video players and our members including the well wishers requires their legal security which is ONLY achieved once we will register. We have done depth investigations and we are very willing to register with the government of Kenya. Incase an institution develops the interest to know about Divine Truth, we shall not be able to attend that institution if we are not registered. Please REVIEW the issue of registration and if the funds will be available to do the registration, let us do it and more precisely before the visitors from Australia arrives. This will compound our freedom to move round in Kenya with the visitors. With us Kenyans we can move without much concern from the government but once you arrive i believe much work will be done which demands moving frequently and meeting groups hence registration very important.

Tomorrow i will be attending a funeral and i will travel about 43KM to reach the funeral. Here Saturday and Sunday offices are closed, hence on Monday i will visit the Translation firm to see where the translation exercise has reached. Then i will visit electricity office for more information and may be later in the day travel to Nairobi to check the price of a vehicle and let you know for considerations. We are wishing you success in the bible filming exercise of exposing some errors in it. Thank you for the work you are doing right away now. We hope to hear and once more i will send more pictures once the camera batteries are recharged. With regards,

Brother Javan.

Brother Javan

Kenya Update

I know that many of you were stirred by our new project in Kenya so I thought I would give you a little update.

Last week we sent a donation to Brother Javan to assist him to visit the five different parishes he cares for in Kenya as well as one in Tanzania. This assisted him to hire a car and a translator for the trip (there are 69 native languages in Kenya – holy big vocab required Batman!)

Below is a picture of one of his recent meetings snapped on a mobile phone (yes, there isn’t much electricity, food or water, but there are mobile phones – another of the upside-down, crazy features of the world we live in). At this meeting they discussed the Prayer For Divine Love.

Jarvan has informed us that there are 208 orphans cared for over the 5 parishes, many of them are living without daily food. Today I transferred another donation to provide food for these children for the next few months until the crops are harvested. At harvest time farmers often donate a percentage of their yield to orphanages.

Meanwhile we are discussing with Brother Javan ways that we can support these children and adults to learn about Permaculture techniques, or to support them with resources to begin their own gardens if they already have some skills.

We are also still working on ideas for creating the solar systems to run low powered TVs on which play the Divine Truth material. We have already provided funds to have the E-books, that Barb and her team have been working on for so long, to be translated into the five languages mainly used throughout the parishes. Translations are already in progress.

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank all of those who have donated money to us recently as your donations have enabled us today to give a gift that brought me so much joy.

Some of you have also donated funds directly for Kenya and I wanted to share with you how our plans for this money are progressing. We really appreciate your generosity and Brother Javan has expressed again and again his gratitude and excitement for all that is happening.

Javan also wrote to ask us for our ideas on celebrating Christmas. This is what I told him:

Regarding Christmas, there are many things that we would like say about this (and there is not time at the moment in this short email) but the main thing we feel is that it is best for people to honour and love each other every day, not just at Christmas. Often here and in many ‘western’ countries there is a large focus on being loving and giving to others at this time of year, and this message of caring is forgotten for the rest of the year. We believe that a truly loving person is conscious of giving and respect of others at all times.

There is no special significance for the birth of Jesus since he is a man, just like you or anyone else. His only gift has been to show others what they are capable of achieving if they develop a relationship with God for themselves, just as he (Jesus) has done. So if there is any celebration for Christmas it would be to celebrate that God has offered the gift of His Divine Love to the Earth since the time of Jesus. We believe that that is the best possible thing that anyone could ever celebrate!